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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 190 Part 2

The players of both sides were confirmed, and they started to select weapons. He saw that Pei Feng’s main weapon was replaced by the PP2000 submachine gun. His secondary weapon was the AK-47 assault rifle, and the third weapon was the Poisonous Bee Dagger.

“The PP2000 is a newly launched weapon in August this year. There is an additional butt on the gun body. Once this was removed, the player could hold the gun with one hand and shoot it like a pistol! It has two magazines. There is a 44 round magazine for the submachine gun and a 20 round magazine as a pistol. This is a ‘large-small’ gun!”

“Fred has a good grasp of all types of firearms. This gun really suits him!”

As early as when this weapon was launched in August of this year, Jiang Shaoyu took Pei Feng to practice with this weapon at the shooting training ground for a long time. Pei Feng was already very proficient in the operation of the PP2000.

This weapon wasn’t powerful enough when used as a submachine gun, but it wasn’t light or flexible enough when used as a pistol.

Since it was designed as a ‘large-small’ gun, it could play the effect of two weapons without switching weapons. This was very suitable for Pei Feng to use as a tactical weapon.

Pei Feng brought this gun as well as the AK assault rifle. He could flexibly switch between charger and assaulter. No matter whether it was close-range suppression or mid-range strafing, he could fill in at any time to support his teammates. He could rush forward side by side with Lao Lin or he could kill enemies with Brother Zhou.

The lineup of the Chinese team in this game was called the real ‘fierce wave.’

There were two chargers and two assaulters. Combine this with Pei Feng’s flexible switching between charger and assaulter, and it was five pure melee positions. They didn’t need to be afraid no matter how many mutated creatures there were. Come and kill group after group!

The game officially began.

The Biochemical Laboratory was a typical indoor map. In the apocalyptic world, a technology company made a mistake in its genetic research, and mutated creatures massacred the humans in the institute. The huge mutated creatures lost control and wandered around the laboratory, attacking human targets indiscriminately.

This map was a two-story structure with an upper and lower floor, as well as a rooftop. The players of both teams refreshed at the east and west entrances.

In the first round, the South Korean team on the second floor were the ‘guardians’ while the Chinese team’s ‘lurkers’ refreshed on the first floor. The three Korean scouts quickly dispersed while the two chargers were responsible for opening the way in front, luring away the mutated creatures.

The corridor was full of mutated creatures. However, since the mutated creatures were over two meters tall, a scout could use their flexibility to quickly move between them.

The audience could see that the three members of the Korean team ran upstairs and lurked like the wind, hoping to catch China by surprise. On the first floor, Hua Ran rushed to the front and directly threw a smoke bomb with the special effect of flying cherry blossoms. The mutated creatures around him were attracted to him and chased him.

Hua Ran walked like a fish around the feet of the huge creature. He turned around and shot wildly as he ran. At the same time, Lao Lin carried the Thomson-Flames, and the flaming bullets swept forward, instantly knocking a mutated creature to the ground!

Zhou Zhou and Xia Li stepped on the mutated creature and jumped over it. The two of them took out the AK and fired again.

Pei Feng was in the middle of the group. Seeing that Hua Ran could no longer hold on, he quickly took over and switched to the AK to clear the way for Hua Ran.

In the blink of an eye, most of the mutated creatures on the first floor were killed by the Chinese team.

The five of them split up 2-3 and rushed to the second floor collectively!

At this time, the Korean team members on the second floor were waiting. Hiding and hitting? This was their scout’s specialty! On the map of the Biochemical Laboratory, they could use mutated creatures as ‘obstacles’ to avoid and search. If the Chinese team dared to come up, then they would definitely shoot.


The plot wasn’t what they imagined.

The first member of the Chinese team to come up was Hua Ran. The moment he appeared, there was the special smoke effect of flying cherry blossoms.

Immediately afterward, Lao Lin rushed out of the smoke. He fired a row of dazzling flames with the Thomson in his hand. He was fierce and unafraid of death, allowing him to instantly knock down the three giant mutated creatures in front of him!

He was also an old player and preparing to retire.

The Korean scouts had won the championship and just wanted to retire in glory, gaining both fame and fortune.

Lao Lin didn’t care about fame or money at all. He just didn’t want to leave the e-sports stage.

This was the dream that never came true in his heart.

He hadn’t won the championship yet!

Lao Lin had red eyes at this moment. No matter who it was, anyone who came in front of him would die!

The two chargers of the Korean team guarding the stairs were actually swept to the ground by him in an instant!

[’CHN-Laolin] used the Thomson-Flames to kill ‘KOR-Lofty’!]

[’CHN-Laolin] used the Thomson-Flames to kill ‘KOR-Lustre’!]

A wave of double kills directly cleared the field!

Pei Feng praised him. “Nice!”

The audience in the live stream room was about to cry.

[F*k! Lao Lin is so fierce and handsome!]

[In fact, Lin Haoyan was harmed by his name. He isn’t old at all. He is handsome!]

[Hahaha, Captain Lin is indeed good enough. His style of play is quite violent. I really like his style of play!]

[The Korean chargers and Chinese chargers are both 2V2. Both Korean chargers were swept to death. It is really funny.]

[Hua Hua is covering well!]

This wave of 2V2 was a huge blow to the confidence of the Korean team.

Lao Lin and Hua Hua joined forces to break through their blockade.

On the right staircase, Pei Feng, Zhou Zhou, and Xia Li formed a team and rushed up. Xia Li’s abilities in encounters were very strong, Zhou Zhou’s performance was always stable, and Pei Feng also switched to the AK assault rifle at this time.

As a result, the audience saw the spectacle of three AK rifles firing in unison.

Zhou Yiran’s black bullets, Xia Li’s blue bullets, and Pei Feng’s red bullets were fired at the same time from three angles. The clear gunfire belonging to the AK rifles converged together. Several mutated creatures at the entrance of the stairs roared toward them, only to be killed by the three of them in an instant.

Then Pei Feng jumped over the mutated creatures’ corpses with a light jump. Zhou Zhou and Xia Li quickly followed to the left and right. Everyone quickly pushed forward.

On the other side, Lao Lin and Hua Hua also advanced rapidly.

The three scouts of the South Korean team were hiding in the corridor. They were surrounded by the five people of China. In the end, they could only kill Lao Lin, Hua Ran, and Xia Li with a few shots. They were also shot numerous times and quickly died.

In the first wave of team battles, the Chinese team won 3 against 5.

In the domestic live stream room, netizens were extremely excited.

[Is this an instance? The players of the Korean team had become mobs!]

[It is a wave of violence. Why care who they are? Kill, and it is all over!]

[Believe in the bulldozers of the Chinese team~]

[A ranged strafing and push all the way. Where can they hide?]

The South Korean team requested a timeout.

Cha Injun’s back was soaked in sweat when he saw this.

He found that he had made a huge mistake!

Biochemical Laboratory was a map conducive to the Korean team’s scouting and sneak attacks. This map was originally used to play against the US team in the final. It was because the American team’s front row wasn’t that fierce. South Korea could seize the opportunity to fight fast or slow, letting the scouts sneak up and kill the team members.

Meanwhile, the Chinese team was different.

The lineup of the Chinese team was changeable. Jiang Shaoyu would change it according to the map.

China actually replaced it with five people in the front row. The only ‘sniper’ Pei Feng changed to a fierce melee style of switching between charger and assaulter. Then he actually rushed forward with Zhou Zhou and Xia Xia. The three AKs fired at the same time. Who could block this?

This was also a way to play this map. It was a ‘wave of violence.’

They didn’t play any complicated tricks. They directly fired, advanced, and killed all the mutated creatures. Where else could the scout hide?

This map was originally the home game of the South Korean team.

Then Jiang Shaoyu quickly changed the lineup and turned it into the home field of the Chinese team!

Jiang Shaoyu’s understanding of this game was really like crushing Cha Injun’s IQ.

Cha Injun resisted the urge to curse. He quickly walked to the soundproof room and said, “Don’t think about sneak attacks any longer. They are playing a ‘bulldozer’ style. The scouts can’t hide at all. In the next round, you should be more proactive. Jump directly to the first floor in the beginning. Use the time difference and the mutated creatures as cover. Quickly kill them!”

Kim Minho was suppressing his anger. Hearing this, his eyes suddenly sharpened, and said coldly, “The two chargers will go up as bait. The scouts will jump down from the handrail of the stairs and hit them from behind!”

The teammates said in unison, “Received.”

In the beginning of the second game, the two chargers of the South Korean team shot while rushing to the first floor. They attracted the Korean team’s gunfire. They rushed to the west side of the corridor. Pei Feng thought that South Korea was going to attack the west side, so he immediately asked his teammates to turn around and defend.

However, Kim Minho and the other two scouts suddenly jumped down from the stair railing of the second floor. The Korean scouts were indeed very flexible. They jumped directly onto the shoulders of the mutated creatures, using their bodies as springboards. They quickly sneaked to the first floor and turned back to attack the east corridor.

Lao Lin and Hua Hua were fighting monsters in the east corridor when three people appeared from behind and shot them instantly.

The battle in the west corridor started quickly. Pei Feng and the others quickly dealt with the two Korean chargers but ended up with low health. In the end, due to the loss of health, their group was wiped out first in the next 3V3 battle.

The South Korean team got back one round.

Kim Minho shouted excitedly, “Nice!”

The anger that had been held in for too long finally found an outlet. This wave of 4 for 5 was thrilling, but he still won. He seemed to have regained some rhythm.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Before the Korean team could be happy, Jiang Shaoyu quickly called a timeout to interrupt their rhythm.


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