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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 198 Part 1

The Real Free Person

The US team’s three sniper lineup had always been the strongest system in the world. Now the Chinese team was facing the US snipers and could actually play to this extent. They could even win by grabbing 50 heads in the last wave?

50:48, this score made the viewers watching the live stream all over the world feel excited.

This was undoubtedly a wonderful duel that would go down in history!

[Pei Feng is so handsome. How can there be such a handsome streamer?]

[Streaming is his side hustle, right? How long has it been since he streamed? [points fingers.jpg].]

[Captain Liu and Xiao Mo provided double cover to let Fred harvest heads. It really touched me!]

[The flexible Fred + the calm Captain Liu + the crying Princess Mo. It is one of the strongest sniper combinations in the world!]

[Facing the snipers of the United States and the underwater assassinations of South Korea, I want to ask if you are convinced?]

[The 6th national team is an eternal god!]

The two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the Skyscraper map and taking the lead in grabbing the match point of the finals with a score of 3:2!”

“Last year, we were beaten by the United States on this map in the group stage. This year, on the same map, we defeated the United States. this is really the most beautiful comeback!”

“This year’s Chinese national team has impressed the world in terms of the strength of its players and the ability of the coaching staff to set up lineups! Three scouts defeated South Korea, and three snipers defeated the United States. Coach Jiang is telling everyone in this way—our Chinese team has transformed into a world-class team!”

Before the finals started, most people were optimistic that the United States would win the championship.

No one expected that it would be the Chinese team who took the lead in grabbing the match point at 3:2!

The Chinese national team of the 6th World Series was undoubtedly the strongest dark horse.

The next match point game was the home game of the Chinese team. How would Coach Jiang choose? All eyes were focused on Jiang Shaoyu, and the scene also cut to the coach’s seat.

Jiang Shaoyu still had no expression. He wasn’t arrogant or impetuous. He was as steady as a mountain.

In the soundproof room, Xiao Mo was crying excitedly. Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou high-fived to celebrate the victory, while Ye Qingming smiled and chatted with Qin Xueyao.

Mo Hantian choked up and said, “We actually beat the US team. Am I dreaming?”

Ye Qingming rubbed his head. “You aren’t dreaming. We really won.”

Jiang Shaoyu heard this when he walked into the soundproof room, and he gave a reminder, “This game was good, but we haven’t won yet. The finals is a BO7 format. We grabbed the match point at 3:2, but we have to play another game.”

BO7 was the best of seven games. 3:2 was just getting the match point. They needed 4:2 to win.

If the US team won in the next game and drew 3:3, there would be another deciding game!

They couldn’t be happy too early.

Everyone heard the coach’s words and quickly calmed down.

Pei Feng looked back at Jiang Shaoyu. “Master, what are your plans for the next game?”

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “Xueyao, Xiao Mo, and Xiao Liu, get ready to rotate.”

After a short break, the coaches of both sides started the BP of the sixth game.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

Asta immediately banned the three maps of Dark Swamp, Crystal Cave, and Stonehenge. The Chinese team had used the three scout system to defeat South Korea on the Dark Swamp map. The US snipers were actually afraid of assassinations. If Jiang Shaoyu used the three scout system to target their snipers again, it would be very difficult to defeat them.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t hesitate and submitted the map: Princess Cruise Ship.

This map made the audience feel stunned. It was an unpopular five star map with undersea battles. Players needed to carry oxygen tanks on their backs. If City of Ice was the fastest acceleration map in the entire game, then Princess Cruise Ship was the slowest deceleration map in the entire game.

There were too many unstable factors on this map. It was because oxygen tanks could be pierced by bullets. Once pierced, the oxygen would leak, and players only had 20 seconds to survive. On this map, they didn’t have to kill people directly. It was also a good choice to destroy the oxygen tank on the enemy side.

However, one thing to consider was that most firearms had a long range and strong lethality in the air. In the sea, due to the increase in water pressure, the resistance encountered by a bullet was hundreds of times that of in the air. The power and range would be weakened.

For example, an assault rifle like the AK-47 had a range of several hundred meters in the air, but only a few meters underwater. It was also difficult for sniper rifle bullets to hit opponents underwater.

Therefore, in a pure water battle, the melee positions had more of an advantage.

Asta thought for a moment and decided to make replacements.

The US team replaced the three snipers with the charger Stay, the assaulter Ernest and the assaulter Rich. In other words, the US was using a pure melee lineup of one charger, two assaulters, and two scouts in this game.

The Chinese team also submitted a substitution application. They replaced Liu Shaozhou, Qin Xueyao, and Mo Hantian with Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Shu Chen.

The domestic audience members saw this, and another wave of excitement swept the screen.

[F*k, ACE 2.0 is coming!]

[I knew there must be an ACE lineup in the finals. This divine lineup can play any mode!]

[This old ACE fan is crying up a storm!]

[Woo woo woo, ACE was disbanded after God Wing retired. They are finally appearing in the world finals today. I hope they can win the game and fulfill their championship dream!]

[Old Lin, Zhou Zhou, YeZi, Chen Chen, and the new captain Xiao Pei, jiayou! The old fans are always here!]

Seeing this, the two commentators calmly analyzed it. “The Princess Cruise Ship is a real underwater showdown. The players move slower, the shooting speed becomes slower, and the bullet range becomes shorter. More often, melee combat is used. The medic is very important here!”

“That’s right. This map can be played with two medics. However, Binbin’s cooperation with people like Yezi and Lao Lin isn’t as good as Shu Chen’s tacit understanding. Moreover, Pei Feng can switch to a medic.”

“Coach Jiang is using the ACE 2.0 lineup to play this map. The key is that the tacit understanding between these five people is very high. At the very least, there will be no mistakes in coordination.”

In a key game, only the most stable lineup could withstand the pressure of the US team. The most stable lineup in Jiang Shaoyu’s heart was ACE 2.0.

These five people were all trained by him, and the five people could become one in an instant. Sometimes, there was no need for the commander to issue orders. They could cooperate with each other at any time. Such a lineup with a low error rate and tacit understanding had to be used in the most critical sixth game. It was best to win the game directly without delaying it to the random deciding game.

“The game is about to start. Let’s look at Pei Feng’s weapon selection. Since Fred is the first free person to appear in the World Series, his weapon selection in every game has become a big attraction.”

“The main weapon he is carrying this round is the PP2000, which allows him to switch freely between a charger and a scout. The secondary weapon is the Balot-Jungle Hunter, which is his favorite heavy sniper rifle. The third weapon slot is… the first aid kit?”

“So, Fred is using a style of play that can switch between charger, scout, sniper, and medic?”

Audience members from all over the world were stunned when they saw this.

In previous matches, Pei Feng changed positions from game to game. Of course, when fighting South Korea, he took out the PP2000 and AK-47 and switched between charger and assaulter.

Charger and assaulter were both melee positions. The playing styles of these two positions were very similar. The submachine gun and assault rifle both caused strafing damage. People could switch between them without obstacles. Most netizens could do it, and it wasn’t unusual.

But today, Pei Feng actually brought three types of professional weapons: melee, long-range, and medic.

A free person with a full position switch?

Asta couldn’t help sweating when he saw this.

If he played scout in one game and switched to medic in the next game, it could only be said that this player has ‘mastered all professions’, not a free person style of play.

A true free person should be like Pei Feng, who could freely switch between melee, long-range, and medic at any time according to tactical needs in the same game!

One second, he could be sniping from a distance. In the next second, he could suddenly move behind his opponent and attack from the rear. He could shoot at close range with the PP2000 or he could suddenly sneak away and use the first aid kit to save people.

Sometimes it was melee combat, and sometimes it was long-range. Sometimes it was output, and sometimes it was treatment. He could fill any position at any time in the game, arriving when his teammates needed him most—this was the world-class free person!

This style of play was the real and most difficult free person play!

It was because when changing positions at any time, their thinking not only had to be flexible and changeable, but they must also adjust their position according to the needs of their teammates. Their tactical awareness must be extremely excellent or the team would collapse.

Jiang Shaoyu actually trained such a terrifying player.

Wing, who had retired long ago, really brought too many surprises to the world after becoming the head coach of the Chinese national team.

“A free person who switches between all positions in the same game is Coach Jiang’s secret weapon until the very end!”

“No wonder why he used the ACE 2.0 system. It is because only ACE’s old teammates, who are very familiar with Pei Feng’s playing style can keep up with his frequent position changes!”

“Let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of the Chinese team in the match point game!”

The game officially began.

The Princess Cruise Ship map was a giant cruise ship that sank to the bottom of the sea after being involved in a shipwreck. It had an upper, middle, and lower structure. Due to the years of sinking, most of the internal cabins had been corroded and tattered. The structure was intensively damaged.

The players refreshed at the bow and stern of the ship. In deep-sea operations, everyone’s clothes had turned into diving suits. In addition, each person had an oxygen tank on their back that made their movements slower and more clumsy than usual.

The US team dispersed immediately in the beginning. The two scouts, Simil and Urica, swam under the hull to detect the enemy’s movements. The three melee players moved forward together and rushed to the cabin on the second floor.

After Yezi swam under the hull, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou rushed to the front. Shu Chen hid and prepared to rescue people, while Pei Feng set up a gun to guard his position. In this first round of a team battle, Pei Feng was acting as a sniper.

The firearms in Gun King had been modified and could be used underwater. In the deep sea, a sniper rifle’s bullet speed would slow down. The shooting distance was greatly shortened, and it was easy for the bullet to deviate due to the resistance of the water flow. It would be difficult to get a headshot in one go, but a sniper could specifically shoot the opponent’s oxygen tank to suffocate the opponent to death.

Ye Qingming circled around the left side of the hull.

The US team had two scouts. Simil was on the left, and Urica was on the right.

At the moment of the encounter, Ye Qingming shot without hesitation, and Simil also shot at the same time!

Ye Qingming’s bullet hit Simil’s head, and blood instantly dyed the seawater red. Simil’s bullet failed to hit Ye Qingming, but it burst Ye Qingming’s oxygen tank.

Ye Qingming’s oxygen tank flashed red, and the oxygen leaked. His life was in danger, and his health was constantly declining. It decreased by 5% a second and would reach the bottom in 20 seconds.

On the other side, The US team’s scout Urica sneaked around the hull and unknowingly circled behind Pei Feng. Pei Feng’s scope was staring at the middle of the cabin, covering Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou’s advance.

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou swam over from inside the cabin, and the three melee fighters of the US team rushed over. Lao Lin’s submachine gun and Xiao Zhou’s assault rifle started firing at almost the same time!

The bullets swept out wildly and caused waves in the seawater. The US team fought 3 against 2 and killed Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou in an instant. The power of Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou’s combined shooting was also very fierce, and they killed two people in the US team!

Pei Feng was just about to kill the remaining assaulter in the distance when the scout lurking behind him suddenly stabbed him in the heart.

Pei Feng, Lao Lin, and Xiao Zhou were all killed in battle. Ye Qingming only had one breath left and was about to die. Shu Chen was the only one remaining in the Chinese team. The US team’s scout Urica, and assaulter Rich swam quickly toward the stern of the ship to look for Shu Chen.

At this moment, the audience was surprised to find that the medic Shu Chen had unknowingly sneaked to the bottom of the sea. He quickly swam to Ye Qingming, who had died of suffocation, and used the first aid kit to add a handful of health to him, instantly filling up his health!

Immediately afterward, he swam to the cabin of the second floor. He helped Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou, who had fallen there, one after another.

[’CHN-Chen’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Leaf’ using the first aid kit!]

[’CHN-Chen’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Laolin’ using the first aid kit!]

[’CHN-Chen’ has resurrected ‘CHN-AKZhou’ using the first aid kit!]

Underwater, people like Ye Qingming could only live for 20 seconds once their oxygen tank was shot out, even if their health was filled up. However, people like Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou only had their bodies pierced, but their oxygen tanks were still intact. They could continue to survive after being resurrected.

This inconspicuous medic actually saved three people in one go!

The US team’s scout and assaulter wanted to turn around and fight, but they saw Laol In and Xiao Zhou rushing over from the cabin. Shu Chen jumped to the bottom of the ship again and swam quickly in Pei Feng’s direction.

Ye Qingming could only live for 20 seconds. This time couldn’t be wasted. He risked suffocation and swam to the stern of the ship at the same time. The audience with a god’s perspective could see that everyone in the Chinese team quickly gathered, and the two members of the US team were surrounded!

[’CHN-Laolin] used the Thomson-Flames to kill ‘USA-Rich!’!]

[‘CHN-AKZhou’ used the AK 47-Dark Night to kill ‘USA-Urica’!]

The moment Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou killed the two US players, Shu Chen also happened to save Pei Feng.

The guardians won.

In the last 20 seconds, the situation suddenly reversed. The US team was destroyed, and all the members of the Chinese team survived.

The audience: “……”

This worked!


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