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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 175 Part 1

Life and Death Explosion Mode

At the end of the first game, Hua Ran saw the score of 50:49 and excitedly shouted, “Xueyao is amazing. We won!”

Xia Li also looked back at Qin Xueyao and said, “A double kill. Ah Xue is so handsome!”

Qin Xueyao’s brain was buzzing. She couldn’t believe that she really got a double kill at the last moment!

She remembered the difficulty of practicing shooting in a little black room every day at the national team’s base during this time. Her nose suddenly became sore. At this moment, she finally understood Coach Jiang’s painstaking efforts.

In some extreme situations, the single bullet she fired could really make a difference in the outcome of a match. If she didn’t pay attention to it in normal times, then when it really came to the game and the bullet missed, it would be too late to regret it.

She forced herself to train hard and raised her originally weak marksmanship to the level that Coach Jiang was satisfied with. At today’s critical moment, the Chinese team was able to win this game… 50:49. It was so thrilling!

Qin Xueyao didn’t shed tears as easily as Mo Hantian did. She calmed down quickly, controlled her emotions, and said with a smile, “Everyone did well!”

It might be her double kill at the last moment that sealed victory, but the accumulation in the early stage was also very critical. They used the resurrection point to fight back and forth with Canada. In every wave of team battle, everyone worked hard to ensure that the heads number wasn’t overtaken by Canada too much. This was the key.

In the domestic live stream room, the two commentators said excitedly, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the Fantasy Island map with a score of 50:49! Xueyao got a double kill at the end and reached 50 heads first. So handsome!”

“I have always felt that Xueyao is a player who is seriously underestimated. Her ability to lead the Snow Leopard team to the championship of the secondary league shows that her sense of the big picture and command ability are very good.”

“That’s right. It is just that the attention for the secondary league is too low. No one is familiar with her. Since Coach Jiang chose her for the national team, he should’ve seen her potential!”

“After training in the national team, Xueyao’s strength has also improved significantly. In particular, her marksmanship has become very accurate. The strategy of killing the sniper first and then the assaulter later was also very calm. I believe that with a captain like her, the future of the Snow Leopard team can be expected!”

At this time, the members of the Snow Leopard team were watching the live stream of the game from their base.

Seeing this, the sniper Yu Feng almost slapped the table. “F*k! Sister Xueyao is too awesome!” The others also had tears in their eyes and hugged each other excitedly.

No matter how difficult it was, their captain never gave up on the Snow Leopard team.

A gentle and tenacious female beta captain.

They used to live in a small, three-bedroom suburban house and transformed the living room into a simple training room. They used to eat instant noodles every day. Since there was no investment and limited funds, they could only take the subway when going to a competition.

If Qin Xueyao hadn’t been encouraging them, perhaps they would’ve given up long ago.

After a cold winter, they finally waited for spring!

Now the Snow Leopard team had its own base with a spacious and bright training room, as well as a team cafeteria and single-room dormitories. Their captain even became a player of the national team and served as a commander of the World Series!

The future of the Snow Leopard team was promising. The words of the commentators made the teenagers cry. Next season, they would definitely reach the A-grade League and face off against powerful teams!

On the Internet, the official Weibo of the Chinese team immediately released the news. “The match is being aired. Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning 1:0 against Canada. We are the first to win 1 point. @XB-Snow @Hua Hua Da Shao @Summer @Time Shi Xiaobin @ Devil Mo Hantian, everyone did well!”

Countless netizens left messages of congratulations on the official Weibo. There were many people who followed the @ of the official Weibo to find Qin Xueyao’s Weibo and followed her.

Qin Xueyao’s Weibo followers were less than 100,000. After this game, the number of followers shot up like a rocket. It increased every second. A large number of netizens poured into her Weibo comment area to express their love for her.

[A gentle female beta. I love it so much!]

[Xueyao has been buried for a long time. Coach Jiang discovered her and brought her to the national team. Great!]

[If chosen just based on the record, she can’t enter the national team with a supportive playing style. So Coach Jiang’s selection competition was too necessary!]

[For Xueyao, Coach Jiang should be her talent scout, right?]

[Miss Xueyao, jiayou! The Snow Leopard team will get better and better. I look forward to seeing you in the A-grade League next year.]

[From today onwards, I will be a fan of Miss Xueyao!]

It was 5 o’clock in the morning, and this time wasn’t very friendly to netizens in China. However, China VS Canada was only a group stage match. It wasn’t a must-see match. Many people didn’t wake up. The number of people who surfed the Internet was less than usual.

In this way, Qin Xueyao’s Weibo followers had doubled in the short term. After dawn, netizens woke up one after another and saw the replay of the game. Her number of follows would continue to rise.

Her teammates far away in China were very happy for the captain when they saw this.

Once the Snow Leopard team entered the A-grade League, the professional league would have an additional powerful Captain Qin!

In the coach’s seat under the stage, Canada’s Coach Nook had an extremely ugly face. He thought that this game was a sure win. Canada sent two snipers and chose the Fantasy Island map that he was best at. The lineup of five outputs was very fierce.

However, China’s style of ‘using softness to overcome hardness’ didn’t confront them head-on. They moved everywhere and disrupted Canada’s rhythm.

Coach Nook glanced over at Jiang Shaoyu. The latter’s expression was very calm as he got up and walked to the soundproof room on the stage. Coach Nook wasn’t far behind and immediately followed.

After coming to the soundproof room, Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over the five newcomers eagerly staring at him and said warmly, “You fought well. You have worked hard. Get ready to change.”

The five of them nodded happily. The Gourd Babies 2.0 team had won against the opponent for the second time. They successfully completed the coach’s task. The next game would be handed over to the veterans.

In the soundproof room next door, Nook comforted the players. “It’s okay. The Chinese team was a bit luckier today. We were only one head away. We can get it back in the next game.”

He patted Captain Dallas on the shoulder. “The next game is the home game of the Chinese team. They should change and replace it with their main team. At that time, everyone will stare at Fred. Solve him first!”

There was a short break, and then the second game officially started.

This time, it was the home game of the China team, and Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Life and Death Explosion.

Coach Nook raised an eyebrow in surprise. He thought China would choose the Endless Bloody Battle mode. After all, the pace of this mood was faster. As a result, he chose the explosion mode… Okay!

What map should he ban? Coach Nook fell into deep thought.

Maps were difficult to make for the explosion mode. In the past, there were seven maps in the competition. This year, in order to enrich the map library, the officials released new maps. They were mainly the Botanical Garden, Qingyang Airport and Disneyland Ruins.

In other words, the map library for explosion mode in this World Series was ten maps.

According to Nook’s understanding of the Chinese team during the last two days of cramming, the maps used by China for the explosion mode during the Asian Championship were Guanghua Middle School, Antai Community, Kunlun Bridge, and the five star difficulty map, the Civic Center with zombies.

There was no need to ban Guanghua Middle School because there was the air corridor. Canada had two snipers, and it was easier to grab this corridor. Kunlun Bridge also required snipers to defend the high and low points. This was beneficial to Canada.

Nook thought about it carefully and simply banned the Civic Center with zombies and poor control. He also chose Antai Community and Disneyland Ruins, which were large maps.

After the BP was over, it was Jiang Shaoyu’s turn to choose.

He submitted the map directly: Botanical Garden.

There wasn’t the slightest hesitation. This proved that the enemy coach’s BP didn’t affect the pre-match layout of the Chinese team. Nook was a bit depressed. However, the map of the Botanical Garden wasn’t too difficult. He immediately whispered, “Look at how they change players. If Fred is commanding, just stare at Fred to fight.”

The moment these words came out, a green light turned on in the soundproof room. The voice of the on-site referee was heard.

The Chinese team requested a substitution.

They replaced Devil, Flower, Summer, Snow, and Time.

Shadow, Leaf, Laolin, and AKzhou were sent on.

This substitution method not only stunned Nook but also many domestic netizens.

They thought it was the ACE 2.0 team today, but… Pei Feng didn’t make an appearance?

The domestic commentator said excitedly, “Fred won’t play today. It is changed to Captain Liu!”

“Yes, in the first match against Germany, Captain Liu didn’t play. He replaced Fred in today’s game. He should be playing explosion mode and aiming at Canada.”

“The lineup of the Chinese team is Captain Liu, Xiao Zhou, Lao Lin, Yezi, and Xiao Mo… the five people are super popular captains. This can be regarded as a luxurious lineup!”

BM’s captain Liu Shaozhou, JZ’s captain Lao Lin, HW’s captain Xiao Zhou and YY’s captain Yezi. These four were the top players who had led their teams to win the domestic league championship. They had countless fans.

Mo Hantian’s qualifications were a bit worse than the other four, and he had never won a domestic championship, but he was selected as the ‘Gun King Image Ambassador’ last year, and his popularity was still there. He was also the captain of the CIP team.

Xiao Mo felt a bit weak-hearted when sitting with such senior gods.

However, this game wasn’t commanded by him. It was Captain Liu commanding, and he could play a bit easier.

The two commentators analyzed it. “The Chinese team changed to a double sniper lineup to play against the Canadian double snipers! I don’t know who is commanding this game. I guess it is Captain Liu?”

“I also think it is Captain Liu. Among the domestic teams, the BM team’s explosion mode is recognized as being strong. Liu Shaozhou is also known as the strongest police officer. He is very good at playing defensive battles.”

“The map of Botanical Garden is a medium-sized map. The two explosion points are relatively close together. Point A is the greenhouse flower area, and Point B is the cacti area. The flower area has an open terrain, while the cacti area has a large number of tree-like cacti. The road is more complicated. No matter which side defends and which side attacks, this game requires the commander to have a strong adaptability.”

“Let us look forward to the performance of the Chinese team in the second game of explosion mode!”

Coach Nook couldn’t help frowning when he saw this. His brain spun quickly while thinking. As far as he knew, this Shadow was a sniper. China’s national team had brought three snipers this year. Coach Jiang didn’t let Fred come up to command. Could it be that Devil-Mo Hantian commanding this time?

He couldn’t guess the routine of the Chinese national team.

In most national teams, the command members were fixed. It was because the style changed greatly when the command changed. Players might not be able to keep up, and there would be problems in cooperation. However, the Chinese team didn’t play cards according to common sense. In the first game just now, the lineup might be exactly the same as against Germany, but he always felt that the command style was very different.

The game just now shouldn’t have been directed by Mo Hantian. So what about the second game?

The more Nook thought about it, the more of a headache he had. Not only did the Chinese team change their lineup messily, but even the commander couldn’t be decided! Their style was unknown until they started playing. Were there still several commanders in the Chinese team?

Forget it. Just keep adapting to changes.

Nook took a deep breath and said in a low voice, “Scout, pay attention to the location of their snipers. The front row should hold up, and the two snipers should pay attention to sneaking around. Kill their sniper first before solving the others.”

The five members immediately said, “Understood.”

Both sides had a similar lineup. They were both double snipers with three melee players and no medic. In this case, winning or losing only depended on the strength of the individual player and the cooperation of the team.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t say much. He simply said, “Xiao Liu will command. Everyone else, pay attention to cooperating with him.”

Liu Shaozhou smiled and said, “Okay, Coach Jiang.”


  1. Souwmi says:

    The number of people with commanding abilities in Chinese national team is actually 7 players right ? They have adapted to different modes of command in their short 4 months. There is also the ultimate Trump card of a free person. The world class teams are going to have a headache when confronting against Chinese team haha.

  2. littlemonarch says:

    1. Xiao pei (free person offense)
    2. Captain liu (defense)
    3. Xiao mo (offense)
    4. Miss xueyao (soft battles)
    5. Laolin (pure melee)
    6. Yezi (assassination)

    These are the chinese team commanders so far?

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