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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 181

Chinese Team with Both Offense and Defense

In the second game, the Chinese team won against the British team again. So far, the Chinese team had won two five star difficulty maps in a row: Rainy Night and Pirate Base.

The knockout round was a BO5 format. The two sides alternated home maps. Whoever won three maps first would win.

The score on the big screen became 2:0, and the Chinese team took the first match point.

Netizens excitedly posted on the live stream room.

[The British team ended up lining up to send their heads. I’m laughing to death. Hahaha.]

[British team: Are you polite?]

[They thought they were lurking underwater, but in fact, the Chinese team had already set their sights on them.]

[I predict your prediction [laughing and crying.jpg].]

[Who is the commander in charge of this scene? So awesome!]

China could win this game, and the commander had indeed contributed a lot.

Pei Feng’s judgment of the British team’s tactics was very accurate. He made preparations in advance so that the British team’s sneak attack became the Chinese team’s ‘wait for the rabbit’ counterattack.

In the audience, Jiang Shaoyu was very pleased in his heart. He didn’t call a timeout to remind Pei Feng because he believed that Xiao Pei could handle various situations during the game. He let Xiao Pei play freely. In this way, Xiao Pei’s sense of command could also be improved.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning two maps in a row and leading 2:0!” The two commentators had smiles on their faces. They worked together to explain several World Series, but this year was really the coolest one.

In the past, they had to rack their brains to make excuses for the national team such as, ‘We might’ve lost, but everyone tried their best’ or ‘I believe that the Chinese team won’t give up. We will fight again next year!’ Such words were really exhausting.

This year was different. The Chinese team had been winning since the group stage. There were many outstanding players, and the coach’s layout was also remarkable. There were too many places to praise them, and it was almost impossible not to think of words of praise.

“The Chinese team should have focused on practicing the Pirate Base map. It seems that the Chinese team is very well prepared for this World Series. They won two maps with a five star difficulty in a row!”

“That’s right. No matter whether it is Rainy Night’s three sniper lineup or Pirate Base’s counterattack using the waves, the cooperation of the five players is very smooth!”

“Theoretically speaking, it is very difficult for the British team to make a comeback in this game. If the British team wants to win, they need to win three games in a row. Meanwhile, the Chinese team only needs to win one game to advance to the quarterfinals!”

“The third game is the Chinese team’s home game. Let’s look forward to Coach Jiang’s choice!”

In the live stream room, many netizens started to make bets and speculate about what mode Coach Jiang would choose.

Alves, the coach of the British team, had a bad premonition in his heart. Today’s first game was Extreme Duel, and the second game was Endless Bloody Battle. Then would the third game be Life and Death Explosion?

Soon, the mode submitted by Jiang Shaoyu appeared on the screen: Life and Death Explosion.

His d*mn hunch!

Alves took a deep breath and started the map BP.

He looked at the ten maps of explosion mode that appeared in front of him and didn’t hesitate to ban two maps first.

Civic Center and Xishan Prison.

“The British team banned two maps with a five star difficulty!”

“They should’ve been abused by the five star difficulty maps and developed a psychological shadow?”

“There are only two five star difficult maps in explosion mode, and they are both dynamic. The prisoners of Xishan Prison are indeed very difficult to fight.”

“In the past, coaches didn’t ban the five star maps because these maps were rarely selected. After today’s competition, it is likely that the five star maps such as Rainy Night and Pirate Base will be permanently in the ban position in the future!”

Jiang Shaoyu was the coach who put all difficult five star maps in the banned position.

The initiator of the internal competition of the World Series?

Alves’ third ban position was given to Botanical Garden. China won against Germany on this map. Liu Shaozhou commanded the police’s defense and directly ended the first half with a score of 5:0. It was too terrible and couldn’t be released.

After the BP ended, Jiang Shaoyu started to make his choice.

He chose the new map of this World Series: Qingyang Airport.

As a new map, all countries would’ve definitely practiced it. Still, it didn’t matter. The five star maps were banned. Among the remaining maps, they would have an advantage against the British team on this map.

The map was selected, and Jiang Shaoyu submitted another application for substitution.

The Chinese team replaced Leaf and Summer with Snow and Shadow.

For the British team, Alves also changed players. He replaced Chester and Hunter, who weren’t in good shape today, with Mark and Adrian.

Mark and Adrian were young players from the same club in the UK. The two teenagers worked together tacitly and played more aggressively than the veteran players. The coach replaced them while hoping that they could help the British team change the situation.

For the substitutions of the Chinese team, the commentator analyzed it. “Yezi and Xia Li were replaced with Captain Liu and Xueyao. Then the lineup of the Chinese team will be the two snipers Liu and Pei, the two front rows Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou, and the scout Xueyao.”

“This lineup seems a bit similar to the lineup that played against Canada during the explosion mode at that time?”

“Yes, the lineup at that time was two snipers, Captain Liu and Xiao Mo. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou were in the front row, and Yezi was a scout. The principle of this lineup is actually the same as the game against Canada. There are two snipers, two front rows, and one scout. However, the snipers are Captain Liu and Pei Feng, and the scout is replaced by Xueyao.”

“The core of the lineup is the same while the personnel has changed. This means the style will change a bit.”

Ye Qingming and Qin Xueyao had two different styles. The former was good at assassination while the latter was better at assisting through reporting locations. In addition, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou were playing explosion mode at the same time… why did Jiang Shaoyu do this?

A lot of viewers didn’t understand it.

What was the difference between going with Liu Pei or Liu Mo? Was it more stable?

Only the coaches of the tactical team backstage knew the key to this lineup.

Both offense and defense, a two person command!

What was Liu Shaozhou strongest at? The police’s defensive warfare.

What was Pei Feng strongest at? The bandits’ breakthrough battle!

In the explosion mode, before the start of the game, it wasn’t known if the Chinese team would randomly be assigned to the police or the bandits. Jiang Shaoyu let Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou be present at the same time in order to deal with any situation.

If they were randomly assigned to the police? Liu Shaozhou would command.

If they were randomly assigned the bandits? Then Pei Feng would command.

This lineup had one goal. It was to achieve a quick victory without giving the British team any chance of making a comeback. They must enter the quarterfinals neatly. It was best not to drag it out and let them dream.

By the way, Jiang Shaoyu also wanted to test whether the dual command of Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou would work.

It had been confirmed that there were no problems with changing the command in different games. However, in the first half of the same game, if the police and bandits changed commands then the players would have to keep up with the different styles of command. This was a test for everyone.

If today’s game was played smoothly, the two of them would take turns commanding in the explosion mode in the future. Then the Chinese team would have no weaknesses in the explosion mode.

The game started, and the map loaded.

The Chinese team was randomly assigned to be bandits in the first half.

Liu Shaozhou smiled. “I’ll leave it to you.”

Pei Feng simply nodded. “No problem! 2-2-1 spot. Go to point B. Xueyao, get ready to steal the house at any time.”

The two explosion points of Qingyang Airport were Point A at the tarmac and Point B at the terminal. Among them, two planes were parked at Point A, and there was a wide view. The terminal building at Point A had two floors, upper and lower floors. There were many sniper spots on the second floor.

Pei Feng led the team to rush the terminal. The British team heard the gunshots in the terminal and hurried back to defend.

The moment the two sides met in the terminal, Qin Xueyao immediately hid. Pei Feng and Lao Lin were in a group while Liu Shaozhou and Xiao Zhou were in a group. They respectively launched a breakthrough to the second floor from the east and west sides!

Gunfire rang out endlessly. The two sides fought fiercely in the corridor.

Due to the heavy output of the Chinese team, the British team was tired from defending. None of them noticed that a girl took advantage of the exchange of gunfire between the two sides to sneak onto the tarmac with an explosives pack on her back. She hid behind the plane and placed the bomb at the explosion point between the two planes.

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

[It will explode after a 30 seconds countdown.]

Seeing the system message, Captain Alston’s expression changed. “Go and defuse the bomb!”

However, it was impossible for Pei Feng to let them go over and defuse the bomb.

The Chinese team changed from attack to defense in an instant. The four people changed formation. Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou blocked the staircase and fired continuously. The firepower of the two snipers made it impossible for the British team to pass by.

The two sides fought fiercely for a moment.

The Chinese team dragged on for 30 seconds in the terminal, and the British team failed to defuse the bomb in time.


Flames from the explosion of the tarmac burst into the sky.

In the first round, the bandits won.

Chinese netizens watching the live stream were extremely excited.

[Stealing the home is coming again, 6666!]

[Hahaha, the British team actually guarded the terminal with five people after being attracted by the gunfire?]

[Making a sound in the east and striking from the west. They probably didn’t expect it?]

[It feels a lot like Fred is commanding. Isn’t it the same as the Asian Championship?]

Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou had different styles of command. Pei Feng was more flexible while Liu Shaozhou was more stable. Therefore, the former was the bandit commander while the latter was the police commander. This was the best strategy that Jiang Shaoyu found according to their characteristics.

Xiao Pei didn’t disappoint his master.

In the second small game, the British team thought that the Chinese team would steal the house, so they sent a scout to specifically watch the tarmac. Then the other four went to the terminal. However, in this round, the five people of the Chinese team rushed to the tarmac together!

The scout sent by the British team to the tarmac was instantly killed by the five people. Xueyao planted the bomb.

The four members of the British team immediately returned to defend.

As a result, Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou climbed onto a plane alone and formed a crossfire blockade of two snipers again. The British snipers set up guns on the second floor of the terminal, but Liu Shaozhou hid behind the wing while Pei Feng actually hid in the roller under the wing. The hiding angle was extremely tricky.

Xiao Zhou and Lao Lin were like left and right protectors, guarding the explosion points.

Due to the obstruction of their vision, the British snipers couldn’t hit Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou at all. The two young melee fighters might’ve joined forces to break through the siege, but they were quickly killed by the Chinese team since it was 4V2.

The 30 second countdown passed quickly, and flames burst into the sky again.

In the second round, the bandits won.

The British team requested a timeout.

This was the third time Alves had called a timeout in this match and the last chance he had to call a timeout. However, there was no way if he didn’t call it. If the bandits went straight to 5:0 then the second half would be over!

Alves warned in a low voice, “Pay attention to that scout Snow! She started hiding in order to plant the bomb as quickly as possible while you can’t see her. In the next round, find Snow and knock down the bomb from her. Then stare at the bomb and defend.”

Alves’ strategy was actually correct. In explosion mode, it didn’t matter how many people were killed. The key was the bomb. Once the person carrying the bomb was killed, the bomb would fall, and teammates had to pick it up. If the police could kill the bandit carrying the bomb immediately, the bandits would fall into a passive state.

The third game.

At the beginning of the game, the British team looked for Qin Xueyao everywhere. They found Xueyao hiding in a corridor. The two young players, who had been substituted in, wanted to perform well. They immediately shot at Xueyao and teamed up to kill her.

However, the expected bomb drop didn’t appear. The two of them realized that something was wrong. They were about to turn and run away, only to hear two clear gunshots behind them!

Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng, who were hiding on the second floor, took advantage of this opportunity to shoot at the same time. The two of them fired from the left and right, and Mark and Adrian both fell under their guns.

At this time, the British team knew that Qin Xueyao was the sacrifice.

She was bait to lure them out on purpose!

1 for 2. The Chinese team earned a profit.

Next, the Chinese team took advantage of the numerical advantage to play 4 against 3. They quickly killed the players of the British team and planted the bomb. At this moment, the audience found out that the bomb was actually on Pei Feng’s body?

They had never seen the sniper with the bomb.

What did they want to do with the ranged player holding the bomb?

In fact, Pei Feng’s thinking was very flexible. He guessed that the opponent would target Xueyao after the timeout, so he asked Xueyao to ‘lead the enemy out of the hole’. Then he held the bomb himself and survived to the end.

China led 3:0.

The British coach was very anxious, but he could no longer call a timeout to adjust them.

In the fourth small game, the bomb was transferred to Liu Shaozhou’s body.

Pei Feng fought a guerrilla battle with Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou, while Liu Shaozhou pretended to defend but was actually saving his own life. The Chinese team and British team had a fierce exchange of gunfire. Four people died in exchange for five. Then Liu Shaozhou went to safely drop the bomb.

The British team members: “……”

Their ideas couldn’t keep up!

In the last game of the first half, the Chinese team’s bandits led 4:0. The British team had no fighting spirit. Pei Feng led the team to directly rush with five people in a 5V5 fight. Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Qin Xueyao died one after another. Pei Feng and Liu Shaozhou accurately sniped from a distance and killed all the members of the British team.

The two of them ran forward shoulder to shoulder and went together to drop the bomb.

The first half ended.

China got a score of 5:0 as bandits.

The faces of all British team players were pale while the domestic audience excitedly filled the screen with comments.

[F*k, it is a complete victory as the bandits!]

[Too good. I feel like the British team has been beaten in IQ?]

[Let me tell you a joke: How to compete in tactics with the Chinese team in explosion mode?]

“In the first game, they made a sound in the east and attacked in the west to unexpectedly steal the house. In the second game, they moved the tiger away from the mountain to attack Point A. In the third game, they released Xueyao as bait to lure out the enemy. In the fourth game, they protected the bomb to the end, and in the fifth game, they charged straight forward! Five small rounds and five different tactics. The British team was stunned!” The commentator said with a smile on his face. “Fred’s command is really flexible.”

In the past, when Captain Liu commanded the fight against Canada, the police scored 5:0.

Today, Fred commanded this fight against Britain and got 5:0 as the bandits!

How strong was the Chinese team’s explosion mode?

Our police are strong, the bandits are equally strong, and we still have two commanders!


  1. Souwmi says:

    Seems like the China’s life and death explosion battle has become invincible. Even though the opponents know the strength, the tactics or team formn they can do further have no role as there is only a week more to face against China. It’s difficult to establish new tactics and make the players cooperate in a short time!

  2. Terra says:

    At this point, British team was like an open book to Chinese team

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