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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 19

Streamer Pei Feng

Pei Feng was an apprentice personally taught by Jiang Shaoyu. He was naturally very aware of Pei Feng’s strength. If Pei Feng continued to play professionally then he would definitely become a world-class sniper.

It was just that Pei Feng was young and regarded feelings and loyalty as more important than his career. He didn’t want to go to another team to fight against ACE and he didn’t want to kill his old teammates on the field. In his heart, ACE was his master’s hard work and his home. Therefore, the stubborn teenager simply changed his profession and became a streamer.

For people who played games well, being a professional streamer was indeed a good alternative to being an e-sports professional player.

Lao Lin said regretfully, “In fact, we also feel very sorry for Pei Feng. He was so young at the time and offended a group of people. The contract he signed with the Xing Network was very harsh and the share he received was pitifully low. Even so, he gritted his teeth and survived. He streamed night and day and in just one year, he became the most popular streamer on the entire network. He signed a new contract with the platform and his treatment became much better.”

Zhou Yiran added, “He won the number one streamer at the Annual Streamer Festival and publicly stated in an interview that all his skills were taught by you, God Wing. He praised you fiercely and said you are the player he admires the most.”

Jiang Shaoyu listened to the words of his teammates and had mixed feelings.

After not seeing each other for so many years, his little apprentice had become the number one brother in the streamer industry and had very high popularity.

A streamer’s life was much more comfortable than that of a professional player. In particular, the top streamers not only had high income but their time was very free.

It wasn’t easy for Pei Feng to get to this point. Would he give up his current relaxed and superior lifestyle to become a professional player again?

Professional players had to spend a lot of time every day, repeatedly practicing moving and shooting. It was monotonous and boring. They also had to bear a huge psychological pressure during the game and would be scolded when they lost… was Pei Feng willing?

Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t certain in his heart.

Zhou Yiran seemed to see through Jiang Shaoyu’s thoughts and said with a smile, “Brother Yu, don’t worry. Xiao Pei has always admired you. You just have to speak and he will immediately come to the national team.”

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head. “I can’t put pressure on him as his master and force him to come back. He is already an adult and his life should be decided by himself.”

Zhou Yiran was surprised. “You mean, you don’t want to look for him directly?”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly said, “I will give him a chance. The Rising Star Cup Challenge in March next year is a public event supervised by the national team. If he wants to be a professional player, he can participate in it and be selected for the national team. If he doesn’t want to, we won’t force him. Do you understand what I mean?”

The three of them looked at each other and nodded in understanding. “Understood.”

Xiao Pei ruined his career for ACE and had to start from scratch. He was now a top streamer and they couldn’t morally kidnap him by saying something like ‘Your master has come back to be the coach. You must also come back as a professional player.’ This was too unfair to Pei Feng.

Ah Yu was right.

He was an adult. Give him the right to choose and let him decide for himself.

Jiang Shaoyu instructed, “Don’t tell him that I have become the coach of the national team. I will secretly approach him and learn about his strength and thoughts. The requirements of professional players and game streamers aren’t the same at all. He has abandoned training for a long time and now he might not be able to withstand the pressure of the competition.”

Pei Feng had been away from training for five years. He played qualifying matches every day while looking after online fans. It wasn’t known if his game level had declined and if he could hold up against world-class professional players.

Jiang Shaoyu would give his apprentice the right to choose.

Similarly, he would decide based on Pei Feng’s performance if he wanted Pei Feng as a member of the national team.

The three old members of ACE left and Jiang Shaoyu leaned back in his chair, frowning in thought.

In the past, Xiao Pei had been the only youth trainee of ACE. He dared to go directly to the team base to introduce himself, stating that he was a fan of God Wing and wanted to find God Wing to learn how to play a sniper.

The young boy hadn’t differentiated into his second gender at the time. His face was still full of immaturity and childishness. His hair was dyed a non-mainstream silver-gray color and it seemed he had the chunnibyou disease.

However, the boy’s eyes were dark and clear and his voice calling out ‘Master’ was sincere. He looked up at Jiang Shaoyu like a cute puppy wagging his tail and asking his master to take him in.

Jiang Shaoyu took him to test his e-sports talent. The reaction speed, operating hand speed, dynamic vision… the results for all the tests were full marks.

He saw that Xiao Pei was talented and sincerely wanted to learn so Jiang Shaoyu kept him and accepted him as an apprentice.

Xiao Pei self-proclaimed himself ‘God Wing’s number one die-hard fan and followed Jiang Shaoyu every day. His voice called out ‘Master’ and he was like Jiang Shaoyu’s human pendant.

Jiang Shaoyu personally taught him everything from map analysis to positioning, sniper precautions, how to set up a gun, when to open the scope… it was all taught by hand.

Xiao Pei was very smart and could learn it all with a bit of time.

He followed his master everywhere and during every competition, he would clap the loudest in the audience. Sometimes he would sit in the audience with a loudspeaker and lead the fans to shout, “ACE, jiayou!”

This lively and cheerful little apprentice was the warmest color in Jiang Shaoyu’s memories.

Pei Feng was the most talented newcomer Jiang Shaoyu had seen over the years. Not only was his learning ability terrifyingly strong, but even rarer was that Pei Feng’s overall vision was excellent and his sense of smell on the field was very keen.

His marksmanship inherited his master’s fierceness and decisiveness while he had a bit more of a youthful fierceness and enthusiasm.

If he cooperated with his teammates then he could even achieve the ‘one sniper kills 5 enemies’. He killed the entire field with the high difficulty ‘sniper core’ play style.

It was very rare to have a talent in command along with a strong overall view.

It was also the reason why Jiang Shaoyu handed over the captain’s position to Pei Feng when he retired.

He hoped that after Pei Feng became captain, Pei Feng would experience as much as possible and grow into an excellent professional sniper.

It was a pity that things were unfortunate and Pei Feng actually embarked on the path of a professional streamer.

Jiang Shaoyu emerged from his thoughts, turned on the computer and searched for Pei Feng’s information on the Internet.

He soon found Pei Feng’s profile.

Fred, male alpha, the only personal apprentice of the former captain of ACE, Wing.

The most popular game streamer on the Xing Network live streaming platform, ranked 1st in the top ten e-sports streamers, ranked 1st in the list of ‘Most Popular Game Streamers’ through online voting and winner of the Gold Award at the 2022 Annual Streamer Festival.

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned when he saw the photo in the data.

This person had matured a lot.

The young alpha in the photo had short black hair and wore a simple and clean t-shirt. His eyebrows were relaxed, the bridge of his nose was high and his smiling eyes were gentle and deep.

After the little teenager in his memory differentiated into an alpha, his facial features gradually opened up and he became handsome and tough. His hair was also dyed back to its natural black color and he looked much more stable.

His handsome features and top game technique meant it was no wonder he had such high popularity.

Jiang Shaoyu followed the link to the Xing Network platform to register a side account. Then he followed Fred’s live stream room. He saw an announcement pinned in the live stream room: At 2 p.m., I will stream live on Xing Network. I will see you or not.

There were tens of thousands of comments under this announcement.

“The alarm clock has already been set and I’m waiting for you!”

“Brother Feng’s recent routine is still like the underworld. Did he wake up at 2 p.m?”

“He streamed live yesterday until 3 o’clock in the morning.”

“The season is ending so he has been streaming live every day until past midnight. He wants to get into the top 100 and get the title of Gun King!”

“Every season, he can get the title of top 100 in the national server. Fred is indeed a technical flow streamer!”

“Isn’t he an entertainment streamer?”

The comments area was very lively. Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the time. It was exactly 2 o’clock and a notification box popped up in the lower right corner: The streamer Fred you are following is online.

The live stream room really lit up. Pei Feng was very punctual.

His room number on the Xing Network was 1024 and the main interface was the game screen of Gun King. The lower right corner had the streamer camera display frame and the camera was on.

Jiang Shaoyu had just seen the photo of Pei Feng. Now the real person appeared and he felt that Xiao Pei looked even better than the photo. The camera didn’t show any shortcomings despite it being so close to his face.

The young and handsome alpha adjusted the angle of the camera, smiled and waved to his online fans. “Hello everyone, I am here. Please continue to praise Streamer Fred’s punctuality today.”

The live stream room was immediately filled with dense barrages.

[Too punctual! I will give you 82 points. The remaining 18 points will be split into 666 for you!]

[Isn’t it natural for professional streamers to be on time? What is there to praise you for? I can only praise your beauty!]

[I will give you 99 points for your face. The missing 1 point is because I am afraid you will be too proud!]

[Husband, what did you eat at noon today?]

[Wife, are you playing the peak match tonight?]

[Fred has so many husband and wife fans? I’m different. I’m a brainless fan~]

[I’m even more different. I’ll just call him Dad!]

Countless barrages filled the screen like snowflakes.

Pei Feng’s eyes swept over the barrage area and he laughed softly. “Don’t scream. I am still single. How can I have so many husbands, wives, sons and daughters?”

The group of people filled the barrage area with ‘hahaha.’

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the instructions in the live stream room:

[2 starships will enter the VIP group. 5 starships can be added as a friend to get points.]

The full name of the starship was Galaxy Battleship and it was the most expensive gift on the Xing Network live stream platform.

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow and clicked on the gift button.

[7766501 has presented Galaxy Battleship x10 to the streamer Fred.]

[7766501 has presented Galaxy Battleship x10 to the streamer Fred.]


[7766501 has presented Galaxy Battleship x10 to the streamer Fred.]

Ten consecutive messages filled the screen. The gorgeous Galaxy Battleships kept flying by on the screen. The golden special effects flashed in the audience’s eyes and the fans in the live stream room were directly stunned.

This rich person made a really great move. They went straight to the top of this month’s gift list?!

[F*k, a great god appeared unexpectedly!]

[Fred, your financial backer is here. You haven’t come to pick up the guest!]

[This numbers brother, can I hug your thigh?]

[This numbers tycoon is very strange. Is it a new boss? Welcome Boss!]

[The moment he came, he parachuted to the top of the month list 666! Is this the power of a rich person?]

The continuous gifts swiped up in the lower left corner. Pei Feng naturally saw it. He cleared his throat and said with a smile, “Thank you ‘7766501’ for the 100 starships. The boss is domineering. Quickly give the boss a room manager position.”

System: ‘7766501’ has been promoted to the live stream’s room manager.

7766501: 5 starships can play the ranking?

Pei Feng replied, “Yes. Boss, do you want me to take you to the rankings? What segment are you in?”

7766501: International server, the 2500 segment.

The fans in the live stream room were suddenly confused.

[F*? International server? The 2500 segment?]

[I have never seen such a high-scoring international server boss!]

[This is a super bigshot, no, a huge huge huge man?]

[Many masters will be beaten up when they go to the international server. This boss really isn’t ordinary!]

[Is this boss the side account of a professional player?]

[Awesome! Brother Feng really has some respectability. Someone is asking him to go to the 2500 segment in the international server?]

The strength of the 2500 segment in the international server was far higher than the national server.

Pei Feng also hadn’t expected someone to request to bring them in the 2500 ranking segment of the international server. Players in the international server came from all over the world. There were many masters and it wasn’t something that ordinary people could play in.

Pei Feng wondered, “Boss, you are already in the 2500 segment. Do you still need someone to bring you? It is the end of the season. Do you want to get the title of Gun King in the international server?”

7766501: Yes.

7766501: How about it? Do you dare to look after me with your level?

The fans immediately started booing.

[Brother Feng, the boss is provoking you.]

[The boss is so sharp! Do you dare to bring it? Fred, don’t be a coward!]

[Has there ever been a time when our Brother Feng conceded?]

[Dad, quickly go. I’ll help you collect your corpse when you die and inherit your property by the way~~]

Pei Feng smiled. “There is no one I don’t dare to take with me. Boss, don’t just talk about the international server. I will follow you to cheer for you even if you fight aliens.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

The fans in the live stream room were filling the barrage with ‘666’.

Pei Feng put away his jokes and said seriously, “Boss, give me your ID in the international server. I will add you as a friend.”

In the camera, the alpha’s slender and powerful hands quickly tapped on the keyboard. He changed to the international server’s client and logged into his account. Then he privately sent Jiang Shaoyu a friend request.

Jiang Shaoyu’s side account in the international server was a bunch of garbled numbers which was consistent with the account he registered on the Xing Network. Pei Feng’s side account name in the international server was Sniper002, which meant No. 2 sniper.

Jiang Shaoyu accepted the friend request and was pulled into a team room by Pei Feng.

“Hello, Boss. I usually play the sniper position. What position do you like to play?” Pei Feng asked in the team voice channel.

Jiang Shaoyu had just put on his headphones and the voice entering his ears was low and pleasant, with a warm laugh.

The alpha had passed the voice change period and his voice was completely different from the cute little boy in Jiang Shaoyu’s memory.

They hadn’t seen each other for five years so the Pei Feng who differentiated into an alpha made Jiang Shaoyu suddenly feel a bit strange.

His little apprentice had grown up.

Let Master see if you have abandoned your training in the past few years.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t turn on his microphone and quickly typed: I will play a scout to assist you. Go ahead.


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