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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 195 Part 2

Venus always felt that this tactical style was a bit weird? Venus ignored the strange feeling in his heart, and he said softly, “Simil, report.”

The US team’s scout Simil was looking for people on the outskirts. He quickly said, “Fred went to the northwest corner while the other Chinese members are ambushing near the church.”

There were church ruins in the northwest corner of this map, which was the ‘Internet celebrity check-in place in the game.’ The steeple church building covered in ice and snow was like an ice sculpture castle in a fairy tale world. Due to the influence of the apocalyptic zombie wave and extreme weather, the church was half-destroyed. This gave it a strange and incomplete beauty.

Venus frowned and said, “Everyone, stick together. Don’t separate, keep a distance and support each other. Go to the northwest corner and rush them away.”

His teammates headed to the northwest corner of the map together.

The US team had a firepower advantage in this game. It was completely worth it if the five of them fought head-on as a team. The scout entered first, and the other four people quickly moved forward in a group. In the blink of an eye, they arrived at the church area in the northwest corner.

At this time, the audience from a god’s perspective could see that the US team’s scout, Simil, was actually within the range of Ye Qingming. Ye Qingming hid on an ice sculpture on the road leading to the church. He narrowed his eyes slightly and watched Simil pass in front of him.

Simil looked back cautiously. Ye Qingming crouched down the moment the other person turned around as if he had expected it. The cartoon ice sculpture’s head blocked his body, and Simil couldn’t see anyone.

Simil whispered, “There is no one on this road.”

His four teammates of the US team skated over quickly. Just as the last team member was about to skate around the corner, Ye Qingming suddenly and silently jumped off the ice sculpture and followed behind the US team.

The footsteps on the ice were lighter than on the ground, not to mention that Ye Qingming was holding a familiar dagger in his hand. It was the Rose Blade, the exclusive skin of the championship MVP.

The handle of this pair of daggers was exquisitely carved with roses. The blooming red petals seemed to be constantly nourished by blood. The four members of the US team moved forward collectively, completely unaware of the person following behind him.

The moment they walked around the corner, a dazzling red light flashed behind them.

[‘CHN-Leaf’ used the Rose Blade to kill ‘USA-Venus’ with one blow!]

Venus, the sniper moving at the end, was caught off guard and had his throat slashed by a knife. The Rose Blade’s dagger killing special effect made the blood splash on the screen form a rose shape.

Venus abruptly turned the camera around.

He saw a white afterimage in front of him, disappearing around the corner as quickly as the wind.

This was a top assassin who came and went without a trace!

Venus felt a chill in his heart and immediately said, “Stop. We have entered their encirclement!”

His teammates immediately stood back to back in a defensive posture. The next moment, Pei Feng, Qin Xueyao, and Ye Qingming appeared from three directions. Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen directly raised bulletproof light panels to resist.

In the first battle of firepower, the Chinese team exchanged 2 for 2. However, Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen immediately rescued their nearby teammates and wiped out all the members of the US team!

The heads ratio went from a 2:0 lead for the US team in the beginning to a 9:4 lead for the Chinese team at three minutes!

Coach Asta, who was sitting in the audience, frowned and whispered to the assistant coach beside him, “In this game, Fred isn’t the core at all. He is the bait.”

The assistant coach also understood and nodded. “Leaf is the core. They are playing a fast guerrilla style in this game. Our players are focused on Fred, and Leaf was completely liberated. He is a world-class scout!”

Asta said, “Yes, this player’s personal style is obvious. He is often disconnected from the team and acts alone. Others can’t keep up with his rhythm. But as long as he is given the chance, he can kill with one strike… this is even scarier than South Korea’s Kim Minho.”

Ye Qingming wasn’t so brutal in the previous games. It was because Jiang Shaoyu asked him to take the initiative to cooperate with his teammates’ rhythm. Even in the three scouts game against South Korea, it was Pei Feng who was in command, and Ye Qingming just assisted in the output. In addition, Ye Qingming was never the core for the ACE 2.0 style.

However, Jiang Shaoyu knew very well that Ye Qingming was the captain of the YY team and could definitely serve as the core of the tactics!

Ye Qingming was a rare talent. He could master things in half an hour that took other people two hours to master. This alpha was lazy, casual, free, and unrestrained. He had a lot of bad traits. Due to his attitude problems, Jiang Shaoyu often ordered him to write self-criticisms.

Still, it must be admitted that he was the fastest player on the Chinese team except for Pei Feng.

He was also the fastest player in the Chinese national team.

The reason why he wasn’t allowed to be the core wasn’t because he couldn’t cooperate with others but because others couldn’t keep up with him.

In this game, the US team focused on Pei Feng and tried to kill Pei Feng everywhere. This gave Ye Qingming a chance to completely liberate himself.

He could wander around as he pleased.

The acceleration on the ice map brought out his personal characteristics to the extreme. He could appear in places that the US team couldn’t imagine, coming and going without a trace. He could shoot the enemy from a tricky angle.

He even appeared quietly behind the enemy, slitting the opponent’s throat with the Rose Blade and sending them to death!

Seven minutes into the game, the heads ratio was 14:7.

The rhythm of the Chinese team was getting faster and faster. Ye Qingming was flying around, Pei Feng and Qin Xueyao acted together while Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen deliberately interfered and used shields to resist the gunfire. The medics were almost acting as tanks.

The US team was fighting hard and fast, but they found that their rhythm was out of order and was being led by the Chinese team.

Venus frowned. “Stop, don’t run after them. Don’t chase Fred. This time, the five of us will fight defensively and hold on!”

The US team stopped chasing people and started to stick to the central area of the map.

The Chinese team was inferior in firepower. If they were attacked with force, they definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat the US team. The two sides were in a deadlock for a while, and the US team gradually caught up.





Ten minutes into the game, the heads ratio between the two sides was even for the first time.

Ye Qingming wasn’t in a hurry. The Chinese team was already at a disadvantage in terms of firepower in this round, so they needed to use the ‘achieve many things with little effort’ style of play to get the most heads with the fewest bullets.

It was good to fight in the later stages.

It was because the Chinese team’s pace was too fast in the first few waves of team battles. If the US team wanted to kill the fast-moving Chinese players, they had to consume more and more ammunition on this map than usual.

The ammunition in Extreme Duel mode wasn’t refreshed. The US team’s ammunition inventory was in crisis!

The corners of Ye Qingming’s lips curved up. “Xiao Pei, their firepower is too low, and they won’t dare to fight too fiercely next. Come and cooperate for a wave. Use smoke bombs!”

Pei Feng replied, “Okay, Brother Ye!”

Ye Qingming said, “Xueyao, detect their movements and locate them as quickly as possible.”

Qin Xueyao: “Received!”

After the US team was resurrected, they continued to team up as five people to defend in the middle of the map. This area was more beneficial to them, and the Chinese team’s scout would have nowhere to hide.

The five members of the Chinese team quickly spread out and surrounded the area in the middle of the map.

Venus saw the enemy’s figure in the scope. He was about to shoot when suddenly, a white cloud of smoke appeared in the east. This was followed by thick smoke in the west. Soon, smoke also rose in the south and north.

Pei Feng and Ye Qingming used the acceleration of the ice surface to skate around. They were flying at the same speed as if on roller skates. One was clockwise, and the other was counterclockwise. They completely spread out smoke in just two seconds.

The US team was surrounded by thick smoke. It was impossible for a sniper to blindly shoot through the smoke.

Ye Qingming seized the opportunity and said softly, “Go up.”

Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin stepped forward first. Shu Chen rushed out from a corner and quickly put up the bulletproof light panel. Shi Xiaobin came from the other direction and also put up the bulletproof light panel.

The US team heard the footsteps. They were worried that the Chinese team would rush over and attack them, so they immediately opened fire.

The melee firepower of the three players was so fierce that Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen’s bulletproof light panels were about to explode.

Just then, Pei Feng and Ye Qingming suddenly jumped out of the smoke. They used the bulletproof light panel as a cover and fired two rapid shots at the same time!

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘USA-Stay’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the Supernova Double Guns to kill ‘USA-Rich’ with a headshot!]

They each killed one person and immediately retreated.

Shu Chen and Shi Xiaobin also quickly slipped away. This ‘hit and run’ approach made the US team completely lose their temper. Once the smoke cleared, the five members of the Chinese team had already disappeared into the vast ice and snow.

Venus just felt tired.

There were three people alive, but there were five people in the Chinese team. It was difficult to fight properly.

Venus said helplessly, “Choose the southwest corner to resurrect and report your ammunition situation.”

The assaulter Rich said, “I still have 30 rounds of ammunition.”

The charger Stay added, “I have 30 rounds too.”

The other assaulter, Ernest, looked at his magazine and wanted to cry. “I only have 20 rounds left.”

30 rounds and 20 rounds sounded like a lot.

However, submachine guns and assault rifles could fire several rounds of bullets per second. 20 rounds was only enough for a few seconds of team battle. As for the Chinese team’s scouts, the bullets were all accurate kills and didn’t require continuous shooting. In addition, they moved around quickly to attack. Pei Feng and Ye Qingming also bought two guns with double magazines in Extreme Duel mode. They weren’t nervous about ammunition.

It wasn’t until this moment that Venus realized that the Chinese team’s style of play in this round was actually a poor rhythm.

The scout moved as fast as flying on the ice while the hit rate of the firearms used by chargers and assaulters was inherently low. Once the opponent moved quickly, it would naturally require more bullets than usual to kill them.

Don’t look at the fact that the number of heads had been gradually getting closer as the Chinese team fought the US team just now. It seemed that the US team had mastered the rhythm, but in fact, the Chinese team was deliberately consuming the US team’s ammunition.

This commander of the Chinese team was really careful and insidious.

It seemed to give the opponent a bit of an advantage, but in fact, it had dug a huge hole for their opponent!

After the heads ratio evened out at 38:38, the Chinese team’s sneak attack with smoke bombs made it change to 40:38. The US team also experienced an ammunition crisis. They fought hard in the next wave, the Chinese team didn’t fight them head-on. They moved quickly, and the whole team sped up, making the US team tired of dealing with it.

In the 15th minute of the game, the heads ratio was 48:42. The Chinese team took the lead.

In the last wave, Pei Feng knew Brother Ye’s elegant style and took the initiative to lead his teammates to push the US team into a corner. Ye Qingming wandered around outside, circling the US team like a figure skater.


He killed the charger of the US team in one shot.


He went back and shot again to kill the US team’s assaulter.

Ye Qingming was gliding quickly, his body like a white afterimage. He was like leaves flying in the wind, and his shooting posture was dashing and flowing.

A double kill!

50:42, the Chinese team won!

Pei Feng smiled and praised it. “Brother Ye is awesome.”

Ye Qingming rubbed his sore fingers and said helplessly, “…I just don’t want to write a self-criticism.”

This game was a really desperate one, and he showed the fastest hand speed in his life. As he glided around like he was flying, he had to ensure the accuracy of his shooting. This almost broke his hands.

Ye Qingming looked back at Jiang Shaoyu, who was sitting in the audience with a smile. His innocent eyes seemed to be saying, ‘Brother Yu, did I do okay? I don’t have to write a self-criticism, right?’


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