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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 185

Advanced to the Semi-finals

The Chinese team had already reached the match point. Unless the Brazilian team managed to win three games in a row, it would be impossible to beat the Chinese team to advance to the semi-finals.

The coaches from various countries weren’t optimistic about Brazil. Even Coach Matthew of the Brazilian team felt that it was no longer possible. Winning three games in a row? That was only possible if the Chinese team went offline collectively!

What’s more, the next match point game was the home game of the Chinese team.

There was a 10 minute break after the first two games. Jiang Shaoyu came to the soundproof room and whispered something to the players. The on-site cameraman happened to give him the shot. Domestic netizens started speculating.

[What mode will Coach Jiang choose in the third game?]

[It is already 2:0. It doesn’t matter what he chooses in the third game, right?]

[They fought Endless Bloody Battle today. In the third game, I want to see the duel or explosion mode.]

[I think we can win no matter what is chosen!]

[Celebrate the Chinese team’s advancement to the semi-finals in advance!]

[The fight hasn’t even started. Don’t you feel it is stable?]

[It must be stable!]

Netizens had watched the Chinese team’s matches recently, and they had full confidence in the national team. This year’s Chinese team had changed from ‘losing to anyone’ to ‘losing to no one.’

They won in the group stage against Germany, Canada and Spain. Then they won 3:0 in the knockout stage against the United Kingdom. Now against Brazil, there was a high probability that it would also be 3:0.

It was a streak of wins all the way, and it was unstoppable!

In the third game, would Coach Jiang make a substitution?

The audience stared expectantly at the big screen.

After a 10 minute break, the match point game officially began.

It was the home field of the Chinese team, and Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Life and Death Explosion.

Coach Matthew of the Brazilian team didn’t hesitate to ban the two maps with a five star difficulty, Civic Center and Xishan Prison. Fighting with the Chinese team on a difficult map? It was just asking for trouble!

In addition to the two five star maps, Matthew also banned Guanghua Middle School, which was a test for snipers. The competition for aerial sniper points on this map was very critical. The level of the snipers in the Brazilian team was far inferior to the Chinese team. Matthew was still very self-aware.

Jiang Shaoyu chose the map: Bewitching Town.

This explosion map was medium in size. The Chinese team had practiced it during the Asian Championship but didn’t use it in the end. The four star difficulty map was relatively easy to play. There were two explosion points, the square and the library.

After submitting the map, Jiang Shaoyu submitted the substitution application.

Replace Laolin, Leaf, and Akzhou with Devil, Time, and Snow.

The domestic audience was a bit surprised when this substitution list came out.

[The newcomer team is coming?]

[5 newcomers in explosion mode is quite rare.]

[Liu and Pei aren’t playing. Is it stable for them to do this?]

Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng’s explosion mode was indeed very strong. The police commanded by Liu Shaozhou, and the bandits commanded by Pei Feng both played 5:0 crushing games.

However, there was no need for the two commanders to play together against Brazil.

The next opponents were the most powerful South Korea and the United States. The more games that Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng commanded, the more their tactical ideas would be exposed, and they would be easily studied by the opponents. Secondly, after the first two games, Jiang Shaoyu already knew that the real strength of the Brazilian team wasn’t as good as the United Kingdom team. It was better to send the newcomers for the last chance at training.

It would be more difficult for Xiao Mo to lead a team to play the explosion mode than Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou. However, the five of them had been working together for a long time during the base training. Everyone was familiar with the Bewitching Town map. As long as there were no big mistakes, they should be able to win.

At the start of the game, the Chinese team was randomly assigned the police in the first half.

Mo Hantian immediately issued an order. “1-3-1 split. Xueyao, look for people. I will go upstairs to cover you. The other three will guard the library!”

Qin Xueyao quickly went to the library, ambushing the people in the narrow alley ahead of time. Mo Hantian climbed to the top floor of the library.

Brazil’s players used the strategy of rushing to the library as five people in this game.

Mo Hantian stared at the intersection. He immediately opened fire and sniped the Brazilian team as they rushed over.


Mo Hantian killed one person first.

Immediately afterward, deafening gunshots came from the alley.

Hua Ran and Xia Li jumped out and started shooting at the same time. Hua Ran’s chameleon skin shot rainbow bullets, and Xia Li’s summer skin shot blue bullets. This visual effect was simply a ‘colorful movie special effect.’ The fanciness confused the Brazilian team.

The two of them attacked from the left and right and were like obstacles. Their fierce life-for-life play meant they instantly killed the two front rows of the Brazilian team.

2 for 2. It was no loss!

Three Brazilian players died before the bomb could be planted. The Chinese team also had the medic, Shi Xiaobin. Under the cover of Mo Hantian’s long-range firepower, he raised the bulletproof light panel and quickly rescued Hua Hua and Xia Xia.

The two resurrected people jumped out and shot wildly again, killing the rest of the Brazilian team.

In the 1st round, the Chinese team won.

Jiang Shaoyu, who was sitting in the audience, nodded and said, “It was a good fight.”

He thought it would be more difficult for the Gourd Babies to play, but the cooperation of the five newcomers had become smoother. This made Jiang Shaoyu very pleased. They were all growing rapidly.

Pei Feng glanced at his master’s side profile and said with a smile, “Xiao Mo has been studying with us during this period of time, and his command awareness has improved a lot. This game should be stable. In the first place, Brazil’s explosion mode isn’t strong.”

The facts were as Pei Feng expected. The Brazilian team fought hard in this game, but Mo Hantian had grown rapidly recently. In addition, the newcomers of the Gourd Babies 2.0 team responded quickly, while Xueyao was the most stable scout when it came to reporting locations. The Chinese team finally won the explosion mode with a score of 6:3!

So far, China had played Brazil and won all three games.

The domestic commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese national team for beating Brazil with a score of 3:0!”

“Today’s Chinese team still performed well. They won all three maps of Pirate Base, Winding Corridor, and Bewitching Town and successfully entered the semi-finals!”

“The final four. We are one step closer to a trophy in the World Series!”

“This is also the first time that the Chinese team has entered the semi-finals after participating in six World Series!”

Domestic netizens were moved to tears.

Final four? They never dared to think about it before.

It took the Chinese team six years to go from a ‘weak team’ that had a hard time getting out of the group stage to the ‘strongest dark horse’ that had reached the semi-finals.

Over the years, countless viewers were disappointed and chilled by the national team. Some even uninstalled Gun King and stopped paying attention to world events.

Then this year, Jiang Shaoyu became the head coach of the national team. He led an iron-blooded team and achieved victories one after another. Everyone rebuilt their confidence!

[National team, jiayou!]

[I am optimistic about the national team. You are all so handsome!]

[The Chinese team is awesome!]

[A final four. I am going to open champagne to celebrate. F*k, so excited!]

[Everyone in the national team is so good!]

The Chinese team took the initiative to shake hands with the Brazilian team.

Compared with the dejected looks of the foreign players after previous matches, the Brazilian players were quite relaxed. Perhaps they also knew it was difficult to defeat China and had long been prepared to lose?

As the players exited, the on-site commentators started to explain the next match arrangement in English.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for beating Brazil with a score of 3:0 and being the first to secure a place in the semi-finals. Next up are Italy VS Germany in the second half. In the first half, it is US VS France and South Korea VS Australia!”

In the domestic live stream room, the two commentators analyzed it. “China is the first to lock a place in the top four. Since the upper and lower halves will meet in the semi-finals, our opponents in the next match will most likely be the United States and South Korea.”

“Yes, in the final round, the two teams from the top half will play against the two teams of the bottom half. Who is drawn depends on the arrangement of fate.

“In fact, none of the opponents possibly drawn in the next round are easy. South Korea and the United States are the teams that have been in the finals since the first World Series of Gun King. This year, one will win the championship, and next year, the other will win the championship. They are both very strong. The United States has the world’s top snipers, and South Korea has the world’s strongest scouts.”

“What do you think the Chinese team’s chances of winning in the next round are?”

“Oh… 40% to 60% right? After all, we have no experience playing in the final round. In the final round, there is no room for mistakes, especially when strong teams collide. If your reaction is a few tens of a second slower, you will cause trouble to your teammates. If wiped out, the psychological pressure on the players will be very high.”

“Assuming we lost in the next match, we still have a chance to compete for third place.”

“If China is fighting Germany or Italy for third place then we should win. However, this is the worst-case scenario. We should have more confidence in the national team! What if we win the next round, right?”

“That’s right. Let’s compete for second place and try to win the championship!”

“I hope that the players of the national team can adjust their mentality, nourish their spirits, and seriously prepare for the next match.”

“We will announce the semi-finals draw list as soon as possible. We welcome everyone to pay attention to the live stream of the national team. See you later, friends!”

Jiang Shaoyu returned to the hotel with the team.

After the Chinese team took the lead in securing a place in the semi-finals, Germany unexpectedly lost to Italy in the bottom half with a score of 2:3.

Perhaps there was something wrong with the mentality of the German players after losing to China in the group stage. They made coordination errors in the crucial decisive game, and Italy seized the opportunity to destroy them in a wave.

In the top half, the United States and South Korea defeated their opponents 3:0 to reach the semi-finals.

The final four of the World Series had finally been announced: the United States, South Korea, China, and Italy!

On the evening of December 14th, the organizing committee called the coaches of the four teams to do the draw for the next round. The four coaches met again in the meeting room.

In previous years, the top four were three European and American countries plus South Korea. This year, the Chinese team actually made it to the semi-finals, taking away a spot from many European countries hopeful of winning the prize. This surprised many people.

Jiang Shaoyu was surrounded by reporters the moment he appeared. Reporters from many countries took photos of him one after another.

Soon, the referee came to the scene with two boxes. Under the gazes of the media reporters, the referee said loudly, “Next is the draw for the top four. In each of the two boxes, there is a red and blue envelope. I will ask the four coaches to come forward and draw lots. The one who draws the same color will be the opponent in the next round!”

The US team’s Coach Asta and the South Korean team’s Coach Cha Injun stepped forward. They went to the box of the top half, and each drew an envelope. Jiang Shaoyu and the Italian team’s Coach William also drew envelopes successively.

Reporters from various countries were frantically taking photos from the audience. The clicking sound of the shutter and the dazzling white lights were like the scenes from a press conference.

This draw was aired live across the world and was witnessed by all viewers following the competition.

The referee said, “Next, let’s announce the results of the draw together!”

The four coaches opened the envelope simultaneously.

The US team: Blue.

South Korea: Red.

Italy: Blue.

Jiang Shaoyu drew red.

The referee said excitedly, “The next round will be the United States VS Italy and South Korea VS China!”

The four coaches on the stage had different expressions. Cha Injun’s smile was a bit stiff while Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were calm throughout.

After the draw, the coaches were surrounded by reporters.

The Korean reporter in front of Cha Injun asked excitedly, “Coach Cha, are you confident when playing the Chinese team next? Do you think the Korean team has a good chance of winning?”

Cha Injun smiled gracefully. “Of course! The Chinese team has a good record in the bottom half of the competition. However, they can only stop here now that they have met South Korea!”

On the side, many foreign reporters excitedly held out their microphones in front of Jiang Shaoyu. “Coach Jiang, how much confidence do you have in the next match after drawing the South Korean team?”

”The South Korean team has won the world championship many times while you are reaching the semi-finals for the first time. What do you think the winning percentage is when drawing South Korea?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “It is hard to say the odds now. We will go out all and prepare seriously for the match against the Korean team.”

The answers from the two coaches were very different.

Korean netizens commented excitedly.

“He must not have the confidence to say this!”

“China can only stop here. Our Coach Cha is awesome!”

Meeting South Korea in the semi-finals was a life or death battle for the Chinese team.

Jiang Shaoyu knew that the Korean team liked to play these insidious tricks behind the scenes. He also knew that the Korean media would boast about the strength of the Korean team. He was too lazy to waste words with the Korean team.

No confidence? No, he was confident.

After all, Xiao Pei’s free person hadn’t appeared yet. This was the real king of the national team.

Let the coach of the Korean team arrange tactics according to the previous matches of the Chinese team… Then let Xiao Pei surprise them.


  1. Souwmi says:

    God Wing is speaking facts from the moment he took over the reins of the head coach of China. Even during Asian championships he was confident. Only the outsiders weren’t optimistic about them. SK has a bit of superiority complex. And the korean netizens believe in their team. But they don’t know that their coach is already afraid of meeting them in World series. Why else would he try to destroy the player’s mentality? Unfortunately for him the tricks didn’t work and the last boss is going to be China it seems.

  2. littlemonarch says:

    The slapping face is about to begin! Coach cha injun is going to be scolded so hard he better start preparing his water army to blame their future lost to the players instead lolol.

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