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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 190 Part 3

After arriving at the soundproof room, Jiang Shaoyu whispered, “Be careful of their sneak attacks. Huddle together and fight. Go to the rooftop.”

Pei Feng nodded. “Understood.”

Jiang Shaoyu paused and said, “I will continuously call timeouts to amplify their anxiety. You can rest for a bit. Lao Lin, pay attention to your hands. Don’t fight in an overly excited manner.”

Lao Lin laughed. “Okay, okay, let me calm down. I just suddenly remembered when I encountered South Korea in the 16 to 8 knockout match. The arrogant expressions of the two brothers looking down on others were a bit irritating.”

Jiang Shaoyu stepped forward and gently patted him on the shoulder. “I know.”

In the 3rd World Series, China reached the top 16. It was Lao Lin who led the team that year. In China VS South Korea, they were eliminated by South Korea with a score of 3:0. The contemptuous smiles of the South Korean players at that time stabbed Lao Lin like a blade.

Lao Lin had been the captain of the national team in recent years, but he hadn’t been able to achieve good results. The unwillingness and grievances in his heart had all turned into the fierce wave of shooting just now. He killed two and vented it out.

However, there could be no emotion on the field. Lao Lin had to calm down.

Once Lin Haoyan heard Brother Yu’s reminder, he quickly took a deep breath and adjusted his mentality. He did feel good playing just now, but the Korean team wasn’t a newcomer team that would let him feel good at the team. China couldn’t keep pushing brainlessly. In the second game, South Korea jumped to the rear and launched a sneak attack.

Lao Lin looked at Pei Feng and said with a smile, “Xiao Pei, you will fight as the output in the next game. I will cover you.”

Pei Feng said, “Let me cover you.”

Lao Lin waved his hand cheerfully. “Your hand speed is faster than mine. You had better do it!”

What did it matter who got the heads as long as they could win? Pei Feng was also the younger brother he had personally brought up. How many times had he killed the young Pei Feng with a submachine gun? It was almost too much to count.

There was no need to calculate the difference so clearly among their own family!

In the wave just now, Pei Feng used the AK to rush with Xiao Zhou and Xiao Xia. The three of them cooperated very well. Lao Lin believed that after Pei Feng switched to a charger, he could fight even more fiercely than Lao Lin.

Pei Feng met his trusting gaze and smiled slightly. “Okay, we will be a group this time.”

After the five minute pause, Jiang Shaoyu requested another timeout.

[…F*k, Coach Jiang’s continuous timeouts are here again!]

[Is he trying to make the mentality of the Korean team explode?]

[Will the Korean team be very anxious? The big score is 2:0, and the small score is 1:!. China can’t lose!]

[Does the Korean team still have a chance to call a timeout?]

[For the BO5, there are only three chances to call a timeout. The Korean team has used all of theirs!]

[Coach Jiang is still a master of psychological warfare!]

The South Korean team had no more chances for a timeout.

Jiang Shaoyu paused at this moment to make adjustments and formulate the subsequent strategies. Next, he could completely leave the field to Pei Feng to command.

After a long pause, the game started again.

The third small game was crucial. Whoever won this game would win the game point in the Endless Bloody Battle mode.

The South Korean team continued to use the strategy of ‘surrounding and attacking from behind.’ But this time, all five of them jumped from the second floor. They used the mutated creatures as a springboard and hoped to catch the Chinese team by surprise.

However, Jiang Shaoyu had already expected it. The Chinese team didn’t scatter at this time and gathered together as a group of five.

The moment they saw the Korean team jump down, Hua Ran threw a smoke bomb in front of them. Then he followed the Chinese team to run upstairs quickly. Once the smoke cleared, the Korean players found they were surrounded by mutated creatures and unable to move.

There were disgusting mutated creatures with strange pus flowing from their bodies around them. The huge palm directly struck at the Korean players’ heads. Kim Minho said solemnly, “Kill the little monsters!”

They opened fire and shot at the surrounding mobs.

At this moment, the Chinese team made a show of ‘going away and coming back again.’ The group jumped down from the second floor.

Hua Hua and Lao Lin took the lead and fired their submachine guns. The bullets passed through the bodies of the mutated creatures and struck the Korean players. The three scouts of the Korean team immediately rolled on the spot, dodging the bullets while taking advantage of the opportunity to fire back.

Hua Ran and Lao Lin soon died.

But immediately afterward, the second wave of output came. Zhou Yiran and Xia Li fired fiercely from left to right without any dead ends. Pei Feng carried the PP2000 submachine gun and violently fired from the front.

Bang bang bang bang!

The deafening gunshots were mixed with the roars of mutated creatures.

Lao Lin and Hua Hua, I won’t let your deaths be in vain!

Sure enough, it was as Lao Lin expected. Pei Feng was the main output, and his marksmanship was even fiercer than him. The PP2000’s black bullets were swept out in a dense row. 44 bullets rained down in a short time.

The two remaining members of the Korean team’s front row were instantly shot dead by Pei Feng. Pei Feng got two heads!

Lao Lin roared, “Nice!”

The remaining few scouts had low health.

The two sides engaged in a 3V3 battle. In the end, the Chinese team defeated South Korea 2 for 3.

In the third round, the Chinese team won.

The domestic live stream room was filled with ‘6666’. The two commentators said excitedly, “This wave of ‘going and returning’ was played very cleverly. The Chinese team leads 2:1 in the Endless Bloody Battle mode and got the game point. This is also the match point of this match!”

“Yes. If the Chinese team gets this point, then they can win against South Korea!”

“South Korea has no chance for a timeout. The fourth small game will start immediately!”

“We can see that the Chinese team went directly to the west corridor as a group. Lao Lin and Hua Hua are in the front row to cover. Xiao Pei was sandwiched in the middle, and Xiao Zhou and Xia Li were at the end on the left and right. They are rushing forward.”

“This is also a common formation for playing instances. The front row is resistant to damage and is responsible for firepower suppression. The middle and back rows focus on output. This can minimize the impact of mutated creatures.”

“South Korea seems to have expected the direction of their breakthrough. They happened to come to the west to defend. It is another wave of 5V5.”

“Be careful. The Korean scouts have jumped to the rear with the help of the mutated creatures.”

On the screen, the two sides were originally fighting at the corner of the stairs. As a result, the three Korean scouts suddenly jumped from the handrail of the stairs. They stepped on the shoulders of the mutated creatures and landed lightly in the rear.


The clear sound of gunfire rang out. Zhou Yiran ducked behind a mutated creature out of a conditioned reflexive, avoiding one of Kim Minji’s bullets. Pei Feng said calmly, “Leave the rear to me. You fight in the front!”

The teammates said in unison, “Received.”

Pei Feng suddenly turned around and fiercely fired the PP2000 in his hand like a storm. The rain of bullets meant the Korean team’s scouts didn’t dare to move forward for a while.

After fighting a wave, Pei Feng jumped to the rear of a mutated creature. He used the huge monster as a cover to dodge the opponent’s bullets while switching to the pistol mode of the PP2000.

He stretched out the barrel of the gun through a gap between the monster’s arm and body. He fired one shot accurately.


[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the PP2000 to kill ‘KOR-Able’ with a headshot!]

The South Korean scout, Ahn Taehyeong, accidentally moved and was killed by Pei Feng with a headshot. After a few seconds, Pei Feng hid behind the monster. He directly used the monster’s body to switch to the AK-47. Then a row of bullets swept out again like a rainstorm!

The mutated creature roared while frantically attacking Pei Feng. However, Pei Feng flexibly moved around its body. He seized the opportunity to shoot with the AK while avoiding the guns of the enemy scouts.

In the blink of an eye, the mutated creature was beaten by the Korean brothers until it was bleeding all over and fell to the ground with hatred!

Pei Feng had nowhere to hide and was quickly shot by the Korean brothers.

But at the same time, kill notifications popped up on the screen.

[‘CHN-AKZhou’ used the AK 47-Dark Night to kill ‘KOR-Lofty’!]

[’CHN-Laolin] used the Thomson-Flames to kill ‘KOR-Lustre’!]

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou killed the Korean front row blocking the road. Immediately afterward, the still alive four members of the Chinese team turned back and pointed their guns at the scout brothers of the Korean team.

Xiao Pei, your hard work allowed everyone to fight back!

They finished killing the front row and immediately avenged him.

Lin and Zhou joined forces again, with Xia Xia and Hua Hua covering the flanks. The four of them directly suppressed the opponents with firepower, pushing crazily like bulldozers.

Kim Minho was swept away, and blood splattered all over.

Kim Minji’s body was also riddled with numerous bullet holes.

The two brothers fell to the ground one after another.


Seeing the golden words popping up on the screen, people couldn’t recover for a long time.

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were also a bit hot in the audience.

Xiao Pei wasn’t just a free person.

He was also the best captain of the Chinese national team.

He could be the sharpest knife when rushing forward, tearing apart the enemy’s defenses for this teammate!

If encountering a sneak attack, he could be the strongest shield, using his flesh and blood to help his teammates block enemy bullets. This allowed his teammates to deal with the opponents with peace of mind.

In the wave just now, he turned around and blocked the three scouts of the Korean team.

He used the mutated creature as a cover, using a wave of extreme hand speed to dodge back and forth. He even fired all the bullets!

It was his interception of the rear that bought time for Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, Xia Xia, and Hua Hua.

Pei Feng’s sacrifice was exchanged for the Chinese team having an absolute advantage of 4 against 2.

The Chinese team won against South Korea and reached the finals!

Jiang Shaoyu stood up from his seat. He took the initiative to applaud for the first time. It wasn’t only for every team member who tried their best, but also for Pei Feng, the youngest captain of the Chinese team and his personal disciple.

Well done to all of you. The coach is proud of you.


  1. Xiao Yu says:

    I am also very proud of all of you. To coach Jiang, congratulations for your hard work!!!!!!!!

  2. littlemonarch says:

    US vs. CHN in the finals! Cha injun better be ready to be slapped the moment he stepped back to SK lolol.

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