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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 170 Part 1

The players from both sides adjusted their equipment, and the game was about to start.

In the Chinese live stream room, the barrage issued by ACE fans was as dense as snowflakes. Many passersby were also driven by them and cheered.

At the scene of the competition, the players from both sides started to choose their weapons.

Lao Lin chose two submachine guns, the Thomson-Flames, and Uzi MAC-Bloodthirsty. Smoke bombs were the third weapon. It was his habit to pick weapons like this. Regardless of whether the damage was enough or not, it was enough for close-up suppression. Just hit until the enemy didn’t dare to show their heads. As a charger, what he wanted was fierceness!

Zhou Yiran was carrying the AK-47 and AK-12 assault rifles, plus smoke bombs.

Shu Chen still chose the belt method of the Red Cross double guns + first aid kit + bulletproof light plate. Ye Qingming chose the Sand Eagle pistol + Rose Blade dagger + smoke bombs. Pei Feng was the Balot (heavy sniper rifle) + MSG (light sniper rifle) and smoke bombs.

The two domestic commentators saw this and introduced it to the audience. “Among the five people, except for the medic Shu Chen, the others all brought smoke bombs for the third weapon compartment.”

“In Extreme Duel mode, the number of smoke bombs is limited to ten. It is unclear how many each person is carrying. The German team didn’t bring smoke bombs and instead brought flash grenades!”

“The difference between a flash grenade and smoke bomb is that the former has a fixed range, and the harsh light makes it impossible for a sniper to aim. Meanwhile, the smoke can be dispersed and has a larger range, but players with good marksmanship and strong prediction can still shoot their opponents through the smoke. The German team brought flash grenades, and they are clearly aiming at our sniper!”

“Yes, there are no snipers in the German team in this room. They need to prevent long-range sneak attacks by snipers when fighting in the front row. A flash grenade is a good way to do this.”

“The German team carries four submachine guns and four assault rifles. They have a lot of ammunition. The match map is loading. Let’s look forward to the tiebreaker game between China and Germany!”

The map loaded, and the game officially began.

The map of Logistics Park was a very regular square with resurrection points in the four corners of the southeast, northeast, southwest, and northwest.

There were a large number of boxes arranged in a disorderly manner in the past, and narrow passages were formed between boxes of different heights. They could choose to walk through the passages or jump over the shorter boxes.

The map didn’t have regular, high sniper points, and snipers could only fight a guerrilla battle.

In the beginning, the German team refreshed in the northeast corner. The Chinese team appeared directly diagonal to them in the southwest corner.

The captain of the German team, Kaiser, immediately gave an order. “2-1-2 advance.”

On the left, the charger Kaiser and charger Frank walked forward quickly. The two of them each took separate paths, moving synchronously and ensuring they could respond to each other. On the right, the assaulter Lang and the assaulter Miller were in a team. In the middle, the scout acted alone. He gave priority to finding the sniper on the opposite side.

On China’s side, Pei Feng gave a different order. “Everyone, disperse.”

The five men immediately scattered and went their separate ways.

The domestic audience didn’t understand the operation of the Chinese national team. If all five people scattered, it wasn’t easy to play once they met the enemy duo or trio. They definitely wouldn’t be able to fight. Moreover, after their positions were scattered, it was difficult for teammates to provide timely support when they encountered trouble.

The commentator watched the small five dots representing the players quickly disperse and couldn’t help wondering, “All the members are scattered. This is probably a test, right?”

“Extreme Duel mode requires 50 heads to determine the winner. There is really no need to rush too much in the beginning.”

The audience stared nervously at the screen.

The audience with a god’s perspective could clearly see the small blue dot representing the German team and the red dot representing the Chinese team were about to meet at the corner.

Lao Lin held a smoke bomb when moving into position, which was light and portable. This was convenient for movement. The two members of the German team were holding flash grenades. As the distance between the two sides narrowed, Lao Lin heard footsteps on the other side.

Two people.

He immediately made a judgment using his rich experience. After typing 2 on the team channel, he immediately dropped the smoke bomb and ran away. The two people of the German team heard Lao Lin’s footsteps and hurriedly chased.

The smoke quickly dispersed. But the moment when the smoke cleared, there were deafening gunshots from behind the two of them.

Bang bang bang!

The bullets from the Thomson-Flames swept toward the German team with crackling sounds. It swept them into low health in the blink of an eye.

However, Kaiser from the German team was a world-class charger with an extremely fast reaction speed. He moved in an S-shaped position while avoiding bullets. Then he turned back and counterattacked. His teammate Frank wasn’t far behind.

The fan shape of the two covered Lao Lin’s position, leaving Lao Lin with nowhere to hide.

A kill message soon popped up on the screen.

[‘GER-Kaiser’ used the MP5-Black Knight to kill ‘CHN-Laolin’!]

The German captain, Kaiser, took the first head.

Lao Lin failed to deal with them 1 against 2 and fell into a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yiran fell into the same predicament.

The moment he turned the corner, he was surrounded by two people from the German team. Zhou Yiran moved quickly in an exquisite Z shape and dodged most of the bullets from his opponent. The bullets fired from his AK assault rifle also hit the two members of the German team into low blood.

Unfortunately, he was able to fight 1 against 2 and was soon killed by the German team.

[‘GER-Mirror’ used the HK433-Golden Light to kill ‘CHN-AkZhou’!]

The player Miller had a very special personal style. He had long golden hair, and the assault rifle in his hand was also a gold skin. The bullets were like gold, and he looked very expensive at first glance.

Lao Lin and Zhou Yiran were killed one after another.

In the middle, Ye Qingming collided with the German scout, Weber. Ye Qingming moved quickly and wanted to go around to kill the opponent. It was just that the German scout directly jumped over the box. Ye Qingming caught up to him and wanted to kill him. The next moment, Kaiser and Frank came from the left side to support. There was a deafening gunshot, and Ye Qingming fell to the ground.

The heads ratio on the screen was 3:0. Germany started the game with the advantage.

The netizens in the domestic live stream room were very anxious. The Chinese team’s playing style meant it was really difficult for them to support each other. Everyone was too scattered. They were killed by Germany 2 against 1 or 3 against 1, giving away three heads in a row!

Germany’s Kaiser commanded, “They might choose the southeast corner to resurrect. Be careful to avoid it.”

In a situation where there were three dead people, the fastest way was to resurrect at the same time. Then move from the rear and fight back. At this time, the most suitable resurrection point for the Chinese team was the southeast corner in the bottom right of the map.

However, Pei Feng wasn’t in a hurry. He glanced at the map and calmly said, “Brother Chen, it is up to you.”

Shu Chen didn’t like to talk and just typed a 1 to indicate that he had received it. He had been hiding very well. Now he switched to a light pistol and rushed out quickly to save the nearest Lao Lin first.

Soon, a notification appeared on the screen.

[‘CHN-Chen’ has resurrected ‘CHN-Laolin’ using the first aid kit!]

Kaiser of the German team was stunned for a moment and hurriedly changed his order, “The medic is saving lives. Turn back and kill the medic!”

His teammates immediately turned back to find Shu Chen. However, Shu Chen’s actions were very flexible. He had long disappeared without a trace after saving Lao Lin. The moment the two members of the German team appeared, they were greeted by Lao Lin’s fierce strafing.

Bang bang bang bang!

The bullets hit them like he didn’t want money.

In the wave before, the two members of the German team had fought Lao Lin and had very low health. Now two people with low health were fighting one person with full health. Lao Lin didn’t die while they were swept to death.

Double kill!

On the other side, Zhou Yiran, who fell in a pool of blood, was also rescued by Shu Chen.

Zhou Yiran quickly climbed and jumped between boxes like a nimble cat. In the blink of an eye, he caught up with the other team members of the German team with low health.

The bullets were fired from the AK in Captain Zhou’s hands. There was a low-key black light effect, and he instantly killed the two people of the German team.

The same double kill!

The last one to be rescued was Ye Qingming. He fired back and killed the German scout about to move over the boxes to escape.

The heads ratio of the Chinese team went from 0:3 to 5:3 in an instant. The German team was wiped out in the first wave.

The domestic audience was so excited that they filled the screen with 666.

It was only at this time that they found out the significance of the Chinese team’s dispersal in the beginning. The two commentators analyzed it excitedly. “This is the playing method of the medic core, right?”

“Yes, Germany killed the charger, scout, and assaulter but ignored that we have a medic! They thought that so many people in the Chinese team died and that we would choose a resurrection point after death. They didn’t expect that the medic would actually dare to save three people!”

“Our Chen Chen doesn’t just save three people. One time in a certain game in the playoffs, all the members of ACE died, and only Shu Chen was alive. He even completed the god-level operation of one person saving four!”

The unknown medic with serious social fear—Shu Chen, who was at the bottom of the ACE records and was always ignored…

In fact, he had always been the strongest backing of ACE!

In the team voice channel, Pei Feng said with a smile, “Brother Chen, nice!”

In the past, it was God Wing who would say ‘Nice’ after Chen Chen saved his teammates. Now that his master wasn’t on the field, Pei Feng shouted the praise for his master. Shu Chen might have a soft personality, but he also needed the affirmation of his teammates.

Shu Chen smiled shyly but didn’t speak.

Ye Qingming squinted and said, “They are resurrected.”

Pei Feng calmly commanded, “They must choose the resurrection point in the northwest corner, which is the farthest away from us. Everyone, pay attention when dispersing. Brother Chen will be used as bait in this round. Brother Ye, let’s cooperate to do a parallel search!”

Ye Qingming replied, “No problem.”

The parallel search was a tactic pioneered by Jiang Shaoyu.

The scout was in front, and the sniper was behind. They thoroughly searched the map and destroyed enemies one by one. They were like two parallel lines moving together, rhythmically in unison, and covering each other.

Back then, Jiang Shaoyu and Ye Qingming had worked together and killed countless powerful enemies on the field. Now Pei Feng took over the position of his master’s sniper, and he could also form a tacit cooperation with Ye Qingming.

The German team did choose the northwest corner to resurrect, and they still moved in a 2-1-2 split.

Kaiser said, “We can’t ignore that medic! Scout, first go find the medic for me, and don’t let him disrupt our rhythm.”

The scout Weber quickly sneaked into a narrow passage. There were a large number of iron boxes in the area where he was located, which were bulletproof, and didn’t need to worry about being assassinated by snipers. He moved very boldly.

He came to the corner and stopped to listen carefully. Not long after, he heard the very light sound of footsteps coming from the other side.

Weber clicked on the in-game prompt of ‘found the enemy.’ The next moment, he decisively jumped up, and the Sand Eagle in his hand shot at Shu Chen.

Weber was one of the best scouts in Europe, and his marksmanship was very accurate.

Shu Chen didn’t carry a bulletproof light plate when he moved. The bulky light plate would make him move slowly and be discovered by the enemy. At this time, Shu Chen also had a gun in his hand. The moment the German scout hit him, he almost immediately turned back and shot.

Bang, bang!

Clear gunfire rang out almost simultaneously.

The screen flashed with two skull icons.

[‘GER-Wber’ has used the Sand Eagle-Gold Dual Wield to kill ‘CHN-Chen’!]

[’CHN-Chen’ has used the Red Cross Double Guns to kill GER-Wber’!]

Killing each other? There was such a coincidence!

Weber was also stunned. He had encountered many medics in the European region. It was really unique for there to be a medic who could kill him the moment he was discovered! This medic reacted quickly and his marksmanship was very accurate!

The medic of the Chinese team seemed to have been underestimated by them?

The heads ratio was 6:4.

Domestically, netizens who liked Shu Chen were about to shed tears.

[Chen Chen is so powerful! It hurts to think of him sitting on the cold bench for so long!]

[He is evidently such a strong medic, but he sat on the bench for a stupid club like TNG, wasting the best years of his career. TNG really deserves to be d*mned!]

[The pearl was dusty. Fortunately, God Wing came back.]

[Our Chen Chen can heal and also fight!]

Shu Chen exchanged 1 for 1 with the enemy scout. This was very good news for the Chinese team.

There was no scout on the enemy side, but they still had their scout. Pei Feng and Ye Qingming could start the double cooperation without worries.

Pei Feng said, “Brother Chen did well. Brother Ye, let’s act.”

Ye Qingming nodded. Then he quickly floated to the upper left corner like the wind.

Of course, Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou wouldn’t be idle. They searched for the enemy to the left and the right.

Soon, the first gunshots sounded in the lower left corner. Lao Lin encountered two people from the German team again. He was killed 1 against 2 but managed to hit the two enemies into low health.

The heads ratio was 6:5.

Ye Qingming happened to be nearby and immediately rushed over after hearing the gunshots. Pei Feng kept a distance of around 100 meters from him and set up a gun cover in the distance.

Ye Qingming rounded the corner and found two members of the German team hiding there.

He switched to a pistol and quietly circled to the back. In the distance, Pei Feng also opened the scope.

The clear sound of the pistol and the dull sound of the heavy sniper fire sounded at the same time.

[’CHN-Leaf’ has used the Sand Eagle-Black Dragon to kill ‘GER-Kaiser’!]

[’CHN-Fred’ has used the Balot-Jungle Hunter to kill ‘GER-Frank’!]

“What a beautiful cooperation!” The domestic commentator said excitedly. “Scout and sniper. One is near, and one is far. The scout does a sneak attack around the back while the sniper does long-range sniping. They instantly killed the two on the enemy side!”

“Of course, Lao Lin also has a lot of credit for lowering their health. We can see that Pei Feng couldn’t do a headshot because of the angle problem. However, the damage of a heavy sniper rifle is very high. The two German players had residual blood and were killed by Yezi and Pei Feng!”

“The heads ratio is 8:5!”

The moment the commentators finished speaking, the heads ratio became 8:6.

Zhou Yiran fought two people and was killed. There were still two people left on the German team. Ye Qingming and Pei Feng quickly searched the map and finally used their tacit cooperation to kill the two enemies of the German team again!

The heads ratio was 10:6.

Jiang Shaoyu and Ye Qingming’s previous two-person tactic was now replaced by Pei Feng and Yezi, but they could still cooperate.


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