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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 190 Part 1

The Collapse of the Korean Team

At the end of the second game, Coach Cha Injun saw the score of 50:25, and his face was even uglier than eating a fly. He couldn’t believe that the game between South Korea and China would end like this.

In the past, wasn’t it easy to kill casually when attacking China?

The Korean team had also trained on the Tomb of the King of Zhou map. This style of play was to split between the upper and lower levels. They would take advantage of the scout brothers to assassinate the opponent as quickly as possible and widen the gap between heads.

Then today, the Chinese team actually used a’ hide-and-seek’ style to drag the Korean team into the quagmire. The Korean team’s abilities were rendered useless.

Assassination? They had to find the people before it was possible to kill them!

However, the world-class scouts of the Korean team simply couldn’t find anyone.

It was obviously a thrilling shooting game, but the Chinese team played it as hide-and-seek. The Korean team couldn’t do anything against them! After all, Gun King didn’t officially stipulate that ‘hiding isn’t allowed in shooting games.’ It wouldn’t be considered a negative game as long as the Chinese team abided by the rule that they had to move within two minutes.

Cha Injun walked into the soundproof room with a sullen face. Originally, he thought that the Korean team would win the home map, Dark Swamp, and then win the opponent’s home map. They would lead 2:0 before winning the match.

As a result, the plot was completely different from what he imagined.

On the contrary, it was the Chinese team that led 2:0?

In the domestic live stream room, the two commentators couldn’t believe it when they saw this. Their voices were shaking with excitement. “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the second map, the Tomb of the King of Zhou. It is 2:0, and they have taken the lead in grabbing the match point!”

“The coaching staff of the Chinese team reinterpreted the playing style of the Tomb of the King of Zhou! To be honest, I didn’t know that there were so many places where people could hide. Such novel tactics are really eye-catching.”

The audience in the live stream room spoke frantically.

[The Chinese team is 6666!]

[It is so cool. They beat the Korean team in this game like walking a dog~]

[This map was torn apart and studied by the coaching staff. Their hard work paid off!]

[F*k, I went to get takeout, and it is 2:0?]

[The Chinese team, jiayou!]

It was only until this moment that everyone truly realized that Coach Jiang’s words about ‘winning a trophy’ weren’t just empty talk. The Chinese team could really win a trophy!

It was already 2:0. Could they beat South Korea? The domestic audience had never been so excited as today. They didn’t even eat lunch and stared at the live stream room intently, wanting to witness this historic moment.

The third game was the match point game of the Chinese team.

Jiang Shaoyu walked into the soundproof room. Pei Feng looked back at his master. Jiang Shaoyu walked next to him and asked in a low voice, “Are you tired?”

Pei Feng laughed. “I’m not tired. In the second game, I played a medic, and it didn’t require high operations.”

The operations of a medic were minimal. They only needed to move and save people, unlike the output profession that required shooting for a long time. Once their fingers were tired, the accuracy of the bullets would be affected.

Playing a medic, directing the overall situation, and saving people was easier for Pei Feng.

Jiang Shaoyu met his confident gaze and felt relieved. “Okay, you can continue to direct the third game and see what map the Korean team chooses.”

The third game was the match point game. South Korea would definitely try their best. However, Jiang Shaoyu didn’t want to let them have more dreams. It was best to win the match point in one go without giving South Korea any chance for a comeback.

Sometimes when playing games, it was just a matter of vital energy. The Chinese team was now leading 2:0, and the state was just right. It would be over if they won the game directly. Once the South Korean team was allowed to make a comeback, the players would likely regain their morale and fight more fiercely.

The story of ‘chase back three points’ often happened in games. It was because team morale improved and the players’ mentality became better. Their hands became hotter and hotter. They fought to the death, and miracles easily happened.

In the second game, Jiang Shaoyu chose the map of ‘Tomb of the King of Zhou’ to play hide-and-seek tactics in order to defeat the Korean team’s self-confidence and make them more and more uncomfortable as they played. Then after the Korean team’s mentality exploded, he quickly won the third game.

Of course, this was the best result. The plot might not necessarily develop according to Jiang Shaoyu’s vision. It depended on how the South Korean team adjusted their mentality in the third game.

In the soundproof room of the Korean team, Cha Injun took a deep breath before whispering, “They won in the second game, but it was just good luck. Don’t take it to heart. The third game is our home field. Take out the ace map we have been practicing for a long time and beat them!”

He looked at the Korean scout brothers and patted their shoulders. “It doesn’t matter if we lose the first two games. As long as we regain three points, everyone will think that our Korean team has made a comeback from a desperate situation and is very powerful. Then you will still be the strongest scouts in the world! But once you lose… you will be laughed at by the whole world? Are you willing?”

The two brothers looked at each other and clenched their fists tightly.

The two of them had been playing for so many years and had always been the strongest scout team in the world in the eyes of fans. The two of them were also approaching the age of retirement. If they could retire after winning the championship, they would gain both fame and fortune, enjoying full glory and wealth.

World champion? They had already won the 4th World Series once, so it wasn’t uncommon. But they must not lose to the Chinese team and become a stepping stone for the Chinese team to rise to the top!

Either win the championship and retire in glory.

Or lose the game, return home in disgrace, and be ridiculed by netizens.

There were only two paths in front of them. There was no choice.

Kim Minho took the initiative to hold out his hand. “Come on.”

Kim Minji looked serious. “Okay, let’s work together and kill them all!”

The timeout ended. The third match point game officially began.

“Everyone, welcome back. This is the scene of the semi-finals of the 6th World Series! Currently, China leads 2:0. The next third game is China’s match point game. It is also the home game of South Korea.”

“Before, the Korean team unexpectedly lost their home game on the Dark Swamp map. I wonder if the South Korean team can seize the opportunity at home this time? Let’s take a look at Coach Cha’s choice.”

Cha Injun submitted the mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

He wanted to play a fast game and not slow down the rhythm of the Chinese team.

Jiang Shaoyu banned three maps in a row: Princess Cruise, Crystal Cave and Stone Formation.

Among them, Princess Cruise was a five star difficulty map that was a full water map. In deep water battles, they couldn’t surface to breathe. All players carried ‘oxygen cylinders’ to fight. China had practiced this map, but the Korean team had more advantages on it. It was better to ban it for the match point game.

As for Crystal Cave and Stone Formation, they were suitable maps for scouts and sneak attacks.

“Coach Jiang has banned three maps in a row that are beneficial to scouts! It seems that he is serious?”

“He has always been very serious. It is just that most of us can’t understand his BP ideas…”

“Coach Cha submitted a map. The five star difficulty map, Biochemical Laboratory!”

Seeing this map, the American audience at the game site applauded excitedly.

Among the five star difficulty maps, the zombies of Civic Center, the prisoners of Xishan Prison, and the mutated creatures of Biochemical Laboratory were all dynamic scene NPCs that would have a great impact on the players’ operations.

Zombies were slow and could be exploited by players. Prisoners could be locked up in prisons. Only the mutated creatures of the Biochemical Laboratory were the most powerful NPCs with flexible movements and a highly intelligent AI.

The map wasn’t so much a PK between two teams. It was more like two teams playing an instance together, with countless intelligent AI interfering with their positioning and vision. Players had to quickly dodge the attacks of the mutated creatures while also finding the time and energy to kill their opponents. It was difficult to do two things at once.

Moreover, this map was the quick Endless Bloody Battle mode.

In a fast game, combined with the influence of mutated creatures, there were too many unexpected factors. If they made a mistake in their positioning, they might be beaten to death by the mutated creatures or killed by the opponent.

The Korean team dared to choose this map. Obviously, this was their trump card map that they had practiced intensively.

Perhaps this map was their ‘secret weapon’ that they kept for the final. They had to take it out in advance for this semi-final.

If they didn’t take it out now, they would be eliminated by China!

In the backstage area of the venue, Old Chang couldn’t help saying, “Is South Korea trying to use the cover of mutated creatures to launch a sneak attack? They are thinking beautifully!”

Old Xu said with a smile, “Fortunately, Coach Jiang has expected it. This map… we also practiced it!”

There were only a few game maps. If they wanted to use the map to win, Biochemical Laboratory was a good choice. South Korea wanted to use the mutated creatures to fight quickly and grab one point.

However, the Chinese team wouldn’t sit still.

Once the map was confirmed, Jiang Shaoyu and Cha Injun held up the sign for substitution at the same time.

The Chinese team replaced Mo Hantian, Shi Xiaobin, and Yezi with Lao Lin, Hua Ran, and Xia Li.

The South Korean team replaced the snipers Park Seungwoo and Seo Taewoo with the scout Ahn Taehyeong and the charger Go Heyeong.

The two commentators quickly analyzed it. “The South Korean team’s lineup is two chargers and three scouts. The chargers in the front row are responsible for resisting pressure and pushing forward. The three scouts could quickly roam around and kill the opponent alone. This lineup is very flexible.”

“The Chinese team’s lineup consists of two chargers, Lao Lin and Hua Hua. There are also the two assaulters, Zhou Zhou and Xia Xia. Finally, there is Xiao Pei. I wonder what position Xiao Pei will play.”

“It shouldn’t be a sniper. There are a lot of mutated creatures on this map, and the output of a sniper is limited. It is easy to be trapped by the mutated creatures.”

“It shouldn’t be a medic either. After a player dies, they will be surrounded by mutated creatures. Medical treatment can’t be done on this map. There is no way to rescue him in time.”

“I guess it is an assaulter? Or charger? It must be the front row!”


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