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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 196 Part 1

Tight Score

The City of Ice map was very fast-paced. The physical and mental consumption of the players was double that of other maps. If fighting on a map like this, they needed to have the highest hand speed as well as be mentally tense to ensure the fastest reaction speed. Playing a 15 minute game on the City of Ice map was more tiring than the usual 40 minute game.

Next was the home game of the United States. If Yezi and Pei Feng were allowed to continue playing games, their reaction definitely wouldn’t be able to keep up after several consecutive games. Jiang Shaoyu lowered his head and thought for a moment. Then he got up and walked into the soundproof room.

Ye Qingming turned around and asked with a smile, “Brother Yu, how was my performance? Do you want to praise me?”

Jiang Shaoyu said lightly, “It’s okay. I’ll reward you with a break.”

Ye Qingming felt a bit warm in his heart. Coach Jiang looked cold and stern on the surface, but in fact, he took special care of them. Once he saw that Ye Qingming was tired, he immediately let Ye Qingming rest. Ye Qingming said, “Okay. In fact, I need to rest for a few minutes.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded and looked at the other people. “Xiao Pei, Chenchen, and Binbin will all go down to rest. Xueyao will play another game before resting.”

The group of people looked at each other and had no objection to the coach’s arrangement.

Yezi and Pei Feng had the highest explosive speed in the game. They really needed to take a rest. Qin Xueyao had played two games in a row, but she didn’t need to output and didn’t have many operations. Playing another game would have little impact on her.

In the soundproof room opposite them, Coach Asta asked Venus in a low voice, “How are you doing? Can you still keep up?”

Venus replied frankly, “The pace of City of Ice is too fast. I want to take a rest. “ The captain of the US team was also a 23 year old player. The game required high-intensity concentration and hand speed. If he continued to play, his mind and reaction probably wouldn’t be able to keep up.

Asta thought for a moment and said, “Okay, prepare to be replaced.”

The third game officially began. This time, it was the US team’s home game.

Asta submitted the game mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

Jiang Shaoyu’s BP idea was the same as the first game. He banned Ghost Castle, Food Pedestrian Street, and Hope Port that gave snipers an advantage. Asta followed up by submitting the game map: City of Mist.

City of Mist was also a five star difficulty map. The thick mist that covered the whole map was equivalent to all the players being collectively blindfolded. Snipers were almost useless on this map. However, the Chinese team didn’t just consist of snipers.

As the birthplace of Gun King, the overall strength of the United States had always been very strong. The snipers were particularly good, and the players in other positions were also world-class.

Both coaches made replacements at the same time.

Four people of the Chinese team were replaced, leaving only Qin Xueyao. He replaced them with Lao Lin, Hua Hua, Xia Li, and Xiao Zhou.

The US team also replaced four people, leaving the assaulter Ernest behind. They were replaced with the charger Wink, the scout Urica, and the medics Annie and Stella.

The commentators analyzed it. “The Chinese team has a lineup of one scout, two chargers, and two assaulters. The US team has a lineup of one charger, one assaulter, one scout, and two medics. The Chinese team has stronger output capabilities while the US team has stronger survival and endurance capabilities.”

“The map of City of Mist is equivalent to the whole map being covered with smoke bombs. The thick mist won’t disperse. It will test the players’ ability to listen to sounds and identify positions to fight skirmishes.”

“Playing in an environment like thick fog is equivalent to blindfolding everyone collectively. You have to shoot and kill the enemy as quickly as possible the moment you encounter them. This will test your reaction ability.”

“Yes, the third game will be a bloody and fast game. Let us look forward to the performance of the players on both sides!”

On the Chinese side, Lao Lin commanded while on the US side, the charger Wink commanded.

Wink was the captain of the American FNO Club, and was a world-class charger. His style of play was even fiercer than the chargers of the German team. The medic Annie was his teammate. The other medic, Stella, was teammates with the scout Urica.

In other words, the lineup of the US team was a combination of two pairs from the same club, plus the assaulter Ernest.

Lao Lin had been the captain of the national team several times and was very familiar with the players of the US team. After seeing the players sent by the opponent, he immediately said, “The opponent should split up 2-2-1. We will also split up like this. Hua Hua and I will be in one group, Xiao Zhou and Xia Xia will be in another group, and Xueyao will go to find people alone.”

The map loaded, and the game officially began.

The city with thick mist had a visibility of less than two meters. Sometimes, they couldn’t even see the teammates around them clearly. The players of the US team and the Chinese team dispersed at the same time. Both teams followed the 2-2-1 split pattern.

However, the lone person in the US team was the assaulter while the Chinese team was the scout.

In the first wave of encounters between the two sides, the US team’s Urica + Stellar met Zhou Yiran and Xia Li of the Chinese team at the corner. Xia Li’s encounter ability was very strong, and she immediately fired her AK. Xiao Zhou cooperated on the side, the two of them forming a ranged firepower coverage. They killed the scout of the enemy side in one wave!

However, the medic Stella was very smart. She put up the bulletproof light panel to block the first wave of attacks and immediately turned back to save her teammate. Urica stood up and fired two shots to kill Xiao Li instantly. Then the two of them used the cover of the mist to quickly retreat.

On the other side, Hua Hua and Lao Lin encountered the combination of Wink and the medic Annie. Wink fired and injured Lao Lin and Hua Hua. Annie hid and immediately stepped forward after Wink died to save him. Wink was resurrected and turned around to fire, catching the still alive Lao Lin and Hua Hua off guard. He killed both of them.

In the audience, Pei Feng couldn’t help complaining when he saw this, “Is this the playing method of one person bringing one healer?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “First injure the opponent, let the medic resurrect them after death, and fight back. The rhythm of the fight will become poor.”

In a map with a wide field of view, this style of play might not be effective. However, due to the thick mist covering the City of Mist, it was impossible to see how many people were around them. It was easy for the medic to hide and rescue people. The US team used the ‘one output and one healer’ style of play and relied on a higher error tolerance to win the game. The score temporarily reached 1:0.

The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Jiang Shaoyu came to the soundproof room and said softly, “Let Xueyao find people and kill their lone player first. Then use more to defeat less. Our output capability is stronger, so we can take advantage of it.”

Lao Lin nodded. “Understood.”

The second game started. Qin Xueyao and Xia Li of the Chinese team acted together. Xueyao found the enemy, and Xia Li dealt with them. The two girls were from different teams, but Snow and Summer also worked well together.

At almost the same time that Qin Xueyao found the enemy, Xia Li jumped out and fired fiercely at the corner of the street filled with thick fog.

Xia Li’s blind attack in the dense fog actually killed the lone assaulter on the opposite side?

Lao Lin smiled. “Nice! Let’s join up as a group.”

The five members of the Chinese team gathered together and used their 5V4 advantage to push away the US team.

The score was 1:1.

The situation was so tense that Coach Asta called a timeout.

After the adjustment, the US team changed its strategy and started to team up. The three players in the front row of the Chinese team were too aggressive and wiped out their output in one wave. However, the two medics of the US team were hiding nearby and resurrected the three players. After a wave of counterattack, the Chinese team was wiped out.

The score was 2:1.

Lao Lin quickly adjusted his playing style. This time, he teamed up with Zhou Yiran while Xueyao and Xia Li were in a group. They specifically looked for the medics of the US team. They killed the medics first before dealing with the other. Hua Hua moved alone to run interference.

The medics of the US team who were hiding were found and killed by the Chinese team in the blink of an eye.

They had no endurance and insufficient firepower, so they were quickly wiped out by the Chinese team.


The audience held their breath nervously. Coach Asta in the audience was also confused.

A BO7 had five timeouts in a match. He had already used three. Did he want to continue calling it? This game was the US team’s home game. If they lost, it would be difficult to handle the next games. However, if timeouts continued to be called and he ran out of timeout opportunities in the subsequent games, the US team would be completely passive.

Forget it. He believed that Wink could adjust. After all, Wink was the captain of the wealthy FNO club and a world-class charger. He was no worse than Lao Lin of the Chinese team.

Neither coach called a timeout. The tiebreaker of the fifth game started immediately.

The five members of the US team gathered together and rushed forward. The Chinese team also gathered in a group of five. The two sides launched a fierce battle in the streets surrounded by thick mist. Old Lin of the Chinese team played extremely fiercely. The violence of the veteran players was brought to the extreme at this moment!

Zhou Yiran’s marksmanship was stable. Xia Li rushed forward without fear of death. Hua Hua also followed everyone. The firepower strafing of the four people swept over the front row of the US team almost instantly.

However, the two medics of the US team raised the bulletproof light panels at the same time.

It was like putting up a protective wall in front of their teammates.

They used a short two seconds to quickly resurrect their teammates. The two medics also took out their medics and started to fight back. The Chinese team had residual health and couldn’t restore blood. On the other hand, the US team could be resurrected after death.

If they died, they got up and continued fighting, again and again.

They relied on such ‘delaying tactics’ to drag the Chinese team to death by exchanging four for five lives!

The Chinese team suffered a loss because they couldn’t restore health. In the end, they lost the game due to the difference in health.

It was 3:2, and the US team won.

Coach Asta in the audience wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. It was too thrilling! The Chinese team almost made a comeback.

On the other side, Jiang Shaoyu looked very calm. They lost this game, but the problem wasn’t big. Lao Lin and the others played very well., In the end, they only lost due to a small gap in health.

It could be seen that the US team was also a very resilient team. The tactics were very rich.

Jiang Shaoyu got up and walked quickly to the soundproof room. He gently patted Lao Lin’s shoulder and said, “It’s okay. You guys should just do your best. Continue to prepare for the next one.”

The fourth game was the home court of the Chinese team.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Life and Death Explosion.

The explosion mode was the strongest mode of the Chinese team. In this World Series, the Chinese team hadn’t lost a game in the explosion mode. Jiang Shaoyu took out the explosion mode to tell Asta clearly: I want to score a point in this game.

Asta quickly banned the large maps: Antai Community, Qingyang Airport, and Disneyland Ruins.

A large map was a test of the commander. The Chinese team used to move back and forth to make their opponents run around. The US team’s chance of winning wasn’t high when playing on such maps.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly submitted a map: Xishan Prison.

The five star difficulty dynamic map had the interference of a large number of prisoners. This map wasn’t stable.

Asta saw this and immediately held up the sign for substitution.

The two sides made replacements again.

The lineup for the US team was: the two snipers, Robert and Patton, the two scouts, Simil and Urica, and the charger Wink.

The lineup of the Chinese team was: the two snipers, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou, Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Yezi.

Once the domestic audience saw this, they couldn’t help excitedly posting comments.

[Captain Liu, long time no see!]

[Liu Pei are together. I feel that this game is stable~]

[In the past, Xueyao was the scout player for the explosion mode. Why did Yezi come up in this game?]

[Could it be that Xueyao needs to rest after three consecutive games?]

[Maybe the tactical arrangement is different?]

[Xueyao is better at stealing homes while Yezi is better at stealing people?]

[What is stealing people? Hahaha.]

[Captain Ye: I thank you. That is called a sneak attack and killing!]

At present, the Chinese team was trailing behind 1:2, but the audience was very optimistic. It was because even if the Chinese team lost two games, it wasn’t a crushing defeat. It was more of a regrettable defeat. The entire team was in very good condition, and the players were hard-working as well.

The fourth game was the home game of the Chinese national team. Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng played together, and the odds of winning were quite high.

The two commentators said, “This Xishan Prison map is very difficult. The two explosion points are located in the cafeteria on the west side of the prison and the activity room on the east side. This time is set to be at noon, and prisoners will come out collectively to let loose. It is when there are the most people.”

“Prisoners don’t automatically attack players like zombies and mutated creatures, but they will block the players’ route of action. Once the prisoners see you, they will automatically gather together as if to tell the opponent: they are here!”

The presence of prisoners made the entire prison full of eyes. Stealing a house was difficult to accomplish, which was why Jiang Shaoyu sent Yezi to play.


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