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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 180

Collapse of the British Team

In the domestic live stream room, netizens were extremely excited. The barrage area was filled with 666. The two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for taking the lead in winning the Rainy Night map. The lineup of three snipers is really handsome!”

“The snipers of this Chinese team are indeed very strong. Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng are the apprentices of Vice-chairman Qi and God Qing respectively. The two masters were called sniper gods back then and could almost hit one hundred in one hundred shots. However, there was no World Series during the S3 season. Vice-chairman Qi and God Wing didn’t have the opportunity to compete with foreign countries.”

“Yes, the two sniper gods’ disciples are very excellent. Of course, Xiao Mo is also a very powerful sniper of the new generation. He performed brilliantly in the previous group stage and didn’t hold them back during today’s three sniper lineup.”

“Yezi and Xueyao also played steadily. The Chinese team caught the British team off guard. Their melee combat had little room to play. They moved and were beaten from beginning to end. It was very passive.”

“I wonder if the British team can adjust their mentality? Let’s look forward to the exciting showdown in the second game!”

There was a short break, and the second game soon started.

This time, it was the home game of the British team.

The British coach Alves submitted the game mode: Endless Bloody Battle.

Jiang Shaoyu started the BP. He banned the three maps of Ghost Castle, Winding Corridor, and the Aquarium. Everyone didn’t understand his BP ideas very well, and the two commentators didn’t know how to explain it.

It seemed there was no need to ban these three maps, right?

In fact, Jiang Shaoyu’s BP idea was very simple. Ban the easier maps and leave the header ones. In any case, the Chinese team had practiced on all maps, and it didn’t matter which one was chosen.

Alves soon submitted the map: Pirate Base.

The two commentators said excitedly, “It is another five star difficulty map!”

The difficulty of the Pirate Base map was that the pirate ship would be hit by the waves and constantly shake. The players would stand unsteadily, and their vision would also shake. The bullets fired would easily miss. Moreover, the structure of the map was relatively complicated. The pirate ship had upper and lower floors. The upper floor was the deck, while the lower floor had a large number of cabins where they could hide.

Both sides would refresh on the bow or stern. Whoever killed the opponent first would win.

After choosing the map, the British team didn’t change players. Meanwhile, Jiang Shaoyu held up the sign for substitution.

The Chinese team requested a substitution.

Replace Shadow, Snow, and Devil with Laolin, Summer, and AKzhou.

The commentator analyzed. “He replaced two snipers and one scout with three melee combat players. Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Xia Li are going together!”

“The Chinese team has a lineup of 1 sniper, 1 scout, 1 charger, and 2 assaulters. There are 4 melee and one ranged player!”

Previously when the Chinese team played against Spain, they sent a pure melee system. However, the map of Pirate Base had a two-layered structure. Since there were sniper points at the bow and stern, it wasn’t easy to fight pure melee combat.

Pei Feng wanted to stay and take command, so Jiang Shaoyu sent 4 melee + 1 range.

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “Xiao Pei, make good use of the waves and achieve a quick victory.”

Pei Feng smiled and nodded. “Understood. Master, don’t worry.”

Initially, when Jiang Shaoyu returned to China, he organized the national team to play intra-team practice matches and used the five star difficulty match, Pirate Base. At that time, everyone wasn’t familiar with the playing methods of these high difficulty maps. They even got seasick and couldn’t stand firmly. Jiang Shaoyu scolded them unceremoniously and ordered all of them to write a self-criticism.

Now after months of devilish training, they could walk on the shaking pirate ship like walking on the ground. They could even calculate the offset paths of the bullets and accurately hit a moving target.

The game started quickly. The Chinese team refreshed at the bow and the British team at the stern.

Pei Feng simply instructed, “Brother Ye, go into the water. I will guard the deck. The three others will go to the cabin.”

Ye Qingming jumped into the sea while Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Xia Li quickly ran down the stairs. Meanwhile, Pei Feng climbed to the top deck alone and quickly occupied the sniper point at the sails.

Pei Feng decisively fired a shot at the stern. On the surface, he was pressing the opponent to move. But in fact, he was deliberately attracting the opponent’s attention. This made the British team think that the Chinese team was fighting from the deck.

The two snipers of the British team decisively came to the deck and saw Pei Feng’s position through the scope. The two snipers shot at Pei Feng at the same time.

Pei Feng immediately jumped down from a high place after firing a shot. He moved back and forth in an S-shape to dodge bullets. The two British snipers soon teamed up to kill Pei Feng.

Captain Alston was about to shout ‘Nice’ excitedly. Then in the next moment, a gunshot was suddenly heard behind him.


[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘ENG-Alston’ with a headshot!]

The Chinese team’s scout came around underwater and shot his head from the rear.

The other sniper hurriedly turned back to kill Ye Qingming. However, after Ye Qingming killed Alston, he entered the water again and disappeared without a trace.

Pei Feng followed closely. “People in the cabin should pay attention. Count down from three seconds and wait for a wave—now!”

The moment he finished speaking, a huge wave rushed toward the pirate ship. There was the booming sound of the waves, and the entire hull was affected by the impact of the waves. It shook violently.

The British team happened to be split up 3-2. The two snipers had gone up to the deck, and the other three were in the cabin.

They encountered three people from the Chinese team in the cabin.

The British team members hid in the cabin separately. This wave caused the hull to shake violently!

It was easy to miss when the hull was shaking. Since the British team dared to choose this map, they naturally had practiced their playing style on this map. They were very confident in marksmanship.

Alston shouted, “Go, destroy them!”

The moment when the ship shook, both sides rushed out at almost the same time.

Bang bang bang bang!

The deafening sound of the submachine gun and assault rifle rang out in the cabin of the lower floor.

Every time Xia Li rushed forward, she was really like a female warrior who wasn’t afraid of death. She could fight with the momentum of thousands of troops alone!

Her ability in encounters was definitely one of the best among the domestic assaulters. The three of them encountered three members of the British team in the cabin. It was 3V3. Xia Li fired fiercely and directly turned the British team’s scout into a hornet’s nest! She died herself but 1 for 1 was no loss.

The tacit understanding between Zhou and Lin was once again presented. One person was responsible for half the area when bullets were fired. The ship shook violently, and all the bullets fired were deflected. However, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou’s hands were still steady. They calculated the deflection path, and 80% of the bullets fired landed on the opponent’s body.

After a wave of fierce shooting, the three members of the British team fell to the ground.

The Chinese team sacrificed Xia Li and Lao Lin. Xiao Zhou survived with full health.

It was 3V3, and the Chinese team won!

The British team members: “……”

How was it possible? The moment the waves rushed over, the shaking of the ship was almost comparable to a magnitude 6 earthquake. How could the Chinese team’s marksmanship be so accurate?

Pei Feng smiled. “Nice! The last sniper will be handed over to Brother Ye.”

Ye Qingming replied, “Received.”

Ye Qingming, who was lurking in the water, jumped up and hung onto the boat in order to not be washed away by the waves. After hearing Pei Feng’s command, he quickly climbed onto the desk and resolved the last sniper with a single shot from a tricky angle.

In the first small game, the Chinese team won.

The British team requested a timeout!

Coach Alves looked ugly and walked quickly into the soundproof room. It was because he discovered a desperate fact. They chose a map that the Chinese team had focused on training on!

Pirate Base was a five star difficulty map that the British team had repeatedly practiced as a ‘secret weapon’, but it didn’t stump the Chinese team at all.

In the wave just now, the British team calculated the time when the waves rushed over and wanted to fight a wave of surprise attacks, relying on precise marksmanship to destroy the Chinese team. As a result, the Chinese team predicted the British time and launched a surprise attack the moment the waves struck!

The two sides were 3v3. It stood to reason that the British team could win.

However, the Chinese team was a three person combination of charger + assaulter + assaulter. The British team was a three person combination of charger + assaulter + scout. It was only then that they discovered the power of Jiang Shaoyu’s formation! He had long guessed that there would be a 3v3 battle between the two sides, so he replaced Xueyao, who was weaker in team battles, with Xia Li.

The firing rate of the assault rifle was faster than that of a pistol. The assaulter could also shoot over a wide range while the scout could only fire one shot at a time. In the same period of time, the number of bullets fired by an assaulter was several times more than a scout.

In the confrontation, the firepower of the three members of the Chinese team would be fiercer than the three members of the British team!

This slight firepower advantage was also reflected in the final result. Xia Li might’ve died but she had rushed over while firing strafing shots. She injured her opponent and gave Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou the opportunity to collect people’s heads!

The cabin was 3v3, and the Chinese won by exchanging two heads for three.

In the live stream room, many viewers excitedly posted.

[Xia Li is so fierce. She rushes to the front in every group battle!]

[A female alpha is in the front row. Xiao Xia always had the momentum of 1 against 5 [dog head.jpg].]

[I found that Xiao Xia is a bit naive. She will rush forward and die after firing, but it is simple.]

[Hahaha, even if she dies, she dies handsomely!]

Xia Li was indeed very reckless. She used to be brainless, and it had no effect when she died. Then under Jiang Shaoyu’s criticism and education, she would use her brains before acting recklessly. Even if she died, she must also kill the opponent on the opposite side to gain an advantage.

Such ‘recklessness’ would be more effective for the team.

After the British team called for a timeout, Coach Alves whispered, “For this game, don’t go up on the deck. Go directly to the cabin to fight. Hide in the room and wait for an opportunity. Ambush and kill the people who come into the cabin.”

In the soundproof room of the Chinese team, Jiang Shaoyu whispered to Pei Feng, “Collectively go into the water. Fight a wave around the back.”


The second game began. All the members of the British team lurked in the cabin and waited for an opportunity. They wanted to wait for the rabbit and catch the Chinese team off guard. However, after waiting for a while, no one from the Chinese team came.

Just as they were feeling curious, a bullet suddenly shot from a distance.


The heavy sniper bullet penetrated through the window and shot the British scout, who had been crouching down by the window!

Pei Feng led the people of the Chinese team to collectively circle around in the water.

The windows of the dilapidated pirate ship were incomplete. Pei Feng’s bullet directly sniped the opponent through a gap in the window. The dull gunfire from the Balot also sounded the horn for the Chinese team’s attack.

The four members of the Chinese team were divided into two groups in the narrow cabin.

Xia Li continued to rush forward, the AK in her hand firing all the way into the cabin. Meanwhile, Ye Qingming hid behind her and accurately fired. On the other side, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou moved back and forth, carrying out a thorough search of the cabins.

The British team wanted to hide and engage in a sneak attack, but they were surprised by the Chinese team who ambushed from behind.

In the second small game, the Chinese team won.

The British team once again requested a timeout!

In the BO5 match, a coach would have three timeouts. This was one more than the group stage. Now it was already a 2:0 game point, and Alves had to call a timeout. It was because if this game was lost, the Chinese team would reach match point!

This map was the focus of the British team’s repeated practice. Losing the key map would undoubtedly be a huge blow to the confidence of the players.

Alves explained in a low voice, “Fight a wave of underwater sneak attacks. Don’t care about the timing of the waves. Hit directly, speed up the rhythm, and catch them by surprise!”

This adjustment allowed the British players to find a bit of rhythm. They all went into the water and swam quickly from the sides of the hull. The five people appeared at the same time for a wave and exchanged three for five to win the game.

The score was 2:1, and there was still hope for the British team.

Alves clenched his fists nervously.

In the fourth game, Pei Feng suddenly summoned all the members of the Chinese team to the deck.

The players of the British team wanted to continue circling around underwater. However, Pei Feng opened the scope and kept staring at the surface of the water. For this map, the impact of the waves would have a negative impact on most people. But for professional players, the waves were a factor that could be exploited.

It would make the hull shake, but also make the people in the sea move.

The moment the waves surged, a player of the British team lurking underwater had a bit of his head exposed. Pei Feng narrowed his eyes, stared at this position, and calmly pulled the trigger.


The bullet was shot into the water and achieved a headshot!

[’CHN-Fred’ has used the Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘ENG-Chester’ with a headshot!]

The British team’s charger dived under the water. Before he could do anything, he was sniped from up high by a sniper. His body sank to the bottom of the sea, and blood stained the sea red.

Before the team battle began, the British team lost one person. It was 4 to 5, and they were completely passive.

Underwater lurking had a time limit. Those who went beyond the time limit could suffocate. The British team had no choice. They had to bite the bullet and emerge to fight.

As a result, the Chinese team defending the deck seemed to be playing ‘whack-a-mole.’

Everyone stared at the sea together.

If one pops up, I’ll kill one!

The assaulter took the lead to emerge and was swept to death by Xiao Zhou.

The scout who wanted to climb up the hull of the ship was killed by Ye Qingming.

The members of the British team: “……”

It simply became a ‘death squad’ that sent heads one after another!

Commander Pei Feng prejudged their judgment, making their tactics of ‘lurking and a sneak attack’ a joke.

Why was there a feeling that their IQ was crushed?

Wasn’t this a map where the British team had the advantage? Why was it so hard to fight?!


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