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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 170 Part 2

After a wave of fighting, the players of the German team gradually became irritable.

In this game, they thought they pressed the Chinese time, but every time they killed a player of the Chinese team, the Chinese team could immediately find a way to fight back.

In the first round, it was the medic who suddenly saved people and fought back.

In the second wave, the scout cooperated with the sniper to carry out sneak attacks from up close and far away.

They unknowingly fell behind by four heads. They could no longer be so passive. Captain Kaiser frowned and immediately changed his strategy. “Choose the resurrection point in the southeast corner. The five of us will rush in a group.”

After the resurrection of the five members of the German team, they immediately took action as a group.

They were a well-trained team. They worked together as a group and rushed as five people. They finally regained the rhythm of the game and played the violent style of a strong European team. They shot all the way from the southeast corner of the map to the northwest corner. The Chinese team was swept away. Four people died while Pei Feng, who was far away, escaped with low health.

The heads ratio was instantly equalized to 10:10.

The domestic commentators sighed. “The German team’s ability in head-on team battles is very strong!”

“That’s right. The five of them joined forces to fight a wave of time difference and pulled the heads ratio back.”

They tasted the sweetness from this huddle, and the German team started to gather together frequently.

Moreover, after Shu Chen saved people once, they learned to kill people and guard the corpse in place. They waited for this person to die before moving to the next place.

Germany won two consecutive waves of team battles. It was 3 for 5 and 4 for 5…

They overtook in the heads ratio. It was 20:17!

The situation became increasingly tense, and the domestic audience was holding their breath.

Chen Chen’s core rescue play had been used, and Yezi and Xiao Pei’s two-person cooperation was more suitable for guerilla warfare. They couldn’t fight like this if the enemy side kept gathering together.

Germany started to gather with five people and played the ‘violent bulldozer’ mode. How would China deal with it?

Wave after wave of team battles began. Gunshots continued to sound, and the fierce competition made the spectators sweat.

Around 10 minutes into the game, the heads ratio between the two teams got further apart.

40:35. There was a gap of one team battle.

The German audience felt that they were going to win. It was hard to catch up with this five heads gap unless the German team made a mistake.

The audience in China was even more anxious.

Quickly find a way. If they continued like this, they would lose!

Pei Feng had to make a decision as soon as possible. He took a deep breath and said calmly, “Three people will resurrect immediately after giving your heads. Then everyone will transfer to the southeast corner!”

Taking the initiative to give away heads when they were already behind…

Such a decision was undoubtedly surprising.

However, the veteran players of ACE all trusted Xiao Pei very much, just as they unconditionally trusted Brother Yu in the back. It was because Xiao Pei was the heir selected by Jiang Shaoyu and the new captain and commander of their ACE team!

Lao Lin simply said, “Listen to Xiao Pei.”

Send it? Then they had to send it neatly. They couldn’t suffer at all.

People saw ACE’s Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, and Yezi form a one-line formation and went to fight Germany head-on. They fought 3 against 5, and the three of them died from the German bullets very quickly. However, before they died, they beat the opponent to residual blood.

In the domestic live stream room, netizens were stunned.

[F*k, these three people directly went to fight 3 against 5. Is it a mistake?]

[Is this being confused and then becoming more and more chaotic?]

[Is there a mistake in the cooperation? Why did the three of them go forward?]

Then in the next moment, the three people pressed to resurrect and resurrected in the southeast corner. Pei Feng and Shu Chen had long been waiting for them there. The five people gathered together and cut into the front of the German team like sharp knives.

Deafening gunfire sounded in the background. The German team was caught off guard by this wave of ‘collective teleportation’ around the rear. The group was instantly destroyed.

They successfully exchanged 3 for 5 and pulled back two heads!

At 43:40, the German team was still in the lead, but the gap wasn’t much.

Pei Feng praised them. “Nice. Another wave!”

The German team resurrected and continued to fight in a group, trying to expand their heads advantage. This time, Lao Lin and Zhou Yiran ran in 2 against 5, trying to consume as much health as possible from the German team.

They saw Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou move on the left and right, shooting at the same time.

The bullets of Lao Lin’s submachine gun had a special flame effect, while the bullets of Xiao Zhou’s assault rifle seemed to be dyed with a mysterious black fog. It was 2 against 5, but they were undaunted. They rushed forward and faced the German team’s bullets!

They were the strongest front row of ACE!

At this time, there was the tacit cooperation of the old team members, the gorgeous positioning, and the seemingly fierce but detailed marksmanship. They were obviously two people, but they had the momentum of thousands of troops behind them. They decreased the health of the group of German players!

Ye Qingming, Pei Feng, and Shu Chen made a quick detour and went all the way to the southwest corner on the lower left.

Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou fought 2 against 5 and were soon killed.

Immediately afterward, they pressed to resurrect. The five members of the Chinese team gathered together again and rushed to the rear of the German team.

The critical health German team was instantly destroyed.

It was another wave of a perfect team battle that exchanged 3 for 5!

The score was 46:46. It was a draw.

All the players of the German team thought, ‘I want to swear.’

The domestic audience was collectively shocked.

[Sorry, I didn’t understand it!]

[This is the ultimate coordination of sending a wave and then going around to counterattack, right?]

[This principle is actually accepting one loss in order to gain two wins!]

[First, fight less against more and consume the opponent’s health to disable the opponent collectively. Then resurrect and fight more against less, instantly destroying the opponent.]

[This commander is too awesome! Moving left and right and dispatching them over the whole field. The German team was walked like a dog for two rounds, hahaha.]

Pei Feng’s two waves of wonderful command directly evened out the head count.

Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help feeling appreciation from where he was watching the battle from the audience.

50 heads decided the victory. There was only the last wave of team battle remaining.

Pei Feng said calmly, “Disperse. Everyone, try to live… Leave the rest to me.”

The moment the four of them heard these words, they wanted to burst into tears.

How long had they been waiting for the familiar ‘Leave it to me’?

Many times before, Jiang Shaoyu would calmly say in the endgame, “Leave it to me.”

Every time he said this, everyone was confident.

It was because they knew the captain must have a way to deal with the endgame!

When Brother Yu left, Xiao Pei was too young to bear the burden of the ACE team. Now he was an adult alpha, the most popular streamer in the country, and the captain of the national team handpicked by Jiang Shaoyu!

He had the ability to take on the expectations of his ACE teammates and dominate the outcome of a game.

He spoke the same words as his master, ‘Leave it to me.’

Okay, then it is up to you to play freely, the strongest ACE youth trainee abused by us!

There were only four heads left, and winning or losing was decided in an instant.

Kaiser of the German team said calmly, “Don’t huddle together. They are deliberately fighting more with less. They instantly resurrect and kill us after our health is low! Spread out in the 2-1-2 formation. Take people’s heads at the fastest speed. We are only missing four heads! Kill them! Let go and kill!”

The German team spread out again.

The Chinese team also scattered more thoroughly this time. The five people scattered on the map like a goddess scattering flowers. They needed to show their strongest individual ability—to survive and create a chance for Pei Feng to kill from a distance!

On the left, Lao Lin faced the encirclement of two people from the German team. He quickly flipped over a box, and the bullets of the German team emitted a cloud of green smoke behind him.

On the right, Zhou Yiran used the cover of the smoke bomb to quickly run and lead two people from the German team away.

In the middle, Ye Qingming found the enemy scout. He also released smoke bombs at the same time.

In the blink of an eye, there was white smoke everywhere on the map. The people of the Chinese team seemed to be scattered, but in fact, everyone became Pei Feng’s eyes.

It was too late once the German team realized that something was wrong.

The moment the smoke cleared, what awaited them was the dull, unique gunfire belonging to the Balot heavy sniper rifle.


[’CHN-Fred’ has used the Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘GER-Frank’ with a headshot!]

Frank was obviously hiding behind a box. However, Pei Feng seized the opportunity, and the heavy sniper bullet broke through the air from a long distance, instantly penetrating the cardboard box on the side. He killed the German player with a headshot!

Kaiser, who was with Frank, realized that something was wrong. He jumped to dodge and chased Lao Lin. Soon, the low health Lao Lin was killed by him, but Lao Lin led him to a corner before he died.

He was greeted by a bullet from Pei Feng’s gun!

Fred won the double kill!

On the other side, Zhou Yiran was surrounded by two people from the German team and soon died. He deliberately lured these two people in order to create opportunities for Pei Feng. At the same time, he let Pei Feng lock onto the positions of the two players from Germany.

Pei Feng switched to the MSG-Aurora. His steps were as light as the wind, and he quickly ran to the position where Zhou Zhou sacrificed himself.

The two members of the German team realized that the sniper was collecting people’s heads and immediately found a tricky box to hide behind. They waited for an opportunity, squatting down to wait for Chinese players. They would kill whoever passed by!

This was a common ambush method. The location where the two of them were hiding was also right. They were surrounded by impenetrable iron boxes.

It was a pity that there was a window not far from them.

When they passed the window just now, the light and shadow on the ground changed slightly.

The corners of Pei Feng’s lips were slightly raised.

He quickly came to this passage with his master’s favorite MSG sniper rifle. Without hesitation, he flipped over the box next to the window.

Bang bang.

He fired two shots in a row, simply and neatly!

The sniper’s instantaneous reaction speed and marksmanship accuracy reached the peak at this moment.

He fired left and right and shot one person in the head at a time.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘GER-Lang’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘GER-Mirror’ with a headshot!]

The Chinese team was the first to get 50 heads.

The Chinese team won!

Faced with such a result, many people couldn’t believe it.

The two domestic commentators were incoherent with excitement. “Pei Feng killed four people in a row. Oh my god! I can’t believe it! It is like God Wing reappeared!”

“He used the penetration through the cardboard box to kill Frank of the German team. Then he killed the German team’s Kaiser with accurate marksmanship. Then… according to the slight change in light and shadow, he pinpointed the location of the two hiding people!”

“He moved over the box without hesitation and suddenly sniped the back of the opponents’ heads. Finally, he killed two people in a row! This wave was really handsome!”

“Fred has reached the level of a world-class sniper!”

The live stream room was crazily filled with 666.

Everyone hadn’t expected the Chinese team to win.

The final heads ratio was 50:48. It was only two behind.

Zhou Yiran and Lao Lin sacrificed themselves, creating the best opportunity for Pei Feng—killing four people in a row.

They believed in Xiao Pei.

This was the team spirit of ACE!

The MVP of this game was undoubtedly Fred.

His precise marksmanship and excellent command in his first World Series impressed all the players.

This was Jiang Shaoyu’s personal apprentice, the world-class sniper, Pei Feng!


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