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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 183

Are You Here to be Funny?

After the quarterfinals draw, December 12th was an offseason day. The coaches of each team could use this day to adjust their lineup tactics. The next match between the Chinese team and Brazilian team was scheduled for 7 p.m. on December 13th, which was 10 a.m. on December 14th in China.

The netizens who heard the news booked the live stream room in advance and waited in front of the computer.

Many domestic netizens were predicting it. “China’s next opponent is Brazil. The luck of this draw is very good. The chances of winning are very high. We should stably enter the final four this year.”

“For Brazil, they must have a dark face after drawing China, right?”

“Brazil’s best result in the Gun King World Series is the top 16. It is a breakthrough to reach the top 8 this year!”

“I feel that they can’t beat China.”

“Don’t just feel it. They definitely can’t beat China!”

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s match. The alarm clock has been set!”

For the first time, domestic netizens had such confidence in the national team. Most of them believed that China could win.

Of course, Jiang Shaoyu believed so too.

In terms of strength on paper, the Brazilian team was a mid-level team in the lower half.

They were very lucky in their grouping this year. They didn’t meet a strong opponent in Group H. Then they played Malaysia in the knockout stage. They tied 2:2 and won in a thrilling tiebreaker. No matter whether it was the strength of the players or the layout of the lineup, they were a bit worse than the Chinese team.

However, the match shouldn’t be taken lightly just because they encountered an enemy weaker than themselves. This made it easy to lose. This time, Jiang Shaoyu still prepared carefully. He selected the maps and lineup while asking the players to hurry up and practice.

Fast forward to match day.

At 7 p.m. on the 13th, all members of the Chinese national team came to the game venue wearing team uniforms. The Brazilian players had their hair braided into thin braids and smiled to show their white teeth. Jiang Shaoyu always felt that these players… were a bit silly.

Their coach also looked relaxed. Coach Matthew danced in the lounge and told the players, “We have advanced to the quarterfinals. Everyone should have fun! If we win a game, we will earn a profit!”

Driven by the coach, all the members of the Brazilian team didn’t feel nervous. Considering the fact that their e-sports project had always been at the middle level in the world, it was a pleasant surprise to be able to reach the quarterfinals.

If it was last year, they would have a chance of winning against the Chinese team. However, this year’s Chinese team was too terrible. They defeated Germany, Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom in a row… becoming the strongest boss in the lower half of the district.

So… just have fun.

In any case, they didn’t expect to win a trophy. It didn’t matter if they won or lost this match. They could just enjoy the match!

The match started at 7 o’clock. The coaches of both sides came to the soundproof room for the BP of the mode and map. The system randomly drew lots, and the Chinese team was the home team first. Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

There were many maps in Endless Bloody Battle. Coach Matthew looked at the maps in front of him but didn’t worry over it too much. He simply banned three five star maps in a row!

For Pirate Base, China directly smashed the British team with this map. How could he release it?

The Princess Cruise required underwater lurking battles and was too difficult.

For City of Mist, the entire map was covered with thick mist. It was as if playing a game blindfolded. He couldn’t release it.

Ban it, ban it all!

The domestic commentators looked at each other. “Coach Matthew directly banned three five star maps?”

“However, Endless Bloody Battle has four maps with a five star difficulty. He banned three so the one remaining…”

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the map: Desert Ruins.

Coach Matthew thought with a smile, ‘Sure enough, Coach Jiang chose the last five star map!’

Desert Ruins was a map that the Brazilian team had practiced. It was a desert map with open terrain. The buildings might collapse due to unstable surface structures, and they could use this map feature to make some tactical layouts.

Matthew felt he was very smart. He practiced Coach Jiang’s operation and practiced this map in advance. The moment the players came to the field, he immediately said, “Just take the laser cannon and blow them up!”

The Chinese team sent out players for the first game.

Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou, Xia Li, Hua Ran and Yezi.

“The Chinese team is using a pure melee combat system again!”

“It is a wave of fierce battles. Most likely, it will be commanded by Lao Lin.

The players sent by the Brazilian team were 2 chargers, 1 assaulter, 1 scout and 1 medic.

The game soon began, and both sides selected their weapons.

The audience noticed that Hua Ran was carrying smoke bombs, grenades, and a submachine gun. The commentators looked at each other. “Could it be the bombing style of play?”

”It is possible. This map is actually very suitable for a bombing style of play!”

The audience members who had seen the Rising Star Cup in China immediately became excited.

[Is this game going to be the Hua Hua show?!]

[His grenades do have a colorful light skin.]

[Oh no, my eyes. I want to change the skin to black and white.]

[The Brazilian team, please pay attention to this troublemaker. Don’t be frightened by his gaudy skin effects.]

[Wait a minute, the Brazilian team seems to have brought a laser cannon?]

[Hahaha, how did it become an entertainment game?]

[Using a laser cannon to fight… seriously?]

A laser cannon was a weapon that Jiang Shaoyu once used.

This was the heaviest weapon in the game and had only four shells. It could cause devastating damage to targets in a straight path as well as buildings.

The fatal shortcoming was that the shells were too heavy to carry and walk directly. Players could only switch to a dagger or pistol to move. Once they reached their destination, they could set up their target. Then they would become an immovable target when it was fired.

This was a fixed-point output weapon and was commonly used by online game players to fight various zombie instances. In the professional match, it was inconvenient to carry it. It also took a few seconds to set up a cannon and fire a shell, so it was difficult to achieve any effect.

However, the Brazilian team took out the laser cannon on the Desert Ruins map. After all, this map could be bombed. With one bombardment, any enemies in a straight line would be blown up and all buildings destroyed. It was simple and straightforward!

At the beginning of the game, Lao Lin quickly commanded, “Yezi, the one with the cannon will be handed over to you. Hua Hua, go first and push all the way!”

Hua Hua’s voice was excited. “Received!”

Desert Ruins was Hua Ran’s favorite map. The human ruins located in the center of the desert were full of dilapidated buildings. These buildings were crumbling in the sandstorm. Using grenades or submachine guns could cause them to collapse.

Hua Ran rushed into the middle of the desert like a gust of wind. He dropped a smoke bomb to cover himself while jumping up the sides and climbing over the wall. In the blink of an eye, he jumped near the Brazilian team and hid.

The four outputs of the Brazilian team had left the refresh point at this time. They ran into the ruins and hid behind the wall. They wanted to wait for the Chinese team to come and launch a surprise attack.

As a result, a grenade suddenly rolled behind them the next moment.

Before the group of people had time to dodge, they heard a loud boom in their ears!

There was a dazzling rainbow light effect, and the walls in front of them collapsed one after another, directly burying them.

All the members of the Brazilian team: “……”

Lao Lin smiled. “Nice, everyone!”

Xia Li and Xiao Zhou rushed over quickly from the left and right. They waited for the Brazilian team to crawl out of the sand in disgrace. For a moment, only the sound of gunshots was heard.

The Brazilian players covered in sand were directly swept away.

At this time, the scout of the Brazilian team was hiding behind an obstacle and secretly setting up the laser cannon. He aimed at the positions of Xia Li and Xiao Zhou in the Chinese team. As long as he fired a shell, he would definitely blow them up.

It was a pity that before he could fire, a sharp red light suddenly lit up behind him.

[‘CHN-Leaf’ used the Rose Blade to kill ‘BRA-Ruddy’!]

Ye Qingming had long found the place where the person carrying the laser cannon was hiding. He took advantage of the chaos caused by the bombardment just now to get close and stab the Brazilian team’s scout to death.

The gunner fell before the laser cannon could be fired at all.

The domestic audience: “……”

Were they here to be funny?

The last two players left in the Brazilian team rushed out to face off with Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Xia Li. The two people only had time to jointly kill Lao Lin before being shot to death by Xiao Zhou and Xia Li.

In the first round, the Chinese team exchanged 1 for 5 heads and easily won.

Coach Matthew of the Brazilian team was still grinning while thinking it was fun for them to bring the laser cannon this time. Then the smile on Matthew’s face gradually froze. Was there such an operation? Sending someone around to make trouble, bury the enemy, and kill them?

The Brazilian team requested a timeout.

Matthew called a timeout, came to the soundproof room, and said excitedly, “Don’t gather together! That Flower of the Chinese team will specially blow up buildings to bury you! Stay away from him! Scatter, scatter, understand?”

The players: “…Okay.”

In the second team, all five players of the Brazilian team dispersed.

However, the Chinese team also dispersed. Their vision on this dusty map was affected, not to mention that Hua Ran started their performance again. The moment the smoke bombs with the special effects of cherry blossoms scattered, and before the Brazilian team could react, a teenager rushed out of the smoke with a submachine gun.

He shot indiscriminately at the two players who were relatively close to him. Of course, the two members of the Brazilian team were unwilling and immediately joined forces to hit him!

The gunfire was endless. Hua Ran fought 1 against 2. Halfway through the fight, he suddenly hid behind a wall. Seeing his residual health, the two Brazilian players hurriedly chased after him. Who would’ve thought that Hua Ran would drop a grenade at his feet?

His health was almost empty so destroy them all together!

The colorful light effects exploded, and Hua Ran buried himself.

He also killed the two members of the Brazilian team with residual health.

[‘CHN-Flower’ killed ‘BRA-Yara’ with a grenade!]

[‘CHN-Flower’ killed ‘BRA-Josip’ with a grenade!]

Not far away, Lao Lin saw this scene and couldn’t help laughing. “Hua Hua, nice!”

There wasn’t a need for other teammates to move. Hua Ran’s ‘troublemaking play’ lured away two members of the Brazilian team and solved them by using the bizarre method of ‘I will blow myself up with residual health.’

In the live broadcast room, the barrage was also full of the netizens’ laughter.

[Hua Hua really makes me laugh to death. He is the well-deserved national team’s comedian.]

[Blowing himself up without hesitation?]

[The players of the Brazilian team are very confused. Is this type of operation possible?]

[1 for 2. He made a profit!]

[After all, he is the one who blew up a resurrection point with a suicide attack [dog head.jpg].]

[Hua Hua said: I will choose a Feng shui treasure place for myself as a grave when I die.]

[Hua Hua created a mound when he died. It really looks like a grave!]

[Lighting a candle for Hua Hua.]

Under the stage, Shu Chen watched the battle from the bench and couldn’t help laughing softly when he heard this.

Hua Ran was indeed the most fun player in the national team. His playing style was fancy and messy. He seemed to be getting more and more proficient in the operation of blowing himself up in a fancy and messy style of play. The rhythm of the Brazilian team was brought out of control by him.

The wave just now seemed reckless, but it was actually very detailed. First, he used the smoke bomb to hide himself, rush out, and catch the opponent by surprise. The Brazilian players shot at him from the left and right. Hua Ran wasn’t afraid of fighting 1 against 2. Halfway through the fight, he found he couldn’t beat them and pretended to retreat.

The Brazilian team would definitely chase. Then he dropped a grenade at his feet. The moment the other side chased after him, the grenade exploded. Hua Ran’s remaining health ran out, and he would die, but he also took two opponents with him.

On the screen, sand piled up to form a small hill where Hua Ran was buried.

It was really ‘I have to make a grave for myself even if I die.’

Shu Chen usually had a cheerful and optimistic expression, but his heart was very complicated. This guy had a special mentality and played the game in a fun manner. Under his leadership, this game has really become an ‘entertainment game.’

After Hua Ran exchanged 1 for 2, the Brazilian player with a laser cannon was once again found by Ye Qingming.

There was a lethal laser cannon on this bombable map. Coach Matthew’s thinking wasn’t wrong in principle. However, the player had to successfully fire the shell.

The Brazilian team player obviously didn’t have such ability. No matter whether it was in positioning, lurking or looking for the exact location to set up the gun, his actions were always slow. Ye Qingming successfully found him and killed him instantly every time.

He became a living target.

Brazil’s coach: “……”

He was the one who thought too much!

Should he call a timeout?

Forget it, they couldn’t win even if he called it. He would save it for the next game.

China led 2:0.

Brazil’s coach started to let it go.

In the third small game, the two sides refreshed again.

Hua Ran ran all the way with special effects. The fireworks behind him and colorful lights that exploded from time to time made the players of the Brazilian team stunned. The coach told them to stay away from this troublemaker, but Hua Ran took the initiative to come to them. There was nothing they could do even if they wanted to stay away.

At this moment, the five people just wanted to shout collectively, “Don’t come over!”

Hua Ran threw a grenade over, and the Brazilian players were blown up. They scattered quickly. This caused Hua Ran to take out a submachine gun and fire wildly at their backs.

His other teammates quickly followed him. In the blink of an eye, the Brazilian team was wiped out.

The domestic audience: “666!”

The Brazilian players: ‘Tired.’

The coach let them have some fun?

The game was like a colorful special effects blockbuster. All types of fancy light effects were blinding.

It was very fun! They didn’t want to play it next time!


  1. Mac says:

    I giggled through this whole chapter, Brazil thought they’d nuke China, but they didn’t expect that they’d be the ones getting blown up!

  2. littlemonarch says:

    Has hua hua been using throwing weapons with skins from the beginning? Imagine they’re in a very tense game and a cherry blossom blew up in front of the opponent 😭

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