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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 20

Setting Up a Gun to Guard the Spot

Pei Feng usually played in the China server for his live stream. After all, domestic players all played in the national server and the bosses would only let him take them in the national server rankings. However, every time he was free, he would practice his marksmanship in the international server. His current side account ‘Sniper002’ was precisely in the 2500 segment.

The 2500 segment in the international server was equivalent to the peak competition in the national server and it was very difficult to look after someone.

However, it was different from a tower pushing game that required economy and equipment to accumulate. A fast-paced shooting game like Gun King paid more attention to marksmanship and awareness. Sometimes, even if teammates died and they entered a 1 against 3 or even a 1 against 5, they could reverse the situation as long as they dodged the bullets and moved.

The two people pressed the ready button and quickly matched with their teammates.

Pei Feng quickly selected the sniper position while Jiang Shaoyu chose the scout position. The other three teammates hesitated for a moment before selecting the medic, charger and assaulter positions.

The game match for the 2500 segment in the international server was randomly generated by the system and all four star difficulty maps were added to the gallery. Players who could reach this segment were familiar with the more common maps but some maps were a nightmare for online game players.

For example, the random map in his round was Ghost Castle.

The fans in the live stream room burst out laughing when they saw the Western-style spooky castle icon appear.

[Ghost Castle. I will feel terrified when I see this picture!]

[Yes, it is one of the most hated maps in online voting. Fred’s luck in this game is a bit bad?]

[The ambient sound effects of this map are too intimidating and the crows that flew out from time to time are similar to the scene from a horror movie.]

[Fred will be overturned in this game?]

[It is a shame to be overturned in front of the boss.. The boss will say: Refund the money!]

The countdown to the game started. Jiang Shaoyu closed the live stream room and quickly changed weapons. He was playing a scout in this game so he chose the pistol Sand Eagle-Blue Dragon, the dagger Scarlet Blade and smoke bombs. His equipment was light and convenient for movement.

Pei Feng also quickly changed his weapon. His weapon was the heavy sniper gun, Balot-Jungle Hunter.

This familiar weapon made Jiang Shaoyu recall a scene of the past.

Five years ago, it wasn’t long after Pei Feng officially worshiped him as a master. The master and apprentice fought in a little black room in the game. Jiang Shaoyu saw his apprentice take out the Balot and couldn’t help asking, “The Balot’s gun body is very heavy and the recoil is strong. The screen will shake violently for 1-2 seconds after firing a bullet. This isn’t suitable for beginners. Why do you want to choose this gun?”

His little apprentice had answered very seriously, “It is because the skin of this gun is very handsome and I like its name: Jungle Hunter!”

“A sniper, like a hunter hiding in the jungle, needs to shoot and kill the target at the most appropriate time.”

“Master, I want to be a sniper like a hunter!”

Jiang Shaoyu was surprised. Unexpectedly, Pei Feng had many thoughts despite his young age. He didn’t follow the trend to choose the most popular entry firearms at that time, the M400 and DSR. He instead chose to bring the heavy sniper rifle, the Balot.

Heavy sniping was very difficult but if the operation skills were mastered—

The Balot would be the ultra-long range sniper gun with the fiercest attack power in the entire game!

There was no need to mention a headshot. Just shooting the opponent in the shoulder, waist or other positions could kill or disable them.

Jiang Shaoyu wouldn’t impose his own playing style and philosophy onto his apprentice. He didn’t need a clone. He wanted to train an apprentice with an independent awareness and style. Therefore, Pei Feng wasn’t an imitator of his master. He had his own playing style and characteristics.

Pei Feng’s long-range suppression ability was much fiercer than Jiang Shaoyu’s light and changeable mobile warfare.

The Balot-Jungle Hunter had a domineering and sharp appearance. The dark gun body was painted with dark green camouflage and a beast totem, similar to a hunter lurking in the jungle. This heavy sniper rifle gradually exerted its power in Pei Feng’s hands and became one of his famous firearms.

They hadn’t seen each other for a few years but Pei Feng was still using this gun as his main weapon.

The secondary weapon he chose was the MSG light sniper rifle that his master personally taught him how to use. It was also the Aurora skin.

Pei Feng chose the smoke bombs for his third weapon.

Their teammates also changed weapons and pressed the ready button.

There was a 30 second countdown and the map loaded.

It was difficult to communicate through voice in the international server so in-game signals were usually used. The charger in the 3 o’clock direction gave the offensive signal and was obviously going to the right side. The assaulter went in the 9 o’clock direction and rushed to the left. The medic followed the assaulter.

Jiang Shaoyu held his pistol, quickly sneaked into a building complex and disappeared.

Pei Feng glanced at the position of his teammates. He changed to the smoke bombs and moved in a Z-shaped movement into the old castle.

There were a large number of broken and dilapidated statues in the ghost castle. These statues had different shapes and looked like a strange ritual held in an ancient Western country. There were many bloody handprints on the walls of the castle. Combine this with the dim light and dilapidated environment and it created a very eerie atmosphere.

Not long after, there was a sudden burst of gunfire from the right side that startled the crows in the castle.

The crows flew around. Their cries and the crackling sound of the submachine gun echoed through the silent castle, causing people to feel frightened.

Their charger and the enemy team’s charger met in a narrow place and both sides shot at the same time. The news of bullet hits kept scrolling up on the screen.

The two players finished a wave of gunfire and immediately went to hide to avoid being hit by stray bullets.


[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘SorryA’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng in the distance shot at just the right timing. He killed the charger on the opposite side who wanted to escape in an instant!

The advantages of a heavy sniper rifle were its long range, strong power and high damage. The disadvantages were that the speed of reloading was slow and the shaking of the gun was obvious. The timing and rhythm to shoot must be grasped well or it was easy to fire at the air and expose their position.

Therefore, every bullet was important when playing with a heavy sniper rifle and it couldn’t be randomly shot.

Pei Feng played very calmly.

He first occupied a high height for the commanders. He climbed onto a statue and hid, waiting for an opportunity. The moment the sound of gunfire was heard from the right side, he narrowed his eyes, opened the scope and quickly turned the muzzle, aiming at the position of the battle ahead of him. He was like a hunter waiting for his prey to appear.

Sure enough, his teammate and the opposite player fought for a while but failed to kill the opponent in one wave.

Pei Feng resolutely fired to take one head before immediately turning his scope to aim at the left side.

It was as he expected. His team’s assaulter and the other team’s assaulter met on the left side.

There was the clear sound of the assault rifle.

This was followed by the low bang from a Balot.

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘Adrian’ with a headshot!]

The precise bullet struck the opponent’s brain after crossing a long distance. The crows that were nearby were frightened and flew around.

It was another head.

The fans in the live stream room excitedly swiped the screen.

[Left and right in quick succession, two consecutive kills, 666!]

[Fred is worthy of being a technique streamer. I want to give Fred exaggerated praises!]

[A difficult gun like the Balot is like a cheat in Fred’s hands!]

[One shot, one child~]

[It seems that this game is stable. Brother Feng is awesome!]

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t make a move in this game. He hid in a safe position and watched the operation of his apprentice Pei Feng.

The map of Ghost Castle just had the ambient sound effects of the crows while the background had bloody handprints everywhere. In fact, for professional players, this map wasn’t difficult to play, especially for the guardians team. They just had to hold the key sniper points and they could quickly kill the lurkers by shooting to the left and right in succession.

Pei Feng had obviously set up his key in a key sniper position from the beginning. In his position, the range was just enough to cover the ‘chokepoint’ that both sides had to pass through. He just needed to make a good prediction and react quickly enough in order to take the heads of the lurkers on the opposite team.

If one came then kill one. Pei Feng started by killing two in a row.

The players on the enemy team felt threatened and started to move in an extreme manner. They wanted to go around and kill the sniper.

For a moment, smoke spread everywhere on the map. It was obvious that the other team’s scout had come from the side while taking advantage of the smoke bomb covering up people’s vision. Of course, Pei Feng wouldn’t just stand still. He immediately jumped off the statue and changed the weapon in his hand to the smoke bombs. Then he moved quickly to the side.

Jiang Shaoyu saw that the blue dot representing Pei Feng on the mini-map was rushing to join him.

The sunny voice of the alpha was heard in his ears. “Boss, I’ll protect you.]

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

The fans in the barrage area ridiculed him.

[Protect our rich boss!]

[The boss hasn’t moved from the beginning. Was he brought to the 2500 segment?]

[The boss’ position is a bit dangerous but it doesn’t matter. Fred has accepted your gift and will definitely protect you.]

[Our Fred’s after-sales service is the best! If you aren’t satisfied then return the package.]

Pei Feng was just joking.

In fact, he had gone to the boss because he predicted that the scout on the enemy team would come from this side path.

Protecting his teammate was one thing. The key thing was to kill the opposite side’s scout in seconds.

Pei Feng found a trick position to stop, kept a certain distance from the boss and set up his gun in advance. This way, the boss would be very safe within his range. Even if the opposite scout moved around for a sneak attack, he could snipe the opponent in one shot.

Sure enough, Jiang Shaoyu heard footsteps after a few seconds.

He could solve the other person but he didn’t do it. He wanted to see what his apprentice would do.

The next moment, the scout moved from behind a statue with a gun in his hand. As a result, he met ‘love around the corner’ and collided head-on with Jiang Shaoyu, who had been crouching here. Before the player could shoot, there was a ‘bang’ in his ear.

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘floor’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng’s firing speed was obviously much faster than his opponent’s!

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the scout lying in a pool of blood and thought in his heart, ‘Okay, the reaction speed is a pass and the marksmanship is accurate enough.’

Three people died on the other side and only the sniper and medic were left.

Pei Feng stuck to the key points in the map and quickly found their location. He found two bullets in a row and simply and neatly killed them.

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘bluesky’ with a headshot!]

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘bluesea’ with a headshot!]


-The lurkers have been destroyed. The guardians have won.

The round ended quickly.

Pei Feng used the ‘setting up a gun to guard the spot’ style of play that Jiang Shaoyu had taught him in the past. Guard the key sniper points and set up a gun in advance. Wait for the opposite side to emerge one after another and kill them one by one. On certain maps, this style of play was extremely effective.

Due to the sniper’s long range, the opposite player often couldn’t get close before being killed by the sniper.

In the second round, the opposite side realized that Pei Feng was a powerful player and started to break through with four people. They used the tactic of four and one to try and kill the sniper.

However, Pei Feng changed his strategy.

He switched to the light sniper rifle, the MSG-Aurora and started a fast moving battle.

Take a shot and change locations.

Leave immediately after killing people.

This was a typical kite flow style. Use the sound of gunfire to attract the attention of the enemy, draw the enemy out, use the statue on the map as a cover and move quickly. Hide while seizing any opportunity to kill the careless players on the other side.

He was like a hunter lurking in the castle and no one could find his location.

However, his gun could shoot deadly bullets in all directions and a headshot ended the life of his opponent!

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘bluesky’ with a headshot!]

[’Sniper002’ has used Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘floor’ with a headshot!]


Five consecutive kill messages filled the screen and a blood-red skull kept popping up in the middle of the screen.

This sniper killed everyone on the opposite team before they had time to react.

A quick guerrilla warfare and five kills to clear the field. It was simply neat and clean!

This flexible mobile warfare was the style of God Wing in the past!

The opposing players couldn’t beat him and simply pressed the surrender button.

The fans in the barrage area filled the screen with exaggerated praise and 666 was plastered all over the screen.

Pei Feng saw the MVP icon on the settlement interface and asked with a smile, “Boss, are you satisfied with my performance?”

In front of the computer, Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and typed a few words: [It is okay.]

The fans were shocked.

[A wave of five kills is called okay? This boss is too demanding!]

[This is a proud and arrogant boss. It is good to give gifts but expecting the boss to give praise?]

{Yes, the boss paid for Fred to bring him, not to give praise!]

[Fred’s service to the financial backer must be better!]

The fans felt that this boss was too demanding.

They didn’t know that for Jiang Shaoyu, who always had a sharp tongue…

The fact that there was no scolding and he said Pei Feng played okay was already a very good evaluation.

After all, his evaluation of Mo Hantian, the sniper of the national team was: You are only at this level? Why don’t you uninstall the game?


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