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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 176

At the game venue, the score on the big screen became 2:0.

Once the domestic audience finally reacted, they all excitedly posted on the barrage.

[Captain Liu 666! The police was a complete victory. Too strong!]

[The explosion mode of the Chinese team is really awesome!]

[Sniping while rolling, so handsome~]

[Canada’s mentality has been broken, right? The bomb was dismantled in the last five seconds. Hahaha!]

[I would like to ask. The Chinese national team beat Germany 2:1 and Can 2:0. Can they qualify for the group?]

The commentator said excitedly, “Theoretically, the Chinese team has locked a place for the group stage qualification in advance! Since the score of Canada VS Spain is 2:1, Spain has already lost one match. China beat Germany 2:1 and Canada 2:0. It is four points for a map and a total of three points. We are bound to qualify for the group!”

Another commentator analyzed it. “The key now is the group ranking. The only way to not qualify is for Spain to beat China 2:0 and change the group’s ranking. However, I don’t think China will lose 0:2 to Spain. After all, Spain’s strength on paper isn’t as good as Canada’s. Last year, they barely qualified for the group and finally finished 10th.”

“Yes, the Spanish team’s tactics are relatively simple. I believe that Coach Jiang will come up with targeted tactics. The next match between China and Spain will be at 9 p.m. local time on December 7th, which is noon on December 8th in China. All netizens are welcome to follow it in advance!”

“See you in the next match!”

At the end of the live broadcast, the official Weibo of the Chinese Gun King national team and the Gun King Professional League posted the good news. “Congratulations to the Chinese national team for defeating Canada 2:0 in the group stage, winning two consecutive matches.”

The domestic clubs, professional players, and streamers rushed to forward the congratulations. This Weibo post was forwarded and liked a lot. In the blink of an eye, it became today’s hot topic.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, domestic netizens gradually woke up.

They were dumbfounded when they opened Weibo.

[F*k, I just woke up. Is 2:0 against Canada real?]

[I also specifically rubbed my eyes. It is really 2:0!]

[I just woke up and thought I was sleepwalking. When did the Chinese team become so awesome?]

[F*k, I stayed up late last night. I couldn’t stay up and went to bed early. I didn’t watch the match and suffered a huge loss!]

[They actually won two consecutive matches in the group stage. I really didn’t expect it!]

[Let’s watch the replay!]

Countless netizens clicked on the video playback of the match on the official Weibo in order to watch the recording of the game.

In the first game of Extreme Duel mode against Canada, the Chinese team moved around throughout the game, and their tactics were extremely flexible. They lead the snake out of the hole, ambushed the enemies, and sneak attacked. They won the game thrillingly with a 50:49 score. This made people dumbfounded.

In the second game, the Chinese team chose Life and Death Explosion mode. Liu Shaozhou beat them in the last few seconds, rolling and shooting in the flower bed. They won a double kill and defused the bomb. They directly broke the Canadian team’s mentality with a score of 5:0 in the first half.

Netizens who woke up early in the morning to watch the video became more and more enthusiastic. This was too handsome, right?

Was this still the Chinese team who were suppressed to the ground and beaten in a competition abroad?

Compared with last year’s national team, where they were overwhelmed in the group stage and the cooperation was a mess, this year’s national team had strong individual strength as well as team cooperation and tactical thinking. It was completely new compared to the past.

The key to all of this was that the team had changed their head coach!

Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo was once again filled with fanboys and fangirls. The message area was filled with 666.

Some fans left an excited message. “Our Coach Jiang is the most handsome!”

Someone else asked, “Coach Jiang, how many commanders does this team have? I’m dumbfounded!”

“In the first game against Germany, it was Xiao Mo who commanded, right? ACE 2.0 on the second game must be Fred commanding. The first game of today’s match looks like Xueyao was commanding, while the second game was Captain Liu?”

“Four commanders were changed in four games. Is our Coach Jiang so willful?”

“So how many lineups does the national team have this year?”

Netizens were confused by Coach Jiang’s frequent change of lineup and command.

At this time, the other countries in Group F were even more confused.

The German coach, Clemens, had an ugly expression. He thought that Germany had underestimated the enemy and hadn’t paid enough attention to China. It was because they sent substitutes to play until the score was 1:1. Then they overturned in the tiebreaker and lost 1:2. Then Canada would definitely pay more attention to the Chinese national team and send the full main team to defeat the Chinese national team!

As long as Canada defeated China and Germany defeated Canada, they would still qualify as first in the group. Who would’ve thought that Canada was so uncompetitive and directly gave China two points with a score of 0:2?!

Coach Nook from Canada was also depressed. He had done his best. In the first game, they were disrupted by the tactics of the Chinese team moving around in the Extreme Duel mode. In the second game, he hadn’t expected that China would play Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian, two snipers, to act as defense. The defense of the Chinese team’s police side was simply like an impregnable wall. It was impossible to break through!

Who wanted to lose in the first half with a score of 0:5!

If they lost to Germany next, wouldn’t Canada not be able to qualify for the group stage?

Canada was also a strong team in North America, second only to the United States. They could rank in the top eight every year for the World Series. They hadn’t won any prizes, but they were a stable ‘top eight team.’ If they failed to make it out of the group stage this year, they wouldn’t even qualify for the top 16. Wouldn’t they be scolded to death by netizens after they returned?

At this time, the most desperate team in Group F was Spain.

Germany and Canada had overturned in the hands of the Chinese national team, and they were the only ones left.

Would they lose even more thoroughly?

The Spanish coach’s facial features were extremely wrinkled. How to fight against China? Who would tell him what lineup the Chinese team would use? No, how many lineups did the Chinese team have? Coach Jiang of the Chinese team was simply a devil!

In the beginning, the idea of the three teams in Group F was that it was great to be grouped with China. China was at the bottom of Group F and was just there to accompany them. Try to win against 2:0 to get more points from China.

Now, the thinking of the three teams in Group F was: It was really unlucky to be grouped together with the Chinese team!

They originally thought the Chinese team was here to accompany them. In the end, the Chinese team beat them all. This was the strongest dark horse in the World Series, right?

After the match, Jiang Shaoyu returned to the hotel with all the members of the national team.

The news that the Chinese team defeated their strong rivals, Germany and Canada, in a series of upsets reached the ears of the coaches of various participating countries. Other coaches who weren’t in Group F also started to pay attention to China in advance.

In particular, the teams in Group E. It was because the next stage of the knockout round was between Group E and Group F. If China qualified as first in Group F then second place in Group E would be unlucky.

At this time, Coach Cha of the Korean team saw the score announced on the official website, and his heart became even more uneasy. The small tricks they engaged in behind the scenes hadn’t seemed to have affected the Chinese team?

No matter whether it was buying a water army to smear Coach Jiang Shaoyu or maliciously reporting them before the match… Forget the mentality of the coaching staff and players collapsing. Instead, they were playing more and more smoothly?

Cha Injun took a deep breath and temporarily let go of the anxiety in his heart. He concentrated on the next match. South Korea was bound to qualify as first in Group C, and their goal was to win the championship. There was absolutely no room for error.

At 4 p.m. California time on December 5th, all the members of the Chinese national team gathered in Coach Jiang’s room again to seriously review the match. The replay ended, and they had dinner.

Starting from 7 p.m., Coach Jiang called a meeting to arrange the tactics for the next match.

“The next match is our last opponent in Group F, Spain. On paper, Spain is far inferior to Canada and Germany, and their tactics are relatively simple. However, we can’t be careless. It is only by winning against Spain that we can gather as first in the group!”

The players of the previous national team had mixed feelings when they heard this. There was finally a day when the coach of the national team no longer said, ‘Everyone, just do our best.’ Instead, he said, ‘We want to finish first in the group!’

He really didn’t dare think about it before!

Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze swept toward the players before finally stopping on Pei Feng’s face. “I have met with several coaches overnight to discuss it. When playing Spain, if it is the opponent’s home field then let Xiao Pei, Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, Yezi, and Chen Chen play to score 1 point. Once it is our Chinese team’s home game, we can try some new lineups.”

The five old teammates looked at each other and nodded at the same time to show understanding.

ACE 2.0 was the most stable, ‘guaranteed lineup’ in Jiang Shaoyu’s mind. As long as he sent out this lineup, they would be able to secure a point. China had defeated Germany 2:1 and Canada 2:0. In theory, as long as they got 1 point from Spain, they would safely qualify in the group even if they lost to Spain 1:2.

Jiang Shaoyu went on to say, “For our home game, we will choose Endless Bloody Battle mode to play a one-wave flow with them. Try to collide with Spain’s wave flow system. Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, Hua Hua, Xia Li, and Yezi will go together. Lao Lin will be in charge of commanding.”

This one-wave system was something that they had all practiced in usual training. It was the simple and rough fighting method that the JZ team was best at. If Lao Lin directed it, he would play very fiercely. Zhou Yiran’s personal ability was excellent, Xia Li’s reaction to encounters was very fast, Hua Hua was in charge of rushing to the front to make trouble, and Yezi saw the opportunity to assassinate…

There was only one goal for the five people: to kill!

Kill as fast as possible and all in one wave!

Of course, the map of this lineup couldn’t be too complicated, or else Xia Li and Hua Hua might have coordination problems. Jiang Shaoyu would mislead the opponent during the BP stage. He would try to choose simple or medium-sized maps to let the players fight freely.

After two days of intense training, it was December 7th.

This was the last match day of the group stage.

The qualifying places from Group A to Group D in the first half had been decided. The United States, Australia, South Korea, and France respectively qualified for their group. The matches in the second half were still unfinished.

Germany VS Canada had a score of 2:0 yesterday. At this time, Germany’s matches in Group F were all over. They had scores of 2:0 against Canada, 2:0 against Spain, and 1:2 against China. They got 5 points for the map and a total of 3 points.

China was currently 2:12:0, with 4 points on the map and a total of 3 points.

In other words, it was confirmed that Germany and China would qualify for Group F. The final match between China and Spain would determine the ranking of both teams.

At 9 p.m. local time, the match between China and Spain officially started. The match of Group F attracted a lot of attention. The coaches of other groups who finished their matches stayed at the venue to watch.

In China, it was exactly noon. Many netizens opened the live stream room while eating.

At the beginning of the match, the starting lineup of the Chinese team today was—Pei Feng, Lao Lin, Yezi, Xiao Zhou, and Chu Chen. The ACE 2.0 system had appeared again!

The domestic audience immediately cheered.

Coach Jiang directly dispatched this tacitly coordinated ACE system. This match should be stable, right?


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