Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 196 Part 2

The game soon started.

In the first half, the Chinese team was randomly assigned the police and this was commanded by Liu Shaozhou. The strongest person in the US team for the explosion mode was Robert, the captain of the American TCX club. He was a world-class sniper with very stable marksmanship.

Robert quickly made a mark on the map. “Patton and I will cover you from a distance. Rush directly to Point B!”

The two snipers quickly followed the stairs to the second floor and set up their guns on the left and right sides of the corridor. The other three teammates rushed to the activity room of Point B together.

At noon, all the prisoners came out for a walk. The corridor was full of NPCs wearing prison uniforms. They stared curiously at the strangers who broke into the prison. Robert and Patton only stayed at a corner of the corridor for two seconds before they were spotted by the surrounding prisoners.

Liu Shaozhou noticed the direction in which the prisoners were gathering and immediately said, “Yezi, go around and kill the snipers. I will guard the east, and Xiao Pei will guard the west. Don’t let them break through.”

The refresh points of Xishan Prison for both the police and bandits were exactly symmetrical. They were located at the front and rear entrances. The US team rushed into the building as soon as possible, while the Chinese team also came to the second floor.

The prison had a ‘回’ shaped structure. The snipers from both sides looked at each other across the crowd. Liu Shaozhou took the opportunity to shoot in the opposite corridor. Robert reacted quickly and immediately ducked and hid behind a prisoner.

Liu Shaozhou’s bullet sniped the prisoner.

The death of their companion caused the surrounding prisoners to collectively panic. Countless prisoners were running wildly in the corridors. It was like a subway station at rush hour in the morning. There were so many people that it was impossible to see the end.

The players were stopped by a large number of prisoners. Robert knelt down with a frown and quickly walked between the prisoners. What he didn’t know was that at this time, a person was quickly approaching him in the direction from which the prisoners were running.

Ye Qingming mixed in among the prisoners, holding a dagger. He ran quickly all the way.

Three meters, two meters…

He circled behind Robert.

A bloody light flashed. The splashed blood flowers gathered in the shape of roses.

Immediately afterward, Robert collapsed in a pool of blood. His corpse was trampled into meat paste by the prisoners.

[‘CHN-Leaf’ used the Rose Blade to kill ‘USA-Robert’ with one blow!]

The commentators said excitedly, “It is a very beautiful cooperation! Captain Liu sniped a prisoner remotely, causing chaos among the prisoners. Yezi took the opportunity to mix into the prisoners and quietly approached Robert!”

“On the other side, Xiao Pei, Zhou, and Lin also cooperated very well. Captain Zhou and Lao Lin directly fired all the way on the second floor. They found the other sniper of the US team, and Fred killed him remotely!”

“The three melee players of the US team rushed to the activity room of Point B. They wanted to plant the bomb!”

[The bomb has been planted and will explode after a countdown of 30 seconds.]

The system information floated in the middle of the screen. Liu Shaozhou said calmly, “Yezi, go to defuse the bomb. Everyone, cover him.”

The five members of the Chinese team quickly rushed from the corridor to the east activity room. There were obstacles from the prisoner NPCs along the way, but everyone moved quickly. Yezi even hung his body from the guardrail and slid quickly. He flew on the walls and climbed over obstacles to reach Point B as quickly as possible.

The three members of the US team defended Point B. They just had to hold on for 30 seconds, and the bandits would win.

However, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou rushed to the scene quickly. Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou suppressed them with long-range firepower. The defense of the three members of the US team was instantly broken. Ye Qingming quickly jumped to the explosion point and defused the bomb.

In the 1st round, the police won.

“Captain Liu’s defensive strategy in this game is very stable. He used the chaos of the prisoner NPCs to let the scout and assaulter go around and kill the two long-range firepower points on opposite sides. Then they surrounded the opponents in turn. Almost all the members of the Chinese team were unharmed, and they defended themselves from this wave of bandit attack.”

The defense without any injuries to all players was a test of the commander’s layout ability.

Asta, who was sitting in the audience, saw this and couldn’t help sighing, “The Chinese team’s explosion mode is really powerful.”

Should he call a timeout? He was worried again.

Only now did he experience the collapse of the coaches of the German, British, and Korean teams. The number of timeouts simply wasn’t enough when against China! He really wanted to pause and adjust in every round.

He still had two timeouts, and he should cherish them.

The game continued. In the second round, the US team changed its strategy and wanted to use the tactic of making a sound in the west and attacking in the east to deceive the Chinese team. They pretended to attack Point B, but in fact, they asked the scout to secretly go to the cafeteria at Point A with the explosives pack.

At this time, near the activity room of Point B, a prisoner was killed by Robert, and the prisoners started to run wild again. The US team took advantage of the chaos and rushed to Point B. The Chinese team immediately returned to defend.

However, the audience from a god’s perspective could see that one of the scouts, Simil, was secretly carrying the explosives pack and mixing among the prisoners in the cafeteria.

Deafening gunshots were heard upstairs. It was obvious that the police and bandits were engaged in a fierce battle. Simil seized the opportunity and quickly ran to the explosion point to put down the explosives pack.

Just as he was about to put down the explosives, a bullet pierced through the air like a meteor. It flew over the heads of countless prisoners and hit his head with a bang!

[‘CHN-Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘USA-Simil’ with a headshot!]

Liu Shaozhou hid in a corner of the second floor. He turned on the eightfold scope and stared at the explosion point of the cafeteria in the distance. He asked his teammates to defend Point B while he stared at the cafeteria. He had guessed that the US team would use the make a sound in the west and attack in the east in this game.

It turned out that he guessed correctly!

The person carrying the explosives pack among the bandits was killed. The explosives pack fell, making it impossible for others to respond immediately.

In the 2nd round, the police won.

Asta finally couldn’t sit still when he saw this and immediately called a pause to adjust. He asked the team members to take advantage of the chaos of the prisoners. The five people quickly lurked, collectively attacked Point A, and defended the cafeteria.

In the third small game, the US team followed the coach’s strategy and rushed to the cafeteria as a group. They put down the explosives pack and quickly spread out to defend. They switched from offense to defense. The Chinese team failed to defuse the bomb and was defeated by the US team.

Immediately afterward, Liu Shaozhou also adjusted his strategy. “The four of us will stay in the activity room as a group. Yezi will go to Point A at the cafeteria alone. If there is no one at Point A, go around the back for support.”

In the fourth small game, the US team rushed to the activity room collectively and was defended by the four people of the Chinese team.

Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng formed a joint suppression gunfire on the left and right. The prisoners in the opposite corridor were running wildly. The two of them quickly found the members of the US team mixed in and shot at them at the same time. Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and the front row of the US team fought each other. Both sides had deaths and injuries.

In the blink of an eye, the US team only had the scout Simil left while all members of the Chinese team were killed. Ye Qingming went to Point A but found no one, so he immediately returned to Point B. He happened to see the US team’s scout placing the explosives.

Ye Qingming narrowed his eyes and decisively shot.

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘USA-Simil’ with a headshot!]

Simil: “……”

This Yezi was too much, right? After both sides finished fighting, he suddenly appeared to collect the kill!

In fact, it was Liu Shaozhou who deliberately pushed Ye Qingming to do this. If the US team really united to rush to Point B and the Chinese team suffered heavy casualties in the exchange of gunfire, Ye Qingming would be the last line of defense for the police.

Ye Qingming guarded this line of defense.

Jiang Shaoyu was very pleased in the audience. Liu Shaozhou was worthy of being Vice-chairman’s personal disciple. He had flexible and rich tactical thinking and a strong overall view. Under his command, the US team’s breakthrough was extremely difficult.

In the first half, the Chinese team finally won 4:1.

Liu Shaozhou looked at Pei Feng, smiled, and said, “I will leave it to you.”

Pei Feng replied, “Don’t worry. I won’t let the advantage you gained go to waste.”

For the teams of other countries, it was simply impossible to pass over the command.

How could there be too many commanders in the same game?

However, the possibilities for the Chinese team were endless!

At that time, the game against the United Kingdom at Qingyang Airport was Jiang Shaoyu’s first attempt at the ‘double command’ relay style of play. He asked Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou to test their cooperation during that game. Today when playing against the US team, the Chinese team’s dual command could really show its power!

Facing the strongest opponent in the world, Liu Shaozhou only lost one game in the first half.

Of course, Xishan Prison was a map where the police had a slight advantage. The bandits not only had to break through the police blockade but also avoid the interference of a large number of prisoners. It was difficult to sneak in and successfully plant a bomb.

The second half would be the advantageous period of the US team. It was the US team’s turn to be the police.

It would be extremely difficult for Pei Feng to break through.

Therefore, Pei Feng simply didn’t hide.

Who said that the bandits had to secretly plant bombs? He would blow them up directly and openly.

In the second half, the Chinese bandits were different from ordinary bandits. Instead, they turned into hot-blooded and fierce bandits. Pei Feng led his teammates directly to face the US team!

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou rushed up to the second floor side by side. They killed several NPCs blocked their way. The corpses piled up like a mountain. They used bullets to clear a bloody path for their teammates!

Immediately afterward, Ye Qingming rushed to the activity room with a bomb. He pretended that he was going to pack the bomb.

Of course, the US team panicked and hurried to the activity room.

As a result, Pei Feng seized the opportunity. He used a prisoner’s body as a cover and blended in with the prisoners while running and shooting.

Mobile sniper combat was Jiang Shaoyu’s best style of play. As Jiang Shaoyu’s direct disciple, Pei Feng’s mobile sniper hit rate was also terrifyingly high. He hid behind a running NPC and kept the same running rhythm as the opponent, sniping with his scope open while running.

Bang, bang!

He moved quickly and killed two of the American players in a row!

In the blink of an eye, there were only three people left in the US team, while China had only lost one decoy.

Pei Feng said calmly, “Kill them all.”

He was going to be a fierce bandit. Stealing the home? That was too troublesome. It was better to kill the opponent before planting the bomb.

The four members of the Chinese team united to sweep the three members of the US team to death in a wave. Pei Feng took the explosives pack and generously went to Point B to place it. Then with a burst of gunfire, the Chinese team won another game.

The score was 5:1.

Asta gave up on calling a timeout because the US team was hopeless in this game.

Pei Feng’s bandit fighting style today was very fierce and difficult to stop.

Robert, the commander of the US team, stubbornly resisted for a round. He exchanged four for five heads and won the game in a thrilling manner. Then Pei Feng quickly adjusted his strategy. The five members of the Chinese team hid among the prisoners and started a guerrilla warfare.

Pei Feng relied on his strong personal strength to shoot and shuttle among the chaotic prisoners.


The bullet passed through the gap in the chaotic prisoners and accurately shot the head of a US team player hidden among the prisoners.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘USA-Wink’ with a headshot!]

In the domestic live stream room, netizens flooded the screen with excitement.

[In a mobile sniper battle, Xiao Pei is the strongest!]

[No no no, God Wing is the originator of the mobile sniper warfare~]

[It is a pity that God Wing is a coach. If the master and apprentice play together, can’t they play this map 2V5?]

[I can only look forward to letting the two of them team up in the live stream!]

Asta sat in the audience and looked more and more serious.

He found that the two snipers of the Chinese team were very good. Liu Shaozhou was calm and sharp, while Pei Feng was flexible and sharp. This level wasn’t inferior to the world-class snipers of the US team.

Even under the interference of the prisoners of the Xishan Prison map, Liu Shaozhou’s study suppression and Pei Feng’s mobile sniping made Robert and Patton of the US team exhausted and completely passive.

The US team’s greatest sniper was Captain Venus, followed by Robert and Patton.

It seemed that the US team had to come up with a trump card to seize the match point!

In this Xishan Prison explosion game, the Chinese team undoubtedly won.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the Xishan Prison map! In this way, four games have passed, and the score is tied at 2:2. The fifth game will be crucial.”

“Yes, whoever wins the fifth game will grab the match point!”

“There is a 15 minute break at half time. The spectators will soon be back.”

The players left their seats and walked together to the backstage lounge.

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept over the 11 players of the Chinese team. In the first four games, everyone had a chance to play. He fulfilled his original promise: You are not substitutes in the Chinese team. You are all the main players.

Instead of sitting in the audience and watching their teammates perform, as a coach, he wanted everyone to participate in the finals. It was because the world finals would be everyone’s most precious memory. They should personally participate in it so as to not leave any regrets. Even after returning to China, they could brag to their family that ‘I went to the finals.’

In the BO7, the first four games were a tie. Every subsequent game was crucial, and there was no room for error.

Jiang Shaoyu took a deep breath and looked at everyone. “If you want to go to the bathroom, hurry and go. Come back quickly to listen to my arrangement for the next lineup.”


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