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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 189

Hide-and-Seek Battle

The Tomb of the King of Zhou was the largest among the maze maps. It was a three-dimensional maze with upper and lower floors. The internal structure was quite complex.

In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the birth points of both teams were on the east and west sides. Regardless of whether they refreshed in the east or west, the number of mechanisms encountered on the way to the tomb was the same. Neither side had an absolute advantage.

Once the map was loaded, the brothers Kim Minho and Kim Minji formed a team and quickly sneaked into the lower maze. Meanwhile, the remaining charger and snipers formed a sharp knife formation and moved on the upper level. There were many paths in the maze that connected the upper and lower levels, so teams could support each other at any time.

On the Chinese team’s side, Zhou Yiran and Pei Feng were in a group, Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin were in a group, and Ye Qingming acted alone. Everyone quickly dispersed at the three-way intersection ahead.

30 seconds into the game, the entire South Korean team arrived at the center of the maze.

The environment here was complex, with four corridors leading to the main tomb chamber.

The corridors in the east and west directions were arrow mechanisms. Stepping on the patterned stone tiles would trigger poison arrows from the walls. The non-patterned stone tiles were safe. The corridors in the south and north directions were completely opposite. Stepping on the stone bricks without a texture would trigger the mechanism to drop boulders from the ceiling. The patterned stone bricks were the safe path.

People with a poor sense of direction could easily use the wrong floor tiles to trap their teammates. However, professional players often practiced this map and were familiar with the location of all the mechanisms. They wouldn’t make simple mistakes like ‘stepping on the wrong floor tiles.’

The three members of the Korean team listened quietly for a moment. The sniper Park Seungwoo reported, “Captain, there is no one.”

In the center of the lower maze was a suspended staircase. The bottom of the staircase was covered with densely packed sharp knives. The two brothers jumped forward on the suspended staircase. Kim Minho frowned and said, “Keep looking.”

The players of the Korean team continued to search forward. However, they walked forward for two minutes and still didn’t hear the movement of the Chinese team, not even the sound of footsteps.

The charger Lee Seunghyeong looked at the empty underground palace and couldn’t help wondering, “Where are they?”

The two snipers alertly opened their scopes and looked behind them sharply. Even so, they still didn’t see a corner of the clothes of the Chinese team.

There was no one in front and no one behind.

So… what about the people of the Chinese national team? Where did they all go?

The three people looked confused. They searched almost from the east end to the west end, but they didn’t see a single person from the Chinese team. Was this scientific?

Seo Taewoo guessed, “Captain, are they in the lower level?”

Kim Minho said with a cold face, “There is no one in the lower level either.”

The two brothers had just passed by a secret room on the lower level. Kim Minho stepped into the secret room and took a look. He came out when he found there was no one inside. At this time, the audience from a god’s perspective almost burst out laughing.

It was because Pei Feng and Zhou Yiran were currently hiding in the coffin of the secret room!

The two of them got into the coffin and listened calmly to what was going on outside. They heard footsteps leaving. As the footsteps approached the door of the secret room, Zhou Yiran suddenly jumped out and fired fiercely at the back of Kim MInho of the Korean team.

Bang bang bang bang!

The clear sound of the AK assault rifle rang out in the lower chambers.

The players of the Korean team had the captain say, ‘There is no one in the lower level either.’ As a result, the moment these words came out, they were caught off guard. Kim Minho was instantly swept away by Zhou Yiran’s bullets, and blood splattered!

[‘CHN-AKZhou’ used the AK 47-Dark Night to kill ‘KOR-King’!]

Seeing that his brother was killed in battle, Kim Minji reacted very quickly and entered through the door of the secret room to kill Zhou Yiran. Before he could shoot, he quickly teleported behind him and cut his throat with a knife.

[‘CHN-Fred’ used the Poisonous Bee Dagger to kill ‘KOR-Killer’ with one hit!]

Zhou Yiran said, “Nice.”

Pei Feng also told him, “Nice!”

The two of them killed the Korean brothers and then turned around to flee.

[Hahahaha, it is okay to hide in a coffin!]

[Zhou Zhou and Pei Pei: Are you surprised or not?]

[Is this a game of hide-and-seek?]

[This style is really strange! Enter a coffin and wait for someone to come find you. Then show a corpse movement and sneak attack!]

[Who would’ve thought of this? Hahaha.]

[Captain Zhou and Xiao Pei said that the coffins are ready-made. You can die [dog head.jpg].]

The Chinese team played hide-and-seek very well, thanks to Old Chang’s ‘cultivation.’

Everyone looked for Old Chang everywhere in the maze when playing hide-and-seek in the Tomb of the King of Zhou, but it was Pei Feng who found him in the coffin first. Pei Feng was quite speechless the moment he found Old Chang.

Old Chang climbed out of the coffin and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect it!”

The Chinese players: “…I learned it!”

Jump out of the coffin and make a surprise attack on your opponent. Wasn’t it two heads?

Once Zhou Yiran and Pei Feng finished killing the people, they immediately fled eastward because they knew that the Korean team at the top would soon come to support them. Sure enough, not long after they ran away, deafening gunshots rang out from behind them. The charger and two snipers came down the stairs, chasing Pei Feng and Zhou Yiran while shooting.

The lower floor was a wide corridor. There were many secret rooms on both sides of the corridor. They were around 10 meters away from the secret room in front of them. Pei Feng and Zhou Yiran moved forward quickly while moving from left to right. At this moment, Pei Feng imitated Zhou Yiran’s ‘drifting’ method. The two of them were like cross-moving S-shaped curves in a dazzling manner.

The snipers of the Korean team opened their scopes to take aim. However, they were unable to lock onto the target. They had to grit their teeth and shoot continuously. After all, the width of the corridor was limited. Zhou Yiran and Pei Feng were shot by snipers from a long distance. Their health dropped to less than 50% at the same time.

Pei Feng said, “Brother Zhou, enter the secret room.”


The two of them ducked into the secret room in front. Pei Feng took out the first aid kit and gave Zhou Yiran some health back. Then he healed himself, and both of them were full of health.

The audience was speechless seeing Pei Feng picking up the first aid kit and adding health.

Compared with the sharpness of a sniper and the calmness of a scout, why was Xiao Pei a bit wretched when playing a medic?

Kim Minho reminded his team, “Kill them. The secret is empty. I just visited it.”

There were many secret rooms next to the corridor of the lower floor. Kim Minho clearly remembered that it was an empty room. Zhou Yiran and Pei Feng hiding in the room was equivalent to seeking death. The Korean team had the advantage against 2. They could kill both Chinese players no matter what.

The three South Korean players received the order and immediately came to the door of the secret room. The charger Lee Seunghyeong took the lead in strafing while two snipers shot from a distance. The charge of the Korean team fired for a long time, only to find that they didn’t hit anyone.

“Where are they?” Lee Seunghyeong was stunned for a moment.

At this time, Pei Feng and Zhou Yiran were standing on the left and right, their backs pressed against the walls on both sides of the door. The moment Lee Seunghyeong stepped into the secret room, the sharp dagger in Pei Feng’s hand moved in a beautiful arc.

[‘CHN-Fred’ used the Poisonous Bee Dagger to kill ‘KOR-Lustre’ with one hit!]

The commentators couldn’t help praising it. “Beautiful! Fred made the most of the terrain in the secret room. The secret room might be small, but it has many blind spots!”

“That’s right. If you stick your body close to the sides of the door, the opponent can’t hit them when firing from outside the door!”

The two snipers of the Korean team reacted very quickly and shot Pei Feng the moment when Pei Feng flashed to kill Lee Seunghyeong. Zhou Yiran used Pei Feng’s body as a cover and jumped out of the secret room. He turned around and fired quickly, killing another sniper in the blink of an eye.

In the end, Zhou Yiran was killed by another sniper. Even so, the two of them actually played a 2 for 4 effect in this wave of hiding, sneak attack, and counter-killing on the lower level!

The heads ratio was 4:2 with China leading.

Kim Minho said solemnly, “Resurrect at Point C, don’t scatter.”

He found that in this game, the Chinese team was playing a pure ‘guerrilla warfare’! Due to the complex terrain of the maze and the many places where he could hide, the Korean team was prone to encounter ‘surprises’ if they scattered and acted.

At least in a group, they could fight small groups with more people. Even if an individual jumped out of the coffin, they could quickly kill their opponents.

Kim Minho’s idea was correct.

However, the ‘wretched playing style’ of the Chinese team was beyond their imagination!

Point C was the resurrection point in the center of the maze. They could advance and attack, retreat and defend. It was actually very reasonable to choose Point C. However, a person of the Chinese team was actually hiding near Point C. Pei Feng immediately commanded, “Xiao Bin, guard Point C.”

After the four Korean players were resurrected, they quickly moved through the arrow rain corridor to find other players from the Chinese team. As a result, they had just arrived at the center of the corridor when they saw Shi Xiaobin stepping on a non-patterned floor tile on the other side of the corridor.

The mechanism was triggered, and countless arrows rained down from the sky. Everyone in the Korean team was instantly shot into a sieve!

It was impossible for professional players to step on the maze trap and make a low-level mistake of ‘cheating teammates.’

But… the opponent could step on it!

Shi Xiaobin had been secretly hiding nearby. The moment he stepped on the tile, the two front rows of the Korean team were instantly turned into hedgehogs. Shi Xiaobin was also shot to death by a poisonous arrow, but 1 for 2 wasn’t a loss at all.

The most disgusting part of the Tomb of the King of Zhou map was right here. Killing through the mechanisms was included in the head count. Therefore, in addition to avoiding them, the mechanisms in the maze could also be used.

Pei Feng smiled. “Nice. Xiao Bin, come to Point B to gather.”

Shi Xiaobin replied, “I got it!”

Kim Minho’s face was extremely ugly. After his teammates resurrected again, he said in a deep voice, “Change the path. The snipers will provide cover. If anyone comes from the other side of the corridor, shoot them immediately!”

The Korean team changed to another corridor and rushed over. However, the Chinese team wouldn’t play the same trick a second time. By the time the Korean team’s resurrected people came out of the mechanism area, the people had already run away.

The heads ratio was 6:3.

At the same time, a kill notification popped up on the screen again.

[‘CHN-Leaf’ used the Rose Blade to kill ‘KOR-Simple’!]

The only surviving sniper from the first wave of team battles wanted to go to Point C to kill his teammates. He had just passed a secret room when a figure suddenly flashed out behind him and slit his throat with a knife.

The scout Ye Qingming sneaked up and killed a Korean player.

The heads ratio was 7:3!

Cha Injun, who was sitting on the coach’s seat, gradually became uneasy.

In the last game, Pei Feng used the scout style. Then in this round, Pei Feng switched to a medic style…

How many professions did he have?

Could it be that Pei Feng was really a free person who could play all positions?

In the World Series, each player had their own position. There had never been an all-rounder free person.

No wonder why Coach Jiang was so confident and even said during the interview that ‘the goal of the Chinese team is to win the prize.’ It turned out that Coach Jiang was still hiding the real secret weapon called Pei Feng!

The Chinese team’s style of play in this game was to carry out ‘guerrilla warfare’ to the end. There were two medics, and it was just right for dragging out the fight. The more Cha Injun thought about it, the more uneasy he became. The problem was that he couldn’t call a timeout in Extreme Duel mode. He was so anxious that his fists were about to be crushed. He could only hope that Kim Minho would react quickly and pay more attention to the corners where someone could easily hide, so as to not be attacked by surprise again!

In the soundproof room, Kim Minho said with a cold face, “Go to Point B as a group. Don’t scatter.”

The five South Korean players resurrected and gathered together at Point B.

The main tomb room of Point B was empty. Kim Minho was worried that the Chinese team would ‘hide in the coffin’ again, so he simply let his teammates shoot at the coffins.

Deafening gunfire rang out in the main tomb.

A row of bullet holes appeared in the coffin boards, but there were no ‘fake corpses’ inside. The Chinese team wasn’t here at all.

Kim Minho said, “Go out and look for it. Be careful of the secret rooms and secret passages on both sides!”

The five South Korean players started a thorough search of the maze.

However, the five members of the Chinese team continued to play hide-and-seek and quickly hid in the maze. In particular, Shi Xiaobin actually bent down and crawled away from the secret room through a small hole like a mouse. Mo Hantian followed him. The two of them sneakily climbed from the lower level to the upper level and quickly walked to the west.

Ye Qingming and Zhou Yiran were still hiding in a secret room on the lower level.

The five members of the Korean team worked together as a group. Every time they passed a secret room, they had to shoot in case a few people suddenly jumped out and attacked them. The five people searched all the way and came to the secret room in a corner of the lower floor.

There were several treasure chests in the tomb that were used to store funerary items.

The five members of the Korean team had just arrived at the door of the room when they saw the treasure chests on both sides suddenly opened. Ye Qingming and Zhou Yiran of the Chinese team jumped out at the same time—were they surprised or not? There were people in the treasure chest!

Zhou Yiran fired quickly toward the door while Ye Qingming also fired twice. The two of them joined forces to quickly kill the charger moving in front! The heads ratio was 8:3!

The scout brothers of the Korean team had suffered losses before and learned a lesson. The two of them immediately counter-attacked and combined with the long-range firepower of the snipers to suppress their opponents. It was 4 against 2. They killed both Zhou Yiran and Ye Qingming in the blink of an eye!

The heads ratio was 8:5.

The next moment, Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian also arrived at the scene.

Mo Hantian was a sniper and had a ranged advantage. He suddenly appeared at the end of the long and narrow corridor. The pistol couldn’t reach him, so the snipers had to shoot him. Mo Hantian took advantage of the snipers paying attention to the duo of Zhou and Ye, and decisively fired from a distance, killing the sniper Park Seungwoo with a headshot!


Kim Minho frowned. “Why are the snipers in a daze?

The other sniper, Seo Taewoo, hurriedly shifted the muzzle to kill Mo Hantian. As a result, the moment his bullet was fired, Shi Xiaobin raised the bulletproof light plate to block the opponent’s bullet.

Mo Hantian used Xiao Bin’s light plate as a cover, taking the opportunity to fire another shot. He directly took a double kill!


Kim Minho’s face was gloomy. “Go and blow up the light panel for me!”

The scout brothers moved to the left and right in an S-shaped position. They quickly rushed forward.

The two of them teamed up to shoot Mo Hantian. They were just about to kill Shi Xiaobin when a notification suddenly appeared on the screen.

[’CHN-Fred’ has resurrected ‘CHN-AKzhou’ using the first aid kit!]

[’CHN-Fred’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Leaf’ using the first aid kit!]

Pei Feng came out of a small hole in the secret room and quickly rescued Xiao Zhou and Yezi. The Zhou Ye duo instantly came behind the Korean brothers and took their lives with a wave of gunfire!

[’CHN-Time’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Devil’ using the first aid kit!]

The South Korean team was destroyed.

The Chinese team was resurrected and full of health.

Kim Minho: “……”

F*k! Could swear words be typed on the public channel during the competition?

Two people jumped out of the treasure chest, two jumped down from the ceiling, and one medic drilled out of a hole in the wall.

Had they all turned into rats?

The netizens in the live stream room were dying of laughter.

[Hahaha, Fred is a real dog!]

[Why is he playing a medic like this? Did he learn how to drill out of holes to save people from Binbin?]

[I hate that I can’t give Fred a voice: Woof!]

[Give South Korea a surprise!]

[Surprise? Surprise? Just after killing us, we were collectively resurrected!]

[There can really be a sudden corpse movement in a tomb. The Chinese team said so.]

After this wave of team battles, the heads ratio became 12:6. The gap was even wider.

The Chinese team dispersed and hid again. The Korean team became more and more uncomfortable as they fought.

The underground maze had simply become the ‘hide-and-seek’ playground of the Chinese national team. Hiding in coffins and treasure boxes was weird enough. They could still hide under a mechanism or in the ceiling mezzanine above?

This was a shooting game. Couldn’t they just come out and exchange a wave of gunfire?

The Chinese team said, “Come to us!”

“We have special hide-and-seek skills!”

The five members of the Chinese team played hide-and-seek to the end. Sometimes they dispersed, and sometimes they gathered together to launch an ambush. The mentality of the Korean team players was completely shattered.

12:6, 17:8, 23:11…

By the time the game reached 30 minutes, the Chinese team actually led by 15 heads with a score of 28:13.

In theory, the South Korean team had no possibility of recovering.

However, the Chinese team didn’t aim for a quick victory. They continued to torture the patience of the Korean team. This style of play made the expressions of the five Korean team members increasingly ugly.

The game lasted until 40 minutes.

The maze game of ‘hide-and-seek’ finally ended. The Chinese team defeated South Korea with a score of 50:25.

50:25. It was a double the heads gap!

The Korean team had never been humiliated like this when playing Extreme Duel mode!

The domestic audience was extremely excited.

[It’s so awesome. I can’t believe it!]

[The rhythm of the Korean team has been completely broken, right?]

[In fact, the strength of the Korean team is quite good. But this game is a pure tactical suppression!]

[I can guarantee that every detail of this map has been carefully studied by the Chinese team.]

[Add chicken legs to the coaching staff!]

The netizens guessed correctly. For this map, the coaching staff had indeed studied the details.

The five people used the maze terrain to hide and fight a guerrilla warfare. This was the key to victory. It was like a nimble hare against a clumsy tortoise. The Chinese team moved and hid every while the two medics could resurrect teammates at any time. The Korean team was attacked at every time, fell behind in the heads ratio, and couldn’t make a comeback!

Coffins, treasure chests, wall holes, ceilings…

As long as it could fit one person, the Chinese team could hide in any position.

In the maze treasure hunt game, surprises might drop at any time!


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