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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 198 Part 2

The domestic viewers in the live stream room were posting like crazy.

[F*k, one person saved four!]

[Baby Chenchen also saved 4 people in ACE back then. He has always been ACE’s strongest support!]

[It is really amazing. He used the fastest speed and the best path to resurrect four corpses in a row!]

[This is a world-class medic, right?]

However, why could such a medic only sit on the cold bench? It was because his club was afraid that he wouldn’t gain popularity because he didn’t like to talk. This meant he couldn’t market himself like some ‘star’ players.

Some club coaches, managers, and even league executives felt their cheeks hurt when they saw this. Before Coach Jiang returned to China, what was the state of the Gun King e-sports scene? It was really unreasonable that a player as strong as Shu Chen had been buried for so many years.

“It is very beautiful. One person rescued four. It is an extreme operation that turned defeat into victory!”

“This wave of rescue is indeed amazing. Who should be saved first, and who should be saved later? This route was planned in an orderly manner!”

“…The US team has called a timeout!”

Coach Asta had to call a timeout. This might be his last timeout opportunity, but if he didn’t use it now, it would be too late if he delayed it any longer.

In the soundproof room, Asta said with a serious expression, “The ACE members of the Chinese team are a whole. The five people are twisted into a rope. It is useless to kill any of them alone. They must be destroyed as a group as quickly as possible. Find a way to stay together and fight them head-on. Our firepower is advantageous. This is our only advantage.”

Their tacit understanding? Could the temporarily formed national team compare to the tacit understanding of the five people of ACE who trained hard together? If comparing tactics, the Chinese team had Pei Feng, a free person who could change positions at any time. Therefore, the Chinese team’s tactics were much richer!

In terms of error tolerance rate and survivability, ACE’s medic Shu Chen just told the world about his strength with the extreme operation of one person saving four. With this type of medic, he could raise all his teammates even if they all died!

This meant the US team only had ‘firepower’ as an advantage. They had one charger, two assaulters, and two scouts. This was very suitable for deep-sea close combat. It was only by killing the Chinese team in one go that they could hope to win!

At the same time, in the soundproof room of the Chinese team, Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng and said softly, “Xiao Pei, you are responsible for directing this game. I won’t interfere with your thinking. Just go ahead and play.”

When Jiang Shaoyu retired, he handed over the captain of ACE to Pei Feng with confidence.

Today’s Pei Feng had long grown up and became an excellent player and captain of the national team. As his master, Jiang Shaoyu no longer had to instruct him step by step on what to do.

-Let go and fight. Master believes in you.

Facing Jiang Shaoyu’s trusting gaze, Pei Feng felt warm in his heart and said with a smile, “Master, don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

ACE disbanded hastily in the past and failed to realize their wish of winning another championship. So today, let’s make up for it with the world championship on the stage of the World Series!

Once Jiang Shaoyu left the soundproof room, Pei Feng immediately said, “We will move together in the next game. The coach of the US team called a timeout. He must’ve felt that their firepower output is advantageous. But don’t forget, our firepower isn’t bad either!”

In the second round, all members of the Chinese team gathered together.

The US team also all gathered together. The two sides faced off head-on on the third floor deck.

Pei Feng switched to the PP2000, and Lao Lin took the lead. Xiao Zhou and Pei Feng were on his left and right sides. Yezi and Shu Chen were in the third echelon. The entire team formed a ‘triangular charge’ formation.

Lao Lin rushed to the front. This veteran player’s hand speed was at its highest at this moment. The underwater bullets were affected by resistance and had a very short range. The two sides were almost less than 5 meters apart when fighting at close range!

Lao Lin fired with momentum. He soon took on the opponent’s concentrated fire and was the first to fall. As ACE’s charger, he was the first to fall every time. He was never afraid of death.

It was because he believed that his teammates behind him wouldn’t let him die in vain.

Taking advantage of the situation created by Lao Lin, Zhou Yiran and Pei Feng worked together to fire fiercely, one on the left and the other on the right. There was the AK assault rifle on the left and the PP2000 on the right. The two of them almost emptied out their magazine in just a few seconds. Dozens of bullets rained down like a rainstorm, mowing down the front row of the US team!

Ye Qingming and Shu Chen took advantage of every opportunity to kill with the pistol and fired underwater. The bullets deflected greatly, but it didn’t matter. They might not be able to hit the opponent’s head, but they could burst the opponent’s oxygen tank.

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese team exchanged 3 for 4. There was only one person left on the US team.

Pei Feng and Shu Chen survived to the end.

Pei Feng smiled and said, “I’ll save people. Brother Chen, I’ll leave the one who escaped to you.”

This time, Pei Feng took out the first aid kit and quickly stepped forward to save his teammates. Shu Chen chased the last member of the US team with his two Red Cross guns. He shot out the opponent’s oxygen tank with his two guns.

It could be switched at any time between a medic and output. The free person style was so wayward and willful.

-The lurkers have been destroyed. The guardians have won.

China led 2:0.

The audience didn’t know what to say when they saw this.

[I sympathize with the US team for 1 second, no more.]

[It can only be said that ACE is too awesome!]

[They seem to be talents discovered by Coach Jiang! So Coach Jiang is the boss!]

[Will they win 3:0? The US team seems to be in a daze and doesn’t know how to play.]

[A free person can change positions at any time in the same game. If it was me, I would also be confused!]

The two commentators said excitedly, “In this wave of 5V5 head-on battle, the Chinese team actually won! Pei Feng acted as a charger, and the Chinese team had three front row players. Our output firepower is completely worthy of the United State’s pure melee lineup!”

“ACE’s style of play is really difficult to crack! Pei Feng can be a charger for damage or a sniper for long-range suppression. In terms of output, the Chinese team isn’t weak. In terms of survivability, Pei Feng can become a medic to save lives. This dual medic system is even more ridiculously strong! Is this what is so scary about a free person?”

“Yes! Switch positions according to the combat situation during a game. If the output isn’t enough, switch to output. If you need to save someone, use the first aid kit. Pei Feng’s flexible switching means that the ACE 2.0 lineup is almost without weaknesses.

In the third game, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t call a timeout.

Coach Asta of the US team had no more chances for a timeout. He could only sit in the audience. He clenched his fists anxiously, silently praying that the players could perform better and reverse the situation.

It was the game point.

It was also the match point of this finals!

As long as the Chinese team won this small game, they could win the Princess Cruise Ship map and defeat the United States with a score of 4:2.

Pei Feng said calmly, “Let’s fight a guerrilla battle and win it in one go! Don’t give them a chance to make a comeback!”

The strongest thing about ACE actually wasn’t their team battle, but the five person guerrilla warfare.

The five people who dispersed looked like a scattered mess. In fact, they always paid attention to their teammates and kept a set distance from each other at all times.

Ye Qingming dived into the deep sea.

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou went to the cabin on the second floor.

Pei Feng was on the third floor and set up his gun. Shu Chen was lurking on the other side, ready for rescue at any time.

The five members of the US team continued to stay together this time. Simil, the commander of this game, came up with a strategy. “If the Chinese team dares to disperse, we will defeat them one by one. Then guard the corpses so that the medic can’t save them!”

This guarding the corpse style of play would slow down the pace, but it was also one of the strategies to deal with the powerful medic system. Another way was to kill the medic first, but the Chinese team had two medics in this game. It was impossible to kill them at the same time.

It was better to kill people and guard the corpses, breaking through one by one.

Simil’s strategy wasn’t wrong, but he thought of ACE too simply.

The first one to rush out was Lao Lin. He was a passionate and fierce player of ACE who rushed to the front every time. It seemed like he often rushed out to die, but in fact, every one of his deaths was meaningful!

Lao Lin fired without hesitation when meeting the five members of the US team. He was hit by countless bullets, but before he fell, he actually took one of the US team’s assaulters with him!

In a 1V5 situation, he could actually kill one person as well. This was so profitable!

Pei Feng exclaimed, “Nice!”

Lao Lin smiled and said, “It will be handed over to you.”

The members of the US team were attracted by Lao Lin and collectively fired at him. Their fierce firepower killed him instantly. But at this moment, Yezi from the bottom of the ship and Xiao Zhou from the other side of the corridor appeared together. They pulled the triggers at almost the same time!

The sound of gunfire underwater was muffled, and bullets were flying everywhere.

Zhou Yiran fired in a fan shape while Ye Qingming fired quickly. The US team fired back frantically. Little did they know that at this time, Pei Feng had already set up his sniper rifle on the third floor deck.


His bullet passed through the seawater and instantly hit the assaulter Rich’s oxygen tank!


Another bullet was fired in succession, piercing the oxygen tank of the assaulter Ernest.

Pei Feng switched to the Balot-Jungle Hunter and was like a hunter standing still. He quietly waited for his prey to step into his trap.

Lao Lin went out to deliver his head. It was common for him to sacrifice himself to find the exact location of the opponent.

Xiao Zhou and Yezi were just bait, suppressing the opponents while helping Pei Feng find opportunities.

In this game, Pei Feng in the distance was the most critical output position!

He was the second generation captain of ACE, the successor of God Wing. How dare the US team ignore this sniper point?

They couldn’t react at all. After all, in the last game, Pei Feng used a submachine gun in close combat while also carrying a first aid kit to go around and save his teammates. In the blink of an eye, he was setting up a sniper rifle in the distance for sneak attacks!

Why didn’t he just go up to heaven?!

The two assaulters had their oxygen tanks explode. They wanted to crawl along the network cable and beat up Pei Feng.

Ye Qingming and Zhou Yiran rushed to fight 2 against 4. They killed one person on the other side before being killed themselves. Shu Chen took action and swam out to save others. Of course, the remaining player of the US team wouldn’t let him go and fired at him. Pei Feng immediately shifted his muzzle.


Another bullet exploded the oxygen tank of the last member of the US team.

On the US team, two people were killed while the oxygen tanks of the remaining three people burst. Their health bar had started to decrease.

On the Chinese team, three people were killed. Shu Chen carried a first aid kit to save people. Pei Feng quickly jumped off the deck and dived into the deep sea. There was only one thing he had to do now: survive.

In Endless Bloody Battle mode, they would win as long as all the opponents died and one player was alive. All the oxygen tanks of the US team exploded, and they could only last for 20 seconds. Pei Feng only needed to survive these 20 seconds, and the Chinese team would win.

Time passed, and the health bars of the three US players dropped rapidly. However, there was nothing they could do.

Notifications quickly popped up on the screen.

[‘USA-Rich’ has suffocated!]

[‘USA-Nest’ has suffocated!]

[‘USA-Urica’ has suffocated!]

The oxygen tanks of these three people were burst by Pei Feng at the last moment. He suddenly switched to a sniper and launched a series of sneak attacks from a distance.

His teammates sacrificed their lives one after another, but Pei Feng survived to the end. He lived up to the expectations of his teammates, as well as Jiang Shaoyu’s trust!

-The lurkers have been destroyed. The guardians have won.

The game score of 3:0 popped up on the screen. Fred’s global free person switching style and his tacit cooperation with his old ACE teammates meant that the US team’s melee lineup had almost no power to fight back in this round.

There was no notification for three kills in the last wave, but it was Pei Feng who switched to sniper. Under the cover of his teammates, he fired three consecutive shots to destroy the opponent’s oxygen tank. He survived to the end to seal the victory!

The Chinese team won the Princess Cruise Ship map and grasped the match point!

On the scoreboard at the game venue, the final score became 4:2.

The Chinese team won the four maps of City of Ice, Xishan Prison, Skyscraper, and Princess Cruise Ship. They won the finals of the World Series!

The flag of China appeared on the big screen, followed by the glittering word ‘Winner.’

Domestic viewers watching the live stream were a bit confused.

They really won?

The 6th national team actually won the finals of the World Series!

We are champions!


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