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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 182

Advanced to the Quarterfinals!

After the first half, seeing the score of 0:5 on the screen, the mentality of all the members of the British team had completely collapsed. To win this game, they had to win five consecutive games in the second half and play a tiebreaker.

In a 0:5 situation, they had to get 6:5 to win. Was this possible?

The only way was for all five members of the Chinese team to go offline!

What’s more, even if they won this game, the Chinese team had already won two maps in a row, Rainy Night and Pirate Base. The British team had to win two more maps to win.

There was little hope. Or theoretically speaking, there was no hope.

The British players lost their fighting spirit.

Their coach also showed a helpless expression because he knew that the British team would definitely lose this match. If he had known this, he wouldn’t have underestimated Singapore in the group stage. As long as he sent the main force in the beginning, won against Singapore, and qualified as first in the group, they wouldn’t have met the dark horse Chinese team in the knockout stage!

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it now.

Forget it. This year was like this. They would fight again next year!

The coach was prepared to lose while the players in the soundproof room didn’t have the confidence to win five rounds in a row. After the start of the second half, Pei Feng handed over the command and let Liu Shaozhou arrange the defense.

Liu Shaozhou quickly marked a few coordinates on the map, allowing everyone to separate and set up a formation. By the time the British team came, they were simply turtles caught in an urn and were wiped out.

The score on the screen became 6:0.

The domestic audience members could hardly believe it.

[This is a crushing game, right?]

[Awesome is no longer enough to describe this Chinese national team!]

[Playing Canada 6:1 and the United Kingdom 6:0. China has barely lost in their explosion mode!]

[Will anyone dare to choose the explosion mode when encountering the Chinese team in the future? [worried.jpg]]

[Hahaha, Coach Jiang not only wants to put the five star maps in the banned position, but he also wants to mark the explosion mode in the banned position?]

[No no no, if you want to win against the Chinese national team, you can only ban Coach Jiang!]

[Hahaha, banning Coach Jiang is okay!]

[God Wing said: There is no rule for a coach ban, thank you!]

Netizens joked in the live stream room and said that the only solution was to ban the coach.

The two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning against the British team and reaching the quarterfinals!”

“Today’s match is very exciting! For the first Rainy Night map, the three snipers moved all over the map to assassinate the enemy, proving that the snipers of the Chinese team have reached the level of world-class snipers. For the second Pirate Base map, it was the home game of the British team, but the Chinese team was fully prepared before the match. The command was excellent, and the tactical layout using the waves and terrain was quite exciting!”

“The third explosion mode is directly a crushing game. No matter whether it is stealing the house or a head-on fight with five people, the bandits and police of the Chinese team have almost no weaknesses!”

“The quarterfinals is already the best result from the previous World Series. But I believe that under the leadership of Coach Jiang, the Chinese team can go further!”

The excited voices of the commentator drove the emotions of the netizens in the live stream room, and they frantically filled the barrage area with comments.

The Chinese team had reached the top 16 in the previous World Series, and the quarterfinals was already the best result in history. However, everyone wasn’t satisfied. Their expectations were getting higher and higher!

Could they come back with a trophy, breaking the curse of zero trophies?

Could they even fight for a championship?

In the past, domestic netizens who followed the Gun King e-sports project didn’t even dare think of the word ‘champion.’ Now everyone dared to think about it and even have the ‘championship dream!’

Countless netizens poured into Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo and left messages one after another.

“Coach Jiang, come out. I’m not putting pressure on you. I just think that this year’s Chinese team has the momentum to win the championship!”

“That’s right. Our Coach Jiang has the face of a championship coach at a glance  :)”

“Let me dream first. The Chinese team has won the world championship. Don’t wake me up!”

“Whatever the outcome, we support you! The quarterfinals are already the best results in history. The next step is to relax and play well. We will trust your tactical layout!”

“I’m looking forward to the quarterfinals. God Wing is so handsome!”

“I believe that as long as Coach Jiang isn’t banned, the Chinese team has hope to win [dog head.jpg].]

In the past, after the match, netizens would to the official Weibo of the national team to scold them.

It wasn’t known what was going on this year, but everyone rushed to @Coach Jiang Shaoyu’s personal Weibo to scatter flowers of encouragement and leave messages cheering for him. A group of fanboys and fangirls were lining up to be coach fans.

Jiang Shaoyu’s newly registered personal Weibo had tens of millions of followers. Many old fans transferred from the ACE-Wing account, and there were also many new fans who knew him in this World Series.

He usually rarely posted on Weibo and was very low-key. After playing today’s match, Jiang Shaoyu saw tens of thousands of messages of encouragement and expectation. He sent a Weibo post, saying very simply, “Thank you for paying attention to the national team. We will prepare seriously and play hard in every match from now on.”

This sentence made netizens feel excited.

If Coach Jiang ‘seriously’ prepared then the opponents would cry!

After all the members of the Chinese team returned to the hotel, the chef team had already prepared a big meal to treat them.

The entire national team, from the coaching staff to the players, was jubilant. Vice-chairman Qi was the happiest. He smiled so hard that he couldn’t shut his mouth. He led the team to play the World Series several times, but this year was really the proudest year.

Several members of the coaching staff ate dinner while discussing the next tactical arrangements.

Old Cui was worried. “After fighting the United Kingdom and Canada, it is obvious that our explosion mode is too strong. Other countries probably won’t choose the explosion mode when encountering us, right?”

Old Xu smiled. “Then we can choose it in the home game.”

Old Cui slapped his own head. “It makes sense! The home game is our decision. We can continue to choose explosion mode!”

Coach Chang was worried about the map problem. “When playing against us in the future, will all five star maps be banned?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “They can only ban three maps at a time. They can’t finish banning all of them.”

In fact, the map library of this World Series was very beneficial to the Chinese national team.

In Life and Death Explosion mode, there were only two five star maps: Civic Center and Xishan Prison. However, the Chinese team had a very strong explosion mode and could play any map.

For Endless Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel, the number of five star maps was four. Even if the opponent banned three maps, there was still one to choose. They simply couldn’t ban all of them.

What’s more, in addition to the five star maps, the Chinese team was proficient in most of the four star maps.

The long-term map training wasn’t for nothing. After Xia Li, the road fool, was locked up in a little black room, she could ‘draw a path without looking at the map.’ This year’s Chinese team had almost no ‘weak map’ due to their rich lineup.

The more he thought about it, the more confident he became.

Netizens were right. This year’s Chinese team really had a chance of winning the championship!

Of course, everyone couldn’t be complacent too early, lest they were overturned and scolded. It was better to keep a low profile as Coach Jiang said, They would prepare seriously and play well in every match.

Jiang Shaoyu opened his phone and looked at it. “The results of the quarterfinals will be announced tonight.”

In the second half, the match between Group E and F was scheduled for the afternoon. The evening was for Groups G and H.

Following China’s 3:0 victory over the United Kingdom, Germany followed suit with a 3:1 victory over Singapore to advance to the quarterfinals. There were two matches scheduled for 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. today. It was Italy VS Vietnam and Brazil VS Malaysia. After these two matches were over, the final eight of the World Series would be officially determined.

According to the rules of the schedule, the winner of the Groups AB matches would face off against the winner of the Groups CD matches. In the lower half, the winner of the Groups EF matches would face off against the winner of the Groups GH matches.

The USA and South Korean teams were in the top half. This was good news for Jiang Shaoyu.

China wouldn’t meet these two bosses before the final four. The Chinese team would have more time to practice their lineups so that the players could fight the final boss in the best condition. The quarterfinal match was still an internal showdown between the second half of the group. The opponent of the next game was likely to be Italy or Brazil. The Chinese national team had a big chance of winning.

That evening, Jiang Shaoyu gathered the players of the national team to watch the live stream of the match in the hotel.

Italy defeated Vietnam 3:1, and Brazil defeated Malaysia 3:2 to reach the quarterfinals.

At this point, the list of eight finalists for the World Series had been officially determined.

The top half: The USA, Australia, South Korea and France.

The lower half: China, Germany, Italy, and Brazil.

Coaches from various countries were called by the competition organizing team to draw lots in the conference room.

Eight head coaches from different countries gathered together for the first time. Some coaches had known each other for a long time. They shook hands and greeted each other. Jiang Shaoyu was the only new face among the top eight of this year’s World Series.

The other coaches cast curious looks at him.

Coach Cha Injun of the Korean team walked up to Jiang Shaoyu with a smile on his face and greeted Jiang Shaoyu. “Coach Jiang, congratulations on reaching the quarterfinals. The Chinese team’s performance this season is really great.”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Your Korean team is also very good.”

For example, before the match, he reported them for taking illegal drugs, and fanned the flames in China by buying a water army to engage in a public opinion war. The performance was really good. People had to pay more attention.

The two coaches looked at each other. Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were calm and unwavering, while Cha Injun looked a bit guilty and quietly looked away.

At this moment, the head coach of the US team, Asta, also came over. He stretched out his hand and said with a smile, “Coach Jiang, welcome to the quarterfinals club.”

Asta was a tall alpha with curly blond hair and humorous speech. He smiled all the time and looked like a gentleman. However, he was actually a smiling fox and was the strongest among the ‘theoretical coaches.’ His own gameplay was estimated to be at the bronze level, but his tactical awareness was really strong.

Asta led the US team to the championship of the 1st World Series. He had led the team for five years and had rich experience. In the past five World Series, the championship either belonged to the US team or the South Korean team. The two teams often met in the finals, while third place had always rotated. Germany, France, etc, had won third place.

There was a strange consensus between the United States and South Korea: the final is our domain.

However, this year, both coaches set their sights on Jiang Shaoyu’s body. They both had a bad premonition in their hearts. The appearance of this person was likely to break the convention and create a new pattern.

Once other coaches saw that the coaches of the US team and Korean team were greeting Jiang Shaoyu, they also joined in the fun and ran over to greet Jiang Shaoyu politely.

For a while, Jiang Shaoyu was surrounded by coaches from various countries. Some people were afraid of him, some people admired him, and some people thought that his foundation wasn’t stable and it was just luck that he could enter the quarterfinals. Everyone had their own thoughts. This lasted until the chief referee of the organizing committee came to the scene with a cardboard box and a notary. He asked the coaches to draw lots.

In the top half, the United States drew France, and South Korea drew Australia.

In the second half, Germany and China were the winners of the EF Group, so they wouldn’t meet in the next stage. Italy and Brazil would need to draw one of them as opponents.

The coach of the Italian team politely asked the Brazilian team to draw first. The coach of the Brazilian team, Matthew, was the only black man in the room. He didn’t think much about it. He smiled, stepped forward, and put his hand into the box.

What he drew was a red national flag. It was the Chinese national team.

The Italian coach suppressed a smile in his heart, ‘Great, we don’t have to meet China!’

There was still hope when fighting Germany, but fighting China felt desperate.

Matthew, the coach of the Brazilian team, was stunned for a moment. Then he looked back at Jiang Shaoyu, eyes still showing a trace of innocence. It was as if to say, ‘What to do? I drew you.’

Jiang Shaoyu nodded calmly toward him. “The next match seems to be Brazil VS China.”

Matthew’s mind returned, and he showed his white teeth as he smiled. “Yes, what a coincidence.”

He laughed on the surface while wanting to curse in his heart.

He really didn’t want to play against the Chinese national team!

He also watched the previous matches of the Chinese national team. The British team was actually defeated 0:3, and there was almost no way to fight back. In this way, Brazil seemed to have little hope.

No need, it was really hopeless.

Brazil’s e-sports development was even later than China’s. They were satisfied enough with reaching the top 16 of the World Series every year. The fact that they reached the top eight this year was actually because they took advantage of the grouping. There were no particularly strong teams in Group G and Group H. Canada and Spain, the strong teams in the lower half, were squeezed into Group F and wiped out by China.

Brazil’s qualification was a result of ‘picking up after someone else’s mistake.’

Their mentality was quite good. They were already very happy to be in the quarterfinals.

Matthew returned to the hotel and said with a laugh, “We will play China in the next match. Hahaha.”

The players: “……”

Was this funny?

Under the leadership of the world-renowned funny coach, Matthew, would the next match become an entertainment match?


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