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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 193

Horror Cinema

The map of Horror Cinema had a gloomy atmosphere. It was a large indoor map that simulated the transformation of a real-life cinema. All screening rooms played horror-themed movies such as Saw, Death Comes, The Grudge, Pen Fairy, Resident Evil, etc.

Due to the constant screaming from the movies and the spine-chilling horror music, playing on such a map was a great test for the players’ psychological quality. In addition, the noisy movie background sound would also affect the players’ judgment of enemy footsteps and gunshots.

This map was also evaluated by netizens as the four star map that most resembled a five star difficulty.

Once the map was submitted, there were a lot of complaints in the domestic live stream room.

[This is the map I hate the most, bar none!]

[The last time I played this map with my friend, I was scared to death by a female ghost who suddenly appeared.]

[F*k, there were screams in the cinema, and I was going to explode.]

[What does the US team want to do when choosing such a bizarre map?]

This map really brought the horror atmosphere to the extreme.

However, the structure of the map wasn’t difficult. The entire cinema was divided into two corridors, the left and right corridors. From top to bottom on the left were the giant screening rooms 1, 2, and 3. On the right were screening rooms 6,5,4 from top to bottom. The refresh points were the entrances above and below.

The Chinese team were the lurkers and were closer to the 1 and 6 screening rooms while the US team was closer to screening rooms 3 and 4.

There were two corridors and six rooms. They could either play in the corridors or in the screening rooms. There was room for both melee and long-range combat. The professional requirements weren’t that high.

The coaches from both sides quickly sent out players.

The Chinese team: Devil, Flower, Summer, Snow, and Time.

This lineup puzzled the domestic audience. The two commentators also looked at each other. “The pure newcomer group is going to play against the US team… isn’t the strength a bit weaker?”

“This lineup is a comprehensive lineup with a charger, assaulter, scout, medic, and sniper. On a map like Horror Cinema, the lineup configuration is naturally no problem. However, the Chinese team has a more stable comprehensive lineup—it is the team composed of the veteran ACE players.”

They were both complete lineups of five professions, but it was obvious which lineup had a higher winning rate between the five 18 year old newcomers led by Mo Hantian and ACE 2.0 led by Pei Feng.

“With the same lineup configuration, why doesn’t Coach Jiang send ACE 2.0?”

“I think he must’ve considered things when sending newcomers to play in the first game. The finals is a BO7 competition system. Once there is a stalemate with the United States, it is likely to take seven games. If you play a particularly strong lineup in the beginning, it will be more difficult to play later. Who directly throws out the king card as soon as they came out?”

“It makes sense. The final is a BO7 format. We must leave behind some strong lineups to play at critical times. Well, I still believe in Coach Jiang’s choice. He must have a comprehensive arrangement!”

“Yes. Besides, several newcomers have grown up very quickly in this World Series. They might not lose when meeting the US team.”

The players sent by Coach Asta of the US team were the two snipers Robert and Venus, the charger Stay and assaulter Rich, and the scout Simil. They didn’t bring a medic because they didn’t want to drag out the pace. They wanted a quick decision.

The lineups of both sides had their own advantages and disadvantages. The US team had stronger output capabilities and long-range sniping capabilities. Meanwhile, the Chinese team had a higher fault tolerance rate and stronger survivability. It all depended on who could seize the opportunity.

The game soon started.

Mo Hantian quickly ordered, “Xueyao, go to find people. The others will split up 2-1-1.”

Mo Hantian’s idea was that he and Shi Xiaobin would hide together first while Hua Ran, Xia Li, and Xueyao would act independently. Once Xueyao found the opponent, they would quickly gather to kill them.

Qin Xueyao was dressed in black. After sneaking into the Horror Cinema, she almost blended into the surrounding environment.

The screams of ‘ahhhhh’ came from the cinema in screening room 3 where the classic movie ‘The Grudge’ was playing. It must be the disheveled female ghost coming out to scare people.

The audience was frightened.

Qin Xueyao quickly entered screening room 3 and came to a conclusion. “There is no one in No. 3.”

Hua Ran and Xia Li searched separately. Hua Ran said, “There is no one in No. 2.”

Xia Li followed up and said, “There is no one in No. 4 either.”

Mo Hantian carefully set up the sniper rifle. There were six screening rooms in the Horror Cinema. Where would the US team hide? Did they act in groups, or did they split up?

He was just thinking this when there were deafening gunshots from above.

Mo Hantian instinctively turned the muzzle of the gun. The light in the cinema was dim, and he couldn’t see clearly what happened in front of him. But at this moment, a  bullet suddenly broke through the air from the corner.

[‘USA-Robert’ used the FR-Scarlet to kill ‘CHN-Devil’ with a headshot!]

The familiar one-shot headshot was the same as last year’s group stage.

The special effect of the blood flower blooming when the weapon FR-Scarlet dealt a headshot made a chill go down Mo Hantian’s spine.

Before he could react, Shi Xiaobin died not far behind him.

[‘USA-Simil’ used the Blood Blade to kill ‘CHN-Time’ with a one blow!]

Shi Xiaobin’s hiding place was found by the US team’s scout, Simil. After Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin were killed, Hua Ran and Xia Li encountered the US team’s charger and assaulter team at the corner ahead. The two sides exchanged firepower, and Qin Xueyao soon joined the battle.

The three of them worked together to kill the enemy’s front row. However, the two snipers of the US team fired shots from a distance. Soon, the five members of the Chinese team were wiped out while two members of the US team were still alive.

In the first round, the USA team won!

It was worthy of the ‘bloody battle quick game.’ This wave of group battle ended in just 10 seconds. The newcomers who had just entered the field were a bit confused and couldn’t react.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Jiang Shaoyu rarely took the initiative to call a timeout. This was the first time in this World Series that he had taken the initiative to call a timeout to adjust. It was because he discovered a very serious problem.

Seeing the coach enter the soundproof room, the confused newcomers turned to look at him like drowning people grasping at a life-saving straw. With Coach Jiang here, everyone had more confidence. He was like the parent of the Chinese team, the strongest supporter in the hearts of the players.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “The movie playing in screening room 4 is a clip of ‘Resident Evil.’ At 38 seconds, 1 minute and 9 seconds, and 2 minutes and 15 seconds after the start of the game, there will be very realistic gunshots. The time that the US team fired to kill you was exactly 38 seconds into the game. They moved with the rhythm of the movie and used the interference of the gunfire to launch a surprise attack.”

The newcomers were stunned for a moment before suddenly realizing.

In a shooting game, the first reaction of players when hearing gunfire was to wonder if their teammates were attacked. In Horror Cinema, the map was dimly lit, making it difficult to see clearly what was happening ahead. Therefore, after hearing the gunfire just now, Mo Hantian instinctively shifted his gun to support his teammates.

The US team, which had been lurking in the darkness for a long time, used this moment to kill Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin. Then they fought more against less and wiped out the Chinese team.

Asta was worthy of being the master of theoretical coaches. Even the seconds were so accurate.

The six screening rooms of Horror Cinema were playing movies at the same time, and the screams and cries were messy and disturbing. He took advantage of the gunfire in screening room 5 to launch a sneak attack. He took advantage of the other person’s unpreparedness and quickly captured the first round.

It had to be admitted that this coach was very thoughtful.

Fortunately, Jiang Shaoyu called a timeout in time.

Otherwise, if they continue to fight, then Mo Hantian and these newcomers would probably be stunned.

Jiang Shaoyu whispered, “They have made very detailed tactical arrangements for this map. Pay attention to the gunfire from the movie in screening room 5, as well as the screams and cries in other screening rooms. Don’t be disturbed by ambient sound. Next, you guys will act as a team. Xueyao will find the snipers first…”

The group listened to Coach Jiang’s instructions and nodded to express their understanding.

After the timeout ended, the second small game began.

This time, the four members of the Chinese team hid in a corner together, leaving Xueyao alone to detect the enemy’s movements. Since scouting required listening for sound identification, Qin Xueyao was very sensitive to various sounds. She could hear the difference between gunfire in movies and real gunfire.

Qin Xueyao, dressed in black, moved quickly through the cinema. Suddenly, she heard a slight ‘clicking’ sound. It was the sound of a sniper opening the scope and loading the gun.

Xueyao immediately marked it. “There is a sniper behind the countertop at the side entrance of screening room 3.”

There was a table over one meter high at the entrance of screening room 3 for storing 3D glasses. The sniper was hiding behind the table. It was just enough to shoot diagonally and sneak attack the Chinese team.

Mo Hantian gripped the mouse tightly and said, “Xueyao, lead him out!”

Qin Xueyao clicked ‘received.’ She deliberately made a noise to attract the attention of the other sniper. Robert turned around and shot her. At almost the same time, Mo Hantian, in the distance, opened the scope and aimed in the direction of screening room 3. The moment Robert appeared and shot Xueyao, Mo Hantian decisively pulled the trigger!

[‘USA-Robert’ used the FR-Scarlet to hit ‘CHN-Snow’!]

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘USA-Robert’ with a headshot!]

Xueyao was injured but Mo Hantian killed Robert on the other side!

Mo Hantian said excitedly, “Binbin, add health. Hua Hua, Xia Xia, go up to cover!”

Under the cover of Hua Ran and Xia Li’s strafing, Shi Xiaobin quickly healed Qin Xueyao. The five of them teamed up to search the cinema. The other sniper and scout of the US team were quickly found.

The Chinese team started a fierce battle with the US team in screening room 2 and won the game in a wave of 3 for 5.

In the second round, the Chinese team won.

-The USA team requested a timeout.

The audience held their breaths nervously when they saw this. Today’s game wasn’t only a contest of skills and awareness between the players of both sides but also a tactical game between the coaches of both sides!

Only two rounds into the game, the coaches of both teams called a timeout?

Asta walked into the soundproof room and said with a smile, “Coach Jiang discovered our secret so quickly, allowing the Chinese team to avoid the interference of gunfire in the movie. It doesn’t matter. In the next round, we will scatter and fight a wave of encirclement.”

In the third small game, the US team fully dispersed in the beginning.

The screening rooms of the cinema were as followed:

Left corridor 1-2-3.

Right corridor 6-5-4.

Among them, 3 and 4 were connected by a corridor, forming a complete ‘winding path.’

The audience with a god’s perspective could find that the US team’s sniper Robert was hiding in screening room 2 while the sniper Patton was hiding in screening room 4. They were exactly diagonal to each other and formed a crossfire.

In this game, the charger Stay and assaulter Rich came from the same club. The two of them had been partners for many years and had a tacit understanding. They were hidden in screening rooms 3 and 5, respectively. They also formed a crossfire.

The positions of the four members of the US team were exactly at four vertices and formed an X shape.

Four members of the Chinese team formed a group while Xueyao scouted alone.

Xueyao searched the screening rooms in a clockwise direction. The moment she reached the vicinity of screening room 2, a bullet suddenly shot out from the door of the screening room, killing Xueyao with one shot!

Shi Xiaobin hurriedly stepped forward to rescue her. He only had time to put up the bulletproof light panel. The next moment, the US team’s charger and assaulter jumped out of the screening rooms at the same time. They attacked from the front and behind, firing wildly. They destroyed Shi Xiaobin’s bulletproof light panel and helmet, shooting him dead in one go!

At the same time, Mo Hantian, Hua Ran, and Xia Li also came to support and killed the two front rows of the US team.

However, the three of them unknowingly walked into the crossfire range of the two snipers of the US team. Robert and Patton of the US team fired at the same time. Patton started first to attract the enemy’s attention, and Robert moved second to kill the enemy. Meanwhile, the scout Simil went around to find Mo Hantian.

In this wave of 3V3, Hua Hua and Xia Li were killed at the same time in the blink of an eye. Mo Hantian killed a US sniper in return, but he was attacked by the enemy scout in return.

In the third round, the USA team won!

Offstage, Jiang Shaoyu frowned in a thoughtful manner.

Pei Feng saw his calm face and asked in a low voice, “Master, are you not going to call a timeout?”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Let Xiao Mo adjust it by himself. He isn’t brainless. He can’t have me teach him how to play every game.”


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