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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 197 Part 1

Battle For Match Point

During the 15 minute intermission, several people hurried to the bathroom.

Mo Hantian stood in front of the sink. He looked at his red eyes in the mirror and felt increasingly sad. He played in the first game today and lost the game. Then Coach Jiang didn’t let him play again. Maybe Coach Jiang felt that his mentality wasn’t stable enough and didn’t want him to hold them back, right?

He was really worthless! Was it reasonable for an alpha to shed tears so easily? Mo Hantian sniffed, lowered his head, and washed his hands silently. Suddenly, Pei Feng walked up to him and teased, “Xiao Mo, have you accumulated enough of a tears buff?”

Mo Hantian’s eyes were red, and he stammered, “I-I didn’t cry.”

Pei Feng smiled and didn’t expose him. He just comforted in a low voice, “Master won’t deny you just because of victory or defeat in one game. It is normal to lose and win in a game. Just try your best. You don’t need to blame yourself.”

Mo Hantian nodded. “Yes, I know.”

Pei Feng wiped his hands and said, “Okay, let’s go and get ready to play.”

Mo Hantian was surprised. Get ready to play? Did he still have a chance to play another game?

in the lounge, Jiang Shaoyu counted the number of people. Once he saw that everyone had arrived, he said calmly, “In the next game, we will compete with the US team for the match point. The team who wins the match point first will have more of an advantage. Whoever plays next, I hope you will bring out your greatest strength.”

His gaze swept over everyone before finally stopping on Mo Hantian’s face. “Xiao Mo, can you go on?”

Mo Hantian nodded excitedly. “Of course!”

Just now, he was worried that Coach Jiang would think he wasn’t performing well and would no longer let him play. Now it seemed that Pei Feng knew Jiang Shaoyu best. God Wing had never been biased against a certain player just because of the outcome of a game. He still believed in Mo Hantian’s strength and was willing to give Xiao Mo another chance!

Jiang Shaoyu felt relieved and said, “Okay. The three snipers, get ready., Ye Qingming and Qin Xueyao will go with you. We will face the US team’s strongest three sniper lineup head-on with snipers.”

The United States had always claimed to have three world-class snipers, and they were strongest on the full sniper map.

In the past, the snipers of the Chinese team weren’t on the same level as the United States. But this year, there was Liu Shaozhou, Pei Feng, and Mo Hantian, whose strength had improved by leaps and bounds. They were already worthy to face the US team!

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng and said, “The US team will most likely choose the sniper map and Extreme Duel to rely on the cooperation of the three snipers to quickly win the kill. In the next game, I won’t call a timeout, and you won’t have time to adjust. Xiao Pei will be in charge of the overall command, and the others can adapt accordingly.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Master, rest assured. I know what to do.”

Seeing the confidence in his apprentice’s eyes, Jiang Shaoyu nodded happily and stretched out his hand. “Come on, let’s give a cheer.”

Pei Feng put his hand on it, and the others quickly stacked their hands together. Everyone shouted in unison, “Chinese team, jiayou!”

At the end of the short intermission, the coaches from both sides came to the soundproof room again.

The first four games were tied at 2:2. The fifth game, the most critical match point battle, was the US team’s home game. As expected, Coach Asta submitted the game mode: Extreme Duel.

Endless Bloody Battle was too fast-paced and had too many unstable factors. They also couldn’t beat China in explosion mode. It was most reasonable for the US team to choose Extreme Duel. This was what Jiang Shaoyu expected.

Jiang Shaoyu banned Yuehu Park, Fantasy Island, and Subway Station.

The five star difficulty maps and the full sniper maps were released.

Asta submitted the map: Skyscraper.

Sure enough, it was a full sniper map.

There were screams at the scene. The domestic audience couldn’t help refreshing their screens with excitement.

[F*k, full sniper!]

[In last year’s group stage, the US team defeated the Chinese team on the Skyscraper map. It is over now.]

[Xiao Mo’s psychological shadow is coming!]

[For this sniper map, there are sniper points everywhere. The United States wants to use the full sniper map to seize the match point.]

The two commentators analyzed it. “It seems that Coach Asta is determined to win this game. The all-sniper map is the strongest map of the US team, just like the Korean team is the best at assassination maps.”

“Yes. The US team has three world-class snipers who can form long-range firepower coverage without any dead ends. Every building in the Skyscraper map can be climbed, and every position can be a sniper point. It will be difficult for the Chinese team to win if they can’t take out the three sniper points at the same time!”

“Unless… the Chinese national team also sends out three snipers? Will they directly face the snipers?”

“I wonder if Coach Jiang has the confidence to go against the strongest sniper system in the world?”

The moment these words came out, they saw five members of the US team collectively get up and walk to the big stage.

Pei Feng, Liu Shaozhou, Mo Hantian, Ye Qingming, and Qin Xueyao.

Three snipers and two scouts!

Domestic netizens were immediately excited.

[Coach Jiang is so tough! He really sent out three snipers!]

[He faced off with South Korea’s three scouts in assassinations and now the United State’s three snipers with sniper. I want to ask if Coach Jiang is afraid of anything.]

[Fighting head-on with the world’s strongest sniper system is called courage.]

[We also have world-class snipers in China!]

[A full-sniper map battle. This game will definitely go down in history!]

Compared with the crushing of ‘playing mobs’ with facing the United Kingdom, it was only when sniping against a truly world-leading team like the US team that they could see the gap between players on both sides. Every detail, such as awareness of the overall situation, shooting accuracy, and even mentality might affect the outcome of the game.

“I’m more worried about Xiao Mo. Last time, Xiao Mo was shattered by his opponent on the Skyscraper map. The same map can easily produce a psychological shadow, right?”

“Moreover, the three snipers of the US team have worked together in the last World Series, and they have a good understanding of each other. They also defeated South Korea in the finals and won the championship. Out of the three snipers of the Chinese team, Liu Shaozhou is the captain of the BM team, Mo Hantian is the captain of CIP, and Pei Feng is a streamer. The tacit understanding between the three of them is still uncertain.”

“Don’t look at the Chinese team’s previous three sniper lineup against the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom match was like a king rank playing against the diamond rank. In this game, the king is colliding with the glory king!”

“Yes, I hope that the players of the Chinese team can play at their full level!”

This was a tactic that coaches from other countries wouldn’t dare to use against the United States.

Jiang Shaoyu directly used three snipers to fight against the three snipers of the US team. This bold and confident approach quickly attracted the attention of netizens around the world. Internationally renowned forums opened posts to place bets and discuss the outcome of the game.

Most netizens believed that the US team would win. This was the US team that won the championship last year.

However, some people were optimistic about the Chinese team. This time, the Chinese team was like an unstoppable dark horse. It had defeated so many strong teams along the way and had a sharp momentum that could completely rewrite the world pattern!

The players from both sides started to check the equipment. Deafening cheers were heard at the competition venue.

The US team had the home field advantage. The audience hoarsely cheered for the national team. The Chinese people sitting in corners also waved the national flag. Their voices were covered by the sound of the huge US audience around them, but their enthusiasm and expectations were clearly conveyed to the soundproof room.

The game soon started.

Once the Skyscraper map was used in Extreme Duel mode, there were four resurrection points in the southeast, northeast, southwest, and northwest. There were many tall buildings on the map, and every building could be climbed. This also caused the entire map to be sniper points. People walking on the streets could easily be spotted and killed by snipers in high places.

Qin Xueyao and Ye Qingming dispersed quickly at the beginning. They sneaked along the streets from left to right to search for the enemy snipers. At the same time, the US team’s scouts, Simil and Urica, also looked for signs of the snipers.

The viewers from a god’s perspective could see that the two sides quickly dispersed. Venus, the captain of the US team, quickly occupied the highest sniper point in the north direction of the map and set up a gun to guard this sniper point.

Robert occupied the high-rise point in the northeast while Patton went to the northwest corner.

The three of them formed an inverted triangle formation, with Venus guarding the key center while the other two snipers each guarded half of the map. They maintained a position where they could support each other at all times.

On China’s side, Pei Feng ordered in a low voice, “Rush forward in the sharp knife array.”

Pei Feng took the middle path, Liu Shaozhou the left path, and Mo Hantian the right path. The three people also climbed up tall buildings quickly. They set up their guns and patiently observed.

The sniper duel didn’t have deafening gunshots, nor was it as passionate as melee gunfire. It was quite calm. The entire map had no sound. It was so quiet that they could hear a pin drop, but the tension was instantly full!

It was because a sniper was likely to kill a person on the opposite side with one shot.

Not to mention that this game had six snipers!

The snipers on both sides were very patient. If the enemy didn’t move then they wouldn’t move.

Qin Xueyao quickly moved through the city full of high-rise buildings like a flexible fish. Soon, she discovered the sniper on the opposite side through the judgment of light and shadow. Qin Xueyao made a mark. “The direction is 10 o’clock, the industrial and commercial building.”

Patton of the US team was good at observation. He found that there was a figure flickering in his scope. He immediately placed his finger on the keyboard and waited until Qin Xueyao came out from around the corner.


A bullet flew over and instantly pierced Qin Xueyao’s head.

[’USA-Patton’ has used the FR-Ghost to kill ‘CHN-Snow’ with a headshot!]

Patton was a sniper who played like a ghost. He liked to hide in the distance to carry out sneak attacks. He usually existed as an auxiliary sniper in the US team. But in the three sniper lineup, his strength wasn’t weaker than the other two teammates.

Before Patton could be happy about getting the first head, a clear gunshot came from the side.


[‘CHN-Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘USA-Patton’ with a headshot!]

There was the special effect of a meteor streaking across the sky, and Patton fell in a pool of blood.

Liu Shaozhou, who was in charge of the left side, had been covering Xueyao from a distance. The moment Xueyao was killed, he locked onto the position of the enemy sniper and shot him in the head with a clean shot. He had never been arrogant or impetuous when playing a sniper. He was calm and ruthless, much like Vice-chairman Qi back in the day.

The heads ratio was 1:1.


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