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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 168

The Crying Commander

The map of Food Pedestrian Street wasn’t complicated. Only the left and right roads went straight to the end. It was just that the roads were full of various snack bars and stores where they could hide. It couldn’t be used as a face-to-face fighting map.

They could use the snack bars to escape, sneak attack, and ambush. This map was very rich in gameplay and tactics.

At the beginning of the game, the German team adopted the same strategy as the previous game. The assaulter and charger rushed forward in groups, the scout went to Qin Xueyao, the medic hid to save his life, and the sniper covered from a distance.

Their goal was still to kill Qin Xueyao first.

But in this game, the Chinese team played differently.

Mo Hantian stared at the computer screen with red eyes and quickly issued an order, “Xueyao, show a flaw. Go to the cake store on the left road and lead the scout over! Hua Hua and Xia Li, go to the right side to interfere. Binbin, hide well and look for an opportunity to act!”

Everyone immediately said, “Received!”

Xiao Mo’s voice might be tearful, but his instructions were very clear.

Qin Xueyao made a zigzag move to the left. She pretended that she had made a mistake in her positioning and was deliberately spotted by the enemy scout.

Food Pedestrian Street had two parallel streets, and there were sidewalks at intervals that led to the opposite street. The street on the left was dominated by snack bars and cake stores, all of which were relatively small, single-story buildings with limited space. The right side contained various specialty restaurants such as hot pot stores, seafood stores, and other large-scale stores. There were two-story stores, and they could climb upstairs in some stores. These were good places for snipers.

At the same time that Qin Xueyao went to the left, Mo Hantian also quickly climbed a Western restaurant on the right. He found the window on the second floor, stuck out the gun barrel through a gap in the window, and opened the scope to observe.

Qin Xueyao moved quickly according to his instructions and headed toward the cake store. The scout of the German team had stared at her for several rounds. Now he immediately chased after her when he saw her. The two of them moved quickly through the food street. Weber fired two shots in a row, but Qin Xueyao dodged.

Seeing that there was no other way, Qin Xueyao rushed into the cake store, and the scout Weber quickly followed.

Weber was one of the best scouts in Europe, and he was the master of pistols and daggers.

After a few rounds, he had already found that Qin Xueyao’s marksmanship wasn’t as good as his.

Wasn’t it suicide to hide in a cake store?

Weber smiled and switched to his pistol without hesitation. He quickly entered the store, intending to kill China’s scout with two shots. In such a narrow terrain, no one in Europe was his opponent!

However, the moment he entered the cake store—


The clear sound of a gunshot rang in his ears, followed by a skull mark on the screen!

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘GER-Wber’ with a headshot!]

Mo Hantian lay in ambush on the second floor of the Western restaurant on the opposite street and had been staring in the direction of the cake store with his scope on. The moment he saw his opponent enter the store, he pulled the trigger without hesitation. It was a simple and neat headshot!

The domestic commentator couldn’t help shouting, “Nice! This shot is too accurate!”

“Xiao Mo hid all the way on the second floor of the opposite road. His bullet precisely passed through the window gap of the cake store and shot the German team’s scout in the head!”

In the live stream room, netizens were also stunned.


[Wait, isn’t Mo Hantian crying?]

[I saw that when the game started, his tears still hadn’t dried!]

[So, did Princess Mo cry and make a headshot?]

In the player display area in the lower right corner, the director happened to give Mo Hantian a shot. Tears were still hanging on his cheeks, and his eyes were flushed. He looked like he was gritting his teeth and desperately doing his best.

He looked aggrieved and irritable.

The audience: “……”

In tears. Mo Hantian killed the enemy scout and immediately said, “Xueyao, continue. Go to the barbecue restaurant! Hua Hua and Xia Li, interfered and intercept from the right. Binbin, go to the front row to support.”

Everyone acted according to the command.

Qin Xueyao came out of the cake store and quickly went to the barbecue store in the front left. There were many open-air dining tables and chairs near the barbecue restaurant. The German charger and assaulters had spotted her a long time ago and quickly headed toward her.

At this moment, Hua Ran suddenly threw a grenade from a distance.


The exploding grenades ignited a raging fire, stopping their pursuit

The two of them stopped immediately, bypassed the crosswalk, and shot wildly in the direction of Hua Ran and Xia Li!

For a while, gunshots and explosions rang out one after another.

Soon, Hua Ran was forcibly killed and Xia Li was injured, but the assaulter and charger of the German team were also exposed to Mo Hantian’s sight.

Mo Hantian had already jumped down from the Western restaurant, changed to another hot pot restaurant, and set up his gun on the second floor to observe. He held his mouse tightly. The moment the opponent appeared in the aiming scope, he immediately pulled the trigger.


[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘GER-Frank’ with a headshot!]

Another headshot and he killed the low health assaulter on the enemy side!

The domestic live stream room was once again full of 666.

They didn’t expect Mo Hantian’s marksmanship to be so accurate while playing the game with tears in his eyes.

The support of Mo Hantian’s long-range firepower allowed Xia Li to go around the side and kill the critical health charger with a few shots.

Three people from the German team died in the blink of an eye. The medic wanted to rescue them, but Xia Li and Qin Xueyao joined forces to kill the medic.

The German team had only one player left. He was quickly surrounded and killed by the Chinese team.

In the first small game, the Chinese team won.

Coach Clemens in the audience couldn’t sit still, and immediately called a timeout. He came to the soundproof room and said, “Don’t be fooled by the Chinese team! They are using the scout as bait, and the sniper as the key output! In the next round, find the sniper first before solving the scout! Their style of play is different from the Aquarium just now. You need to be flexible, understood?”

The players nodded in understanding.

In the second round, the German team really changed their tactics. The scout specially came to the right side restaurants to find Mo Hantian, with the assaulter and charger following closely as cover. The three of them rushed in with a sharp knife formation.

Mo Hantian had set up a gun on the second floor, and killed one enemy, but he was quickly killed 2 against 1.

The German sniper also learned to take advantage of the terrain of the second floor this time and shot Xia Li and Hua Ran from a long distance. The Chinese team lost a small game, and the score was tied at 1:1.

At this moment, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly pressed the timeout button on his hand.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

This was the first time that Jiang Shaoyu called a timeout in this match.

The domestic audience was extremely excited. Based on their experience from the Asian Championship, Coach Jiang wouldn’t call a timeout until a critical moment. Since he called one, there must be an important tactical arrangement!

Jiang Shaoyu came to the soundproof room and asked in a low voice, “How should you play the next game?”

Mo Hantian took a deep breath, saying in a choked-up voice, “Let Xiao Bin cooperate with me and fight a guerrilla battle?”

Jiang Shaoyu’s lips curled up. “Very good. It is just as I thought.”

He put his hand on Mo Hantian’s shoulder and said softly, “Snipers don’t have to occupy a high point to shoot. For an excellent sniper, any position can be his sniper point. Do you understand what I mean?”

Mo Hantian nodded excitedly. “I understand!”

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “From now on, I won’t cause a timeout to affect your rhythm. Maintain the speed of guerrilla warfare. The German team has no more timeouts and lost the opportunity to adjust. We will take advantage of that to win the game!”

The five people listened to the calm voice of their coach and shouted in unison, “Understood!”

Jiang Shaoyu returned to the coach’s seat, and the game resumed.

At this time, the score was 1:1. Whoever won the third small game would be the first to control the game point.

The Chinese team immediately dispersed when they appeared on the map.

For guerrilla warfare, they often cooperated to train in this difficult style of play in normal training. Shi Xiaobin would fight a guerrilla battle together, Qin Xueyao would act alone, and Hua Hua and Xia Li played on their own. This raised the speed and gave the enemy the illusion of ‘gunfire everywhere’, completely disrupting their rhythm.

Sure enough, the moment the game started, Hua Hua threw a grenade in front and blew up a roast duck restaurant.

Xiao Li fired from the left side, attracting the attention of the enemy scout. Under her cover, Qin Xueyao lurked from the guardrail with her waist lowered and first found the enemy sniper and medic.

They thought that Mo Hantian would still go to the second floor of the restaurant on the right street to sneak attack. Unexpectedly, Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin walked on the left road together!

The left road was full of one-story buildings, and there were no high sniper points.

Still, it was as Coach Jiang said. An excellent sniper could use the surrounding environment to turn any location into their own sniper point!

Mo Hantian hid in a desert store, using the gap in the window to quietly stick out the muzzle of the gun. Not far ahead, Xia Li fought two people and killed the assaulter but was swept to death by the charger.

Shi Xiaobin raised the bulletproof light panel to save her.

Naturally, the enemy charger wouldn’t allow him to save people. The charger immediately raised the gun to smash Shi Xiaobin’s shield!

Seeing that Binbin’s bulletproof helmet was about to explode, a clear gunshot suddenly sounded from the window of a nearby dessert store.


Mo Hantian shot a very neat headshot to kill the enemy charger!

The domestic audience: “……”

Was this still the crying Princess Mo?

[Xiao Mo’s eyes are still very red!]

[He should be crying with excitement this time, right?]

[Our princess will cry when he is aggrieved and will cry when he is excited.]

[He seems to be an alpha, right? Does a crying alpha have sugar to eat?]

Mo Hantian was purely crying with excitement this time.

He found that he was playing more and more smoothly. Perhaps it was the buff bonus from his idol’s approval. In the third game, the Chinese team played very smoothly. For the guerrilla battle of the five people, no matter whether it was the interference of Hua Hua and Xia Li, the reporting of Qin Xueyao or the double cooperation between Shi Xiaobin and Mo Hantian, they all showed the proficiency of their usual training matches.

Mo Hantian and Shi Xiaobin cooperated tacitly, moving quickly in the area of the left street, fighting while running.

The trees, flower beds, snack bars, stores—any location could be a sniper spot! There were gunshots from all directions!

In the blink of an eye, the German team was inexplicably destroyed.

The German players: “???”

The coach watched the game from the audience and felt a chill go down his spine.

He had no chance to press the timeout!

The true strength of the Chinese team’s lineup hadn’t been revealed until now—the guerrilla system where they each fought independently. Hua Hua and Xia Li were two rampaging interference items, Qin Xueyao had the invisible scouting style, and there was Shi Xiaobin’s extreme defense combined with Mo Hantian’s precise shooting.

To crack this system, the most important thing was to catch Mo Hantian, the core output position. This was a whole group guerrilla warfare based around the sniper. The sniper was the real core, and everyone else went out to sacrifice themselves.

However, Mo Hantian was like a nimble snake and was difficult to catch. There was Shi Xiaobin escorting him, and he wasn’t afraid of death at all. He even dared to confront others head-on!

The German team couldn’t call a timeout.

Of course, Jiang Shaoyu wouldn’t call a timeout to interrupt the rhythm of the players.

China 2: 1 Germany. The game point was won, and the fourth small game would start immediately.

The German team had no time to adjust and immediately went into the fourth game.

The commander, Hoffman, quickly said, “Their snipers won’t go to the second floor any longer. Group up on the left side and look for him!”

The German scout, assaulter, and charger joined up again and went to the left side to find someone. The sniper covered them in the distance, trying to find Mo Hantian first.


Who said that he wouldn’t go to the second floor?

He didn’t go in the third game but couldn’t he go in the fourth game?

This time, Mo Hantian went directly to the second floor of a music bar. It featured a large terrace where snipers could run around.

The Chinese team’s formation changed to 1-3-1. Qin Xueyao acted alone, Hua Ran, Xia Li, and Shi Xiaobin rushed forward in a group, and Mo Hantian moved and aimed alone on the terrace of the restaurant.

In the blink of an eye, the front row of the two sides exchanged gunfire. Hua Hua and Xia Li fell to the ground at the same time, while Germany lost an assaulter. It was 1 for 2, and the German team made a small profit.

Shi Xiaobin held up a shield and pretended to save them. The German team focused on Shi Xiaobin.

Suddenly, bullets pierced through the wind from a high altitude in the distance.

Bang, bang, bang!

Three clear gunshots!

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘GER-Frank’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘GER-Holf’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-DEVIL’ used the DSR-Apocalypse to kill ‘GER-Wber’ with a headshot!]

Mo Hantian was on the rooftop in the distance, quickly moving and swinging his sniper rifle. He fired three shots in a row and scored three kills in one go!”

The netizens: “……”

The two domestic commentators looked at each other in disbelief, their voices trembling with excitement. “Three kills! Three kills in one go!”

“It is so beautiful! The German team has collapsed. Their front row is dead, and the sniper was also found by Xueyao. Xia Li killed the sniper, and the German medic is surrounded. There is no way to rescue others!”

“The German team has been destroyed! Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the second game!”

“Xiao Mo really played too handsomely today!”

The MVP of this game: CHN-Devil.

This was the first time Mo Hantian had won the MVP of a game since he participated in the world competition. He saw the golden MVP icon on the screen and shed tears of excitement again.

Netizens were speechless.

[Cry when you lose, cry when you win!]

[I suddenly feel that the crying Xiao Mo is a bit cute, hahaha.]

[I found that his tears threshold is really low, but he is really fierce when it comes to fighting!]

[Mobile sniping on the terrace, killing three people with three shots. Too awesome!]

[Is today’s extraordinary performance in this game because his tears have a positive blessing effect on him?]

[It is quite handsome to cry and take three kills!]

[Princess, don’t cry. It breaks my heart~]

[Pet Princess Mo’s dog head.]

For a time, ‘Mo Hantian crying’, ‘Mo Hantian’s eyes are red’, ‘Mo Hantian crying while inflicting a headshot’, and all sorts of emoticons were flying on the Internet. #Princess Mo, don’t cry# even appeared on the hot search due to fans.

However, it wasn’t mockery this time.

It was the teasing and love of netizens.

Everyone finally realized that their Xiao Mo seemed to have grown up!

Even with tears and grievances, he stabilized the situation on the field. In the end, he defeated the German team with a wave of accurate three kills, and won a difficult map for the Chinese team.

Princess Mo, well done!


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