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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 173

China VS Canada

At the same time, in a hotel room, all members of the Canadian national team were present and holding an urgent meeting.

The head coach, Nook, said seriously, “I thought that China was the worst team in Group F. Now it seems that this isn’t the case. They actually beat Germany in the first match! In the next match, we must prepare carefully. If we lose to China, then we won’t have a chance to qualify in the group.”

The players hadn’t taken the Chinese team to heart in the beginning. But today, in the opening match of Group F, the Chinese team actually beat Germany in an upset?!

It wasn’t the entire German team who was confused. Canada and Spain in Group F were a bit confused as well.

This plot wasn’t right!

The results of the last World Series were that Germany ranked third, Canada sixth, Spain tenth, and China wasn’t even in the top 16.

There were two places in Group F. Germany was certain to qualify. Canada and Spain had almost the same strength and were fighting for second place. This was what everyone thought before the start of the match.

However, after the start of the match, China became a dark horse halfway through and disrupted all the plans of these three teams.

Once China won against Canada next, China would be able to secure a place to advance. Then Canada and Spain would lose the chance to reach the round of 16. For Canada, the importance of the next match was self-evident.

Canada had participated in the World Series five times and had been able to enter the top ten every year. If they failed to make it out of the group stage this year, they would be scolded to death by domestic netizens!

Nook thought of this and frowned. He said simply, “Let’s carefully review this match between China and Germany first…”

He went through all the videos of the three games and analyzed it. “At present, the Chinese team has two sets of lineups. There is one set of substitutes and one set of main players. The scout Snow of the substitute team has a support gameplay while the sniper Devil is the main output. If we encounter this lineup, simply start with their weaknesses. Keep an eye on these two players, the charger and assaulter!”

Judging from the match between China and Germany, China could win several waves of team battles by relying on Shi Xiaobin to save them and fight back or relying on Mo Hantian to hide and sniper. The two front rows of Hua Ran and Xia Li were just used to making trouble, and their strength actually wasn’t very high.

According to the ‘barrel theory’, the upper limit of a wooden barrel lay in its short board. To fight a team, they had to either destroy the opponent’s core or grab their weak players and start from the ‘short board.’

Coach Nook said confidently, “We just need to break the charger and assaulter at the fastest speed, and we can use the advantage of fighting more against less to kill them one by one.”

The players nodded in understanding. It was a very common strategy to grasp the weaknesses, kill them and then fight more against less.

Nook continued, “If the Chinese team sends out the ACE veteran player system with Fred as the core, everyone should change their thinking and focus on Fred! He is the absolute core of the ACE system!”

“In the next match, I will choose Extreme Duel mode and send out the full main lineup of two snipers. No matter whether it is killing Flower and Summer or killing Fred, the double sniper lineup has a great advantage. Everyone, prepare well tomorrow and strive to get more points from the Chinese team!”

Canada attached great importance to this match. It was also a key game to determine whether they could qualify or not.

The Chinese team replayed the match and held a meeting until 1:30 a.m. Canada was even more ruthless and directly met until 3 a.m. before letting the players go to sleep. The next day, they trained intensely for another day.

In the blink of an eye, it was December 5th, the third match day.

After the first two days of matches, each group had played 1-2 matches. Today, the competition was more intense. In order to qualify, most of the teams in today’s matches no longer used substitutes. They used their main lineup to get points and stabilize their qualifying place.

The second match of Group F was played at 2 p.m.

It was 5 o’clock in the morning in China. Many netizens following the national team set an alarm clock to watch the live stream of the match. Some night owls even stayed up all night waiting for the match.

At the beginning of the match, the live broadcast room was filled with comments cheering for the Chinese national team. This showed the enthusiasm and confidence of netizens.

The two commentators smiled and said, “Hello, audience friends! Welcome to the official live stream room to watch the group match between China and Canada.”

“Due to the time difference, it is now 5 a.m. in China. The netizens watching in the live stream room have worked hard. You actually woke up at this time to watch the match. We can feel everyone’s enthusiastic support for the national team!”

“In the last match, China beat Germany 2:1. If we can continue to win against Canada today, we will have a high probability of qualifying in the group.”

“Yes! The players of the national team have already arrived at the scene. We can see that Coach Jiang took Mo Hantian, Xia Li, Hua Ran, Qin Xueyao, and Shi Xiaobin to the big stage. In other words, China’s starting lineup today is still these five 18 year old young players!”

“Coach Jiang didn’t go to the more stable ACE 2.0 lineup and continued to send five newcomers… It seems that he isn’t in a hurry to grab points. He should want to give more opportunities to the newcomers to be tempered?”

“There can be no mistakes in the knockout rounds. It is understandable to hone the newcomers in the group stage. Even if they lose the first game, they can send the main team to save it in the next game.”

“Relatively speaking, Canada is taking this game more seriously… The five players they sent are all the main players participating in the last World Series and have reached the quarter-finals!”

At the competition site, Mo Hantian’s group of five sat in the soundproof room to quickly check the equipment.

Canada sent a lineup of all main players. This was also expected by Coach Jiang. After all, they couldn’t beat Germany. If they lost to China, there would be no more chances. They would definitely use the strongest lineup to win this match.

The newcomers were under a lot of pressure. However, Coach Jiang said that they shouldn’t be proud because they beat the substitute team of Germany. They should collide head-on with the full main team of other countries!

After checking the equipment, Coach Jiang’s calm voice rang in his ears. “Can you hear me clearly?”

Everyone replied in unison, “Yes!”

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “Look at the situation later. If the first game is our home game, we will choose the mode and map according to the previous arrangement. If it is their home game, Coach Nook of Canada will most likely choose the Extreme Duel mode to fight you. At that time, we will adapt according to the map.”

The match started, and the system selected Canada to go first.

It was as Jiang Shaoyu expected. Canada really chose the Extreme Duel mode. The advantage of this mode was that a strong team could pull the heads score apart against weak teams, making it difficult for the opponent to catch up. Moreover, the coach couldn’t ask for a time out to make adjustments. The point would be more stable. There were too many uncertain factors in the Endless Bloody battle mode, and it was easy to overturn.

It was Jiang Shaoyu’s turn to do the BP for the map. He simply crossed out three maps in a row: Skyscrapers, Cross Street, and Waiting Hall.

The common point of these three maps was that there were more sniper positions, which was convenient for snipers to harvest heads. Canada was a team from the North American division and was influenced by the United States. They had also trained several excellent snipers. This year’s national team had a three sniper lineup.

Canada’s starting lineup had all five positions, but Coach Nook might change players after determining the map. The conventional lineup with all five positions might just be used to confuse the opponents. If he didn’t ban the sniper maps, and then they made a substitution and sent snipers, it would be too late when he wanted to do so.

Jiang Shaoyu was worried that Coach Nook would change players after selecting the map. If there were two snipers and a ‘full sniper map’, Xiao Mo would be under too much pressure. Therefore, he simply banned these maps.

Coach Nook felt extremely pained when he saw this. Two of the maps they focused on were banned! The enemy coach must’ve guessed that he was aiming for a sniper lineup.

Forget it, he could only take out the backup map.

He whispered, “Take Fantasy Island. Form a group and suppress them, breaking them one by one.”

Canada selected the Fantasy Island map.

This map was a classic deserted island map, with a large area and complex terrain. There were mountains, lakes, and woods. It was similar to the Yuehu Park map commonly used by the Chinese team in previous matches.

The Chinese team didn’t make any substitutions.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The opposite side chose a large map. Xueyao will command in this game.”

Qin Xueyao said simply, “Okay!”

Jiang Shaoyu patted her shoulder. “Don’t be pressured. Come on.”

Qin Xueyao’s heart warmed, and she nodded vigorously.

She had no confidence previously. After all, she was the least popular and most invisible person on the national team. However, Coach Jiang recognized her supportive playing style very much and encouraged her to command. Qin Xueyao didn’t want to disappoint Coach Jiang.

Her command style was more gentle. She was only responsible for reporting locations and adjusting the positions of her teammates. More often, she let her teammates play on their own.

For this lineup, Hua Ran and Xia Li didn’t have the same rhythm. She could completely free them up and let them play by themselves. Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian could form a duo. Mo Hantian could also act alone while Shi Xiaobin saved people.

Therefore, once Qin Xueyao took command, their Gourd Babies 2.0 team would become a ‘playing on their own’ system. They would use the ‘disruptive play’ to let the opponent mess up their own positions and then find opportunities from this.

The stakes were high, but it was also possible to win. In particular, a well-trained team might be more easily overturned when facing the ‘random shooting’ of this system.

After determining the map, the Canadian side really changed players.

They replaced a player with a sniper!

They sent a lineup of two snipers + a scout + an assaulter + a charger.

European and American teams didn’t like to bring a medic while playing Extreme Duel mode. It was because bringing a medic would slow down their rhythm. It was better to take a full output and take heads at the fastest speed. This would pull open the heads gap and was their coach’s preferred method of play.

The two sides quickly selected their weapons and pressed the ready button.

In the domestic live stream room, many viewers expressed concern.

[The output of this lineup isn’t enough in Extreme Duel mode, right?]

[Xueyao doesn’t output, and Xiaobin doesn’t output. Won’t the firepower be somewhat lacking with Hua Hua, Xia Li and Xiao Mo’s firepower?]

[Don’t forget the grenades. They brought ten rounds of grenades in this round!]

{Grenades can deal a wide range of damage. If thrown well, a grenade can be better than a dozen bullets from a submachine gun or assault rifle.]

Look at Hua Hua! He is good at random bombing.]

The game officially began. The five people of Canada acted as a group. According to the coach, they should first kill the two ‘weaknesses’ of Hua Ran and Xia Li to quickly open up the heads gap.

The five members of the Chinese team immediately dispersed.

Qin Xueyao was still an invisible person. This type of large-scale map was what she was best at. She could use the terrain and path and listen to sound to prevent herself from being found by the enemy. She had to provide vision for her teammates as soon as possible and find out the enemy’s movements.

Soon, she reported on the team channel, “Five people on the opposite side are grouped together. They are at the foot of the mountain in the 2 o’clock direction. Hua Hua, go to lure them over. Xia Li and Xiaobin, ambush them in the woods. Brother Mo, be careful to hide.”

Everyone quickly hit 1 to indicate that they received it.

Xueyao had a completely different command style from Xiao Mo.

Mo Hantian yelled ‘kill them’ and ‘kill them’ with a crying voice. He cried and shouted. His teammates would be driven by his emotions and become passionate.

Qin Xueyao’s voice was gentle and calm. This could keep her teammates in the clearest state. Her instructions were also simple, clear, and calm. The judgments and instructions made according to the map tended to make the most of the advantages in terrain.

As the captain and commander of the Snow Leopard team, she led the Snow Leopard team to win the B-grade League’s championship. This female beta’s overall view and judgment of the terrain and situation were no worse than many god-tier players.

It was just that she was too low-key and gave credit to other team members every time. Her sense of existence was so low that it was almost imperceptible. Jiang Shaoyu discovered her in the secondary league and made her a player of the national team. She had always been grateful about this.

Coach Jiang trusted her and handed over the key command position to her. She would definitely go all out!


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