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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 194

New Lineup

The score was 2:1, and the US team temporarily took the lead.

Endless Bloody Battle was the best of five games. Whoever got three games first won. The US team had already grabbed the game point.

Would Coach Jiang call a timeout?

Mo Hantian looked nervously below the stage.

Jiang Shaoyu sat upright. His eyes were calm, and he had no intention of calling a timeout.

Mo Hantian immediately looked back at the computer screen. It was because there was only a 10 second countdown between small rounds. If the coach didn’t call a timeout, the fourth small game would start soon!

Coach Jiang wasn’t going to stop and guide them. This meant he had to find a way to deal with it on his own. Mo Hantian’s mind was a bit confused. The four members of the US team spread out and engaged in crossfire. What should the Chinese team do?

Seeing that the countdown on the screen had changed from 10 to 3, Mo Hantian gritted his teeth and quickly ordered, “Let’s enter screening room 2 and fight a wave of ambushes!”

The moment these words fell, the game officially began.

The members of the Chinese team came to screening room 2 collectively. Xia Li and Hua Hua were guarding the door, one on the left and the other on the right. Xueyao was scouting the enemy’s movements outside the door. Mo Hantian ran to the last row of the screening room, found a middle seat, and stretched out the barrel of the gun from the gap in the seat. He opened the scope and stared nervously at the door.

This screening hall was playing the classic clip from ‘Chainsaw.’

On the big screen, the shrill screams of the blood-covered woman made the atmosphere more tense.

The American team was still using the dispersal strategy in this game. The two snipers and the two front rows each formed a crossfire blockade. If one member of the Chinese team came then they could kill them.

What they didn’t expect was that the moment the charger Stay stepped into screening room 2, Xia Li and Hua Hua, who had arrived in advance, fired fiercely and swept him to the ground in an instant.

Mo Hantian shouted excitedly, “Nice!”

This shout rang out at the same time as the screams in the movie. His teammates were almost frightened to the point of their hearts stopping. Hua Ran couldn’t help complaining, “F*k, you shouted so loudly…”

Mo Hantian’s ears turned red, and his voice became smaller. “Huddle to fight a guerrilla battle. We have the advantage of a medic. Just don’t die. Go, rush together!”

Xueyao explored the way ahead. The others quickly ran out of screening room 2 and launched a search of every screening room in the cinema.

Everyone rushed into screening room 5 one after another. Rich, the assaulter who was hiding there, fired the AK in his hand, killing Hua Hua in an instant. But Xia Li and Mo Hantian, who were following closely behind him, teamed up to kill the enemy!

Then Shi Xiaobin rescued Hua Hua, who had fallen into a pool of blood.

The five members of the Chinese team survived while two members of the US team died.

Mo Hantian shouted excitedly, “Continue!”

Everyone searched screening room 3. The sniper Robert was staring at the door. The moment Hua Hua entered through the door, he immediately opened fire and took away Hua Ran with a headshot. Xueyao came through the door and he shot continuously, killing Xueyao as well.

The Chinese team seemed to be playing, ‘gourd babies save Grandpa and send their heads one after another.’ However, the Chinese team had Xiao Bin. Shi Xiaobin directly raised the bulletproof light panel and rescued people. Xia Li, who was following behind, used the cover of the bulletproof light panel to shoot in a domineering manner, killing Robert directly!

Shi Xiaobin resurrected Hua Ran and Xueyao.

The Chinese team had five people survive while the US team only had two people.

Mo Hantian continued to lead his teammates to search the screening rooms. They used the absolute advantage of 5 against 2 to solve the remaining sniper and scout of the US team, winning this round!

In the audience, Jiang Shaoyu said happily, “Not bad. He reacted well.”

What was the advantage of the Chinese team in this game? It was the medic. The error tolerance was high, and the dead could be brought back to life. It didn’t matter how many people died. Binbin could resurrect them immediately. The teammates in the front row who died as sandbags could block the first wave of attacks from the US team to provide a better output environment for their teammates in the back row.

This was how teams with a high error tolerance rate used the death of their players to find opportunities.

Xiao Mo finally grasped it.

Sometimes, sending people to death was also a tactical strategy!

The score was 2:2, and the US team requested a timeout!

Head Coach Asta walked into the soundproof room and said quickly, “The Chinese team relied on the medic to resurrect and use the method of sending players to die to find opportunities. Pay attention to the location of that medic. If you can’t kill him first, let him have no time to save people. The decisive game must be won by us!”

The US players nodded in unison. “Understood.”

In the soundproof room of the Chinese team, Jiang Shaoyu asked, “Xiao Mo, do you have an idea about how to play the next game?”

Mo Hantian asked nervously, “Will they come to target Binbin?”

The only way to win this game was to rely on Binbin to resurrect them. Once Shi Xiaobin was killed and the Chinese team fought the US team head-on, the Chinese team’s firepower would be insufficient.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Protect Binbin or use Binbin to lure out the enemies. It is up to you.”

Mo Hantian nodded vigorously. “Okay!”

The timeout ended, and the decisive game of Endless Bloody Battle mode began.

The US team played at a very fast pace this time. The moment the game started, the five of them rushed forward as a group toward the Chinese team. Stay and Rich, the ace duo from a wealthy American club, pressed forward side by side. One was to the left and the other to the right, forming a very fierce fan-shaped firepower suppression!

The bullets came like a rainstorm. Xia Li and Hua Hua worked together to resist, but it was obviously a bit difficult.

Mo Hantian was hiding at the end of the group, trying to seize the opportunity to kill the US team’s front row. However, two US snipers were staring at him from the left and the right. The moment he emerged, a bullet roared out.


His head was hit, and blood splattered on the screen.

Mo Hantian gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the mouse. Shi Xiaobin said, “Brother Mo, let me save you.”

Shi Xiaobin raised the bulletproof light panel and went to help Mo Hantian up.

Unfortunately, the moment Mo Hantian was helped up, Hua Hua and Xia Xia in the front row were unable to withstand the firepower of the four members of the US team and fell in a pool of blood. It was too late for Shi Xiaobin to save others. His bulletproof light panel was exploded by the US team’s charger in the blink of an eye, and his helmet was shot through by Robert of the US team.

After Mo Hantian was resurrected, he immediately turned around and started sniping. He only had time to snipe Patton, the sniper of the US team.

Before he could fire a second shot, Shi Xiaobin was shot dead by Robert after losing his helmet. Xueyao, who was hiding to the side, was found by the scout of the US team. Robert cooperated with his teammates and killed Xueyao in one shot.

Killing two people in a row—was this a world-class sniper?

Mo Hantian looked at his teammates lying in a pool of blood, his eyes red like a wounded beast. He forcibly endured the anger in his heart and turned back to kill Robert. But the moment he pulled the trigger, a dazzling red light lit up behind him.

[‘USA-Simil’ used the Blood Blade to kill ‘CHN-Devil’ with one blow!]

The US team’s scout killed Mo Hantian.

3:2, the US team won.

Seeing this result, Mo Hantian’s expression became uglier. Tears welled up in his eyes. He lowered his head and his voice was choked up. “I’m sorry, it is my fault.”

If he had killed Robert instead of Patton, would the result be different?

However, at the moment of resurrection, he turned back to shoot and found Patton right in a straight line in firing range. He didn’t have time to turn the gun to kill Robert on the other side, causing Robert to kill two people in a row.

Sometimes, a small mistake in choice could lead to losing the game!

Seeing that Mo Hantian’s eyes were red again, his teammates on the bench couldn’t help joking, “Xiao Mo’s crying buff is added. He should be able to perform better in the next game?”

Mo Hantian would become fiercer when crying while playing the game. He was really a strange alpha.

In fact, he couldn’t be entirely blamed for the wave just now. The US team took advantage of the Chinese team’s weakness of ‘insufficient firepower’ and charged head-on. Shi Xiaobin was great at saving people, but he couldn’t save two or three at the same time, right?

Coach Asta’s strategy of ‘making the medic too late to save people’ really worked.

If it had been Pei Feng commanding just now, he would’ve immediately hidden in the screening rooms to avoid the battle and find a way to fight back. However, Xiao Mo was young and energetic after all. The moment the US team came over, he hurriedly accepted the group battle and fell into a passive position. The US team’s firepower was so strong that before Binbin could save anyone, the Chinese team was overrun.

Overall, Xiao Mo was much better than last year. Last year, he collapsed after losing a game. This year, he fell behind but evened the score once, reaching 2:2. He had made great progress.

Pei Feng looked at his master and asked in a low voice, “Master, do you want Xiao Mo to continue to fight in the second game.”

Jiang Shaoyu answered, “Change him to calm him down. You get ready to go.”

The score on the big screen became 1:0. The US team took the lead in winning the Horror Cinema map.

Mo Hantian’s eyes were red, and tears welled up in his eyes. Once he saw the coach walking into the soundproof room, he lowered his head and choked up like a student who made a mistake. “I’m sorry, I made a mistake…”

Jiang Shaoyu patted him on the shoulder and said, “It is normal to have losses and wins. There is no need to take it to heart.”

The coach said this, but Mo Hantian still felt guilty in his heart. He failed to lead the team to gain a good start. Instead, he put the Chinese team at a disadvantage and wasted a timeout opportunity.

He felt even more uncomfortable thinking about this and couldn’t control his tears. Shi Xiaobin glanced at Mo Hantian, silently took out a tissue from his pocket, and handed it over.

The domestic audience members saw this scene and immediately came out to make fun of him.

[F*k, he’s crying again.]

[Who has the Princess Mo crying emoji? Save it for me.]

[Mo Hantian, you are an alpha. Can you find a partner by crying like this?]

[Maybe tears are a positive buff blessing for him?]

[I remember the scene where he was crying and beating Germany was particularly fierce. Perhaps he can be brave again today?]

[Xiao Mo, I’ll use strong glue to glue your glass heart together. Give the enemies a good beating for me today!]

[Binbin: Always keep a tissue in my pocket to wipe Brother Mo’s tears.]

[Our Binbin is an omega. Why does he have to wipe an omega’s tears?]

[Princess Mo is the strangest alpha in the Chinese e-sports circle. I won’t say anything else. But I almost want to cry when I mention it QAQ.]

The two commentators couldn’t help joking when they saw this. “In fact, Xiao Mo just has a long tears threshold. He can’t help having red eyes when he is excited or sad. His mentality is actually much better than last year.”

“Yes, at least he won back some games when behind. Let’s continue watching the second game.”

After the pause, the second game officially started. This time, it was the Chinese team’s turn to choose a map.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Extreme Duel.

Coach Asta immediately banned three maps: Tomb of the King of Zhou, Starlight Apartment and Logistics Park.

The Tomb of the King of Zhou was used by the Chinese team to play hide-and-seek tactics to drag South Korea to death. Asta couldn’t think of a way to break it for the time being, so it was safer to ban it. Starlight Apartment was a three-dimensional maze where the hide-and-seek method could also be used. It should be banned as well.

Logistics Park was used by the Chinese team to play Germany in the group stage. Pei Feng used the changes in light and shadow to judge the enemy’s position. Therefore, Asta banned it.

The US team wasn’t particularly afraid of the remaining maps, so they released them for Jiang Shaoyu to choose.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly submitted the map: City of Ice.

This was a map where the entire ground was covered with ice and snow. Actions on the ice would be very fast. They could even speed up and slide on some downhill sections. This was a true ‘fast game’ style of play.

This map wasn’t a three-dimensional maze like Tomb of the King of Zhou. There were many ice sculptures and forked roads. The map’s paths were quite complicated.

Seeing this, Asta frowned slightly and quickly made substitutions.

The Chinese team also changed at the same time.

The US team replaced Patton and Robert with the assaulter Ernest and the sniper Venus.

The Chinese team replaced Mo Hantian, Hua Ran, and Xia Li with Pei Feng, Ye Qingming, and Shu Chen.

The two commentators excitedly analyzed it. “The US team has a lineup of a charger, two assaulters, a scout, and a sniper. They didn’t bring a medic. Extreme Duel is decided with 50 kills. On a quick map like City of Ice, the faster you kill people, the easier it is to win. The firepower output of their lineup is much stronger than the Chinese team’s!”

“The Chinese team is composed of Pei Feng, Yezi, Xueyao, Shu Chen, and Binbin. Shu Chen and Binbin are medics while Yezi and Xueyao are scouts. What position will Pei Feng play?”

“If he switches to medic, it will be a three medic attrition lineup. If he plays scout, it will be a three scout rapid assassination style! Of course, he might also play a front row or sniper.”

“Fred is a free person, and it is really hard to guess!”

In the live stream room, netizens started to bet on Pei Feng’s profession.

In the soundproof room, Asta narrowed his eyes and said, “Remember my words. Fred, the free person, is the absolute tactical core of the Chinese team, no matter how he changes his style of play. This game must also revolve around Fred. Keep an eye on him later and kill Fred first!”

Everyone nodded to express their understanding.

In the soundproof room of the Chinese team, Jiang Shaoyu walked up behind Ye Qingming and said, “They will definitely target Pei Feng. Therefore, the command of this round is left to you. Come up with your fastest assassination style.”

Ye Qingming said with a smile, “Don’t worry!”

Jiang Shaoyu added, “If you can’t win, go back and write a self-criticism.”

Ye Qingming, who looked innocent: “……”

As a self-criticism professional, he really had a lot of experience in this regard.

In order to not write a self-criticism, it seemed he had to completely let go in this game!


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