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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 175 Part 2

The game officially started, and the Chinese team was randomly selected to be the police.

There were two ways for the police to fight on this map. Either encircle and block an explosion point or scatter to the periphery to find the bandits on the opposite side, breaking through one by one.

Liu Shaozhou simply ordered, “Rush collectively to Point B.”

He believed that Canada was likely to storm Point B. After all, Point A was a large area of low flowers, and the explosion point was in the center of the flower bed. This was easy to defend and difficult to attack. As long as the sniper lay in ambush then the bandits wouldn’t be able to get past.

Relatively speaking, Point B had the obstructions of the huge, tree-shaped cacti. There were many cacti placed to form a wall-like landscape belt. The terrain was suitable for lurking sneak attacks, and this was more favorable to the bandits.

Liu Shaozhou quickly made a few marker points on the map. “Xiao Mo, go here to guard the intersection. Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou, go in the direction of 10 o’clock. Yezi, go around to find their sniper.”

The players all hit ‘1’ to indicate that they had received it.

Sure enough, the Canadian scout came over first.

He bypassed behind a giant cactus and wanted to find the sniper of the Chinese team to assassinate. What he didn’t know was Liu Shaozhou had already climbed a cactus in the distance.

The tree was over seven meters tall, and the palm-shaped cactus leaves were densely packed. It was difficult for opponents to see the person among the leaves. Liu Shaozhou narrowed his eyes, turned on the scope, and stared at the movement of the enemy scout.

The Canadian scout listened carefully to the movements around him. He didn’t hear any footsteps and was overjoyed. He immediately came out from behind the wall of cacti.

The moment he emerged, there was a clear gunshot in the distance.


There was the special effect of a streaking meteor, and the bullet pierced through the air, instantly piercing the scout’s brain.

[‘CHN-Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘CAN-James’ with a headshot!]

He was caught off guard. The headshot caused a chill to go down the scout’s spine, and he immediately said, “The Chinese team is defending Point B. Be careful!”

At this time, the Canadian charger and assaulter were coming around from the side. Just as they emerged, they bumped into Zhou Zhou and Lao Lin, who were heading in the 10 o’clock direction!

Zhou Zhou and Lao Lin were a very tacit front row combination in the ACE team. The two of them crossed positions, and they could cover and support each other. Even the angle of the bullets being fired could achieve perfect coordination. Each person was responsible for the other, and there was no ineffective shooting in the semi-circular area. The coverage was very wide.

The two of them didn’t need to speak. They fired the moment they encountered enemies.

Bang bang bang bang!

Deafening gunfire came from the direction of 10 o’clock. The two side’s front rows faced each other. In the blink of an eye, both Canadian players died, and the Chinese team only sacrificed Lao Lin.

1 for 2.

Lao Lin shouted, “Nice!”

Every time they fought 2:1, it was always the charger Lao Lin who was walking in front, and Zhou Yiran was following behind. In most cases, it was Lao Lin who exchanged his life for Xiao Zhou’s double kill. He rushed forward to help Xiao Zhou block most of his enemy’s bullets, and Xiao Zhou’s fierce and precise marksmanship didn’t make his sacrifice in vain.

The cooperation between the two of them this time was still the same tacit understanding in ACE back then.

Less than half a minute into the game, three Canadian players died, leaving only two snipers.

Liu Shaozhou said, “Brother Ye, I’ll leave the one on the left to you.”

Ye Qingming typed that he received it and walked quietly around the landscape belt.

Sure enough, he found a Canadian sniper and marked it on the map. The next moment, Ye Qingming suddenly rolled out from behind the cactus. The Sand Eagle in his hand precisely fired at the captain of Canada.

A clear gunshot rang out, and Dallas was shot in the head by Ye Qingming!

Liu Shaozhou praised him. “Beautiful.”

Ye Qingming said with a smile, “It is just a basic operation.”

The team members: “……”

Dallas hadn’t expected it. He thought his position was hidden enough, but he was suddenly assassinated by the scout of the Chinese team. This Leaf’s positioning without a trace caused a chill to go down his spine!

There was only one last sniper left in Canada and four people remaining on the Chinese team.

Liu Shaozhou smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

The four of them moved quickly and surrounded the last bandit of the Canadian team from all sides.

In the 1st round, the police won.

“Congratulations to the Chinese team for taking the lead in winning one small round! In this round, the police’s layout was very good. Captain Liu must’ve guessed the opponent’s attack method and waited at a few key intersections in advance.”

“Yes, the position of the police’s defense is very important! If you manage to block those places first, the defense is half successful. Captain Liu killed the enemy scout in seconds, and this made it very hard for Canada to fight!”

“…Canada called a timeout!”

Coach Nook didn’t dare let the Chinese team play too smoothly. He immediately called a timeout to cut off China’s rhythm. He quickly walked into the soundproof room and said to the players, “Don’t storm Point B. Find a way to maneuver to both sides and disrupt their cooperation…”

Compared to Nook’s anxiety, Jiang Shaoyu was very calm. He didn’t say too much to the players and left this game to Liu Shaozhou to command. He believed that Xiao Liu would do his best.

At the start of the second round, Canada didn’t attack Point B again. They dispersed in a 2-1-2 formation. The two front rows went to Point A while the scout circled from the other side. Then the two snipers sneaked into Area B, using the cover of the cacti to wait for an opportunity.

They waited for a while but didn’t see any traces of the Chinese team.

Not good!

Alarm bells rang. Dallas was about to open his mouth to tell his teammates to be careful when he heard a deafening gunshot from the northwest. The two front rows of Canada actually encountered the siege of the five members of the Chinese team!

In this game, Liu Shaozhou changed his strategy and ordered everyone to guard Point A.

As a result, two people from Canada collided with five people from the Chinese national team and were killed instantly. Immediately afterward, the five members of the Chinese team surrounded Pont B and formed a 5 against 3 advantage.

The two Canadian snipers took advantage of the high sniper point to kill two people from China, but it took time for them to shoot. The five members of the Chinese team scattered, and it was impossible for them to kill all the members in an instant.

Dallas was once again assassinated by Ye Qingming.

The other Canadian sniper, Anil, was shot in the head by Liu Shaozhou!

In the 2nd round, the police won.

After two consecutive small rounds, Canada’s rhythm completely collapsed.

Liu Shaozhou looked calm as he commanded, “For this game, we will mainly defend Point B. I will block the passage between Point A and Point B. The sniper position of Point B will be handed over to Xiao Mo.”

Mo Hantian replied, “Understood!”

In the third small game, the five members of Canada divided into two paths. The charger, assaulter, and scout simply charged into the cacti area as a group. The three people formed a triangular position and moved quickly between the cacti.

They encountered Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou in the center of the cacti area.

The two sides were separated by densely packed cacti. There was a burst of fire, and the gunfire was endless. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou used the cacti as cover and ran and fought. The three people from Canada besieged them from all three directions. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou soon died, but they killed a Canadian charger before dying.

It was 2 for 1. It seemed like a bit of a loss, but they also collectively decreased the health of the enemies!

Mo Hantian hid in a tree and quickly aimed at the scout with low health at the end. At this time, at the intersection where Liu Shaozhou was located, he could also see the enemy assaulter with low health.

Bang, bang!

Two gunshots rang out. Mo Hantian and Liu Shaozhou shot at the same time. The two bullets formed a cross line in the air and accurately killed the Canadian players with low health.

“Beautiful crossfire!” The domestic commentator said excitedly. “The position of the two snipers block the path that the Canadian players must pass through. Liu Shaozhou is indeed very strong in defensive battles. It is hard to break through his firepower blockade!”

“But they still need to be careful. Canada still has two snipers alive. The Chinese team is now 3 against 2!”

“Yezi went around the back again, but this time, he was spotted by Dallas. He was killed by Dallas but… Dallas exposed his location and was immediately counter-killed by Liu Shaozhou!”

“There is one sniper left in Canada. We have two snipers left. Captain Liu and Xiao Mo cooperated and attacked from the left and right. Xiao Mo killed the last sniper. Canada is wiped out again!”

“The Chinese team has a score of 3:0!”

There were cheers in the live stream room.

In Life and Death Explosion mode, whoever got six points first would win. The police and bandits would swap after five rounds. On this map of the Botanical Garden, it was indeed easier for the police to defend, not to mention that Liu Shaozhou was the strongest explosion mode commander in China.

The firepower blockade he arranged was like a dense spider web. The bandits couldn’t break through at all.

No matter whether it was a head-on confrontation in the front row, Yezi’s flexible circling or the snipers’ long-range crossfire cover—under the airtight defense, Canada couldn’t secretly plant explosives. They couldn’t even bring the explosives pack over.

In the fourth game, the Canadian scout wanted to steal the house with the explosives pack. Unfortunately, Liu Shaozhou saw through it instantly. He instantly shot the scout’s head, and the explosives pack dropped!

The Chinese team’s police led 4:0.

Coach Nook was sitting on pins and needles offstage. There were only two timeouts available in the group stage. If he called a timeout now, he couldn’t call it in the next round of police and bandit swaps. However, if he didn’t call it and the Canadian bandits lost all five games, how could they play in the second half?

The referee wouldn’t give him time to hesitate. After the end of the small round, the countdown was only 10 seconds. The 10 seconds passed quickly. Nook failed to call a timeout, and the fifth round began.

Liu Shaozhou said, “Everyone, guard Point A!”

His prediction was indeed correct. The Canadian players probably felt that Point B couldn’t be attacked. They simply went to Point A to gamble. They planned to plant the bomb as quickly as possible and hold on for 30 seconds. If the bomb exploded then they would win.

Since there weren’t too many obstacles in the flowerbed area, they made it all the way unimpeded and soon planted the bomb.

[The bandits’ bomb has been placed.]

[It will explode after a 30 seconds countdown.]

The moment the system information popped up, the five members of the Chinese team had already arrived at the flower bed. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou rushed up first while Yezi circled from the side. Xiao Mo crouched behind a flower pot to aim and shoot.

After the harsh gunshots, blood splashed in the middle of the flower bed. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou died killing the two in the enemy front row, while Yezi killed the enemy scout but was sniped by Dallas.

With a countdown of 15 seconds, the two sides were once again a 2V2 situation, with all players being snipers.

Liu Shaozhou ordered in a low voice, “Xiao Mo, hide well and get ready to defuse the bomb at any time.”

“Got it!”

Liu Shaozhou suddenly jumped out from behind a tree. He rolled in the middle of the brightly colored flower bed, used the surrounding flowers as cover, and sniped at the tree in the distance.

The bullet was like a meteor across the sky, instantly penetrating the brain of the sniper on the tree.

[‘CHN-Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘CAN-Anil’ with a headshot!]

The Canadian sniper Anil was shot down from where he was hiding in the tree. The other sniper, Dallas, immediately shot at Liu Shaozhou, but Liu Shaozhou rolled around in the flower bed several times in a row. The bullet fired by Dallas grazed his ear and flew past him.

With only 10 seconds left in the countdown, Liu Shaozhou said in a deep voice, “Go and defuse the bomb!”

Mo Hantian immediately rushed to the bomb placement site in the center of the flower bed. Should Dallas protect the bomb or kill Liu Shaozhou first? OF course, protect the bomb! It was because once the bomb was defused, the bandit side lost.

He immediately shifted his gun and went to kill Mo Hantian.

However, Liu Shaozhou reacted very quickly. The moment when Dallas shifted the gun, Liu Shaozhou took advantage of this time difference. He crouched down in the flower bed and shot sharply at the tree in the distance.


[‘CAN-Dallas’ used the AWM-Judgment to kill ‘CHn-Devil’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor to kill ‘CAN-Dallas’ with a headshot!]

Dallas decisively killed Xiao Mo, who was preparing to defuse the bomb, but he was neatly killed by Liu Shaozhou.

After killing this person, Liu Shaozhou directly switched to the lightest dagger. He rushed to the blasting point like the wind and used the last six second countdown to successfully defuse the bomb.

In the 5th round, the police won.

Ye Qingming, Lao Lin, and the others shouted one after another, “Nice!”

Mo Hantian was terrified. This was the first time he acted as bait. Was it okay?

“Captain Liu is too handsome!”

“OH my god, it is the ultimate bomb disposal!”

“It was the last six seconds. It was just enough time. He killed two people on the enemy side in a row and defused the bomb. No wonder why Captain Liu was the strongest police. This wave is really an extreme operation. It all depends on strength.”

In the backstage area of the competition, Vice-chairman Qi proudly patted his thigh. “My apprentice isn’t bad!”

The assistant coaches and tactical advisers around him said, “Xiao Liu can indeed do it!”

Liu Shaozhou was also a player that Jiang Shaoyu had never criticized. No matter whether it was personal strength, awareness of the overall situation or attitude during training, there was nothing to fault. Vice-chairman Qi’s apprentice was very reliable.

In the first half, the Chinese national team’s police had a 5:0 advantage. The mentality of the Canadian players collapsed.

In particular, Liu Shaozhou’s last wave of 1 against 2 bomb disposal operations almost made Canada lose confidence. After the start of the second half, the police and the bandits exchanged. The Chinese team became the bandits.

Canada won the first game by defending in a group, but in the second game, Liu Shaozhou commanded Yezi to steal the home. The other four struck in the other direction, and four people dragged five. In the end, Ye Qingming successfully stole the house.

The Chinese team won the explosion mode with a score of 6:1!

The MVP of this game was undoubtedly Liu Shaozhou—the strongest police officer was worthy of his name.

Under the command of Liu Shaozhou, they won all five rounds as the police and lost one round as the bandits!

The Chinese team won two consecutive games today.

In the first game, Xueyao commanded and won the Fantasy Island map. In the second game, Liu Shaozhou commanded in the Botanical Garden map, and the Chinese team won 2:0 against Canada.

In this way, the Chinese team had locked the group qualification spot in advance!


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