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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 174

Use Softness to Overcome Hardness

The strategy of the Canadian team for this match was very simple. Catch the ‘weaknesses of the Chinese team and develop a heads advantage as quickly as possible. The more people that were killed at a fast speed, the easier it was to win.

The five people directly gathered together at the beginning. No matter which player they met in the Chinese team, they could quickly kill with the advantage of ‘playing more against less.’ The development of things was within their expectations. Not long after the beginning of the game, the charger of the Chinese team appeared in their field of view.

Canada’s captain, Dallas, immediately ordered, “Follow him.”

The five people quickly surrounded Hua Ran.

Hua Ran slipped away immediately and threw a smoke bomb to cover himself. He ran into the woods near the foot of the mountain in the blink of an eye. The smoke cleared, and a Canadian player shot him viciously.

Hua Ran walked in an S-shaped position to dodge it. At the same time, he threw a grenade into the crowd behind him. Since the five Canadian players were grouped up, the grenade would cause a lot of group damage as a ranged blasting weapon.

Dallas reacted extremely quickly. He saw a round thing rolling to his feet and hurriedly said, “Scatter!”

Three of his teammates quickly dispersed, but two of them were too close to dodge and were blown into low healthy by the grenade. At this moment, Xia Li suddenly jumped out from where she was ambushing in the woods and shot at the two who had low health.

Xia Li’s ability to fight in terrain like the ‘woods’ was very strong. Her fighting level in the woods was even on par with the national team’s Lao Lin.

She wasn’t good at large maps with complex terrain, but Qin Xueyao cleverly took advantage of the terrain and let Xia Li specifically wait in the woods.

The bombardment of Hua Ran’s grenade and Xiao Li’s rear strafing shot meant two Canadian players died in an instant.

It was a surprise double kill!

Hua Hua shouted, “Nice!”

Just after shouting, he was killed by Captain Dallas.

Hua Ran coughed. “Ahem… it was too early to shout.”

This wave of 1 for 2 wasn’t a loss.

Qin Xueyao glanced at the map and immediately made a decision. “Xia Li, lead them out of the woods.”

Xia Li replied, “Received!”

For the woods on the Fantasy Island map, the wild growth of trees meant that the thick and large trees, that required two adults to encircle them, could be used as an obstacle to block the opponent’s bullets.

Xia  Li entered the woods and moved around. The three remaining members of the Canadian team chased after her.

The sniper Dallas opened his scope and aimed at Xia Li’s back. As the captain of Canada, Dallas’ marksmanship was one of the best in North America. He seized the opportunity to kill the low health Xia Li in a second with a headshot!

Before he could rejoice, a clear gunshot sounded from the side rear.


[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘CAN-Dallas’ with a headshot!]

Mo Hantian, who had long been waiting in ambush here, sniped Dallas from the side rear. Mo Hantian was like a hunter waiting for a rabbit. After killing one person, he immediately turned 90 degrees and fired another shot.

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘CAN-Thach’ with a headshot!]

Hua Ran shouted excitedly, “Nice!”

Mo Hantian said with a smile, “Xueyao’s angle is too good. It is like they were sent to my gun.”

Not long after the start of the game, the Chinese team actually led by 4:2?

In the beginning, the Canadian players were bombarded by Hua Ran and Xia Li’s sudden ambush. They played a wave of 1 for 2. Then they chased Xia Li, and it was 1 for 2 again. In the end, the remaining Canadian player withdrew when he noticed that something was wrong.

Dallas frowned. “Resurrect by the lake.”

He realized that he had been deceived. The Chinese team deliberately lured them over to fight an ‘ambush battle’ and used the terrain to the extreme, blocking his vision every time. Why did this not seem like the style of the previous match?”

In the domestic live stream room, netizens were all excited.

The performance of the five newcomers today seemed better than last time?

The two commentators couldn’t help praising it. “The Chinese team is very smart in this wave of fights! The five Canadian players were teamed together. If they fought face-to-face, the firepower would be insufficient. Therefore, they used the strategy of leading the enemy out of the hole. They waited for the bait to lead the enemies into the woods and fight a wave of ambush sneak attacks!”

“The location of Xia Li and Xiao Mo’s ambush is very tricky. From the perspective of the Canadian players, they couldn’t see where the two players were. However, we can see from a god’s perspective that the angle was chosen too well.”

“At that time, in addition to Xia Li, there was actually another person in the woods. It was Qin Xueyao, the scout of the national team! Xueyao was behind the Canadian player, and she should’ve seen everyone’s position. Due to this, Xia Li and Xiao Mo’s ambush wasn’t discovered by the other party, right?”

“Yes. It seems that this game is likely commanded by Xueyao?”

“This player is very low-key and is the only player in the national team from the secondary league. As far as I know, she is also the captain and commander of the Snow Leopard team. He command and dispatching skills are very good.”

“It is a support command. By opening the full map vision to analyze the terrain, she can dispatch her teammates so that the position of her teammates can achieve a ‘semi-invisible’ effect. Such a commander is actually very powerful in ambush and sneak attacks!”

Netizens only looked at which players had the most kills. In this wave, Xia Li and Mo Hantian respectively won double kills. Qin Xueyao was a completely invisible person and had almost no sense of existence.

However, after hearing the professional analysis from the commentators, everyone suddenly realized it.

The key to this wave was actually Qin Xueyao! The ‘invisible scout’ hid behind the Canadian players. She calmly observed their movements and communicated clear instructions to her teammates.

The live stream room suddenly filled the barrage with messages about Qin Xueyao.

[Miss Xueyao 6666.]

[This calm and gentle female beta is great!]

[I feel that China’s game is ‘use softness to overcome hardness’.]

[Canada huddled up to charge. The Chinese team is dispatched from left to right, and they are really playing flexibly.]

[Go and follow @Snow Leopard-Snow. Support our Sister Xueyao!]

Jiang Shaoyu, sitting under the stage, was also very relieved at this time.

Xueyao’s mastery of maps and the ability to use complex terrain were indeed excellent. Just now, there were two waves of group battles. The Chinese could play two waves of 1 for 2 when the number was inferior. The key was the terrain!

The ambush location she chose for Xia Li and Mo Hantian was really perfect.

The commanders could leave precise marks on the map. Xueyao used the ‘map market’ method to direct the dispatch. This way, Xia Li and Mo Hantian could reach the designated place and not be seen by the Canadian players.

It was a surprise attack from the rear. Even if it was less against more, they could gain the advantage.

In the soundproof room, Qin Xueyao still looked calm. She saw the direction where the last Canadian sniper fled and immediately said, “Hua Hua, choose the lake resurrection point and immediately throw a grenade when you resurrect. Xia Li, resurrect in the woods and go to the lake immediately to meet him.”

The two of them shouted in unison, “I got it!”

After two waves of 1 for 2, the Canadian team became alert. Dallas had his teammates go to the lake collective to resurrect.

The Fantasy Island map was a large island with mountains, woods, lakes, and bushes. There were a total of four resurrection points to choose from.

The Canadian team chose the more open lake area to prevent the Chinese team from carrying out sneak attacks.

What the audience didn’t expect was that Hua Ran, who died in battle, also happened to be resurrected at the lake. In Extreme Duel mode, the two sides going to the same resurrection point was the most embarrassing thing. Once resurrected, there were enemies around them. Those with a slow reaction were likely to be killed by the opponent again.

Gun King didn’t have a ‘resurrection point protection’ like online games. There was no ‘10 second invincibility time’ after being resurrected. The pace of a shooting game was fast. They could shoot and kill immediately after the resurrection.

Since Hua Ran was the first to die, he was also the first to be resurrected.

Qin Xueyao’s grasp of the timing of the resurrection was accurate. It was exactly 1-2 seconds earlier than the Canadian players. After resurrecting, Hua Ran immediately threw a grenade at his feet.

At the moment when the four Canadian players chose the lake to resurrect, what awaited them was a deafening explosion!

The flames that rose into the sky directly blew up the four Canadian players who just appeared.

The Canadian players: “……”

Now they wanted to swear!

Was it reasonable for him to directly blow up the resurrection point? This was a suicide attack!

Hua Ran stood in the center of the explosion and blew himself up. The four people of the Canadian team were collectively blown up and had low health. At this moment, Xia Li, who resurrected at the edge of the woods, and Mo Hantian, who quickly arrived, joined forces for a raid.

The sound of the assault rifle was mixed with the sound of the sniper rifle.

Xia Li fired a wave of strafing while Mo Hantian fired two shots…

They actually destroyed four people from the Canadian team!

Qin Xueyao predicted Canada’s resurrection point and let her teammate go to the resurrection point first to throw a grenade. Hua Ran might be sacrificed, but the Chinese team’s bombing of the resurrection point caught Canada off guard. It was 1 for 4 and was a perfect team battle!

Hua Ran shouted excitedly, “6666!”

Several veteran players sitting in the audience couldn’t help applauding when they saw this.

Lao Lin praised it. “Xueyao is really smart.”

Ye Qingming squinted. “Scout the enemy’s movements and use the terrain to fight more with less. Her style is completely different from mine.”

Jiang Shaoyu said lightly, “An assassin and an assassin. It is natural for you to be different.”

In this game, the resurrection point was the ‘most concentrated terrain. Just press the ‘lake resurrection point’, and they would appear near the fixed coordinates. The position of the four Canadian players was so close. In that case, the best weapon against them was the grenade!

The audience of the live stream room was stunned when he saw this.

[Bomb the resurrection point. This is okay!]

[Hahaha. Hua Hua blew himself up and damaged the four players of the Canadian team. It isn’t a loss!]

[It is amazing. How did they think that Canada would resurrect at the lake.]

[I’m also curious. Shouldn’t Canada resurrect at the mountain?]

Regarding this question, the two official commentators explained it with a smile. “The Canadian sniper’s position was seen by Xueyao. The direction that the sniper was heading in was the lake, and it must’ve been to pick up his teammates. Therefore, Xueyao could judge that Canada would resurrect at the lake.”

“That’s right. The more complex the terrain of the more, the more important the role of the scout is! In Extreme Duel mode, it is very critical to predict the enemy’s resurrection point. For this wave, Hua Hua bombing the resurrection point is really beautiful!”

The heads ratio became 8:3.

On the coaching bench under the stage, Canada’s head coach, Nook’s face gradually turned ugly.

It was too bad. China’s style of play today was completely different from the last match. They adjusted the formation back and forth, using the terrain to find opportunities and gain advantages. If this continued, Canada would be at a disadvantage!

Nook was sweating profusely.

On the field, the several Canadian players were also a bit confused.

Fortunately, Captain Dallas had rich experience in competitions. He quickly calmed down and said, “Don’t gather together. Resurrect at the foot of the mountain and disperse! Scout, find people. Everyone else, team up in groups of two for a guerrilla warfare. If you see anyone then kill them!”

Canada chose the foot of the mountain to resurrect.

The five people spread out in a 1-2-2 formation and started a full-map guerrilla battle.

They regained the rhythm in one wave of guerrilla warfare. They took advantage of the sniper’s marksmanship accuracy and long-range advantage to kill three members of the Chinese team, bringing the heads ratio from 8:3 to 8:6.

The battle was becoming more intense. The Chinese team took advantage of the terrain and moved around. Canada also divided into two groups for a fast guerrilla battle. The whole Fantasy Island was full of gunfire!

As the game progressed, the headcount climbed on both sides.



In every team battle, Qin Xueyao would use the terrain to seize opportunities. Canada killed people like crazy but was never able to catch up with the Chinese team. They were always two heads behind. This stalemate was undoubtedly nerve-wracking.

Nevertheless, Qin Xueyao was calm from beginning to end.

As the commander, she must be calm. She couldn’t get upset, let alone betray Coach Jiang’s trust.

The game reached 18 minutes, and the heads ratio between the two sides was 46:45, with China leading by one.

Qin Xueyao lurked in the woods for quick scouting. She had just taken two steps when she heard deafening gunshots not far away. Xia Li ran into the combination of an assaulter and a sniper.

Xia Li fired fiercely in front of her.

It was a pity. She fought 1 against 2. She damaged the opponents but failed to kill them!

It was 46:46, and the number of heads was equal!

On the other side, Hua Ran met the Canadian duo. He threw a smoke bomb and grenade indiscriminately, followed by using the submachine gun to sweep over the enemies indiscriminately. He was killed, but he also killed the enemy charger, exchanging 1 for 1.

The heads ratio was 47:47.

To the east of the forest was the duo of Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin. The Canadian sniper and scout surrounded them while another sniper aimed at Mo Hantian in the distance. Xiao Mo was surrounded and soon killed.

The heads ratio became 47:48. Canada overtook them at the last minute!

The domestic audience held their breaths nervously.

At the same time, Shi Xiaobin raised the bulletproof light plate and quickly rescued Mo Hantian. The moment Xiao Mo stood up, he used Xiaobin as a cover to shoot back. He took the head of a Canadian sniper. Unfortunately, he fell again under the gun of the scout, who ambushed behind him.


Canada only had one last head left. As long as Shi Xiaobin was killed, Canada would win.

This wave was so fast-paced that Qin Xueyao’s heart almost stopped beating.

At the base of the national team, Coach Jiang asked her to practice shooting and told her, “Have you never thought that in a fierce match where the odds are evenly matched, what if your teammates are dead and you are alone? What will you do? At that time, every bullet you shoot might determine the victory or defeat of the entire team.”

Her teammates were dead, and she was the only one left to output. The probability of winning in such a situation was very low.

But it wasn’t impossible!

Coach Jiang usually forced her to do daily training, and he was very demanding. It was to let her deal with all sorts of extreme situations. Wasn’t it happening now? Her output teammates were dead, and Qin Xueyao was left alone!

She wanted to compare speed with the scouts on the enemy side!

She wanted to get 50 heads first before the enemy scout killed Shi Xiaobin!

She usually shot moving targets with a fast speed and high number. She needed to fire 10 consecutive shots in a few seconds to clear the level. She trained hard day and night and was trained alone in Coach Jiang’s little black room. All her sweaty hard work wasn’t in vain!

Qin Xueyao was in the woods at this time and had already locked onto the location of the two people who killed Xia Li just now.

Xia Li had hit them to the point of critical health before she died.

Kill the sniper first and then the assaulter!

Qin Xueyao made a calm judgment and quickly circled behind the sniper like the wind.

At this time, the Canadian captain Dallas was sure of victory. It was because his scout teammate was right behind the enemy medic. They just had to kill the medic, and they would win.

He didn’t expect that a bullet would suddenly pierce through the air from behind him.


The clear gunfire belonging to the Sand Eagle broke the silence of the woods.

[‘CHN-Snow has used the Sand Eagle-Ice Flame to kill ‘CAN-Dallas’!]

The shot failed to hit his head, but his health was low, and she killed him when she hit his chest.

The heads ratio was 49:49!

Shi Xiaobin saw Xueyao going to kill the enemies and immediately hit behind a tree. He played hide-and-seek in the woods with the enemy scout so that the enemy couldn’t catch up with him.

The next moment, Qin Xueyao jumped out from behind the sniper and shot sharply at the assaulter who came to support. When shooting a moving target, how to predict the opponent’s position, and how to be accurate?

Her marksmanship wasn’t up to the level of the world’s top scouts.

But she wasn’t weak. At least in Coach Jiang’s eyes, she was already qualified.

The movement speed of Canada’s assaulter wasn’t as fast as the target in the training mode. Qin Xueyao’s shot directly caused the bloody skull mark to appear on the screen.

[‘CHN-Snow has used the Sand Eagle-Ice Flame to kill ‘CAN-Thach’ with a headshot!]

The result of the game popped up on the screen: China wins.

Netizens rubbed their eyes in disbelief. “F*k, we won?!”

The last wave was a double kill in three seconds!

Qin Xueyao detected the location of the two enemies with critical health in advance. Then she took the lead in getting 50 heads before the opponent killed Xiaobin.

The Chinese team beat Canada 50:49!


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    Xia li and Hua ran played the single style mode and assaulted the powerful Canadian team. Nice! The newcomers win against a veteran team will greatly increase their confidence in future. God Wing’s trust and encouragement proved this. He already anticipated the outcome of the last surviving team member and had Xueyao focus on her weak marksmanship. Her timely reaction and decisiveness quickly overturned the tide of 48 to 50. My fav Xueyao is so badass!!

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