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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 191

In the soundproof room, Lao Lin turned around excitedly and hugged Zhou Zhou, his eyes sore.

He remembered the match of the 16 to 8 knockout round against the South Korean team two years ago. After the two brothers, Kim Minji and Kim Minho, tortured the Chinese national team, they said with a contemptuous smile that, ‘It is too easy to win against the Chinese team. It is really boring.’ They looked perfunctory and disdainful when coming to shake hands in the soundproof room.

It was the first time that Lao Lin served as the captain of the national team. Once he heard the words from the brothers of the Korean team, he wanted to rush up and beat them. Then in the end, he could only watch the Korean players walk away angrily.

That year, the South Korean team won the championship.

Meanwhile, the best result in the history of the Chinese team was the top 16.

After returning to China, Lao Lin practiced harder and harder until his wrists contracted tenosynovitis. Unfortunately, the Chinese team’s results were still very poor. He was the captain of the national team several times, but until he wanted to retire, he still failed to lead the Chinese team out of the top 16.

Fortunately, Brother Yu was back, and so was Xiao Pei!

This time, the Chinese team seemed invincible. Forget the top 16. They won consecutively and reached the semi-finals. They also defeated the Korean team and rushed to the finals!

It was incredible.

The more Lao Lin thought about it, the more excited he became. After hugging Xiao Zhou, he turned around and hugged Pei Feng tightly. “Xiao Pei is so good. You deserve to be Brother Yu’s apprentice. Hahaha, really handsome!”

Pei Feng smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Lao Lin, we have reached the finals.”

Lao Lin nodded excitedly. “Yes, the Chinese team is awesome!”

Mo Hantian, who was watching the game from the audience, was so excited that he shed tears. Shi Xiaobin handed a tissue to him. Mo Hantian choked up and asked, “I’m not dreaming, right? We really entered the finals!”

Ye Qingming smiled and rubbed his head. “You aren’t dreaming, really!”

Compared with the excitement of the Chinese team, the players of the Korean team seemed to have collectively turned into statues. They sat motionless in front of the computer, unable to believe the result. Cha Injun, who was on the coach’s seat in the audience, looked even more ashen. How should he explain this score after returning to South Korea?

In the Korean live stream room, netizens started to frantically insult this national team.

[Cha Injun isn’t apologizing and quitting the Internet?]

[I thought he could win back the championship if he became the coach of the Korean team. As a result, it is 0:3 against China??]

[Is he here to be funny?]

[We lost 2:4 in the Asian Championship. It was said that the previous Korean coach made a mistake in his decision-making. Then what about now that it is 0:3?]

[Coach Cha, this isn’t a mistake in decision-making but a lack of brains, right?]

[I am very angry when looking at his tactical layout in these three games. He was restrained by the Chinese national team at every time!]

[We didn’t make it to the finals, so we can’t even get the runner-up spot this time?]

[Cha Injun, get out of the national team!]

[Cha Injun, resign and step down!]

It wasn’t known who suddenly started the rhythm. The Korean Internet was flooded with comments calling for Coach Cha to step down. He was now treated in the same manner that he forced the previous Coach Han to resign.

He really reaped the consequences of his own actions.

If he lost the match 2:3 then it could be called ‘bad luck.’

Then how to explain 0:3? Was the IQ of all the players lowered, or did the coaching staff have no brains?

The Korean netizens were really fierce in fighting. They rushed to Cha Injun’s personal homepage and left tens of thousands of messages, scolding him bloody. They even called him the sinner of South Korea.

After all, the brothers Kim Minho and Kim Minhi had won world championships before and had many fans in South Korea. Fans thought that the two of them just didn’t perform well. Anti-fans thought they could no longer keep up with the pace of the World Series and should retire. For a time, there was a war between the fans and anti-fans. The atmosphere was chaotic…

South Korean netizens were ‘excited.’

On the Chinese side, the whole country set off firecrackers to celebrate. It was as festive as the Spring Festival.

The official Weibo of the national team and the Gun King Professional League released news of the event immediately. “Congratulations to the Chinese team for defeating South Korea 3:0 and winning a ticket to the finals of the 6th Gun King World Series!”

[The Chinese team is awesome!]

[3:0 against South Korea. This is so cool. I’ve never felt so cool when watching a game!]

[The national team is really strong, from the coaches to the players. There are almost no weaknesses!]

[Coach Jiang is my eternal god! The three tactical layouts are super exciting!]

In the live stream room, the two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for defeating South Korea 3:0 and reaching the finals!”

“In today’s match, the tactical arrangement of the coaching staff of the Chinese team is very exquisite. In particular, Fred’s positions brought us too many surprises!”

“In the first game on the Dark Swamp map, Fred played a scout and single-handedly killed South Korea’s world-class scout, Kim Minho. In the second game on the Tomb of the King of Zhou map, Fred chose a medic and led the team members to play hide-and-seek, dragging South Korea to death. In the third game on the Biochemical Laboratory map, Fred’s style of play is to switch between charger and assaulter at any time, bringing the ferocity of melee combat to the extreme!”

“That’s right, especially the last wave of attacks. It was one-on-three. He switched weapons in just a few seconds and fired hundreds of bullets until the magazine was empty.”

“Three games with different lineups. We defeated South Korea 3:0, and no one expected this result! The Korean team’s players aren’t weak individually, but based on the tactical layout of the map, the Chinese team controlled the rhythm in all three games. This is the gap in tactical awareness of the coaches on both sides!”

“Coach Cha seems inexperienced. But.. Our Coach Jiang is also leading a team to the World Series for the first time. Coach Jiang’s thinking is very clear. He is calm from beginning to end.”

“Fred is the secret weapon hidden by Coach Jiang. Netizens who have followed the Rising Stars Cup should remember that Fred once defeated the streamer Brother Hai with four different positions. At that time, we thought he was just showing a tribute to ACE. However, Fred has already mastered the operations of all professions. Can we even win the World Series?

“That’s right. He is the first all-round free person to appear in the World Series!”

The Rising Stars Cup was just a domestic newcomer selection competition. Not many people paid attention to it. At that time, Fred used four professions to kill Brother Hai as a tribute to ACE. Most netizens were moved by the friendship between Fred and the ACE team and ridiculed it as ‘Brother Hai was beaten into Little Brother Hai.’

When it came to Pei Feng, the first impression that came to netizens was that he was the apprentice of God Wing, a powerful sniper.

Then today, Pei Feng played a scout in the first game, changed to a medic in the second game, and played a charger + assaulter in the third game. He performed well in three consecutive games. This allowed everyone to realize that Fred was a free person who could play all positions.

An almighty free person!

After hearing the commentary, netizens in the live stream room sent out exaggerated praises.

[Is it too late to start falling in love with Fred now?]

[So awesome! I can’t even understand how to play sniper, but he plays so well in all professions!]

[The first free person in the World Series can be regarded as making history, right?]

[This wave directly stunned the Korean team!]

[Coach Jiang is also quite tolerant. He only released Fred, the killer weapon, at the critical moment!]

[The best talent scout and the best talent. This master-disciple relationship is so touching!]

[I really love this pair of immortal master and apprentice!]

If Pei Feng’s free person style of play was exposed too early, the Korean team would definitely come up with a strategy to deal with it. Jiang Shaoyu had been hiding it until now and released it in a key match. The South Korean team was beaten and lost three games in a row.

Domestic netizens weren’t particularly surprised after knowing that Pei Feng had used different positions in the Rising Stars Cup.

However, netizens from other countries were shocked when they saw this!

Was there such an operation?

An all-round free person who changed positions in a game?

For a time, netizens all over the world started to discuss this matter on Twitter. Wing and Fred’s names even reached the top of the hot topics on the world’s largest social networking site.

Once passersby clicked on the topic, they realized that the first free person appeared in the Gun King World Series. He was capable of playing any position and played well. It was Fred, the captain of the Chinese team. His master was Wing, the head coach of the Chinese team. The Chinese team defeated South Korea with a score 3:0 and reached the finals. It was incredible!

Countless foreign netizens left messages under the CHN Gun King League account, saying ‘Fred’s playing style is so cool.’ Many players had become fans of Fred and asked the official Weibo to hand over Fred’s international social media account.

Pei Feng was in the limelight for a while and became one of the most well-known players in the world. Jiang Shaoyu also became the most famous national team coach in the world!

Many netizens became fans of the two. Some people even secretly shipped this master-apprentice pair.

At the end of the match, Pei Feng took his teammates to the Korean team’s soundproof room to shake hands.

Several people in South Korea didn’t want to extend their hands at all. This time, they were losers and couldn’t say the word ‘congratulations.’ Pei Feng’s graceful smile was more like mockery.

Lao Lin stopped restraining himself and smiled so much that he showed his white teeth. His expression seemed to say, ‘You younger brothers looked down on me back then. You didn’t expect that the Chinese national team could turn around and counterattack, right?’

Lao Lin held Kim MInho’s hand, shook it enthusiastically twice, and said, “Good job.”

What a great fight.

Kim Minho: “……”

This 艹艹!

After shaking hands, the Chinese team headed backstage.

Pei Feng saw Jiang Shaoyu for the first time in the crowd. The two of them looked at each other. The alpha smiled and walked quickly to his master. He stretched out his hands and hugged his master hard, whispering, “Master, we won.”

The group of people shouted excitedly, “Captain is awesome!”

“Coach Jiang is awesome. We are in the finals!”

Laughter and applause mixed together. The preparation room backstage of the Chinese team was extremely lively. Jiang Shaoyu was slightly stunned. The moment he hugged his apprentice, he clearly felt the other person’s violent heartbeat.

It was 3:0 against South Korea. It was really a relief. Everyone was understandably excited.

It was understandable for Pei Feng to hug his master out of excitement.

No one gave it a second thought. At this moment, no one cared about trivial matters such as Pei Feng being an alpha and Jiang Shaoyu being an omega. There was only one thought in everyone’s mind—they had entered the finals!

It wasn’t only the players who were applauding. Several people such as Vice-chairman Qi, Sister Yu, and Old Chang were also applauding enthusiastically. They were guaranteed second place even if they lost in the finals. The Chinese team’s curse of ‘receiving a trophy’ had been broken!

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t like to be close to others, but strangely, he didn’t reject Pei Feng’s hug. Just being hugged tightly by his apprentice in front of so many people made Jiang Shaoyu’s ears feel a bit hot for no reason.

His heartbeat also started to accelerate. His pounding heart made him very uncomfortable.

Pei Feng’s deep voice sounded in his ears. “Master is really powerful. I performed okay today, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu pretended to be calm and pushed the other person away. “You fought well. Go to the interview.”

Pei Feng smiled and let go of Jiang Shaoyu. He turned around and followed the staff member to the interview room. He was the MVP player of this match and the captain of the Chinese team. According to regulations, he needed to be interviewed.

Flashing lights came from under the stage.

Pei Feng stood in the middle with a calm expression and a handsome smile. He wasn’t nervous at all.

The reporter said excitedly, “Fred, you changed positions three times in three games today. So you aren’t a sniper but an all-round free position?”

Pei Feng said calmly, “That’s right. I am the free person of the Chinese team. I will adjust the position at any time according to the needs of the lineup. These are the arrangements of Coach Jiang.”

A reporter asked curiously, “For today’s three games, was the lineup arranged in advance?”

“Yes, our coach guessed the Korean team’s map selection and made tactical arrangements in advance.”

Domestic netizens ridiculed it.

[Every time he is interviewed, he never forgets to mention his master.]

[The status of God Wing’s number one brainless fan is indeed unshakable!]

[Fred is also telling the truth. Today’s tactical arrangement is really brilliant!]

[The moment he appeared on the scene, I guessed what he would say [dog head].]

A reporter asked, “Do you have confidence in facing the US team next?”

Pei Feng smiled. “Of course, we have confidence. Now that we have entered the finals, we will go all out.”

In the backstage viewing area, the head coach of the US team, Asta narrowed his eyes and said, “This year’s Chinese team has really changed a lot. This Fred is one of the most talented players I have ever seen. It seems that in the next match, we must prepare carefully to play against the Chinese national team.”

The assistant coach next to him whispered, “Fortunately, the Korean team drew them first. If we played in the semi-finals with the Chinese team… we might not have necessarily won!”

The American coaching staff felt very lucky when thinking of this.

Jiang Shaoyu kept Pei Feng a secret in order to win through surprise and ensure that China entered the finals. If the US drew China first, there was a high probability that the United States would be caught off guard by their free person system and their rhythm completely disrupted.

Fortunately, South Korea stepped on the mine first and suffered a big fall. Next, the United States could make some arrangements for the free person system.

A free person, the almighty free person.

This was the real surprise that Jiang Shaoyu brought to the World Series!


  1. Lini_Fujo says:

    Everyone is like Pei Feng is an all-mighty free player, but isn’t Jiang Shaoyu one too or am I thinking wrong? He clearly played all positions in the beginning of the novel…

    1. Rottenkani says:

      Yes he is indeed a free player too, that’s why he asked his other team mates to torture Xiao pei so he could have the experience and learn from it. 🤣 After all, he could only accompany his apprentice freely if his apprentice could fight alongside his master . GG guys!!!!

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