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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 186


The draw finished, and the competition schedule was soon announced on the official website. The first match of the semi-finals was the United States VS Italy which would be held at 7 p.m. on December 16th. The match between China and South Korea would be held at 7 p.m. on December 17th.

In other words, there were three days left to prepare for the next match.

Jiang Shaoyu returned to his room on the night of December 14th and convened the tactical team to conduct a detailed analysis of the Korean team. Qin Bo, the engineer accompanying the team, had already compiled all the statistics of the Korean team’s players and data in this World Series.

Qin Bo opened the PPT and introduced it to the coaches. “The Korean national team this year brought three scouts and two people in the other positions. I have listed the number of appearances for each player.”

Everyone looked up at the data on the projection screen.

South Korea’s three scouts, Kim Minho and Kim Minji are veteran players. They were all-stars after last year’s World Series. The brothers also won the ‘Best Partners’ trophy. The two of them cooperated tacitly, and countless players were assassinated by them. Jiang Shaoyu also had an impression of Ahn Taehyeong, a newcomer. He was there during the Asian Championship.

Judging from the data of the previous matches, the South Korean team’s main force and substitutes were clearly distinguished, unlike China’s ‘11 main forces’ rotation.

Their three scouts were the main force. After all, South Korea’s proud ‘three scouts’ lineup was indeed very strong.

For the other players, the charger Lee Seunghyeong (Lustre), the assaulter Choi Dongwook (East), and the medic □□ (Fruit) had made multiple appearances and hadn’t rotated with the substitutes. Jiang Shaoyu also knew the names of the other players in the charger, assaulter, and medic positions. They were all newcomer substitutes, and it was unlikely they would appear in the match against China. (TL: The name for the medic was censored in the raws, probably because it is similar to something that is forbidden by jjwxc. If it keeps being censored then I will use Fruit as the name.)

In addition, the two snipers Park Seungwoo (Simple) and Seo Taewoo (TiMi) had also been rotated in the group stage. Who would be sent depended on the arrangement of Coach Cha.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the data on the statistics table and said, “List all the maps that South Korea has selected in previous matches. Everyone, do some analysis.”

Qin Bo nodded and quickly brought up the second data table. This clearly listed the maps used by the Korean team in the group stage and knockout stage. It could be seen that most of the maps they chose were common maps such as Yuehu Park, Ghost Castle, Guanghua Middle School, Bewitching Town, etc.

They didn’t choose a five star map because they didn’t have a particularly strong opponent in the group stage. Therefore, there was no need to come up with their signature tactics and maps. Based on Jiang Shaoyu’s inference, they must have a guaranteed, difficult map that they focused on training.

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at the coaches and said, “Coach Cha will definitely come up with the strongest lineup to play against the Chinese team. Since he played tricks before the match, it shows that he is actually very afraid of us in his heart.”

If Cha Injun didn’t take the Chinese team seriously like the German coach Clemens, he wouldn’t have reported the Chinese team before the match in the hope of destroying the Chinese team’s mentality and making them leave early.

The more he engaged in these small actions, the more it showed that he actually valued China as an opponent.

After the Asian Championship, Cha Injun used public opinion to make the previous national team’s coach resign and withdraw from the circle. He pushed the boat to take power. This World Series was his best chance to become famous. If he could lead South Korea to the championship, then his position in the country would be unshaken. If he failed, he would be ruined.

No wonder why he was so jealous of the Chinese national team.

The Korean team was accidentally overturned in the Asian Championship at the hands of the Chinese team. He was very worried that it would happen again in the World Series.

Jiang Shaoyu carefully analyzed the opponent’s psychology. “Coach Cha is afraid of losing, especially since they have drawn China in the semi-finals. Once they lose, they can’t even get the runner-up trophy. In the next match, they will feel much greater psychological pressure than us.”

China’s entry into the semi-finals was already the best result in history. Even if they lost, they wouldn’t be scolded too harshly when returning home. South Korea was the complete opposite. They competed with the United States for the championship every year. If they were kicked out of the finals by China this year, Coach Cha wouldn’t be able to explain it to the people, and there would be complete backlash from his supporters.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “So, I decided to fight South Korea with Xiao Pei’s free person in the next match. I will break their mentality as quickly as possible.”

The coaches looked at each other and gave Coach Jiang a thumbs up in their hearts. Xiao Pei’s free person had been hidden until now just to defeat South Korea!

If Pei Feng’s free person tactic was exposed in previous matches, the Korean team would definitely prepare for it in advance. It was precisely because there was no exposure that Pei Feng’s unexpected change of position would confuse the South Koreans.

Old Xu, a coach who had been coaching for nine years, couldn’t help smiling. “Pei Feng has too many free person styles. Which one does Coach Jiang want to play? What position will you let him play?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “A scout and media are all possible.”

Everyone: “……”

The main sniper of the Chinese team suddenly turned into a scout and even carried a first-aid kit to save people everywhere. The South Korean team would be completely confused. Coach Jiang’s ‘hole card’ was too good!

Jiang Shaoyu said, “In terms of the map, I predict that South Korea will choose Dark Swamp for their home game. This map is their trump card, and they have a win rate of over 90%. At the Asian Championship, we lost to South Korea on this map. This time, I am confident we can win it back.”

Dark Swamp was the most suitable map for hidden assassinations.

During the Asian championship, the Chinese team lost to South Korea on this map. At that time, many netizens in China were scolding Jiang Shaoyu and asking why he didn’t ban it. Jiang Shaoyu’s idea was very simple. If he banned the opponent’s strong map every time, what if it came out in the final tiebreaker where the map was randomly selected? Just lie down and admit defeat?

Therefore, he must fight against the opponent’s strong map. It was only when they faced each other head-on during the opponent’s home game and accumulated experience that they wouldn’t be afraid the next time they met.

At this time, South Korea’s coaching staff was also staying up late to analyze it.

The assistant coach listed the data of everyone in the Chinese team. He also played Jiang Shaoyu’s recorded video. Then he said, “The Chinese team has 11 main players this year and no substitutes. The lineup changes are very diverse. I have summarized it. The lineups that appeared the most at present at Mo Hantian’s team of five newcomers, the ACE 2.0 team, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou’s dual command in explosion mode, the full melee combat system, and the three sniper system.”

Of course, Coach Cha also paid attention to these lineups that appeared before.

The five newcomers led by Mo Hantian were usually used by Jiang Shaoyu for training. They definitely wouldn’t use this lineup when playing against the Korean team. A pure melee system of two assaulters, two chargers, and one scout was also possible because there was no advantage in fighting South Korea’s three scout system in pure melee.

Then the most likely ones were the three sniper system and the ACE 2.0 system.

Coach Cha frowned and said, “The five members of ACE 2.0 are old teammates. The key to winning this lineup lies in their tacit teamwork. If China goes with this lineup, the scouts will go around and assassinate the medic and sniper. Then solve the remaining three. Their cooperation will naturally collapse.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Coach Cha continued his analysis. “For the three sniper lineup, I will ban sniper maps such as Rainy Night and Skyscraper. As long as he isn’t allowed to choose a sniper map, it won’t be difficult for us to use three scouts to defeat their three snipers.” Scouts originally slightly restrained snipers. They stared at the sniper and attacked from behind. Naturally, the three snipers of China wouldn’t be able to cooperate.

Cha Injun actually wasn’t afraid of China’s ACE 2.0 and three snipers lineup. What he was worried about was that Jiang Shaoyu would come up with some weird combinations. After all, China’s 11 players were the main force, and he could freely match various lineups.

In any case, South Korea’s three scout system could even win against the US team. He didn’t believe that the Chinese team could still come up with any tricks. He took a deep breath and said confidently, “No matter what lineup the Chinese team uses, we will use the strongest three scout system to fight! Kill their core, and we will win.”

In the next few days, both the Chinese team and South Korean team started their intensive practice in preparation for the next match.

On the evening of December 16th, the match between the United States and Italy started first. There was almost no suspense in the match between these two teams. The US team defeated Italy with a score of 3:0 and advanced to the final first.

On the evening of December 17th, the match between China and South Korea officially started.

It was exactly noon in China.

People heard that China had reached the semi-finals of the World Series, and the opponent was South Korea. Countless netizens flocked to the live stream room to watch. The number of online viewers in the live stream room broke a record high, doubling that of the final of the A-grade League.

The barrage area was so full that it was almost impossible to see the text clearly.

[Chinese team, charge!]

[Come on, kill them!]

[If we can win this match, I will stream live doing a handstand and washing my hair.]

[I will eat a keyboard live!]

[Ahhhh this girl is willing to lose 30 catties to wish for the national team to win three games in a row!]

There were also many reasonable netizens who left messages discussing it.

[It is a BO5 format. South Korea will have two home games. I think it is still a bit difficult to win.]

[Objectively speaking, the strength of the Korean team is indeed very strong. It isn’t certain whether we can win or not.]

[Everyone, be sensible. Just do their best in the match.]

[I won’t scold the national team if they lose this match. It is already a big breakthrough to be able to enter the final four!]

The two commentators saw the liveliness of the barrage area and smiled. “Everyone, good afternoon. Welcome to the semi-finals of the 6th Gun King World Series. I am the official commentator, Xiao Xi.”

“I am the official commentator Feifei. Today, the Chinese team will face the South Korean team. We can see that the coaches of both sides are ready. Coach Jiang and South Korea’s Coach Cha Injun have come to the soundproof room to draw lots.”

“The one who receives the first hand is also very important. The team with the first hand can choose the mode and map at home. If they win the first game, players will have a certain psychological advantage.”

“…The Korean team drew the first hand! South Korea has good luck today. The first game is South Korea’s home game. Let’s see what mode the coach will choose. He submitted Endless Bloody Battle mode!”

“Endless Bloody Battle is indeed very suitable for the first game. if there is a special tactical arrangement, you can take the opponent by surprise and play first, taking advantage of the opponent’s inability to adapt to directly score one point!”

“It is the map BP. What map will Coach Jiang ban?”

Jiang Shaoyu quickly put an X on three maps: Crystal Cave, Ghost Castle, and Stone Formation.

These three maps were all maps that the Korean team had used to win against their opponents in the group stage. Banning a map that the opponent was proficient in was a common BP idea, but what the domestic audience didn’t quite understand was… why wasn’t Dark Swamp banned?

Sure enough, Coach Cha submitted the map: Dark Swamp!

The audience questioned it.

[Why wasn’t Dark Swamp banned? It is a must to ban this for the Korean team.]

[Crystal Cave and Dark Swamp are the same type of map, but Dark Swamp is more difficult to fight!]

[South Korea has a win rate of over 90% for the Dark Swamp map. It seems they only lost on it once to the United States last year.]

[The Korean team hasn’t used this map in this year’s World Series, but Dark Swamp should be a must ban against South Korea? What is Coach Jiang thinking?]

[At least he banned three maps. This is better than the last Asian Championship where he directly released the ban.]

[Yes, today he didn’t release the ban. You guys should be content [dog head.jpg].]

The audience remembered Jiang Shaoyu’s reckless behavior at the Asian Championship and suddenly fell silent.

Yes, they could never guess Coach Jiang’s thoughts!

“The two coaches sent people at the same time. We can see that the players sent by South Korea are the scouts Kim Minho, Kim Minji, and Ahn Taehyeong, the assaulter Choi Dongwook, and the charger Lee Seunghyeong. It is a pure violent melee lineup!”

“The Chinese team sent the scouts Yezi and Xueyao, the sniper Pei Feng, and the assaulters Xia LI and Xiao Zhou… four melee and one ranged?”

“In this case, wouldn’t Pei Feng become the weakness of the team? It will be difficult for them to fight once he dies, right?”

Spectators filled the barrage with question marks.

Xia Li had a fierce fighting style. Even if she was assassinated at close range, her ability to counterattack was very strong. She had a chance of fighting back. Xiao Zhou had always been stable and had accurate marksmanship. This gave him an advantage in the swamp map! Xueyao was good at finding people while Yezi’s assassination tactics were a match for South Korea. Everyone could understand why these four people were sent to fight South Korea.

Then why was Pei Feng here?

It was difficult for a sniper to shoot in the murky swamp. Wouldn’t he be a target if he stood on a lotus leaf?

Korea’s Coach Cha Injun couldn’t help chuckling. “Coach Jiang seems to really like his apprentice. He actually sent Fred on a map like Dark Swamp. Does he want to stand on a lotus leaf and snipe the scouts in the pond?”

South Korea’s scout, Kim Minji smiled. “Leave Fred to me. Don’t snatch it.”

Both sides entered the weapons selection. Pei Feng quickly selected weapons from the arsenal. His main weapon was the Sand Eagle-Judgment, the secondary weapon was the ‘Supernova Double Guns’, and the third weapon grid was used on the Poisonous Bee Dagger.

A pistol, a double gun, and a dagger.

What about his sniper rifle?

The Korean team was collectively stunned for a moment, and Cha Injun’s smile instantly froze on his face.

—In this game, Pei Feng was playing a scout!

He wanted to compete with South Korea’s world-class scouting skills and assassination skills? Who gave him the confidence?!

The domestic audience finally reacted.

[F*k! Brother Feng is a free person!]

[Who said he is a sniper? In this game, Fred will go into the water and fight with the Korean scouts!]

[Ahhh Fred switched to a scout in this game. China wants to use three scouts to defeat South Korea’s three scouts lineup!]

[The front is strong, the head is iron!]

[…Coach Jiang really has ideas.]

Jiang Shaoyu looked calm.

You are most proud of the three scout system?

Sorry, our Chinese team can also form a lineup of three scouts.

It wasn’t certain who would win!


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