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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 171

Master and Apprentice Share The Same Stage

At the end of the match, all five people in the soundproof room took off their headphones.

Lao Lin turned around and hugged Zhou Zhou excitedly. Yezi smiled and turned to talk to Shu Chen. Shu Chen’s cheeks were red. Meanwhile, Pei Feng smiled and turned his head to look at the coach’s seat below the stage.

He met Jiang Shaoyu’s gaze.

The mutual gaze at this time was like traveling through time and space. Both of them had mixed feelings.

At that time, the grassroots team ACE entered the A-grade Professional League. They encountered the strong enemy, the JZ team, in the first match. The outside world wasn’t optimistic that ACE could win, but in the final tiebreaker, Jiang Shaoyu ended the game with a wave of four kills in Extreme Duel mode.

The young Pei Feng stood up excitedly in the audience to applaud his master.

Now Pei Feng, the heir of God Wing, made his debut on the stage of the World Series. He encountered the strong enemy, the German team, in the beginning. The Chinese team wasn’t favored and the result was that Pei Feng ended the match in a wave of four kills in the tiebreaker!

Similar to the result back then, Jiang Shaoyu sat under the stage and watched his apprentice kill four people.

They were worthy of being a master and apprentice. Their decision-making and control at critical moments were like replicas. Both were able to turn the tide in the endgame.

The corner of Jiang Shaoyu’s lips under the stage curved up lightly, and he nodded toward Pei Feng.

Pei Feng also showed a bright smile toward Jiang Shaoyu.

The scene where the master and apprentice looked at each other was captured by the on-site camera and presented in the live stream screen.

In the domestic live stream room, the two commentators raised their voices by one decibel in an excited manner. “Congratulations to the Chinese team for beating the strongest opponent in the group, Germany, with a score of 2:1. They won the two maps of Food Pedestrian Street and Logistics Park in a row!”

“God Wing’s debut in the A-grade League back then was four kills in the tiebreaker to end the match. Today, Fred also finished it with four kills. It seems like a coincidence but also like destiny?”

“This is a real master-student inheritance!”

The barrage area was filled with countless 666s by excited netizens.

In particular, the old fans of ACE were in tears after this match.

The sacrifices made by Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou for the team, Ye Zi taking the initiative to cooperate with Pei Feng, Shu Chen’s strongest support, and the four people’s absolute trust in Pei Feng at the last moment!

It was as if ACE of the past reappeared.

Many old fans sighed. “It would be great if ACE hadn’t disbanded.”

“If ACE hadn’t disbanded back then, would Fred have won consecutive championships after taking over as captain?”

Unfortunately, there were no ifs. This speculation couldn’t be verified.

The disbandment of ACE was regrettable, but it also created Fred, the most popular streamer in the e-sports circle. In addition, there were the three championship captains of the domestic A-grade League, Ye Qingming of the YY team, Lin Haoyan of the JZ team, and Zhou Yiran of the HW team!

The only one who made people feel distressed was Shu Chen, who had been sitting on the bench for all these years. Now he finally regained his brilliance on the stage of the World Series.

It could be seen how excellent Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes were when looking at people.

The teammates and apprentices he picked back then became more powerful after he left. Then this year, the national team personally selected by him might be able to create a miracle again.

“Perhaps we can have more and more confidence in the national team!” The two commentators looked at each other and said excitedly. “Before the match, many people thought we wouldn’t be able to beat Germany. As a result, we won! Next up are Canada and Spain. Can we also win?”

“Be bold. I think that with the current momentum of the Chinese team, it isn’t a problem to qualify for the group!”

“I think so too! The next match is on December 5th at 2 p.m. California time, which is 5 a.m. China team on December 6th. It is against Canada. Interested viewers can set their alarm clock in advance and look forward to the wonderful performance of the players!”

After the match, Pei Feng and his teammates went to shake hands with Germany in the opposite soundproof room.

The faces of the German team members were a bit ugly. After all, they thought they would defeat China 2:0 in the beginning. Unexpectedly, they were beaten 1:2. If China continued to win against Canada and Spain in the next matches, the ranking of Group F would likely be China in first place while Germany was in second place!

Captain Kaiser frowned. He didn’t stand up until the soundproof room door was pushed open. Then he stood up and shook hands with several people from the Chinese team.

The German players walked off the stage, and everyone on the Chinese team went backstage.

In the backstage area, Jiang Shaoyu led the other players to join them. The moment the five of them arrived, Hua Ran rushed over excitedly to hug Shu Chen. He said with a smile, “Brother Chen is too handsome!”

Shu Chen: “……”

There were so many teammates. Why did he have to pay attention to the one with social fear?

Shu Chen’s face flushed, and his helpless appearance became cuter in Hua Ran’s eyes.

Liu Shaozhou walked over with a smile and said to Pei Feng, “You did well.”

Pei Feng said politely, “You didn’t play today, but you will beat them up next time.”

Mo Hantian stayed to the side and watched the two sniper gods speaking. He didn’t dare to speak. At this moment, Pei Feng looked back at him and said, “Xiao Mo is also great today. You managed a 1:1 draw against the German team, allowing us a chance to play.”

Mo Hantian was very happy to be praised, and his eyes were wet again.

Ye Qingming smiled. “Hua Ran, Xueyao, Xiao Xia, and Bin Bin are also very powerful.”

Jiang Shaoyu said lightly, “Everyone did well today.”

There were cheers from the group. “It is rare for the coach to praise us!”

“Great. We don’t need to write a self-criticism today!”

At this moment, a staff member came to them and invited Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng to the interview room.

Jiang Shaoyu had lived abroad for several years and spoke good English. He couldn’t help frowning after understanding the other person’s words. “Why should I go?”

The staff member explained, “Since this is your first appearance in the World Series, everyone is unfamiliar with you. Today’s tactical arrangement is very new, and there are many reporters who want to ask you some questions.”

According to the rules, the post-match interviews were generally interviews with the MVPs. Since Pei Feng was the MVP of the tiebreaker, it was understandable to invite him to the interview. However, the organizer wanted to invite Jiang Shaoyu over to interview the two of them together.

A duo interview was rare in competitions, but this didn’t mean it never happened before. For example, the two scout brothers of the South Korean team were interviewed last year.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t want to embarrass the organizers. He nodded and followed the staff member.

The master and apprentice came to the interview room together. Countless reporters in the audience immediately clicked on the camera shutter. For a while, dazzling white lights continued to flash in the interview room, but the two people being interviewed didn’t show the slightest nervousness. Pei Feng was smiling and personable, while Jiang Shaoyu was calm and expressionless.

The two of them stood side by side. Pei Feng was half a head taller than his master.

The alpha apprentice with a bright smile, and the indifferent and proud omega master had a strange sense of harmony.

Domestic netizens excitedly tapped on the keyboard when they saw this scene.

[F*k, what is this situation? A double interview?]

[The organizers are really good. I give you a thumbs up!]

[Ahhhhh God Wing and Fred are on the same stage for the first time. I want to take a screenshot.]

[The master and apprentice are standing together so harmoniously. I am about to be moved by their master and apprentice emotions!]

[Fred’s commands, tactics, and operational playing style are all taught by God Wing.]

[With such an apprentice, God Wing must be very proud, right?]

[With a master like God Wing, Fred is also very proud!]

At the beginning of the interview, the presence of reporters from various countries made Jiang Shaoyu directly call Anna, who was proficient in several foreign languages, to translate. This would prevent the host’s translation from not accurately conveying their meaning.

The on-site host said, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning their first match with a score of 2:1. We welcome Wing and Fred to the interview table. If you have any questions, you can ask them in turn.”

An American reporter immediately stood up and asked, “I want to ask Fred. You are playing in the World Series for the first time, and you played very well. Weren’t you nervous at all when facing the pressure of the German team, who were in the lead?”

Pei Feng said calmly, “There is nothing to be nervous about. I am very familiar with the teammates around me.”

The reporter was curious. “Very familiar? Wasn’t this national team newly formed?”

Pei Feng glanced at Jiang Shaoyu and saw that his master didn’t object. He continued answering, “There used to be a team called ACE in China. They rose from the secondary league to the professional league and won the championship, only to later disband. My four teammates who played today’s game with me are former ACE members. I am a youth trainee taught by them.”

In fact, the Asian countries had long known about this. They all found ACE when they first checked Jiang Shaoyu’s origin. However, many countries in Europe, as well as the United States, didn’t attach importance to China and didn’t know the origin of Pei Feng. Many reporters at the scene were shocked when hearing him personally saying this fact.

“In other words, the five people who played in today’s tiebreaker are all former members of ACE?”

“Yes,” Pei Feng said with a smile. “My master Wing used to be the sniper for ACE. Today, I took Master’s place and inherited his playing style. The five of us used to train together a lot and we all know each other well. We cooperate very smoothly. I think this is also the key reason why we could win against the German team.”

The on-site reporter suddenly realized.

ACE! A legendary team from China reunited in the national team and took this lineup to the World Series.

The German team might be strong, but the players came from different teams. It took time to develop a tacit cooperation. Meanwhile, the five people of ACE were old teammates and didn’t need to train to develop a tacit cooperation. It was no wonder why they could win against Germany’s main force.

Pei Feng didn’t mention his own credit. He had always been modest. Even if he won four kills, he wouldn’t act proud in public. He attributed everything to ‘team cooperation’ while also pointing out that he only ‘inherited his master’s playing style.’ It really gave his master and old teammates enough face.

The reporter continued, “You inherited his style of play? Are your marksmanship and command also taught by your master?”

“Yes.” Pei Feng looked at the person next to him with gentle eyes. “Wing’s full name is Jiang Shaoyu. He is my master, and he is now the head coach of our national team.”

The on-site reporter: “……”

Oh my god! It turned out that there was still this layer of relationship?

Wing, the head coach of the Chinese national team , was the master of the national team’s captain, Fred? Fred was taught everything by Wing?

In other words, Wing was a professional player, and his own skills were very powerful!

Pei Feng’s method of ‘introducing my master to the world’ made Jiang Shaoyu the one who attracted the most attention for a while. The reporters collectively pointed their cameras at Jiang Shaoyu.

Jiang Shaoyu still looked indifferent.

His apprentice was his number one fan and had to praise him in various interviews… He was so used to it that he even guessed Pei Feng would say so.

In the domestic live stream room, netizens were used to it.

[Fred wants to brag about his master in front of audience members all over the world?]

[Many people abroad don’t know how powerful God Wing is. They think he is just a new coach. Fred naturally has to publicize it.]

[He is really inseparable from ‘my master’ ~]

[Fred, don’t worry. No one will grab your number one fan status!]

Just as everyone was shocked by the relationship between the two of them, the South Korean reporter, who had known this for a long time, suddenly stood up and asked, “Coach Jiang, in the last game, the Chinese team directly replaced five people. Did the team prepare two completely different lineups? The first team is the substitute team, and the second team is the main team?”

Most people would think so when seeing Jiang Shaoyu’s operation at the time. Germany made substitutions, and China also made substitutions. Germany changed to their main force, and China also changed to their main force.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him and replied, “We have two sets of lineups. In the beginning, we sent newcomers to let them accumulate some experience. Of course, we must send more experienced veterans in the tiebreaker.”

This answer also made sense.

However, there were ‘two sets of lineups’ didn’t mean there were ‘only’ two sets of lineups.

They had a lot more lineups!

The South Korean reporter wanted to ask about the main force and substitutes, but Jiang Shaoyu answered perfectly, and the other person continued to ask.

A French reporter stood up and said, “Hello, Coach. What is the goal of the Chinese team in this World Series? Is it to qualify in the group or fight for the trophy?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “The goal is to play every match well and leave no regrets.”

The reporters: “……”

It seemed to have answered the question, but in fact, there was no answer. So what was the goal of the Chinese team? How could they leave with no regrets?

—It was naturally the world champion!

It wasn’t good for Jiang Shaoyu to express the ultimate goal directly, so he could only reply in a perfunctory manner like this.

The interview ended, and the two of them left the interview table.

Pei Feng very gentlemanly escorted his master down the steps first while he followed behind like a bodyguard.

The domestic audience couldn’t help complaining.

[Does Xiao Pei really put his master first in everything he does?]

[When answering the question, he must first look at his master. His master had to agree before he dared to directly mention ACE.]

[Haha. After all, he is the number one fan!]

[I love Coach Jiang’s English. It is so fluent. He also doesn’t leak anything when answering questions!]

[The coach of our national team is really good-looking and skilled!]

There was a passage from the interview room to the backstage. Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng walked into the passage one after another.

Suddenly, Xiao Pei’s deep voice came from behind him. “Master.”

Jiang Shaoyu stopped and turned around. “Huh?”

Pei Feng asked with a smile, “Do you think I am quite handsome today?”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

During the interview, he looked modest and graceful. But in front of his master, he looked like a big dog wagging his tail for praise.

Jiang Shaoyu saw this good-looking dog, and his heart softened slightly. His voice couldn’t help becoming soft. “You fought well.”

Pei Feng looked at him with a smile. “As long as Master is satisfied.”

There was only the master and apprentice in the narrow corridor. The warm lights around them shone on Pei Feng’s face. The alpha’s face was angular, and his facial features were delicate. His eyes were deep. Pei Feng had a pair of typical dog eyes, and he didn’t look aggressive. In particular, it was hard for people to resist when he smiled gently.

It had to be said that Xiao Pei had become more handsome when he grew up… Jiang Shaoyu’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and he looked away uncomfortably. He said calmly, “Let’s go. Don’t be too proud. Prepare well for the next match.”

Pei Feng said, “Understood!”

Why was his master embarrassed to look at him? Was he a bit tempted and thought that his apprentice wasn’t bad?”

The corners of Pei Feng’s mouth curved up as he quickly followed Jiang Shaoyu.


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