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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 187 Part 1

Dark Swamp

South Korea’s lineup in this round was very similar to the Chinese team. Both sides had three scouts. South Korea had one charger and one assaulter, while China had two assaulters. It was a pure melee system and was all about rapid assassination underwater.

Jiang Shaoyu instructed everyone in a low voice, “Xueyao, pay attention to reporting the situation. The other four, focus on killing and fight quickly.”

The game map was about to be loaded, and the coaches of both sides left the soundproof room.

Jiang Shaoyu returned to the coaching bench and sat down, his expression as calm as usual. Cha Injun, who was on the coaching bench next to him, had a very serious expression at this time. The Korean team’s scouts were the strongest scouts in the world, but since Jiang Shaoyu dared to let Pei Feng play a scout, it meant that Pei Feng wasn’t bad either.

No one knew what Pei Feng’s close-up assassination ability was. This was his first World Series appearance as a scout. Cha Injun was full of confidence on the surface, but he was a bit uneasy in his heart.

He took a deep breath and looked at the big screen. The Korean team would definitely not lose. He sent Kim Minho and Kim Minji. They were the strongest scout combination in the world!

The map loaded quickly.

80% of the Dark Swamp map was water. The water was turbid, the bottom of the pool was full of mud, and the underwater visibility was very low. The remaining 20% of the area was lotus leaves. These lotus leaves were messy and varied in size. They could stand on top of the lotus leaves or hide under the lotus leaves.

The swamp was full of killing opportunities. If they weren’t careful, they would be attacked and assassinated.

Gun King had a breathing bar setting. If a player was lurking underwater, the breathing bar would continue to decrease. If it decreased to 0%, the player would suffocate and die. After surfacing, they just needed to breathe fresh air, and the breathing bar would instantly return to 100%. It would continue to decrease when they entered the water again.

Rhythm and patience were very important when playing such a water battle map. They must not panic over when to enter or exit the water. Otherwise, the moment they showed their head to breathe, they might be killed by a single shot.

At the beginning of the game, the five members of the Chinese team appeared on a large lotus leaf in the southeast corner, while the Korean team appeared in the northwest corner. The distance between the two rebirth points was very far. Even the range of a sniper rifle would find it difficult to reach the opponent.

Both sides were in melee combat. In order to hit the enemy, they had to pass through the pond.

The five members of the South Korean team immediately jumped into the swamp. The Chinese team also entered the pond. Qin Xueyao acted alone while the other four completely dispersed.

Qin Xueyao held the lightest dagger in her hand that was shaped like a dragonfly’s wings. She swam quickly underwater, using the lotus leaves as a cover. In the blink of an eye, she circled in from the outside.

Her clear and calm voice soon sounded on the voice channel. “One person is in the 7 o’clock direction.”

Underwater vision was limited. Qin Xueyao judged the position of the other person based on the ripples in the water. Ye Qingming just happened to be swimming in this direction. Once he heard this, he said, “Leave it to me.”

Qin Xueyao left the area and continued to scout on the other side.

Soon, a kill notification popped up on the screen.

[‘CHN-Leaf’ used the Rose Blade to kill ‘KOR-Lustre’!]

Yezi killed the South Korean charger hiding there in seconds. Immediately afterward, a nearby assaulter fired at Ye Qingming. Yezi was shot dead by the other person in the blink of an eye.

The next moment, he heard the clear sound of gunshots behind him.

[‘CHN-Fred’ used the Sand Eagle-Judgment to kill ‘KOR-East’!]

Pei Feng, who was nearby, provided timely support. The moment when the South Korean team’s assaulter turned around to kill Yezi, he fired a headshot and killed the opponent.

Ye Qingming smiled. “Nice! You got revenge for me.”

Pei Feng said, “Xueyao, be careful. Pay attention to the area in the upper right corner.”

Xia Li and Captain Zhou were both in the upper right corner, supporting each other on the left and right. Pei Feng was worried that the three scouts of the South Korean team would surround and kill them from three directions. Qin Xueyao typed 1 and quickly swam toward the upper right corner. Sure enough, she gave a danger reminder. “There is someone under the lotus leaf at 2 o’clock!”

The moment these words came out, Xia Li jumped up directly, pulled the trigger in the air, and fired bullets at the lotus left in front of her. She ferociously ‘punched through the lotus leaf’. The overwhelming bullets penetrated the lotus leaves like torrential rain, instantly killing the scout Ahn Taehyeong who was hiding under the lotus leaves.

It was a pity that the moment she killed the Korean scout, she was shot dead instantly. The gunshot came from the right rear side.

The Chinese team had three players left, while the Korean team still had a pair of world-renowned scout brothers. They couldn’t be careless. Pei Feng quickly swam toward Zhou Yiran and said, “Brother Zhou, I’m coming.”


Zhou Yiran emerged from under the pond while pretending to take a breath. Sure enough, the moment he emerged, a bullet was fired from under the lotus leaf on his side. Zhou Yiran immediately fell into the water, and the bullet almost grazed his scalp!

At the same time, Pei Feng accurately shot at the bottom of the lotus leaf and killed the Korean team’s scout Kim Minji with one shot!

[‘CHN-Fred’ used the Sand Eagle-Judgment to kill ‘KOR-Killer’ with a headshot!]

Zhou Yiran smiled and said, “Beautiful.”

Xiao Pei was indeed able to keep up with his train of thought. The reason Zhou Yiran just appeared was to deliberately draw out the Korean team’s scout. Xiao Pei instantly eliminated his opponent. So far, only Captain Kim Minho was left in the Korean team. The three members of the Chinese team formed a triangle position and surrounded the opponent. Zhou Yiran killed him quickly.

In the 1st round, the Chinese team won.

Cha Injun immediately called for a timeout.

He discovered the mystery of the Chinese team’s lineup!

Cha Injun walked quickly to the soundproof room and instructed in a low voice, “Snow of the Chinese team isn’t in charge of output. She is specifically looking for people in the pond for her teammates to attack. In the next round, Minho and Minji will cooperate to kill Snow. The other three people will spread out and hide. Wait for an opportunity and follow the command of the captain.”

Everyone nodded in unison. “We got it.”

In the second round, South Korea’s Kim Minho and Kim Minji teamed up and dived into the deep water, one to the left and the other to the right. The two of them used the cover of the lotus leaves to swim quickly and search for Qin Xueyao’s location.

As expected of the world’s top scouts. They quickly found Xueyao and surrounded her on the left and right, leaving Qin Xueyao with nowhere to hide. She was forced into a corner and turned around to shoot at Kim Minho, who dodged sideways. On the other side, Kim Minji shot her at the same time.


A bullet broke through the water resistance and instantly penetrated Qin Xueyao’s head.

Xueyao said, “Two people at 6 o’clock.”

Pei Feng immediately instructed, “Go over.”

However, the Korean team played very flexibly in this game. The brothers immediately dispersed after killing the person. Once Pei Feng led the team over, the other members of the Korean team lurking underwater also started to act.

South Korea fought 5 against 4. In the end, the Chinese team only killed three people before being wiped out.

In the 2nd round, the South Korean team won.

The audience became anxious when they saw this. The Korean team’s scouting ability was indeed very strong. If Xueyao continued to be targeted then the Chinese team would find it very hard to fight!

What to do?

Why didn’t Coach Jiang call a timeout?

In the coach’s seat, Lao Lin scratched his head anxiously. He asked Jiang Shaoyu in a low voice, “Shouldn’t we call a timeout?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “No need. I believe Xiao Pei can handle this situation.”

His trust in Pei Feng didn’t only stem from the year-long training during the ACE period, but also Pei Feng’s excellent tactical awareness and adaptability. Xiao Pei had grown up. As his master, he didn’t need to pause to guide his apprentice all the time. He should let Pei Feng decide what to do for himself.

The Korean team had the scout brothers.

The Chinese team didn’t have any brothers, but Yezi and Pei Feng were also capable of a very tacit cooperation.

How many times did Ye Qingming torture Pei Feng back then? It was almost countless. Therefore, Pei Feng could completely imitate Ye Qingming’s playing style. When he really imitated it, he was more similar to Ye Qingming than Ye Qingming’s apprentice, Little Yezi.

In the third round, Pei Feng said bluntly, “Brother Ye, it seems we have to join forces!”

Ye Qingming laughed lightly. “Okay, who to kill first?”

Pei Feng replied, “Play a 2V2 with the Korean brothers. Xueyao, aren’t they targeting you? You will be the bait in this round. Lead them to the area with the most lotus leaves in the center of the pond!”

Qin Xueyao called out, “Received!”

In the audience, Cha Injun’s expression relaxed a lot. He found that the strategy against Qin Xueyao was very effective. As long as the Korean team continued to play like this, the Chinese team would collapse.

The third round soon started.

Qin Xueyao pretended to scout the enemy’s movements and swam quickly to the center of the pond.

Kim Minho and Kim Minhi noticed the movement in the water and immediately followed her from left to right. In the blink of an eye, Qin Xueyao led them to the center of the pond where there were a lot of lotus leaves arranged in a disorderly manner. There were a lot of aquatic plants, and the players’ actions in this area would be hindered.

Kim Minho said calmly, “Kill her.”

His younger brother, Kim Minji, immediately shot Qin Xueyao, but Qin Xueyao jumped out of the water and stood on the lotus leaf like she had expected it. The bullet only hit her leg and didn’t kill her.

At this moment, two people swam to this side quickly, one from the left and the other from the right. The audience was surprised to find that the frequencies of YeZi and Xiao Pei swimming underwater were almost the same. They were completely synchronized, as if looking in a mirror!

The two of them surrounded the Kim brothers and swam clockwise.

Ye Qingming took out the Sand Eagle and fired underwater. Pei Feng also fired continuously. The two of them formed a ‘circular’ encirclement underwater. The bullets fired were too fast, so the bullets fired by the two people swimming in a circle were densely packed like a circular whirlpool. This made it impossible for the Korean brothers to avoid it!

The Korean brothers were worthy of being world-class players. They reacted extremely quickly.

They couldn’t avoid bullets underwater, but they could exit the water.

The two brothers had a tacit understanding at this moment. They jumped out of the water at almost the same time. They used the lotus leaf as a pedal and frantically fired toward the water, turning defense into offense.

Ye Qingming and Pei Feng quickly dispersed.

The two of them swam quickly under the lotus leaves to avoid the bullets coming from above their heads.

For a moment, ripples appeared on the surface of the water, and a large lotus leaf was shot full of dense holes by the Korean brothers. Ye Qingming and Pei Feng were injured one after another, and the water surface was stained red with blood in an instant.

If this continued, both of them would be killed. They had less than 30% of their health bar left.

The moment when the audience was feeling nervous for the two of them, Pei Feng suddenly jumped out of the water from the east and fired two shots at Kim Minho.

Ye Qingming also jumped out of the water and shot at Kim Minji’s position.

The two people came out of the water and fired at the same time. It was like a copy program calculated by the intelligent AI!

Kim Minho and Kim Minji were in defensive postures and supporting each other. Ye Qingming and Pei Feng suddenly jumped out from two directions at the same time. The two brothers only had time to defend one side.

The two of them shot Pei Feng at the same time.

Pei Feng was hit by a bullet, and his body instantly fell into the pond with a loud sound.

Then the bullets fired from the other direction couldn’t be dodged by the two brothers.

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘KOR-King’ with a headshot!]

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘KOR-Killer’ with a headshot!]

Ye Qingming fired two shorts and actually hit both targets?!


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