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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 187 Part 2

The audience in the domestic live stream room was so excited that they were about to jump up.

[F*k, Brother Ye is too handsome!]

[This wave of cooperation is awesome. Yezi and Xiao Pei are like clones.]

[The moment they jumped out at the same time, I thought I was watching the double platform performance of the national doubles diving team.]

[It is really a god-like synchronization!]

[Xiao Pei, as a ‘shadow’, sacrificed himself to give Captain Ye a chance. This cooperation is superb!]

Ye Qingming smiled lightly. “Xiao Pei, nice!”

Xiao Pei copied Ye Qingming’s playing style and was really able to ‘confuse the fake with the real.’ After jumping out of the water just now, the ‘fake’ played by Pei Feng attracted the attention of the Korean team’s brothers and gave Ye Qingming an excellent output opportunity.

Ye Qingming fired two shots at the back of their heads. Facts proved that Ye Qingming’s close-range killing ability wasn’t inferior to world-class scouts!

The South Korean team requested a timeout.

The coach couldn’t sit still at all when seeing this.

This wave seemed to be Ye Qingming’s double kill, but in fact, Pei Feng’s ‘shadow play’ was the key.

Pei Feng was a player who was greatly underestimated. Not only was he a very powerful sniper, but he could also ‘completely replicate the playing style of a teammate.’ This ability to learn was so scary!

In the wave just now, the contestants at the scene of the competition would definitely feel that there were two Ye Qingmings around them. Two identical enemies could cause people to make wrong judgments. This was the very scary thing about shadow play.

Cha Injun quickly walked into the soundproof room and said in a deep voice, “The Chinese team is using Snow as bait. Don’t chase her. She will lead you into a trap. Fred is copying Ye Qingming’s playing style. Pay attention to separating them and killing them one by one!”

In the fourth small game, the Korean team simply adopted a 3 against 1 strategy. Three scouts searched for Ye Qingming and killed Ye Qingming first. Then they killed others using their numbers advantage. The Chinese team finally lost the team battle 4 for 5.

The score was 2:2.

Domestic netizens were shocked. South Korea’s ‘three scout system’ was once invincible in the world, not to mention that this map was the Dark Swamp that the South Korean team was best at.

They thought that the Chinese team would lose.

They hadn’t expected that China could actually play back and forth today and tie with a score of 2:2?

A tiebreaker!

Would Coach Jiang call a timeout?

The live stream shot in the lower right corner happened to show Jiang Shaoyu. He looked calm as he stared intently at the big screen. He had no intention of calling a timeout. It was because he believed in Xiao Pei and didn’t want to interrupt Xiao Pei’s train of thought by calling a timeout.

The deciding game soon begun.

The Korean team had just tasted the sweetness of 3 against 1. In this round, they wanted to repeat their tricks and kill Ye Qingming first. They searched the pond for a long time before finally finding Xia Li, Zhou Yiran, and Ye Qingming.

Xia Li fought very fiercely. She saw movement in the water, and no matter who it was, she fired a series of bullets first!

She jumped out and fired wildly into the water. Crackling bullets smashed into the water. Zhou Yiran also quickly fired under the water. One of them shot down from the air, and the other one shot from the water. The two assaulters formed a crossfire and made the front row of the Korean team miserable. Ye Qingming hid in the rear and took advantage of the opportunity to kill people.

This wave of small-scale battles ended in 3 for 3.

The South Korean team still had the scout brothers left. The Chinese team had Pei Feng and Qin Xueyao left. Netizens saw this and felt that there was no chance. Xueyao’s output ability was indeed a bit weak. There was no chance of winning 2V2, right?

South Korea’s Coach Cha Injun smiled and felt that this situation was stable.

The Korean brothers, one to the left and the other to the right, conducted a thorough search of the pond. The two of them quickly found Qin Xueyao and caught up with her. Qin Xueyao swam forward desperately. The audience from a god’s perspective could see that at this time, Pei Feng was hiding under the lotus leaf not far away.

The audience watched as the Korean brothers swam past Pei Feng.

At this time, Pei Feng’s breathing gauge had only 5% left. He would suffocate if he didn’t go out of the water and breathe. However, once he went outside the water, he would immediately alarm the brothers of the Korean team.

Pei Feng was very patient. Even though his breathing bar was flashing red, he still didn’t come out of the water. He hid under the lotus leaf, motionless. He was like an underwater statue. Due to the turbid water of the pond, the Korean brothers didn’t see the motionless Pei Feng at all. They continued to chase Qin Xueyao.

As the distance got closer, Xueyao entered the shooting range of the two brothers.

Realizing this, Qin Xueyao quickly jumped out of the water and plunged into the water again! She used the ‘jump’ motion to thrillingly dodge the bullets behind her.

Pei Feng also surfaced. He took a deep breath, recovered his breathing gauge, and lurked again.

Since he and Xueyao came out of the water at almost the same time, the ‘crashing’ sound of the water breaking coincided with each other. The brothers didn’t notice Pei Feng not far behind them.

Kim Minji jumped out of the water and shot Qin Xueyao in the back of the head.


[’KOR-Killer’ has used the Sand Eagle-Ice Flame to kill ‘CHN-Snow’ with a headshot!]


[‘CHN-Fred’ used the Sand Eagle-Judgment to kill ‘KOR-Killer’ with a headshot!]

Gunshots rang out one after the other.

Kim Minji killed Qin Xueyao in seconds. Before he could be happy, the back of his head was instantly pierced. The moment he jumped out of the water, Pei Feng, who had been lurking underwater, predicted his position and decisively shot out of the water.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it!

Who was the real hunter?!

Netizens excitedly posted.

[Brother Feng 6666!

[Fred is really patient. Hiding underwater until he is about to suffocate?]

[Just now, I was really afraid he would drown hahaha~]

[He left the water for air the moment Xueyao left the water. It is really detailed!]

[Fred actually watched the Korean brothers swim past him and was as steady as an old dog!]

[No no no, our Fred is so young. How can we treat him like an old dog? He is obviously a little wolf dog!]

Pei Feng really maximized the latent role of a scout to the extreme just now. He only seized the opportunity to gain some air when the breathing gauge was at the last 1%. How strong did the heart have to be to calculate it so accurately?

Cha Injun got a chill down his spine when he saw this. Pei Feng stared motionlessly from the bottom of the pond and watched the South Korean brothers swim in front of him. He already possessed the patience and calmness of a world-class scout.

When lurking, he was as stable as a rock and motionless.

When shooting, his sharpness was unparalleled, and killed with one hit!

This player was too terrible.

All their teammates died. It became a 1V1 endgame between Pei Feng and Kim Minho.

Kim Minho was a well-deserved world-class scout. He was the captain of the Korean team and an experienced veteran. Meanwhile, Pei Feng was the captain of the Chinese team, who just switched to a scout today. He was a rising star in this World Series.

A 1V1 between the two of them would determine the outcome of the Dark Swamp map.

Korean netizens were confident that their captain would definitely win.

After the Chinese netizens calmed down, they felt that Pei Feng’s chances of winning weren’t very good. It was already very good to kill Kim Minji just now. Wasn’t it normal that he couldn’t beat Kim Minho?

Netizens in China and South Korea were staring at the screen at this moment.

The game wasn’t over yet. Once Pei Feng jumped out and killed Kim Minji, he immediately dived underwater and swam away quickly. Kim Minho decisively turned around and caught up with him. The two of them moved quickly through the pond like a nimble fish.

The large number of rhizomes and leaves of the lotus plants didn’t hinder them. They were all very familiar with this map and could move away like they were on flat ground, even if they moved underwater.

Kim Minho seized the opportunity to shoot at Pei Feng. Pei Feng plunged into the deep water, dangerously dodging the bullet. Then he turned sharply and fired two shots at Kim Minho. Kim Minho quickly dodged sideways.

Both fired underwater and failed to hit their opponents.

After swimming a few meters further, the audience saw that the two captains on the screen did the exact same thing. They tacitly switched weapons to a dagger!

This was the deep water area, and there were a lot of aquatic plants blocking his view. The speed of the underwater bullets would slow down, and it was easy to be dodged by the opponent. It was better to take out the dagger directly since it was light and neat.

Pei Feng borrowed the rhizome of a lotus leaf and made a C-shaped bend. He stabbed at Kim Minho with the dagger in his hand!

Kim Minho dodged and stabbed at Pei Feng’s chest with a sharp dagger.

An underwater knife fight was a test of detailed operations. The audience felt the dazzling cold light flash alternately, and they could hardly see who stabbed whom!

Both of them had knife wounds on their bodies and were bleeding.

Pei Feng only had around 50% health left, while Kim Minho still had 60%. He had a slight advantage.

At this moment, Pei Feng suddenly swam up quickly.

His breathing gauge had bottomed out again.

Kim Minho looked overjoyed. Since Pei Feng entered the water before him, his breathing gauge would also become empty first. After fighting for so long, Pei Feng had to go to the surface to get some air or he would drown!

It was an excellent opportunity!

Pei Feng swam up. Kim Minho’s dagger couldn’t reach him, but he could use a gun.

Kim Minho decisively switched to a gun and aimed it at Pei Feng in front of him.

Then at this moment, Pei Feng suddenly turned back from where he was swimming upward.

Bang, bang!

Two bullets, one to the left and one to the right, shot straight toward Kim Minho!

[‘CHN-Fred’ used the Supernova Double Guns to kill ‘KOR-King’ with a headshot!]

The Chinese team won!

This result not only stunned netizens in China but also caused netizens in South Korea to drop their jaws en masse.

How could this be?

Cha Injun, the Korean coach in the audience, felt a chill go down his spine.

This was a horrible calculation ability that was accurate to 0.1 seconds!

Pei Feng deliberately pretended to be leaving the water and switched back to the double guns in advance, taking advantage of the moment when Kim Minho switched to the gun.

Suddenly turn back and kill!

The angle of the bullets fired from Pei Feng’s double guns was extremely tricky. Kim Minho had just switched weapons, and there would be a backward movement of around 0.1 seconds. There was no way to dodge the two bullets fired in a row.

The world’s number one scout, Kim Minho, was actually killed in the water by Pei Feng?!

The audience members around the world watched Kim Minho’s body gradually sink to the bottom and couldn’t believe the result.

How was this possible?

It was 1V1, and it was Fred who actually won?!

Only Jiang Shaoyu in the audience seemed to have expected it. The corners of his lips raised slightly.

He remembered what he and Xiao Pei repeatedly emphasized when they had fought underwater a few years ago. “In water battles, the calculation of the breathing gauge must be accurate to 0.1 seconds. You must not only calculate when your breathing gauge runs out and grasp the best time to leave the water, but you must also predict the timing when the opponent needs to get out of the water.”

“Remember. In 1v1, the most important thing is these details.”

Pei Feng had never forgotten his master’s teachings. Over the years, he had been practicing fine underwater operations. Today, against a world-class scout, he managed to kill his opponent alone!

Every detail was filled with impeccable perfection.

Xiao Pei, you really make your Master proud! 


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