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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 188

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In the soundproof room of the Korean team, Captain Kim Minho’s expression was extremely ugly.

He had a 50:50 win rate in a head-on match against Venus, the captain of the US team, in the internal server. It was difficult for players from other countries to take advantage of him in 1V1. When he was left alone with Pei Feng just now, he thought the South Korean team would win this round.

Underwater was the environment he was best at.

In close combat, worldwide, if he was called second, then no one would dare to say they were first!

He never expected that he would lose to Fred of the Chinese team, a newcomer participating in the World Series for the first time. He had never heard of this person before. There was no such person in the world master rankings!

How could he lose?

Kim Minho’s mind was in chaos, and he always felt that this was a nightmare. The scene of the close-quarters knife fight underwater with Fed just now, and Fred suddenly turning around and killing him with one shot, replayed in his mind repeatedly like slow motion.

How could Fred be so accurate? He couldn’t believe it at all!

The other team members looked at the captain’s gloomy face and didn’t dare to come out in this atmosphere.

The domestic live stream room had been filled with the barrage. Many Fred fans excitedly refreshed the screen.

[Fred is so handsome! I’m tired of this sentence!]

[Popular science: Fred has always been a technical streamer~]

[The king actually won the duel. How many people can do it?]

[Look at the depressed expression of South Korea’s captain, Kim Minho. I really want to laugh, hahaha!]

[Is it time for Kim Minho to give up his throne as the world’s number one scout?]

[I can’t believe that the Chinese team can win the Dark Swamp map!]

[The friends who scolded Coach Jiang for not banning Dark Swamp, do your faces hurt?]

[So don’t question Coach Jiang’s BP casually. It is especially easy to get slapped in the face [dog head.jpg].]

Before the start of this game, everyone wasn’t optimistic about the Chinese national team.

Pei Feng might’ve played as a free person and switched to a scout, but the South Korean team’s three scout system was the strongest in the world. Even if China had three scouts, they might not be able to beat the South Korean team!

As a result, the Chinese team once again surprised everyone.

In particular, Pei Feng’s final solo kill of Kim Minho was enough to become a god!

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the Dark Swamp map, leading 1:0!”

“In this game, the performance of the five players of the Chinese team was remarkable. Captain Xia Li and Captain Zhou were very stable. Xueyao played a tactical scout role. The key lies in Yezi and Fred. Their strength isn’t inferior to the Korean brothers. The double teamwork was very exciting!”

“Yes, Fred can completely imitate Yezi’s playing style. The two of them were like clones. Fred sacrificed himself to create an excellent opportunity for Yezi and helped Yezi win a double kill!”

“There was also Fred’s sneak attack in the last wave. After killing Kim Minji, he single-handedly killed Kim Minho, the world’s best scout. The details were impeccable!”

The two commentators excitedly praised Fred.

In the soundproof room, Pei Feng took both hands off the keyboard and rubbed his wrists with a relaxed expression.

The moment Jiang Shaoyu walked into the soundproof room, Pei Feng immediately turned back to look at his master, his eyes full of desire to ‘beg for his master’s praise.’ Jiang Shaoyu’s heart softened slightly, and he whispered, “You fought well.”

Pei Feng was in a happy mood and said with a smile on his face, “It’s good that I didn’t disappoint Master.”

Ye Qingming teased from the side, “I also played well. Why don’t you praise me?”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Not making you write a self-criticism is praising you.”

The self-criticism professional Yezi: “……”

Several people next to him were holding back laughter. Ever since Coach Jiang locked him up in the dark room, Yezi’s ‘self-criticism’ strategy could no longer be sold. It seemed that it could only be passed onto his apprentice.

Ye Qingming’s eyes squinted. “The Korean scouts aren’t as strong as the legend.”

Xia Li said bluntly, “It is all exaggerated by the media. What world number one? He has a really big face!”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “We just won one game. Don’t be careless.”

Compared to the relaxed atmosphere in the soundproof room of the Chinese team, the low air pressure on the Korean side was suffocating.

Dark Swamp was one of their best maps. Before the game, the coach’s order to everyone was to ‘pick Dark Swamp at home and score 1 point first.’ Cha Injun said it lightly because he thought it was natural for the Korean team to win Dark Swamp and there would be no surprise.

Yet they actually lost?!

This was undoubtedly a huge blow to the players.

How could these fools lose?

Coach Cha resisted the urge to curse. He took a deep breath, temporarily suppressed the anger in his heart and said calmly, “Okay, don’t think too much about what has passed. Everyone, cheer up and prepare for the next game.”

Everyone quickly adjusted their emotions, sat upright, and listened to the coach’s arrangement.

Coach Cha said, “The next game is China’s home game. I will send people according to the map and mode selected on the opposite side. Ahn Taehyeong, Choi Dongwook, the two of you should be ready to be replaced.”

Ahn Taehyeong and Choi Dongwook looked at each other, looking quite ashamed. Their performance was indeed mediocre on the Dark Swamp map, and they didn’t play a big role. It was expected that they would be replaced.

There was a short break, and the second game officially started.

“The second game is the home game of the Chinese team. Let’s see what mode Coach Jiang will choose… he chose Extreme Duel!”

“Extreme Duel determines the outcome with 50 heads. The pace is slower than the Endless Bloody Battle mode. Since the ammunition isn’t refreshed, the team has to be very particular about what ammunition to carry. Throwing weapons such as grenades and smoke bombs are limited to 10 for the team. The ammunition for the gun will be doubled.”

“Yes, this mode counts kills and usually requires players with relatively strong output capabilities. Let’s take a look at the Korean team’s BP… The Korean coach has first banned the two full sniper maps of Rainy Night and Skyscraper.”

“Previously, when China played against Britain, the three sniper lineup on the Rainy Night map was very terrifying. They directly played with a huge score gap of 50:34. It seems that Coach Cha is also very afraid of the three sniper lineup of the Chinese national team and banned the full sniper maps.”

“The third ban position is given to Waiting Hall. This map has a structure of two floors, and the map is relatively open. Snipers can set up guns on the second floor, and it isn’t convenient for scouts.”

Cha Injun’s BP thinking was clearly aimed at China’s snipers.

He banned the full sniper advantage maps. The remaining maps, such as Yuehu Park and Fantasy Island, were large maps with complex terrain. In addition, the medium-sized maps such as Starlight Apartment and Logistics Park were convenient for scouts to find people and do a sneak attack.

He didn’t ban the five star difficulty maps for Extreme Duel. Old Cui, who was watching the game backstage, couldn’t help saying, “He dared to leave all the five star maps. It seems that the Korean team also specially practiced the five star maps?”

Old Chang said with a smile, “They must’ve practiced it, but I think their grasp of the map isn’t as good as ours. After all, the daily training of our national team includes hide-and-seek to find the coach, hahaha.”

Vice-chairman Qi couldn’t help laughing when he saw the proud look on the other person’s face. After Old Chang joined the national team, the map mastery ability of all members had indeed been greatly improved. The national team’s players were tortured so much by Old Chang when playing hide-and-seek games with Coach Chang every day. In this game, Ah Yu’s choice would definitely bring a surprise to the Korean team.

“Coach Jiang submitted the map. He chose the five star difficulty map, Tomb of the King of Zhou.”

“This is a large underground palace map designed on the royal tombs of China. There are many mechanisms and secret rooms in it! If you aren’t careful in your position, you will be attacked by arrows, rolling stones, gunpowder, and other destructive mechanisms.”

“This map is very difficult to play and requires the players to have extremely high positioning abilities… We see that the map has been determined, and both sides have started making substitutions!”

On the big screen, the map of the Tomb of the King of Zhou was enlarged and displayed in a 3D panoramic view. The distribution of mechanisms in the scene could be clearly seen. It was a large three-dimensional map with complex terrain and mechanisms that could be triggered at any time. Netizens who usually played Gun King rarely chose such a map. It was easy for them to collapse mentally and uninstall the game.

But in the professional league, everyone thought it was fun to watch players choose it.

[Choosing the tomb map for South Korea, does it mean: This is the place where you will be buried.]

[Kill the Korean team in the tomb map, and you can bury them on the spot. Hahaha.]

[Why do I feel like this map is full of mockery?]

[Coach Jiang did it on purpose!]

Cha Injun immediately made the decision to change players when he saw this.

They had also practiced on this map. In a maze with many traps, snipers would be more useful than chargers and assaulters because they could kill opponents from a distance.

A scout’s operations were light, and it was necessary to keep them, but it wasn’t necessary to have three of them.

The Korean team replaced the assaulter East and the scout Able with the snipers TiMi and Simple.

In this way, South Korea had a system of two scouts, one charger, and two snipers. They could perform melee sneak attacks or long-range sniping. The lineup was relatively comprehensive…

At the same time, the Chinese team also requested a substitution.

They replaced the scout Qin Xueyao and assaulter Xia Li with the medic Shi Xiaobin and the sniper Mo Hantian.

The two commentators analyzed it. “After this wave of substitutions, the final lineup of the Chinese team is Xiao Zhou, Yezi, Xiao Bin, Xiao Mo, and Pei Feng. An assaulter, scout, medic, and two snipers… is it a comprehensive lineup?”

“Not necessarily! Fred is a free person so he can play any position!”

What position would Pei Feng play in this game?”

The audience was very curious.

However, Cha Injun was very anxious at this time. It was because the position that restrained a scout the most was a sniper. It also wasn’t that easy to kill a medic. A medic had bulletproof light panels to block bullets, and Shi Xiaobin often wore a bulletproof helmet.

It was only by achieving a headshot that they could kill a medic. Otherwise, if they just injured the medic and the other person hid to place a bandage on himself, it was equivalent to hitting him in vain.

The game was about to begin. Both sides chose their weapons for this game.

All eyes were on Fred.

They saw him quickly selecting weapons. The first weapon slot: The bulletproof light plate.

The second weapon compartment: The first aid kit.

The third weapon slot: The Poisonous Bee Dagger.

The audience: “……”

F*k, Xiao Pei switched to a medic?

In the opposite soundproof room, Cha Injun had a stiff face. Was this person here to make fun of him?

Pei Feng played a scout in the last game. Now he was playing a medic?

Was the firepower enough when playing the Extreme Duel mode with two medics?

Cha Injun said coldly, “Don’t care about how they play! In Extreme Duel mode, the outcome is determined by heads. Whoever gets 50 heads will win. You just need to kill people and widen the heads gap as quickly as possible. Do you hear me?”

The five of them nodded collectively. “Understood.”

The game was about to start. Jiang Shaoyu left the soundproof room.

Backstage, Old Chang said with a smile, “Okay, the real hide-and-seek game is coming!”

Yezi, Xiao Zhou, and Xiao Mo were responsible for the close, medium, and far attack range. Pei Feng and Shi Xiaobin would play hide-and-seek to save people together. The firepower seemed to be weaker, but only if…

Can you find us?


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