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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 177

Group Stage is Over

In the previous two days of the competition, Spain lost to 0:2 to Germany and 1:2 to Canada. They had no hope of qualifying. In this last match, it didn’t matter if Spain won or lost. However, it was better to win one match than to lose all three, right? It would also allow them to give a better explanation when returning home.

In this match, the head coach of Spain set out a pure output lineup of his five main players. There were two chargers + one assaulter + one scout + one sniper. This was also their best one-wave flow style.

The match started, and the system randomly assigned Spain to the home team first.

The coach immediately submitted the game mode: Extreme Duel.

They wanted to rely on the firepower advantage of pure output to get pets from the hands of the Chinese team. Of course, it was best if they could choose the map they were good at.

Jiang Shaoyu quickly banned three small and medium-sized maps.

The map that Spain selected was: Waiting Hall.

This map was based on the waiting hall of a real train station. It was divided into two floors: a wide lobby on the first floor and an eating and lounge area on the second floor. The lobby on the first floor had a wide view, while sniper rifles could be set up on the second floor. This was a map that was very suitable for frontal shooting.

Jiang Shaoyu whispered a few words of explanation to Pei Feng. Then he turned around and returned to the audience.

The match officially began. Both sides refreshed at the east and west entrances on the first floor.

Spain was very fierce. Four people gathered together to attack the front. Meanwhile, the sniper went up to the second floor to set up a gun as quickly as possible to provide long-range cover fire. Originally, they wanted to break up the Chinese team in one wave. However, the Chinese team directly scattered at the beginning. The five people climbed up the stairs of the second floor and disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

…Avoid the edge and find a different way.

Pei Feng directed the collective transfer of five people, making the first wave of Spain’s attack only hit the air.

In the blink of an eye, a skull mark appeared on the screen

[‘CHN-Leaf’ used the Rose Blade to kill ‘SPA-Alberto’!]

The Spanish sniper hiding on the second floor was assassinated by Ye Qingming.

Pei Feng laughed and said, “Nice! Jump down and go around the back!”

The four people of Spain didn’t have time to turn around when the Chinese players suddenly jumped down from the second floor behind them. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou raised their guns in the air. The moment they landed, they fired fiercely toward the back of the enemies’ heads, directly killing two people from Spain!

The Spanish players immediately fought back after coming to their senses and joined forces to kill Lao Lin.

Immediately afterward, a clear gunshot sounded from the second floor.


Pei Feng hid next to a coffee store on the second floor. The barrel of the gun protruded from the glass guardrail. He killed the enemy charger in seconds.

Ye Qingming jumped down lightly and shot the remaining scout on the Spanish side.

The Spanish group was destroyed, and Shu Chen immediately jumped down to rescue Lao Lin.

Less than 30 seconds after it started, the Chinese team collectively climbed up to the second floor. The Zhou Lin duo jumped down from the air to fight a surprise attack. They cooperated with Pei Feng’s long-range sniping to directly hit a wave of 1 for 5.

Looking at the heads ratio that became 5:1, the domestic audience couldn’t believe it.

[Isn’t this too handsome?]

[It is 1 for 5. Spain didn’t react at all?]

[Jumping directly down to fight. Everyone in the Spanish team is blown up!]

[Poor Spain. I can only sympathize with them for one second, no more.]

[ACE 2.0, jiayou!]

How stable was the ACE 2.0 lineup?

The five people used this game personally to tell everyone that the five of them could disperse and gather at any time. The cooperation of the five people was like a tacit understanding between gears. They were tightly fitted together, and there would never be any disconnection.

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou’s fierce strafing, Yezi’s surprise sneak attack and assassination, Shu Chen’s timely rescue, and Pei Feng’s always calm and accurate long-range firepower suppression.

How to crack such an integrated, well-rounded, and tacit team?

The Spanish captain had a headache and ordered, “Kill the sniper first!”

It was impossible to fight without killing Pei Feng. However, when they managed to kill Pei Feng, their own sniper was killed by Yezi, and the front row was injured by Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou. Then Shu Chen rescued Pei Feng without any hurry, and Pei Feng turned around and shot the Spanish captain.

In the second wave of team battles, the Chinese team exchanged 2 for 5 again.

The Spanish players: “……”

It was so hard to play a game!

The Chinese team led 10:3 with a huge advantage.

In such a situation, it was already difficult for Spain to turn things around. Even so, the domestic audience was still tense. They were worried that ACE would make a mistake in cooperation… The result was that not only did ACE maintain the advantage of seven heads, but they even increased the advantage further!





In the end, the Chinese team won the Extreme Duel mode with a heads ratio of 50:36 and a gap of 14 heads.

At the game venue, the newcomers sitting in the audience also applauded happily.

Mo Hantian asked Shi Xiaobin in a low voice, “Are your current points the same as Germany?”

Shi Xiaobin calculated it seriously, “We beat Germany 2:1, Canada 2:0 and won the Waiting Hall map in this game. In other words, the map score is 5 points, and the total points is 3 points.”

His eyes lit up. “We are already equal to Germany!”

Mo Hantian’s eyes reddened with excitement. “Great. We will be number one in the group if we win another game!”

In the domestic live stream room, netizens had started to celebrate victory in advance.


[It is 14 heads. It is a gap of almost three team battles.]

[Is Spain so weak?]

[It isn’t that Spain is weak. It is that ACE 2.0 is too strong!]

[I feel that Spanish players have lost two consecutive games in the group stage. They lost confidence, right?]

[The Chinese team is sure to win!]

The two commentators said excitedly, “Theoretically, the Chinese team is 100% able to qualify from the group. However, China and Germany’s points are now the same. If China loses 1:2 to Spain, the difference will become negative points. In other words, Germany will be first, and China will be second.”

“Yes, they can’t be careless in the next game. it is better to win Spain 2:0 or 2:1. This will secure first place in the group.”

At the end of the first game, the coaches of both sides walked into the soundproof room.

Hardly any faults could be found in the cooperation between the people of ACE. Pei Feng was in charge of commanding and used the double-layered terrain of the waiting hall to sometimes sneak around from the back or sometimes have a face-to-face confrontation. Other times, they would jump down to attack the opponent in surprise…

Xiao Pei was flexible and responsive. The Spanish command simply couldn’t keep up with his rhythm. The disparity of 50:36 in the score was also expected by Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “The second game is our home field. Xiao Pei and Chen Chen, get ready. I will wait for the map selection before replacing you.”

Pei Feng and Shu Chen nodded to show understanding.

At the beginning of the second game, Jiang Shaoyu selected Endless Bloody Battle mode.

Endless Bloody battle for a quick game? After hesitating for a moment, the Spanish coach disabled the three maps of Food Pedestrian Street, Hope Port, and Ghost Castle.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the map for Endless Bloody Battle mode: Deep in the Jungle.

The Spanish coaches were overjoyed. This was also a map they loved very much!

The next moment, the Chinese team’s soundproof room lit up with the sign for substitution.

The Chinese team requested a substitution.

Change CHN-Fred and CHN-Chen with CHN-Summer and CHN-Flower!

The moment this message popped up, domestic audience members were stunned. The two commentators were also stunned for a moment before wondering, “Why change players in an advantageous situation? If Xiao Pei continues to command, won’t it be 2:0?”

“Coach Jiang should think that this match is stable, so he wants to try a new lineup?”

“It was replaced with Hua Hua and Xia Li. Isn’t this a pure melee output system?”

“Lao Lin and Hua Hua are two chargers, while Xiao Zhou and Xia Xia are two assaulters. Add Yezi, a scout who stabs people in the back. Is China using a simple and straightforward way of fighting?”

“I guess it is Lao Lin in command. He is best at this frontal shooting style!”

“Let’s look forward to the performance of the Chinese national team!”

Spain’s coach was a bit confused. A substitution? How many lineups did the Chinese team have?

The replaced players logged into their accounts and checked their equipment. After a short five minutes of preparation, the game officially began.

Deep in the Jungle was the simplest map in the game. There were only large trees that were arm-width throughout the entire map. Such trees couldn’t hide people. The scene was open, and there was no real ‘cover.’ This was very suitable for frontal shooting. It was also the map that Xia Li, Lao Lin, and other players were best at.

At the beginning of the game, Lao Lin shouted in the voice channel, “Everyone, rush together and kill them!”

We won’t play tricks with you.

We are that simple and straightforward!

Hua Ran rushed up with a grenade. He was the first to charge and threw the grenade to blow up Spain’s front row. He was killed instantly, but he completely destroyed Spain’s formation.

Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou, and Xia Li took a knife-shaped position. Lao Lin was in the middle, while Zhou Zhou and Xia Li were on the left and right sides. The three of them fired aggressively toward Spain. They pressed forward and suppressed Spain for a while, making them not dare to emerge!

Ye Qingming used smoke bombs as a cover and quickly moved from the outside to the rear. The moment when the smoke cleared, he took out the Sand Eagle and killed the Spanish sniper in seconds with a headshot.

The front of the Chinese team fought 3v4 with the front row of Spain. Hua Ran might’ve died in the beginning, but he blew up Spain’s front row. The Chinese national team had three people with full health, and Spain had four people with residual health. In the end, they used the advantage of their health volume to win 4 against 5.

The small game score was 1:0.

Spain requested a timeout.

The coach spoke quickly in the soundproof room. “Beware of that Flower’s indiscriminate bombing. He is here to commit a suicide attack and exchange his health for your health! Don’t pay attention to him. Don’t fight in a group in the next game. Use the cover of smoke to spread out and hit them. Don’t be caught altogether, understood?”

The Spanish players nodded, but they had very little confidence right now. Their faces were all ugly.

In the Extreme Duel mode of the first round, they were beaten like dogs with a score gap of 50:36. The sniper was even assassinated six times!

In the second game, they were hit by the Chinese team at what they were best at, a head-to-head battle.

It was hard to regain their confidence.

During the competition, once a team lost confidence and fighting spirit, it was like the foundation of a high-rise building started to shake. They could collapse at any time. if they won a small game in the second game and regained their confidence, they could last a bit longer. However, once the second game was lost, the building would collapse, and there would be no way to recover!

Jiang Shaoyu calmly said, “Their confidence is about to collapse. Don’t give them a chance to reverse things.”

Lao Lin smiled. “Understood!”

The timeout ended, and the second small game began immediately. Lao Lin shouted, “Spread out and fight from the periphery. If you see a person, kill them. Take them down as quickly as possible!”

Not long after the start of the second small game, smoke occurred everywhere in the woods. The five players of Spain also dispersed.

Xia Li moved quickly while carefully observing the surroundings. The AK in her hand was ready to fight at any time. The moment the smoke cleared, Xia Li suddenly fired.

The Spanish assaulter fired at the same time.

Bang bang bang!

After the deafening gunshots, Xia Li still had a trace of health left. Meanwhile, the other side fell first!

Xia Li might be a player with relatively large fluctuations, but she played very well and smoothly on such a map!

On the other side, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou covered each other’s actions and happened to bump into the Spanish double charger combination. Lin and Zhou’s cooperation was far stronger than Spain’s two chargers, who were from different teams.

Lao Lin shot while moving in a Z shape to help block bullets for Xiao Zhou. Xiao Zhou had a very comfortable output environment. The moment Lao Lin was killed by the two enemies and fell in a pool of blood, Zhou Yiran suddenly jumped out from the side. The AK moved in a sudden 90-degree fan sweep, and he directly took a double kill!

There were three players left in the Chinese national team and only two left in Spain.

Yezi encountered the enemy scout and killed the opponent by relying on his own outstanding strength. The three members of China surrounded the Spanish sniper. Hua Ran jumped out to be a target, giving Yezi the opportunity to kill the opponent.

At 2:0, the Chinese team got the game point for the Endless Bloody Battle mode.

At the same time, it was the match point for today’s match!

The Spanish coach called a timeout again. At this time, the mentality of the players had completely collapsed. They had to win three games in a row, which was almost impossible.

Yes, they had lost their fighting spirit.

The Chinese team went all out, and the five people rushed forward in a group. They won the third game simply and fiercely.

Lao Lin shouted excitedly, “Nice!”

It was a really cool game.

The domestic audience members swiped the screen and wrote 666 excitedly when they saw this.

[I’m not dreaming, am I? Our team has qualified in first place?]

[F*k! Last year, we had a three match losing streak in the group stage. This year, it is actually a three match winning streak? What a dark horse counterattack!]

[If it was last year, the Chinese team had already booked a ticket back to China [dog head].]

[Ahhh the Chinese team is so handsome!}

[Such a simple and straightforward style of play looks very passionate!]

[Don’t brag or criticize. Everyone in the Chinese national team is so handsome.]

[I think we should be bolder and bet on getting into the semi-finals and winning a trophy this year.]

The two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning 2:1/2:0/2:0. They got three consecutive victories and qualified!”

“This reminds me of the Asian Championship not long ago. The Chinese team also made it out of the group stage when they weren’t favored. They counterattacked all the way to the finals and won the championship!”

“Yes, Coach Jiang is a coach who can create miracles! In the past, he led ACE all the way from the secondary league to win the championship. In the Asian Championship, he led the newcomers of the Chinese national team from unfavored cannon fodder to become the unexpected champion! In this World Series, maybe he can create another miracle!”

“Let us look forward to China’s performance in the knockout stage!”

Who could stop the Chinese team?

The coaches from other countries who watched the match had mixed feelings in their hearts.

This year’s Chinese team was no longer the weak team they imagined. They rose from the bottom of Group F to first place in Group F. Every match that the Chinese team played was impressive.

How many lineups did the Chinese team have? He didn’t know?

How many commanders did they have? It was uncertain.

Unknowingly, the Chinese team had actually become the strongest dark horse in this World Series!


  1. Souwmi says:

    Yes it’s a miracle coach indeed!! However one thing to note was China never lacked strong players, only the national team lineup was bought by wealthy clubs and there was no tacit cooperation established in the short time of 1 month. God Wing is a miracle worker but he directly threw away the rotten roots when selecting outstanding players. He is also a good tactician and visionary which greatly helped the Chinese team to move out of their losing streak.

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