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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 179

Rainy Night

Fast forward to December 10th, when the first round of the 16 to 8 knockout round in the upper half officially started. The United States, Australia, South Korea, and France beat their opponents to advance to the quarterfinals.

At 2 p.m. on December 11th, the second half of the knockout round officially began. The first match was the match between the Chinese team in Group F and the British team in Group E. At this time, it was 5 o’clock in the morning in China. After watching Jiang Shaoyu’s interview, many viewers were full of confidence in the Chinese team and got up to watch the match.

The moment the live stream room opened, countless netizens poured in to cheer for the Chinese team.

The two commentators were also in high spirits. “Audience friends, welcome to the official live stream room of the 6th World Series of Gun King. Today is the knockout match between China and Britain!”

“Alves, the head coach of the British team, is actually a Canadian player. He played in the professional league in Canada for three years before retiring to coach for the British team. The style of the British team was also influenced by him.”

“Yes, the British team plays in the European league, and the coach is Canadian. It can be said that they have a fusion of the characteristics of Europe and North America. They have very fierce chargers and assaulters, as well as long-range snipers with accurate marksmanship. It is a very well-rounded team.”

“Before the start of the group stage, the media of all countries thought that the British team would place first in Group E. Unexpectedly, they lost 1:2 to Singapore in the group stage. The reason for their loss is similar to why Germany lost to China. They didn’t take Singapore seriously enough and sent substitutes for training. Then they were dragged by Singapore to the final round and lost.”

The game ‘Gun King’ originated from the United States and also spread from North America and Europe to the world. This meant that the leagues of these countries were much more mature than those in Asian countries that started leagues much later. Many people in Europe and the United States had the hobby of studying firearms, and there were many professionals who played shooting games.

Among the Asian countries, they only paid attention to South Korea. The other countries were younger brothers in their eyes. It was due to the arrogance that went deep into their bones that they didn’t prepare enough before the match. In this World Series, Germany and the United Kingdom overturned one after another, and both became second in their group.

Germany was okay. It was possible for them to fight against Singapore next.

The British team was unlucky. They met the strongest dark horse, the Chinese team, and defeat or victory was unknown.

“We can see that the coaches on both sides are ready! The system is drawing lots, and the Chinese national team is the first hand today!”

“Coach Jiang has submitted the game mode: Extreme Duel!”

The rules of the knockout stage were different. The coaches of both sides carried out the BP of the mode and map first. They would send people after the map was selected. Before the map was selected, the opponent’s lineup wasn’t known, so it was a test of the coach’s awareness.

The British coach, Alves, frowned and thought for a moment. Then he quickly banned three maps.

Logistics Park, Yuehu Park, and Fantasy Island. Among them, Logistics Park was the map China used to win against Germany, while Yuehu Park was similar to Fantasy Island. There was a complex terrain with lakes, forests, a mountain, and multiple resurrection points. China had a powerful, invisible scout. They should try to avoid this type of map.

Alves’ BP thinking was decent.

Jiang Shaoyu waited for him to finish banning the maps before immediately selecting the five star difficulty map, Rainy Night.

The domestic audience became excited the moment this map appeared.

[Rainy Night, my most hated map!]

[The darkness means you can’t see clearly at all! Doesn’t it depend on luck to kill people?]

[Late at night with heavy rain. It is tense and exciting. It feels a lot like a police and gangster shootout movie!]

[Encountering the Chinese team: It is the shooting scene of a horror movie [dog head].]

[What lineup will Coach Jiang send? ACE 2.0 again?]

The map was determined, and the two sides started to send people.

The players that the British team sent were: The snipers Alston and Baird, the charger Chester, the assaulter Hunter, and the scout Yetta.

The Chinese team sent Fred, Shadow, Devil, Leaf, and Snow.

The moment this lineup came out, it wasn’t just the coach of the British team who had wide eyes. The domestic audience also dropped open their jaws and filled the barrage area with question marks.

[Are there no chargers and assaulters?]

[Three snipers + 2 scouts. F*k, am I seeing this right?]

[There isn’t a single charger, assaulter or medic!]

[It is a pure fragile lineup. None of them can resist attacks?]

[Shocked! How to fight if there is no charger and assaulter? Doesn’t this mean there isn’t enough firepower?]

[I don’t understand Coach Jiang’s operations. This map… is the role of a sniper that big?]

At this time, the tactical advisers sitting backstage were calm.

3 snipers + 2 scouts actually had an advantage over the British team’s 2 snipers + 1 charger + 1 assaulter + 1 scout.

Assaulters and chargers were occupations that could instantly shoot across a wide area. They could play a firepower suppression effect on open maps such as forests, squares, and corridors. However, the Rainy Night map was dark, and they were disturbed by heavy rain. It actually wasn’t easy unless they were a light scout.

The Chinese team’s system of 3 snipers and 2 scouts was proposed by Jiang Shaoyu. Qin Xueyao still acted as an invisible scout and wandered around to open up the entire map. They would spread out according to the points reported by Xueyao and defeat the opponents one by one.

It was equivalent to a full assassin system. It was worthwhile even against the Korean team.

Before the scout of the British team could find the three snipers of the Chinese team, Xueyao would first find their chargers and assaulters. After all, close combat players were much easier to find than snipers. Then the Chinese team would use the advantage of a sniper’s long-range distance to kill them as quickly as possible. Wouldn’t the close combat players of the British team be wasted?

The map was loaded, and the game soon started.

The biggest difficulty of the Rainy Night map was the interference of the sound of the rainstorm. This made it difficult to judge the enemy’s position based on the sound of footsteps. There were four resurrection points on this map. The Chinese team refreshed in the southeast corner while the British team was in the northwest corner.

At the beginning of the game, Qin Xueyao moved through the dark night like a nimble fish. She walked quickly along the winding path. Her steps were extremely light because she carried the lightest dagger. The girl with the ponytail and dressed in black moved so quickly that the British team could barely hear her footsteps.

Qin Xueyao, who already had a good grasp of the map, almost achieved real ‘invisibility’ in the rainy night.

The British captain, Alston, whispered, “Disperse in a 1-2-2 formation.”

He first sent the scout to explore the way. The remaining four people went in two directions. It was a combination of sniper + charger and sniper + assaulter, one close and one long-range player.

On the Chinese team’s side, Pei Feng said calmly, “Brother Ye, act by yourself. Snipers, take a triangle encirclement.

Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian immediately took action.

The triangle encirclement meant three snipers occupying three sniper points in different directions on the map, forming an airtight defensive formation. None of the enemies who entered the triangle area would survive. Since the sniper rifle could be turned 180 degrees at any time, once their teammates were attacked, they could shoot immediately to cover their teammates.

The triangle was the most stable.

In addition, the triangular firepower coverage of the three snipers could make them almost invisible to the enemies!

It didn’t take long for Qin Xueyao to report the enemy’s location. “The 9 o’clock direction, a charger.”

The players of the Chinese team had played hide-and-seek with Old Chang on this map every day. Their ability to see objects at night had been greatly improved. They could use the dim street lights and changes in light and shadow to judge the location of the target.

Qin Xueyao could even find Old Chang on his map. It was very easy to find the close combat professions of the British team.

Pei Feng immediately turned his muzzle and stared in the 9 o’clock direction. “No hurry. Continue searching.”

In the scope, Pei Feng clearly saw the enemy charger, Chester, emerging from a corner of the street. Pei Feng stared at his opponent like a hunter waiting for a rabbit. He didn’t shoot immediately but calmly let the opponent pass by his gun.

Chester of the British team had no idea that there was a sniper staring coldly at his back from the tall building above him.

Qin Xueyao received the order and quickly moved through the dark streets to find someone in the other direction. The audience from a god’s perspective could see that Ye Qingming and Qin Xueyao were each in charge of half of the map, quickly looking for their counterparts.

This Rainy Night map had many sniper spots since the buildings could be climbed. When looking for a sniper, they must pay attention to using buildings and light and shadows to cover them so that the enemy didn’t find them.

The two scouts specially chose dark alleys to move through and stayed in the blind spot of the enemy sniper.

Soon, Qin Xueyao said, “There is a sniper behind the billboard at 2 o’clock.”

Ye Qingming said, “Leave him to me. The enemy scout is in the 3 o’clock direction. Captain Liu, pay attention.”

Qin Xueyao added, “I found the enemy assaulter. It is in the 7 o’clock direction on Xiao Mo’s side.”

Mo Hantian: 1.

Liu Shaozhou: 1.

The simple exchange on the team channel had already made the British team’s path of action clear.

At this time, the people of the British team were a bit confused. What was going on? The Chinese team was collectively missing? Why couldn’t they find a single member of the Chinese team on the map?

Captain Alston realized that something was wrong and immediately said, “Everyone, hide!”

However, he was still a step slower.

Pei Feng issued an order for a full-scale attack with a gunshot!

He had already locked onto the position of the enemy charger. Once his teammates found almost all the British team members, Pei Feng opened the scope, aimed, and shot.


The dull gunshot belonging to the Balot heavy sniper rifle rang out. The bullet cut through the rain curtain like a sharp knife, piercing through the air from a super long distance and instantly piercing the head of the British team’s charger!

At almost the same time, Liu Shaozhou, Mo Hantian, and Ye Qingming also fired.

Bang, bang, bang!

The clear sound of the sniper rifles and pistol sounded one after another.

[’CHN-Fred’ has used the Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘ENG-Chester’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘ENG-Yetta’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘ENG-Hunter’ with a headshot!]

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘ENG-Baird’ with a headshot!]

Four clear gunshots, four consecutive kills.

It was okay not to make a move, but once they made a move, it was crisp and neat.

The five players of the British team felt chills in their hearts. This made their spines feel colder than being drenched in a rainstorm. The Chinese team disappeared from the map because they were patiently waiting for an opportunity. After they stepped into the encirclement of the Chinese team, the Chinese team launched an attack at the same time!

In the domestic live stream room, the jaws of the netizens were about to drop.

[F*k! What is this way of playing?]

[It seems they spread out in an ambush to scout and find people. Then they locked onto the targets and launched an all-out attack!]

[A wave of 0 for 4. So handsome!]

[The Chinese team is awesome!]

Seeing this, it wasn’t just the coach of the British team who started sweating. The coaches of the other countries also couldn’t believe their eyes. Four kills in an instant?

This lineup might be fragile and didn’t have any front row players to resist the pressure, but they were light and flexible. If the enemy couldn’t touch a corner of their clothes, they would be sniped to death by snipers who might appear from any direction!

In the dark, rainy night, the five members of the Chinese team were like dormant hunters, quietly waiting for their prey to take the bait. This strange feeling of oppression was simply suffocating!

Pei Feng smiled. “Nice! Their captain is probably in the southwest direction. Xueyao, go and lure him out.”

The captain of the British team hid relatively well in the first wave of battles, but his teammates were dead. He couldn’t do much when it was 1V5. Qin Xueyao went to find his location and found him quickly.

Alston shot and killed Xueyao, but Pei Feng kept staring in Xueyao’s direction. The moment Xueyao was killed, he immediately shot and took away the other person’s head.

Pei Feng said, “Xueyao, don’t resurrect right away. Snipers, gather in the middle and stare in the southeast direction.”

The British team really did choose the resurrection point in the southeast corner.

They wanted to take a shortcut to catch the Chinese team by surprise. They didn’t expect that Pei Feng had already changed the formation. At this time, Pei Feng, Li Shaozhou, and Mo Hantian were jointly defended against the southeast area of the map.

The British team would enter their range if they wanted to pass.

They waited at ease for the rabbits.

The British team thought they were clever and wanted to go around. Instead, they had just taken two steps when they hit the muzzle of a sniper head-on. There were three more clear gunshots!

This time, the distance of the shot was very close.

However, since the British players were moving, three bullets killed two people and injured one. The injured assaulter hid in a dark alley and was about to slip away, only to be killed by Ye Qingming, who was hiding there.

“It is another wave of 0 for 3!” The commentator was so excited that his voice trembled. “The Chinese team played too beautifully!”

“The three snipers cooperate very tacitly, no matter whether it is the first triangle formation or the second straightforward blockade while waiting for the rabbit. They are using the terrain to the extreme!”

“It is hard for the British team to take down three sniper points at the same time. They have completely fallen into a passive state.”

The heads ratio was 8:1 and China only sacrificed Xueyao in the first wave.

On a rainy night, everyone in the Chinese team hid everywhere on the dark map and cooperated with the sneak attack.

The British team just felt killing intent and were unable to move!

The interference of the sound of the rainstorm made people upset. The British team was fighting, but the rhythm of their team cooperation was directly broken. There were several mistakes, and it was accurately caught by Pei Feng.

Pei Feng’s calm voice sounded on the voice channel. “Collectively transfer. Attack the northwest corner.”

“Xueyao, go and explore the way. I will cover you.”

“Captain Liu, pay attention to the crossfire and kill the scout in the eastern alley!”

“Brother Ye, the sniper hiding on the roof of the building will be handed over to you.”

Pei Feng could always give the clearest instructions. Under his command, the five members of the Chinese team moved quickly through the dark, rainy night. The dark night didn’t hinder their actions but was the strongest protective umbrella for them.

The elusive Chinese team completely destroyed the British team.

After only 15 minutes, the Chinese team won the game with a heads ratio of 50:34.

There was a gap of 16 heads, and it was simply a crushing game.

Lao Lin, who was sitting below the stage, slapped his thigh excitedly. “Awesome! Xiao Pei’s command is very awesome!”

Jiang Shaoyu curled up the corners of his lips slightly. It seemed that it wasn’t in vain to let Xiao Pei watch the Canadian game and predict the style and rhythm of the British team. He opened a gap of seven heads with two raids at the beginning.

Xueyao opened up the full map, Yezi assassinated the opponents with critical health several times, Liu Shaozhou played steadily, and Xiao Mo played well under the leadership of his teammates.

Of course, the most important thing was Pei Feng’s command of their movements, which was very good.

The five star difficulty map, Rainy Night. Gunshots rang out one after another in the rainstorm. In the dark night, they couldn’t see where the opponent was, but they were always shot in the head by the opponent?

In such a suffocating and dark environment, the British team became more and more desperate.

Their mentality was about to collapse!


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