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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 169

Chinese Team’s Substitution

The German team’s coach, Clemens, hadn’t expected China to draw 1:1 with them. He thought that Germany would easily win this group match with a score of 2:0.

Right now, Germany had won the map Aquarium, and China had won the Food Pedestrian Street map. The third game would be the decisive game, and the system would randomly select the map and mode.

Clemens frowned and whispered to the main players around him, “Get ready to play. I will change players once the results of the system selection come out.”

Several main players nodded hurriedly. They were also looking forward to playing head-on with China. Today’s Chinese team was really surprising.

Jiang Shaoyu walked into the soundproof room, patted Mo Hantian on the shoulder, and said in a low voice, “Good job.”

Mo Hantian’s eyes turned red when he heard this.

He was finally praised by his idol, and he inexplicably wanted to cry!

In the past, he always felt that he wasn’t as good as Liu Shaozhou and Pei Feng. After the Asian Championship, many people questioned why he was selected for the national team instead of Xiao Gui. Xiao Gui obviously played better than him.

Mo Hantian’s confidence faltered. But Coach Jiang told him, ‘I chose you to join the national team because I am optimistic about you.’

He practiced hard and often stayed up until 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. He just wanted to prove to everyone that Coach Jiang’s vision wasn’t wrong. He, Mo Hantian, was also an excellent sniper!

In today’s game, he sealed the victory with a wave of three kills.

He finally proved that he wasn’t the ‘vase’ in the mouth of netizens. His marksmanship was also accurate!

The more Mo Hantian thought about it, the more excited he became. His tears couldn’t stop for a while.

Netizens in the live stream room couldn’t help teasing him.

[Princess Mo burst into tears.]

[Quickly hand tissues to the princess. Don’t flood the keyboard and mouse!]

[The crying alpha is so cute. Hahaha, rub the princess’ head.]

The two commentators couldn’t help laughing. “Xiao Mo is probably too excited.”

“It is understandable. After meeting the United States in the group stage last year, he was beaten to the point where his mentality collapsed. He must have felt very aggrieved and guilty. He always wanted to prove himself. Today, he finally did it!”

“Yes. He won an MVP in the World Series and directed his teammates to win a game against last year’s third place German team. It is only one game, but this is already a historic breakthrough!”

“In the past few World Series, the Chinese team and German team only placed against each other twice in the group stage. Both times, China lost 0:2. Today, it is a score of 1:1 and it is time to enter the tiebreaker. I don’t know what Coach Jiang will arrange for the third game.”

“Looking at Coach Jiang’s expression, it seems that he isn’t ready to change people?”

“Not necessarily! Coach Jiang has this expression no matter what he does.”

The netizens: “……”

It was impossible to guess what Coach Jiang was thinking from his expression. He was calm no matter whether they won or lost. At this time, he was explaining something to the players in the soundproof room.

There was a short break, and the referee lights for the start of the game lit up.

On the big screen. the intelligent system started to draw lots randomly.

There were three game modes, and the probability of drawing each one was the same.

They saw the pointer on the turntable spin rapidly. Finally, it gradually slowed down and froze on one of the modes.

Extreme Duel!

There were cheers at the scene.

In the German live stream room, netizens were extremely excited.


[For Extreme Duel, can Kaiser come on?]

[Is it time for Miller to play too?]

[We can’t lose this game. Coach, quickly replace it with the main force!]

Netizens who followed the European division knew that Germany’s most powerful mode was Extreme Duel. Their charger Kaiser and assaulter Miller were extremely strong individually. They could open up a gap of more than a dozen heads in Extreme Duel mode when facing other countries. In addition to their violent and fierce style of play, their positioning was also very flexible. They were just like moving, mechanical shooting forts.

Extreme Duel allowed them to better see the difference in strength between the two teams.

If a small round was lost in Endless Bloody Battle mode, the coach could call a timeout to adjust their state, come up with various novel tactics and fight back. Since it was a fast game, sometimes a small mistake could cause them to be overturned.

However, in Extreme Duel, the coach couldn’t call a timeout. The number of heads was accumulated while ammunition wasn’t refreshed. This tested the cooperation of the team and the overall quality of the players.

In the extreme battle for 50 kills, it might be impossible to catch up once the kills fell behind in the early stage.

The coaches on both sides pressed to confirm it.

Once the mode was confirmed, the system started randomly selecting the map.

The World Series had reclassified the maps. The map libraries of the three modes were relatively independent. For example, Skyscraper and Hope Port could only be played in Endless Bloody Battle and Extreme Duel modes last year. But this year, Skyscraper was assigned to Extreme Duel while Hope Port was assigned to Endless Bloody Battle. They couldn’t be used universally.

Such map classification would make the coach’s BP thinking clearer. However, due to the official selection of some unpopular maps into the competition gallery, players needed to master more maps than previous years.

There were 12 maps in Extreme Duel mode. The maps were listed on the screen. It was four per row, with three rows in total. The system frame was jumping rapidly over the maps. Everyone stared at the big screen intently, more nervous than when drawing the lottery.

In the end, the system frame stopped on a map—

Logistics Park!

China’s two commentators were excited. “Logistics Park! This map is a typical indoor map. Due to the large number of boxes and obstacles, there will be frequent encounters. Chargers and assaulters will have an advantage fighting on this map!”

“It is because chargers and assaulters can shoot in a wide range! When meeting an enemy at a corner, it is easier to kill the enemy with a wave of gunfire! Snipers and scouts need to kill people in seconds. Since there are too many obstacles, a one-shot kill in the head might not be possible.”

“Yes. Still, this map has some benefits for snipers. It is that their bullets could pierce through some boxes!”

“The boxes of Logistics Park are arranged in a mess. Iron boxes and wooden boxes are bulletproof and can’t be pierced. Only cardboard boxes can be pierced by bullets. It is difficult to remember the positions of all the boxes, but this should be a basic skill for professional players!”

“The coaches on both sides have confirmed the map. The German team has asked for a substitution!”

In the venue, Clemens held up the sign for substitution.

The German team replaced the medic Klein, the assaulter Hoffmann, and the sniper Wagner with the charger Kaiser (GER-Kaiser), the assaulter Lang (GER-Lang), and the assaulter Miller (GER-Mirror).

The audience cheered excitedly.

The German team used their strongest system, a violent lineup of pure melee!

The commentator of the Chinese team looked at each other in dismay. “Is Germany using a violent lineup with two assaulters, two chargers, and one scout?”

“As far as I know, this lineup from Germany is called a bloody massacre system by netizens in Europe.”

Wherever the bullet passed, no piece of armor was left behind!

The fierce firepower suppression of the two assaulters and the mid-range shooting of the two chargers. This was the most violent and bloody style of play for the German team. They pressed with every wave and were so overwhelming that the opponent couldn’t even breathe!

After the German substitution, the players started to quickly change their peripherals and log into their accounts.

The American commentators at the venue started to discuss it in English. “The German team has replaced it with three main players at once and sent a full main player lineup. It seems that Germany doesn’t want to lose this game.”

“We all know that in the next knockout stage, the first place in the group will face the second place of the other group. If you can qualify as first in the group, you can meet a slightly weaker opponent in the knockout stage.”

“Yes, Clemens obviously wants to secure first place in the group. This game can’t be lost!”

“Let’s see if the Chinese team will change players? Germany has changed three people. How many people will China replace?”

Everyone’s eyes focused on the Chinese team.

In the soundproof room, Jiang Shaoyu calmly raised the sign for substitution.

The next moment, a shocking scene appeared—the five players of the Chinese team stood up at the same time, turned and left the soundproof room. In the seats under the stage, five people stood up and walked to the soundproof room.

The Chinese team’s substitution list was displayed on the big screen.

They replaced Devil, Flower, Summer, Snow, and Time.

Fred, Leaf, Laolin, AKzhou, and Chen were sent on.

Five people walked off the stage, and five people walked on the stage.

This was called substitution? This was a direct change of blood!

The domestic audience was stunned.

The audience at the scene was also stunned.

They had seen substitutions, but they had never seen a direct replacement of five people. This was a complete change of lineup!

Clemens: “……”

Coach Jiang, you really know how to play!

The two domestic commentators were stunned for a long time before saying, “All five people have been replaced? The replacements are all old players from ACE, plus Pei Feng… Is this ACE 2.0?”

“After God Wing retired, Fred took over as the captain of ACE. In theory, if ACE hadn’t disbanded that year, these five people would form the new ACE team!”

“It is a pity that after the disbandment of ACE, everyone went their separate ways. I think this has become the regret in the hearts of many ACE fans. Unexpectedly, they actually regrouped on the stage of the World Series today!”

The two commentators were so excited that their voices trembled.

People who lived through that era all had a special affection for the ACE team.

What they represented was the myth of a grassroots team defeating a wealthy team. It was the legend of a few newcomers with no background, who entered the professional league from the secondary league and won the championship!

Facing strong enemies, they never felt fear and never gave up. They tried their best to win one match after another that was considered ‘impossible to win’ by the outside world.

They were a marvel in the e-sports world.

In the live stream room, the ACE fans burst into tears.

They never imagined that one day, ACE would be able to regroup. It was also on the stage of the World Series!

Not only were the five of them there, but the retired God Wing was also present.

It was just that his identity had become a coach.

The warm scene of six people in the same soundproof room was happening for the first time in six years! Fans even felt like they had traveled through time and space.

In the soundproof room, Jiang Shaoyu looked at his most trusted old teammates sitting in front of the computer and couldn’t help smiling slightly.

The German team didn’t want to lose but… did China want to lose?

He, Jiang Shaoyu, had never played with the idea of ‘we will lose.’

He had to win every game!

Xiao Mo’s group of five had completed their task. Next, it was the turn of his old teammates.

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “It is Logistics Park. You are very familiar with this map. Everyone should remember how I trained you on this map. Germany is using their strongest system and they want to fight a wave of violent suppression. Chen Chen, pay attention to holding them down. Xiao Pei and Yezi, move in a guerrilla warfare style. Lao Lin and Xiao Zhou, resist the pressure in the front row. There is no need to be too aggressive in the early stage. Consume their ammunition. Pay attention to dispersing, and don’t get caught!”

The five people replied in unison, “Got it!”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Pei Feng. “Xiao Pei, the command will be handed over to you.”

Pei Feng smiled and looked back at his master, emphasizing his words, “Don’t worry, Master.”

I have never forgotten what you taught me.

No matter whether it is the sniper’s style of play or the sense of the big picture when commanding, I will let the whole world see it today… what is truly a master-apprentice inheritance!


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