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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 184

The Simplest Map

After the first game, it wasn’t only the live stream rooms of various countries that were full of laughter, but the audience also couldn’t help laughing. They had watched so many matches but the match between China and Brazil really had a comedic effect.

The name of the ‘happy comedian’ CHN-Flower spread all over the Internet.

Many domestic netizens followed Hua Hua’s Weibo and discovered that he was actually a student of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Imperial Capital College. They looked through his previous Weibo posts and could see some of his works. It was really…

Colorful and very abstract.

The netizens concluded: “I understand. Hua Hua just likes bright colors.”

“Look. He even dyed his hair purple!”

“Should he join the YY team and become a member of the Rainbow Team?”

“The focus of his game is on buying skins. He has bought all the skins. A rich person!”

“I also want to be a newcomer with fancy effects!”

The second game was about to start. Brazil’s coach, Matthew, returned to the soundproof room. He scratched his head and said with a smile, “It’s okay, it is normal to lose. We just have to enjoy the fun of an e-sports competition!”

The players: “……”

But they didn’t have much fun, did they? The happy ones were obviously the Chinese team?

Matthew thought about it carefully and said, “How about this for the next game? We will choose Endless Bloody Battle mode and take out the simplest map to fight them!”

Speaking of ‘simple maps’, the simplest out of all of Gun King’s maps was Winding Corridor.

It was a square map connected by four corridors in the east, south, west, and north. There were no obstacles. Players just needed to move back and forth in the corridors and fight at the corners.

Since the corridor was an indoor map, the space was small. Grenades were prohibited, and they didn’t have to worry about Hua Hua throwing colorful grenades to bomb them.

At the beginning of the second game, Coach Matthew submitted the mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

Coach Jiang casually banned three maps.

Matthew quickly chose the map: Winding Corridor!

This was the simplest and smallest map in the whole game. Could the Chinese team play any tricks?

The two commentators started speaking. “I wonder if Coach Jiang will replace players? In the Asian Championships, there were only six players, and I remember that it was Fred who used this map to win against Vietnam in the group stage.”

“Yes. Today, all of the Chinese team is here, and it isn’t necessary to let Fred play. Xia Li and Captain Zhou will have a great advantage in playing this map. A sniper’s play in this map is limited.”

“It depends on how Coach Jiang chooses.”

The Brazilian team asked for a substitution and replaced the medic with an assaulter. In this way, the Brazilian team had two chargers, two assaulters, and one scout.

The Chinese team didn’t make any substitutions. The lineup was the same as the Brazilian team with two chargers, two assaulters, and one scout.

Backstage, Coach Zhu saw this and couldn’t help saying, “This map is Xia Li’s favorite map. The Brazilian team actually chose this?”

Old Chang said with a smile, “I understand Coach Matthew. He probably feels that he can’t beat China with tactics, so he used the simplest map to fight face-to-face. It is quick and easy.”

Coach Zhu smiled slightly and looked at the big screen expectantly.

Xia Li’s ability to fight in small encounters was very strong. Did the Brazilian team really think that the Chinese team had no tactics on a simple map?

The game was about to begin, and both sides selected weapons. Since this map was a small space, the use of grenades was prohibited. Hua Ran brought incendiary bombs and gas bombs, as well as a submachine gun.

The domestic audience filled the screen with ‘hahaha.’

[Hua Hua is really poisonous.]

[Is he going to poison them at close range and die with his opponent?]

The two commentators analyzed it while laughing. “The gas bomb will spread a poisonous mist. It blocks the vision of the players in the poisonous mist and makes the enemies and teammates who enter its range constantly lose health.”

“The incendiary bomb releases a large fire in the release range. People who walk into the fire area will be ignited and continue to lose health.”

“In this round, Hua Hua might be… causing chaos to the end?”

The moment the game started, the players of both sides refreshed in the upper left and lower right corners respectively.

The map of Winding Corridor was too simple. After refreshing, they could only go to the left or right. Since the last round, Hua Ran had left a psychological shadow on them. It would be troublesome if the five people huddled together and were affected by Hua Ran’s throwing weapons. Edgar, the captain of the Brazilian team, made a decisive decision. “Two people go to the left, three people go to the right. Pay attention to your rear.”

The five Brazilian team members quickly dispersed. The two chargers went to the left while the other three went to the right.

The Chinese team also used the 2-3 split.

Hua Ran and Xia Li were in a group while the other three rushed to the right.

Soon, the two sides met at a corner of a narrow corridor. On the right side, it was 3V3.

Lao Lin rushed to the front and violently fired the Thomson in his hand. No matter how many bullets hit his body, he only needed to rush forward to help his teammates open the situation!

Soon, Lao Lin was besieged by the three members of the Brazilian team and fell in a pool of blood.

However, Xiao Zhou and Yezi took advantage of the opportunity and followed behind his corpse, one to the left and one to the right. the AK’s clear sound echoed in the corridor. Zhou Yiran’s marksmanship was accurate and stable. He killed two of the three members of the Brazilian team in an instant!

The remaining one was shot in the head by Yezi.

The kill notifications appeared on the screen.

[‘CHN-AKZhou’ used the AK-Dark Night to kill ‘BRA-Yara’!]

[‘CHN-AKZhou’ used the AK-Dark Night to kill ‘BRA-Ruddy’!]

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘BRA-Sennet’ with a headshot!]

The Chinese team played 3V3. In the end, Lao Lin sacrificed himself. It was 1 for 3 and played a perfect small team battle.

On the left, Hua Ran and Xia Li were besieged by the two chargers of the Brazilian team. It was 2V2. In fact, when Hua Hua and Xia Xia first cooperated, they often made trouble and hurt each other. Then after this period of cooperation, the pair of ‘wronged brother and sister’ born on the same day, month, and year, could move forward together as long as the map wasn’t too complicated.

It was a desperate rush.

There was Hua Hua’s chaos and Xia Li’s recklessness. The effect was really two wild horses that couldn’t be stopped at all!!

The moment Hua Hua saw his opponent, he directly threw a poisonous gas bomb at the opponent’s feet!

A strange purple fog spread around him. The spread of the dense fog would cause a ‘poisoning’ effect, causing everyone in range to collectively lose health. Hua Ran himself was also affected by the poison, and his health dropped sharply.

The two members of the Brazilian team chased after them in the dense fog. They started firing wildly and killed Hua Ran in the blink of an eye!

However, Xia Li jumped out immediately. The girl with short hair was handsome and fierce. The AK in her hand suddenly shot toward the opposite side in a fan shape!

Hua Ran poisoned two people on the opposite side into residual health. Xia Li’s wave of strafing hit very beautifully. Almost all the bullets hit the opponent!

Her AK was a summer skin coated in blue spray paint. The bullets fired were like cannons stained with seawater.

The health bars of the two chargers of the Brazilian team disappeared instantly.

A double kill!

Hua Ran shouted excitedly, “Nice!”

Xia Li smiled. “It is a normal operation.”

Captain Edgar was somewhat skeptical about life. “Is Flower here to die? Summer is the output?”

In fact, viewers from a god’s perspective could clearly see that the cooperation between Hua Ran and Xia Li was very exciting. Hua Hua moved in front and released poison, attracting the opponent’s attention. Meanwhile, Xia Li hid behind him and jumped out to shoot him when he died!

Then she relied on her strong instantaneous response ability and precise marksmanship to instantly kill the two enemies with residual health.

This was the simplest cooperation between the twin ‘wronged brother and sister.’

In the first small game, the Chinese team won.

The Brazilian team requested a timeout!

Coach Matthew couldn’t stand it any longer. He came to the soundproof room again and warned, “That Flower is here to make trouble. In the next game, the five of you will directly gather together. Use more to defeat less. Rush over in one wave!”

The team members replied, “Okay.”

Matthew left the soundproof room and returned to the coach’s bench. He secretly glanced at Jiang Shaoyu in the coach’s seat next to him.

Coach Jiang sat there with an indifferent expression. He put on a ‘bystander’ attitude like it wasn’t his team playing on the stage.

This person was so calm.

Matthew scratched his head and thought about it. This coach really had the face of a championship team coach. He had this attitude regardless of whether it was a good or bad trend. He really had a strong heart!

At the beginning of the second small game, the Brazilian team followed Coach Matthew’s instructions. He rushed to the right as a group of five people.

Then the audience saw a very dramatic scene.

He saw Hua Ran throw an incendiary bomb. It happened to be thrown in the middle of the five members of the Brazilian team. Due to the small space of the Winding Corridor map, the five players had no way to avoid it and were collectively burned. There were blazing flames on their bodies.

Then the Chinese team didn’t fight them and quickly avoided the battle. They let the Brazilian team chase behind them while burning. The most disgusting thing about the incendiary bomb was here. With the gas bomb, they wouldn’t lose health as long as they left the poisonous mist and breathed fresh air. But once the incendiary bomb burned them, they would lose health along the way.

After all, they were on fire!

As a result, the audience saw the five members of the Brazilian team rushing forward madly while on fire. It was as if their buttocks were burned by fire.

The cunning Chinese team avoided the fight for a moment. After the flames on their bodies were extinguished, the Chinese team suddenly came around the corner and counterattacked. A team with full health fought against a team with less health. It was easy to clear the field in one wave.

In the second small game, the Chinese team won.

Matthew: “……”

He thought incorrectly! No matter how simple the map, the Chinese team still had various tricks. That Flower was too irritating. He had to be killed.

The Brazilian team requested a timeout!

Matthew came to the soundproof room and said excitedly, “Leave the others alone in the next game. Kill that Flower first!”

The players: “……”

How much hatred was this?

At the start of the third small game, the Brazilian team simply stood still at the corner, waiting for Flower to come and cause trouble. Didn’t he particularly like to rush to the front? Come on!

Hua Ran came with Xia Li.

As a result, the moment he appeared, what awaited him was the deafening gunfire of the five members of the Brazilian team!

Bang bang bang bang!

Hua Ran instantly fell to the ground and was swept into a honeycomb by five guns.

All the members of the Brazilian team: “Nice!”

It was too late for Xia Li to step on the brakes, and was instantly killed by the five members of the Brazilian team.

Hua Ran and Xia Li, who fell in a pool of blood: “……”

This script didn’t seem right?

In the domestic live stream room, the audience was about to laugh like crazy.

[Hahaha, Hua Hua and Xia Xia, these two idiots.]

[Hua Hua: There are five enemy troops in front. Retreat quickly!]

[Xia Xia: F*k, why didn’t you say it earlier? The brakes have failed.]

[Running too fast will lead to death together. Is this called a sudden failure through inattentiveness?]

[5 killed 2, die without complaints! (light candle.jpg).]

[These two were born on the same day, same month, and same year. They also have to die at the same time?]

[This wave of deaths is really magnificent!]

After Hua Ran and Xia Li ‘heroically sacrificed’ themselves, the rest of the Chinese team had to face a 3-on-5 situation. The Chinese team was at a disadvantage during this wave. It was 5 to 4. Brazil still had one person alive and won back one small game.

Matthew in the dugout jumped excitedly. “Nice!”

It was like winning the match.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t call a timeout because he knew that Lao Lin would adjust his tactics and win the next game.

Lao Lin ordered, “Xia Li, go alone and exchange your life for one life. The other four people will move together and maintain the formation. Yezi, you will be at the end and seize the opportunity to kill.”

On the left, Hua Hua was still in the front, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou were in the middle, and Ye Qingming was at the end. He was responsible for finishing the final blow and harvesting the players with residual health.

The real head-on fight of the Chinese national team wasn’t in vain.

In addition to various throwing weapons, Hua Ran was very good at submachine guns. His favorite weapon, the UMP-Chameleon, was painted with colorful patterns on his body. The bullets fired will change color every second. It was like a rainbow spray gun.

Hua Ran rushed to the front and started to fire indiscriminately.

The three members of the Brazilian team suddenly saw colorful bullets being fired by the UMP gun!

Lao Lin’s Thomson-Flames followed with a wave of explosions. The two chargers fired at the same time, killing one person in the front row of the Brazilian team and disabling two others.

The Brazilian team concentrated its firepower to kill Lao Lin and Hua Hua, but Xiao Zhou appeared immediately afterward. He quickly cleared the field. Ye Qingming went to solve the player who was hiding in the rear.

2 lives were exchanged for 3 on the left.

On the right, Xia Li was acting alone and encountered two players of the Brazilian team at the corner. Her instantaneous reaction speed was like an intelligent AI. At almost the same moment that she saw the opponent, the bullets from the AK in her hand were instantly fired!

She was very experienced in fighting in terrain like the corners. The girl carrying the AK jumped fiercely while fighting. 1 against 2 was totally worth it.

The Brazilian team had an assaulter and scout on the right side. The assaulter was completely suppressed by Xia Li. The scout fired, but Xia Li abruptly dodged.

She dodged the bullet while turning back and continuing to fire. The S-shaped trajectory was created by her, causing a fierce effect of a ‘huge sweeping wave.’

At this moment, the two Brazilian team members only had blue bullets in their eyes. The huge wave that came toward them swept over them instantly!

Xia Li herself was beaten to the point where only a trace of health remained. However, she swept away the two people on the opposite side!

[‘CHN-Summer’ used the AK-Summer to kill ‘BRA-Yara’!]

[‘CHN-Summer’ used the AK-Summer to kill ‘BRA-Ruddy’!]

Double kill!

Lao Lin smiled and exclaimed, “Beautiful!”

He sent Xia Li out alone, thinking that the girl would be fiercer when encountering the enemies alone. It was no loss if she could kill one person in exchange for her life.

As a result, Xia Li actually killed two!

She proved with her actions that she wasn’t just a fool who knew how to rush forward. Now… she brought brains and recklessness!

Coach Zhu Hong, who was sitting in the audience, was extremely pleased. Xiao Xia’s growth in the national team was obvious to all. Fortunately, Coach Jiang gave her the opportunity.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the second map, Winding Corridor!”

“Hua Ran has unlocked various ways to play with gas bombs and incendiary bombs on this map. Xia Li’s ability in encounters on the road also made our eyes shine! In the face of two enemies, she wasn’t afraid at all. She avoided the kill shot of the enemy scout and moved quickly while shooting. She actually achieved a wonderful operation of one person killing two!!”

“In the third small game, the two players might’ve run too fast and scored an own goal, but overall, this game was very exciting!”

Brazil’s coach: “……”

Unknowingly, the strength gap between the Chinese team and their mid-level teams was actually so big?


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