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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 172

Replay After the Match

The master and apprentice came backstage after the interview. The other players were waiting for them in the lounge. Jiang Shaoyu adjusted his expression, walked into the lounge, and said, “Okay, get ready to go back to the hotel.”

Vice-chairman Qi laughed heartily. “Winning the first match against Germany in the group stage is a good start. Shouldn’t you treat everyone?”

Yu Mingxiang said, “It is inconvenient for so many people to go out to eat. I notified the chef team to add meals for everyone. How about going back for dinner?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay.”

The group returned to the hotel in a lively manner. They had just walked into the lobby when they happened to bump into the German team. Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road. The players of the German team saw the smiles on the faces of the China team, and their expressions became even worse. In particular, the head coach Clemens looked like a boiled duck had flown away.

Germany’s first place in the group was hard to keep!

This was unless Canada and Spain were a bit stronger and beat the Chinese national team.

It was just that there were too many uncertain factors to pin their hopes on others. Clemens gritted his teeth and led the players away.

Jiang Shaoyu happily led the players of the Chinese national team to the dining room.

The chefs accompanying the team had already prepared a late-night meal for everyone, including skewers, chicken wings, various exquisite pastries, and Jiang Shaoyu’s favorite porridge.

Jiang Shaoyu grabbed a bowl of lean porridge and a plate of pastries. The coaching staff sat at a table with him. Pei Feng didn’t go over to sit with them and instead sat with the players.

The match had lasted until 10:30. Everyone was really hungry and buried their heads into their meals. It was good to bring their own chef team. They could eat their favorite food abroad.

After the match, Sister Yu returned his phone to everyone.

Mo Hantian was eating when suddenly, in the group chat of the national team, Hua Ran sent a row of emoji packs: [Princess Mo crying.jpg], [Xiao Mo’s tears.jpg], [Crying alpha will have sugar to eat.jpg].

Hua Ran said: “I saw that there are a lot of Xiao Mo emojis in today’s hot search topic. Hahaha!”

Mo Hantian: “……”

He also saw these emojis, but there was no need to forward them to the group, right?

Thank you so much!

Ye Qingming sent a smiling emoji. “I have to say that the chibi version of Xiao Mo drawn by netizens is quite cute. I have saved it.”

Lao Lin: “I also saved it. In the future, I will send Xiao Mo’s crying emoji to whoever annoys me.”

Liu Shaozhou: “Saved +1.”

Zhou Yiran: “Thank you for sharing.”

Mo Hantian: “……”

His reputation was going to be lost!

Of course, Jiang Shaoyu also saw the information in the group. He turned his head to look. Under everyone’s ridicule, Xiao Mo’s face was red. He wished he could bury his head in the plate in front of him. Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help his lips curving. He conveniently saved the ‘Princess Mo crying’ series of emojis onto his phone.

When he first returned to China, Mo Hantian was still a chuunibyou teenager who hit and cursed at people in online games. In the past year, Xiao Mo’s princess disease hadn’t healed, but he had indeed improved significantly. Today’s match performance was very good. He withstood the pressure to draw with the German team and even got a wave of triple kills.

Compared with the player who died continuously and had a collapsed mentality when playing against the United States last year, he was almost like two different people. The younger generation of players was slowly growing, and Jiang Shaoyu felt very gratified.

There were several hot search topics related to the national team on the domestic Internet.

#China’s first win in the group stage#

#Princess Mo don’t cry#

#Fred’s four kills to seal victory#

#ACE 2.0 legend reappears#

The Chinese team performed well in the group stage today. The domestic media was all praising them. Some lines were exaggerated and even embarrassing.

Netizens were full of confidence in the national team. Many bloggers who liked to make predictions had changed their words. “This time, I think we can steadily make it to the quarter-finals. Be bold, and we can even enter the semi-finals!”

Another blogger said, “I will boast here. I predict that the national team will enter the finals and come back with the runner-up trophy! If it can be done, I’ll give you a live show of washing my hair while doing a handstand!”

In the past, no one paid attention to the World Series. This year, the Chinese team had a good start and defeated Germany, so more and more netizens clicked on the live stream of the World Series and pressed to follow it. The number of followers in the live stream exceeded 20 million, and it was finally on par with the domestic A-grade League.

The official accounts of the professional league and the national team also officially posted a congratulatory Weibo post. “Congratulations to the national team for the first victory in the group stage. It is a 2:1 victory over the strong, rival German team. They are the best!”

The comments below this Weibo post exceeded 100,000 in the blink of an eye. All of them were congratulations and blessings sent by netizens.

Jiang Shaoyu closed the official Weibo and continued to scroll down. Suddenly, a new hot search appeared in the topic area.

#Master-apprentice relationship moves heaven and earth#. Jiang Shaoyu clicked in to take a look. It was all about the relationship between him and Pei Feng.

Some netizens made video clips.

After Pei Feng won first place in the streamer award ceremony in the past, he publicly stated in an interview that he was God Wing’s apprentice. He said that God Wing was the person he admired the most. In every subsequent interview, he wouldn’t hesitate to say God Wing’s name when referring to his ‘favorite professional player.’

These videos were nothing when watched on their own, but when they were edited or put together…

The title of ‘number one fan’ was really confirmed.

There were many netizens in this topic area.

[It is a really touching master-apprentice relationship!]

[I also want to accept an apprentice like Fred. He praises his master in every interview.]

[I want a master like God Wing to take me to fly.]

[Look at other people’s master and apprentice? Then looking at my master again… Forget it, I really want to expel myself from my master’s sect.]

[Compared to Fred, my apprentice is a rebel! I’ve been teaching him for half a year, but he still can’t get to 2,000 points. How shameful!]

It was probably that the words ‘master and apprentice’ resonated with many netizens. Under this topic, in addition to countless netizens envying Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng’s master-apprentice relationship, there were also a large number of netizens complaining about their own apprentice or master.

Jiang Shaoyu instinctively glanced at Pei Feng.

It just so happened that Pei Feng was also looking back at him.

The eyes of the two of them faced each other across the crowd. Pei Feng smiled slightly at his master. Jiang Shaoyu was shaken by his smile and immediately withdrew his gaze.

Netizens must not realize that Fred and Wing weren’t just a simple, enviable master-apprentice relationship.

Pei Feng had marked Jiang Shaoyu twice. He even confessed to his master in person.

In addition to admiration and worship, his feelings for his master were more like love and possessiveness.

He even wanted to completely mark his master and make his master his partner.

Wasn’t this a rebel?

Jiang Shaoyu ignored the discomfort in his heart and focused on the food. Xiao Pei said that after the competition, he would officially pursue Jiang Shaoyu. This meant Jiang Shaoyu had to think of a less hurtful way to refuse and make Xiao Pei give up.

After eating, the time had reached 11:30 p.m. Jiang Shaoyu asked everyone, “Are you sleepy?”

Everyone replied in unison, “Not sleepy!”

Everyone usually went to bed in the early morning and woke up at noon. They were in good spirits at this time. Jiang Shaoyu said, “Everyone, come to my room, and we will replay today’s match.”

Everyone followed immediately and came to Jiang Shaoyu’s room together. Jiang Shaoyu turned on the TV in the room, connected his laptop, and replayed the match from a god’s perspective.

“In the first game, the rhythm of the players was a bit chaotic. Hua Hua and Xiao Li, pay attention to the cross position when cooperating. Don’t block each other’s vision…”

Jiang Shaoyu started to analyze it seriously.

For the pasts that weren’t played well, everyone learned the lesson together. If they played well, he wouldn’t hesitate to praise them. This was now the World Series and was different from the usual training. There was no need to scold the players every day and let people write self-criticism.

He was usually strict to let everyone lay a solid foundation.

Appropriate praise and encouragement were given during the competition, and players would perform even better.

At the end of the replay of the three games, it was already 1 o’clock in the morning. Jiang Shaoyu released the player information of Canada, their opponent in the next match. His eyes swept over everyone, and he said in a low voice, “For today’s match, on the whole, everyone played well. However, don’t be proud about winning against Germany.”

“Another key reason for winning against Germany is that there were three substitutes in the first two games. They didn’t pay attention to the Chinese national team and underestimated us, causing them to lose. But in the next match, Canada will definitely send their main force from the beginning because they know the strength of our Chinese team.”

“The match the day after tomorrow is in the afternoon. We don’t have much training time left. So after studying it, the coaching staff decided to let Mo Hantian continue to lead the team to play the first game.”

Mo Hantian was stunned for a moment. He asked with a bit of surprise, “The five of us will still take the lead?”

“Yes. We will just change the map and not the lineup. This time, you are facing Canada. Don’t be careless. I hope the five of you can continue to perform well.”

The five newcomers looked at each other and said in unison. “We got it!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at Liu Shaozhou and said, “Xiao Liu, I didn’t let you play in today’s match. I think you have been waiting patiently. In the next match, get ready to play. We will play Life or Death Explosion mode at home, and you will command.”

Liu Shaozhou nodded with a smile. “Okay.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng. “Xiao Pei, you will rest in the next match.”


The Chinese team had a very large lineup. There was no need to come up with the strongest weapons for the group stage.

Liu Shaozhou sat on the bench on the first day, watching the whole match and resting offstage. The number of fans he had in China wasn’t inferior to Pei Feng. Jiang Shaoyu saw many people in the topic area wondering why Captain Liu hadn’t played. Was it because Coach Jiang didn’t like Captain Liu?

In the next match, he would replace Pei Feng and let Liu Shaozhou direct the explosion mode. On the one hand, he would let Pei Feng watch the battle. On the other hand, he would let domestic netizens know that Jiang Shaoyu treated everyone equally. The lineup changes were only determined according to the opponent.

Pei Feng’s free person playing style could still be hidden. This would be a sharp weapon that Jiang Shaoyu would keep to deal with the Korean team.

After the meeting, Jiang Shaoyu asked everyone to go back to rest.

Pei Feng was the last one to leave. He saw the obvious dark circles under his master’s eyes and knew that the coaching staff must’ve stayed up late to discuss tactics. During this time, the coaching staff was busier than the players. They had to analyze each opponent and discuss the best way to arrange the players…

Pei Feng whispered, “Master, in fact, I don’t need to rest.”

Jiang Shaoyu calmly told him, “The next match isn’t for you to rest. I want you to sit under the stage and observe Canada. The coach of the United Kingdom team used to be a Canadian professional player. Under his coaching, the style of the United Kingdom type is very similar to that of China. After observing, you can prepare for the knockout match in advance.”

Pei Feng was stunned. “Are you saying we will meet the United Kingdom in the round of 16?”

“That’s right. First in Group F will face second in Group E. If my guess is correct, there is a high probability that the United Kingdom will qualify for second place in Group E. They will bump into us in the knockout round.”

Pei Feng: “……”

He was still thinking about the next match, but his master was already thinking about the arrangement of the knockout round later on. As expected of Coach Jiang. His eyes were always one step further than the players.

Pei Feng nodded. He smiled and said, “Understood. Then in the next match, I will sit next to Master, watch the match carefully and sum up the experience.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, go to sleep.”

Pei Feng didn’t worry about this any longer and turned away.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Xiao Pei’s back and frowned slightly. He didn’t know if Xiao Pei would be sad when he rejected Xiao Pei in the future. Thinking of his apprentice’s sad look, he suddenly felt a bit unbearable.

Forget it, don’t think about this. The more he thought of it, the more of a headache that he developed.

As a coach, he couldn’t let his judgment be disturbed by anyone or anything.

He would first think about how to solve the opponent in the next match!


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