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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 197 Part 3

The two sides fought fiercely, with snipers on high-rise buildings fighting each other. The scouts shot on the street. After a few clear gunshots, a row of skulls and kill notifications appeared in the middle of the screen.

Liu Shaozhou, Mo Hantian, and Ye Qingming each killed one person. Mo Hantian and Xueyao were killed one after another.

Pei Feng was in charge of covering them and was instantly killed by the US team’s snipers, who were specifically staring at him

It was a wave of 3 for 3. There was no loss and no profit.

The heads ratio was 10:8.

Pei Feng immediately adjusted his strategy. “A horizontal breakthrough!”

The Chinese team organized a three-pronged attack. As a result, the US team just put up a U-shaped defensive lineup. In this wave, the Chinese team suffered heavy casualties. It was 5 for 3, and all the members were destroyed.

The heads ratio was 13:13!

The commentators were so nervous that their voices trembled. “It is too intense. The score is tied!”

“Yes, it feels like it can be reversed every second. I don’t dare to breathe.”

“We can see that the Chinese team chose the northwest corner to resurrect this time. The US team’s dead people also happened to choose the northwest corner. Oh my god, an encounter at the resurrection point!”

“The five members of the Chinese team beat the three members of the US team. They cleared the field in one wave!”

“The US team’s choice of resurrection point this time was too bad. However, before they died, they also took away two members of the Chinese team. This can be considered a timely stop of more losses!”

“The heads ratio is 16:15. The Chinese team is temporarily in the lead.”

“The US team has moved to the southwest corner. The Chinese team has also started to gather in the southwest direction. The fourth team battle is about to break out between the two sides!”

“It is bad. Yezi and Xueyao are surrounded. If the scouts die first, China will find it a bit hard to fight this round!”

“However, the snipers of the Chinese team didn’t retreat. It is too late to retreat this time. The three snipers faced the five man group. The three of them exchanged fire and cooperated, killing two scouts and one sniper on the opposite side!”

“The heads ratio is 19:20. The US team is leading by 1 point!”

The audience: “……”

Seeing this stalemate heads ratio, they also had a heart attack!

Sometimes, the Chinese team led by 1 point, and sometimes the Us team led by 1 point. It jumped up and down, but it was impossible to determine the outcome of this game until the last moment. This was a world-class sniper game!

The US team had dominated Gun King for many years with its powerful sniper lineup. Now the snipers of the Chinese team were actually fighting them back and forth, with no distinction between them?!

Regardless of winning or losing this game, it was enough to prove the level of the Chinese team’s snipers!

The US team’s Venus was an experienced shooter, Robert was violent and fierce, and Patton was like a ghost who was very good at sneak attacks.

Liu Shaozhou of the Chinese team was steady and precise in his marksmanship. Pei Feng was nimble and sharp and could easily switch between offense and defense. Mo Hantian, who was originally the weakest, had now become a fast-reacting sniper!

The scout Qin Xueyao had excellent positioning, while Ye Qingming was like a shadow. The US team’s Simil and Urica were also world-class scouts.

The two sides went back and forth, and it was an extreme stalemate.

Gunshots continued. This heads ratio kept refreshing.

The heads ratio was 30:31!




The heads gap was kept within two, which showed the fierceness of the battle.

in the audience, Coach Asta straightened his back and stared at the big screen. Jiang Shaoyu was also focused on this game. In his eyes, there was no way to tell the difference between winning or losing until the last second.


After 18 minutes into the game, the score on the big screen was tied again.

The audience held their breath.

Pei Feng didn’t get many kills in this game because he was mostly used as a support position to protect his teammates while taking into account the overall command.

In the last wave, winning or losing could happen in an instant. Captain Liu played steadily, Xueyao withstood the pressure, Xiao Mo adjusted his mentality… everyone was great.

Pei Feng took a deep breath and said, “If you believe me, I will fight a guerilla battle this time.”

Ye Qingming: “Of course, I believe in you.”

Qin Xueyao: “Jiayou, Brother Feng.”

Mo Hantian: “Jiayou!”

They believed in him without a doubt!

You are our captain and have been protecting us on behalf of Coach Jiang. Why wouldn’t we believe in you? The last wave of this group battle will be left to you. Even if you lose, everyone will carry it together!

Liu Shaozhou smiled and said, “Go, I’ll cover you this time.”

Pei Feng’s ability to defend fixed points was very strong. He could achieve a hit rate of over 90% with the Balot heavy sniper rifle. However, his strongest skill was actually the mobile sniper combat that he learned from Jiang Shaoyu!

He previously used the heavy sniper defense to protect his teammates. He didn’t serve as the main output.

But in the last wave, he would fight with them!

The five members of the Chinese team moved quickly.

Qin Xueyao moved quickly to find the enemy’s position. Ye Qingming looked for an opportunity to go around, and Liu Shaozhou set up a gun in the middle as cover. As the strongest policeman in the explosion mode, his defensive ability was truly excellent!

After being liberated, Pei Feng switched to his master’s favorite weapon, the MSG-Aurora. Then he quickly sneaked into the building complex.

In the upper left corner, Qin Xueyao and Mo Hantian cooperated to kill the US team’s sniper, Patton. However, Qin Xueyao was quickly killed as well. It was 1 for 1, and the heads ratio was 47:47!

The situation had reached its tensest moment. The audience didn’t even dare to breathe.

In the middle, Liu Shaozhou suddenly fired.


The meteor-like bullet hit the wall of the tall building opposite him, creating a clear bullet hole.

However, Robert dodged in time.

Liu Shaozhou covered Pei Feng’s advance while reminding Pei Feng of the opposite sniper.

Pei Feng used his light sniper rifle to quickly move out of Robert’s shooting range. Then he rushed out from the corner of the street, opened the scope, and took aim.

Sure enough, a figure floated past at the end.


Along with the clear sound of gunfire, the white aurora instantly penetrated the scout Simil’s head.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘USA-Simil’ with a headshot!]

The heads ratio was 48:47!

On the other side, Ye Qingming was surrounded by the US team’s scout, Urica, and the sniper Patton. He shot and injured Urica, but was instantly killed by Patton.

The heads ratio was 48:48!

The injured Urica quickly hid, but before there was time to hide, Urica was shot in the head by Pei Feng, who suddenly emerged from the end of the street.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘USA-Urica’ with a headshot!]

The heads ratio was 49:48!

Urica said, “…Fred is fighting a guerrilla battle in the streets!”

On the Skyscraper map, the sniper points of this map were all at the top of tall buildings. However, Pei Feng jumped down in the last wave and started a mobile sniper battle in the streets. The two scouts, Simil and Urica, were killed by him. They wanted to smash the keyboard.

Venus immediately said, “Crossfire, kill Shadow in the middle first!”

The reason why Pei Feng was able to fight a mobile battle in the streets and alleys was indispensable from Liu Shaozhou’s cover.

Every time Pei Feng passed under the nose of the sniper on the opposite side, Liu Shaozhou would shoot in advance to force the other sniper to hide. This way, Pei Feng could move quickly between the streets and alleys in a safe manner.

At 49:48, there was only one head left.

Mo Hantian said, “I’ll cover Brother Feng!”

Liu Shaozhou added, “Go, kill Venus!”

Mo Hantian on the left, and Liu Shaozhou on the right, set up a gun and opened the scope at the same time.

Bang, bang!

Clear gunshots sounded at the same time, one to the left and the other to the right. Two bullets were fired in unison!

Venus was forced to dodge.

The two teammates covered Pei Feng’s advance and created the best opportunity for Pei Feng. Pei Feng quickly climbed the tall building to the north and moved from the ground to the tall building. He was as light as the wind, and his smooth movements didn’t stop at all. The movements were almost done in one go—setting up the gun, opening the scope, and sniping.


The clear gunfire of the MSG came from high in the air.

The bullet with the aurora special effect roared in and instantly pierced the back of Captain Venus’ head.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘USA-Venus’ with a headshot!]

The Chinese team took the lead in getting 50 heads and won 50:48.

The Chinese team won!

Mo Hantian excitedly took off his headphones and jumped up.

Liu Shaozhou smiled and gave Pei Feng a high five. “Nice job.”

Their masters were once the strongest rivals, but as apprentices, they became the best teammates in the World Series!

In the last wave, under the double cover of Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian, Pei Feng moved and sniped all the way. He moved from the ground to the tall building, and quickly won three kills!

This was the strength of Pei Feng, the captain of the national team.

The lightning-fast mobile sniper combat was inherited from his mentor, Jiang Shaoyu.

In this game, the three snipers of the Chinese team covered and supported each other. They were able to face the snipers of the US team head-on. It was to the extent where no one dared to question their strength.

Pei Feng was using this game to tell everyone: The Chinese team also has world-class snipers.

In addition, there was more than one!


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