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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 197 Part 2

At the same time, Ye Qingming let out his highest hand speed. He was like a leaf flying around, and he moved in a disorderly manner. His figure appeared in Venus’ sight. The moment he tried to lock onto it, he found that Ye Qingming flew to another corner.

At this time, the US team’s scout Simil was also nearby.

The moment the two scouts met at the corner, they fired at almost the same time. Ye Qingming flexibly dodged the opponent’s bullet but was shot dead by Venus, who had been staring at him.

Simil was injured by Ye Qingming and had only 40% health left. Just as Mo Hantian was about to kill him, the sniper Robert, who was on the right, fired a bullet toward Mo Hantian’s position in the southeast corner.

[‘USA-Robert’ used the FR-Scarlet to kill ‘CHN-Devil’ with a headshot!]

The dazzling red light pierced his head instantly. The blood that splashed out made Mo Hantian stunned.

Familiar bad memories came to mind. In the last World Series, he was killed by Robert with one shot, Venus with one shot, and finally by Patton. He was like a stupid fool who was shot and killed by the three snipers of the US team in turn.

He died every time the gun fired. He couldn’t even count how many times he died on this map.

The Skyscraper map had become a psychological shadow for Mo Hantian. Every time a gunshot was heard, he would feel at a loss, like his brain was frozen.

At this moment, Pei Feng’s voice sounded in his ears. “Xiao Mo, resurrect in the northeast corner. Go around and kill Robert. Captain Liu, give firepower support. We will take the sniper point in the middle.”

Liu Shaozhou said, “Received.”

The heads ratio between the two sides was 3:1. The US team temporarily took the lead.

Liu Shaozhou shifted the muzzle and suddenly fired in the direction of Venus in the middle. Venus hurriedly dodged sideways. Pei Feng opened the scope and waited patiently for an opportunity.

Liu Shaozhou continued to shoot at Venus. Venus quickly mastered the sniping rhythm. He dodged the opponent’s bullets while seizing the opponent to snipe at Liu Shaozhou!

However, the moment he emerged, the dull gunfire from a heavy sniper rifle rang in his ears. It was too late for Venus to hide.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the ‘Balot-Jungle Hunter’ to kill ‘USA-Venus’ with a headshot!]

Liu Shaozhou turned sideways to dodge Venus’ bullet in time.

Pei Feng seized the opportunity from the side to kill the captain of the US team in seconds!

The cooperation of the two people in this wave made Venus feel convinced.

On the other side, Mo Hantian received orders to resurrect in the northeast corner.

Pei Feng whispered, “Xiao Mo, I will cover you. Go and kill Robert.”

Mo Hantian was stunned by the shot just now. The bad memories in his mind made his eyes turn red. Last year on the Skyscraper map, the three snipers of the US team were like cats and mice, playing with him and torturing him. He was tortured until his mentality collapsed, and he walked off the stage crying…

He didn’t want to have such a tragic experience again.

He was no longer the Mo Hantian who only died!

Coach Jiang trusted him and gave him the chance to play again. How could he let his idol down?

Mo Hantian’s eyes were red like an angry little beast. At this moment, Pei Feng’s voice sounded in his ears and this instantly made his mind sober up.

Pei Feng said, “I’ll cover you.”

These simple words warmed Mo Hantian’s heart.

In the game last year, the head coach of the Chinese national team asked Mo Hantian to fight the United States as a sniper while relying on four melee sneak attacks from the back to solve the US team’s snipers. As a result, Mo Hantian couldn’t hold the sniper point at all. He was tortured by the three snipers of the US team.

However, it was different this year. The Chinese team sent three snipers to face the United States head-on. Mo Hantian wasn’t fighting alone. There were more powerful teammates behind him!

Pei Feng’s trust gave Mo Hantian full motivation.

After resurrecting, he ran wildly and quickly climbed the tall building in the northeast corner. From his position, he could see a piece of Robert’s clothes, but he couldn’t hit his opponent.

Then in the next moment, Pei Feng gave an in-game prompt. This was followed by a bullet that suddenly shot out from the middle.


It was the dull gunfire from the Balot heavy sniper rifle.

Robert definitely wanted to dodge Pei Feng’s bullet. He dodged back and was just exposed to Mo Hantian’s field of view—it was just one second! The opportunity was fleeting and must be seized.

Mo Hantian’s finger instinctively pulled the trigger.

The long-term shooting training at the national team’s base finally had an effect at this moment. The reactions of different professional players had formed muscle memory and conditioned reflexes.

It was the same difficulty as the 10th level during training.

There was a 0.1 second chance for an instant hit.

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘USA-Robert’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng praised him. “Nice!”

Mo Hantian suddenly wanted to cry. If it wasn’t for Pei Feng’s support, he would never have a chance to kill Robert. However, Pei Feng’s shot gave him the best opportunity.

This was what teammates were all about!

The heads ratio between the two sides was 3:3. In just half a minute into the game, the two sides fought so fiercely that the audience didn’t dare come out and only stared intently at the screen.

The commentators couldn’t help saying, “The commander of the Chinese team has very clear thinking! The left road supports the middle road and takes out the sniper point in the opposite middle road. The middle road then supports the right road and goes around to kill the sniper on the right side. The three people support each other. The three Chinese snipers are like an inseparable whole!”

“Yes, high-rise sniper shooting with serial coordination is full of details!”

Jiang Shaoyu was very pleased to see this from where he was sitting in the audience.

Xiao Mo’s command was indeed beautiful. Liu Shaozhou killed Patton, Liu Shaozhou cooperated with Pei Feng to kill Venus, Pei Feng cooperated with Mo Hantian to kill Robert, and all three American snipers were killed.

The heads ratio might be 3:3, but the US team had lost three snipers while China had lost one sniper and two scouts. In terms of rhythm, the Chinese team had a slight advantage. Next, Xiao Pei needed to snowball it and expand the advantage.

In the soundproof room, Mo Hantian shed tears again. However, Jiang Shaoyu believed that Princess Mo wasn’t sad. It was due to the timely support of his teammates, the trust in him, and the excitement of finally killing Robert!

Princess Mo had red eyes due to excitement and received the buff blessing.

The moment he killed Robert, the haze that had accumulated in his heart for a whole year completely dispersed. Mo Hantian had completely forgotten the nightmarish psychological shadow that the Skyscraper map brought to him. He started to move quickly according to Pei Feng’s tactical arrangement.

Pei Feng quickly ordered, “Xueyao and Brother Ye, resurrect in the northwest corner. Captain Liu and Xiao Mo, retreat. I will cover you!”

The US team’s snipers chose the northeast corner for resurrection.

The three people quickly climbed up the tall buildings and occupied the sniper points in the upper half of the map. The positions of Mo Hantian and Liu Shaozhou had long been exposed. They had to retreat as quickly as possible or they would be killed.

Pei Feng stayed in the middle for cover. Snipers didn’t just kill people. When necessary, they would also serve as long-range firepower cover to assist teammates in retreating and moving.

The audience only saw Pei Feng’s first-person perspective as he quickly shifted the muzzle.


The ultra-long-range sniper hit the high-rise building that Venus had just climbed. Venus would have to dodge this bullet if he wanted to save his life.

Liu Shaozhou seized this time and quickly jumped off the tall building to retreat.


Then with another bullet, Pei Feng shifted the muzzle of his gun and shot at the point of Robert’s gun, forcing Robert to not emerge. Mo Hantian immediately jumped off the sniper point and quickly moved through the streets and alleys.


Pei Feng fired three shots in three directions!

He didn’t hit anyone and fired three empty shots in a row. To an outsider, it might seem like he was wasting bullets by firing randomly. Only an expert would know how important Pei Feng’s cover was.

Under the cover of his long-range firing, Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian quickly retreated to a safe area. Once Qin Xueyao and Ye Qingming were resurrected, they didn’t encounter any interference from the US team’s snipers.

Pei Feng used himself as bait to allow his teammates to evacuate safely.

The three members of the US team quickly locked onto his position. Patton first hit Pei Feng in the shoulder with a bullet. Then Venus shot Pei Feng in the head!

Pei Feng, who fell in a pool of blood, traded his life for the life of his four teammates.

He was the captain of the Chinese team and Jiang Shaoyu’s apprentice. He didn’t need to show off his operations and grab people’s heads here. He had to take care of his teammates on behalf of his master.

—As long as they won the game, he could sacrifice himself at any time.

Pei Feng’s sacrifice allowed Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian to re-select the sniping point with the best view, while Yezi and Qin Xueyao circled around.

Ye Qingming climbed up a tall building at a fast speed and killed Venus with a headshot from behind!

Mo Hantian seized the opportunity and cooperated with Qin Xueyao to kill Robert with a headshot.

Liu Shaozhou single-handedly killed the US sniper, Patton.

The heads ratio changed from the United States having the lead with 4:3 to China having the lead with 6:4 in an instant.

Pei Feng smiled and said, “Nice. Everyone, retreat! Move to the southeast corner and wait for me to meet up.”

Ye Qingming was in the northeast area at this time. He was about to retreat when he was surrounded by the two scouts of the United States. Ye Qingming killed one of them before dying himself.

The heads ratio between the two sides was 7:5. The gap was still small.

Pei Feng commanded, “Do a mobile search. Captain Ye and Captain Liu will be in one group. You are responsible for the area from 7 o’clock to 12 o’clock. Xueyao and Xiao Mo’s group will be responsible for the areas between 1 o’clock and 6 o’clock. I will cover the middle!”

The Chinese team divided in a 2-1- formation and started to move to search for sniper points.

The scouts were in the front, and the snipers were in the back, supporting each other. This two player style of play tested the tacit understanding between the two players. Xueyao and Xiao Mo were originally members of the Gourd Babies Squad 2.0. They had practiced together for more than half a year and had a certain tacit understanding. Ye Qingming and Liu Shaozhou were both players with very strong personal abilities. They had enough strength to make up for the lack of tacit understanding.

Pei Feng once again served as the team’s backing, covering the advance of their teammates.


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