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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 199 Part 1

We Are the Champions

In the soundproof room, Lao Lin saw the ‘victory’ prompt on the screen. He immediately took off his headphones and shouted excitedly, “We won!”

He thought about the unwillingness when eliminated in the past World Series, the disappointment of almost retiring and the difficulty of reaching the finals this year. Lao Lin couldn’t help bursting into tears. He turned around and hugged Xiao Zhou sitting next to him.

Zhou Yiran had a good temple despite being almost strangled to death by Lao Lin. He didn’t mind. He just reached out and hugged his excited old partner. He smiled and said, “Yes, we won. We are the champions.”

Ye Qingming smiled and sighed. “After six years, everyone reached here. It really isn’t easy.”

Shu Chen’s eyes were red. He was very excited but he didn’t know what to say. He just stared blankly at his computer screen.

Pei Feng stood up and took the initiative to hug several teammates.

ACE 2.0 was hastily disbanded due to various reasons and the five of them went their separate ways. Today, for all of them, it could be regarded as their dream coming true.

The national team members on the bench also jumped up and hugged each other excitedly.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for defeating the United States with a score of 4:2 and winning the championship of the 6th World Series!” The commentators forcibly controlled the urge to cry and said in a choked voice. “We have waited six years for this day!”

“Yes, it has been six years! The Chinese team has gone from being a weak team that couldn’t qualify in the group stage to being the strongest dark horse today. We have completely transformed and were reborn!”

“No one thought that the national team would win the championship before coming here. Everyone’s expectation was for the national team to just qualify from the group stage or reach the quarterfinals or semifinals. However, under the leadership of Coach Jiang, they created a miracle!”

“God Wing used to be a player who created miracles. Now he has become the coach of the national team who has rewritten history and created miracles! The performance of the players on the field is remarkable. The coach’s formation is also indispensable. Let us applaud this world-class coach, our unsung hero!”

The two commentators’ voices were filled with tears. The netizens in the live stream room were also crying.

It had been six years! Everyone went from anticipation to disappointment, to being disheartened and accepting that the national team was weak. It was until this year when Coach Jiang restored everyone’s confidence. This year’s national team really brought the biggest surprise to netizens.

[World champion. It is awesome!]

[Ahhhh the 6th national team is so handsome!]

[The old ACE fans are crying. They can still reunite in the World Finals after so many years!]

[Everyone is very strong. This is the most perfect national team.]

[I’m offering my knees to Coach Jiang. The selection of maps and the layout of the lineup are really amazing!]

[The 6th national team is an eternal god!]

The barrage area was filled with people. At the same time, major online platforms and short video platforms started to forward the news that ‘Gun King’s national team has won the World Series.’

Before this, many bloggers had harshly said, ‘If the national team wins a trophy, I will live stream doing a headstand and washing my hair’ or ‘If the national team wins an award, I will live stream eating my keyboard’. Now they started to fulfill their promises. There were many streamers who performed acrobatic tricks and washed their hair upside down. Those who said they wanted to eat keyboards already bought chocolate keyboards, attracting many passersby to watch.

In the game, an official pop-up notice announcement was issued in order to celebrate the national team’s victory. The operator was very proud, directly giving all players the gift of PP2000, the submachine gun used by Pei Feng in the finals, via email!

The official Weibo of the national team and the leader also rushed to publish the good news.

The topic of #Gun King National Team Winning the Championship# instantly swept onto the hot search. It attracted countless e-sports fans to forward it and celebrate. The e-sports circle at this moment was even happier than the new year. Countless netizens were so excited that they wanted to set off a bunch of firecrackers!

In the live stream room, the avatar of the FMVP player of the finals appeared on the screen: CHN-Fred.

After a discussion between the on-site judges, today’s FMVP was undoubtedly given to Pei Feng, the captain of the national team. His ‘free agent style of play’ surprised audiences around the world. Perhaps this style of play would usher in a new free person era!

Pei Feng took his teammates to the soundproof room of the US team to shake hands politely. After shaking hands, the five people came to the center of the stage. The other members of the Chinese team also rushed toward the big stage excitedly.

The golden trophy was in the middle of the stage. Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu with a smile and asked his master to be the first to hold the trophy. Jiang Shaoyu grasped it cooperatively. The others helped hold the trophy and raised it high above their heads together!

The reporters accompanying the team quickly took photos from the audience to record this exciting moment.

The voice of the host came from the microphone. “Contestant to the Chinese team for winning the championship of the 6th World Series! At this moment, do the players have anything to say?”

After the game, players needed to go to a special interview booth to be interviewed. Meanwhile, the interview for the finals was conducted directly on the big stage. Each player could give two acceptance speeches.

The microphone was handed to Shu Chen, who was standing on the far left. Shu Chen was afraid of having a panic attack. His cheeks were red and he just stammered, “I-I’m very happy to win the championship.”

He quickly passed the microphone to the person next to him like throwing a hot potato.

Standing next to him was Hua Ran. Hua Ran had a bright smile and his purple hair was very eye-catching in the crowd. He took the microphone and said loudly, “I want to say that the Chinese team is awesome and Coach Jiang is awesome! All of us are the best. We are the strongest army in the world!”

Hua Hua seemed to be shouting a slogan. He shouted it very passionately.

Netizens in the live stream room burst out laughing.

After shouting, Hua Ran followed up by saying, “Here, I would like to express my thanks to Coach Jiang. I never thought about playing professionally before. It was Coach Jiang who gave me the opportunity to join the national team! Thank you, Coach Jiang, for your strict requirements that made me a real professional player!”

Hua Ran thought of the self-criticisms he had written and felt that it wasn’t in vain. If Coach Jiang hadn’t been strict with them during his daily training, their marksmanship and movement would definitely let them down when it came to the fierce World Series.

The solid foundation laid by the devil-style training was reflected on the field. The players of the Chinese team in this World Series were very accurate with their marksmanship. Even the weaker Xueyao won a game with a double kill at a critical moment.

How depressed was he when he wrote the self-criticism and how happy he was now?

They were indeed the strongest team in the world led by the toughest coach!

Hua Ran spoke for a long time before handing the microphone to Xia Li next to him.

Xia Li said bluntly, “I am very happy to join the 6th national team. My family is amazing! The national team is amazing. Coach Jiang is amazing!”

Hua Hua and Xia Li shouted the same slogan. They were really like long-lost siblings.

The style changed with Qin Xueyao and she said softly, “I didn’t have confidence before. I always felt like I was a dispensable support and the outcome of the game should be decided by my teammates. After the special training with the national team, I became more confident and my marksmanship improved significantly.”

She looked at Jiang Shaoyu and said sincerely, “Thank you, Coach Jiang, for trusting me, a little invisible person. Thank you for allowing me to play many times in the World Series and for letting me try commanding… You are the best coach. For this championship of the national team, I think you are the one who deserves the most credit.”

Tears were still in Mo Hantian’s eyes as he took the microphone. He choked up as he said, “I used to have an unstable mentality and often led my teammates to defeat. But today, facing a world-class sniper, I wasn’t afraid at all! I won’t disappoint those who believe in me and I will strive to become a good professional player like God Wing!”

Netizens in the live stream room couldn’t help teasing him.

[God Wing said: I have never cried [dog head.jpg].]

[Has Princess Mo run out of tissues?]

[In the future, if his opponents see him crying, they will probably be frightened and run for their lives. This guy is too fierce when he plays while crying.]

[Coaches from various countries: Don’t make Mo Hantian cry when playing the Chinese national team!]

Mo Hantian’s voice was choked up with excitement and he was almost speechless.

Jiang Shaoyu had always been his idol. He did his best to challenge his idol in the game, but when he couldn’t beat him, Mo Hantian became depressed and scolded the other person for cheating. He became the ‘gourd baby’ in Jiang Shaoyu’s mouth.

Now he could stand in the finals of the World Series and defeat the US team. He didn’t waste the second chance given by Coach Jiang and lived up to himself. This year’s persistence and hard work finally weren’t in vain!

Mo Hantian was worried that he would cry even more when he was excited. Therefore, he hurriedly handed the microphone to Shi Xiaobin with a red face.

Shi Xiaobin was confused and seemed to still be immersed in the surprise of winning the championship. After taking the microphone, he suddenly came to his senses and said seriously, “I am very happy that we can win the championship. Thank you, Coach Jiang, for your cultivation and guidance. Thank you to the domestic audience for your support. We will continue to work hard.”

After saying that, he bowed obediently as if concluding his statement.

This group of 18 year old young players collectively confessed to Coach Jiang. The national team was worthy of being ‘God Wing’s fan base.’ Their progress was indeed obvious to everyone.

Mo Hantian could win the game even if he cried. Shi Xiaobin had outstanding talent after switching from charger to medic. Hua Hua changed from a passerby to a professional player. Xia Li changed from playing recklessly to being keen and sharp. Qin Xueyao grew from an invisible player with low self-esteem to a calm and confident commander.

A good coach could bring out the greatest potential of every player.

They had grown rapidly under the guidance of Jiang Shaoyu. It was no wonder that they were all convinced by Coach Jiang.

Once it was Ye Qingming’s turn, he said with a smile, “In fact, it is normal for us to win the championship. This national team was formed early on and everyone has gone through many devilish practice matches and special training in little black rooms. Our overall level has improved a lot. I think we all have the face of a championship team.

Xiao Zhou next to him was holding back laughter.

Yezi was too much again. What type of little black room and devilish training? Could this be said directly?

Sure enough, the netizens in the live stream room were puzzled.

[What is the little black room that Yezi mentioned? It sounds scary?]

[Devilish training matches? What is he talking about?]

[Isn’t Coach Jiang very gentle to everyone? Have we misunderstood?]

Ye Qingming realized that he had spilled the beans and hurriedly threw the microphone to Xiao Zhou. It was over. He revealed the biggest secret of the national team that Jiang Shaoyu was the most devilish coach in the world!


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