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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 164

Public Opinion Turmoil

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon on December 2nd, the players of the national team turned on their laptops, logged into the international server, and played a team training match. The night of the 3rd would be the first match of the group stage. Today’s training was mainly to let everyone regain their feeling and rhythm, as well as become familiar with the maps that would be selected during their home games.

The intensity of the training wasn’t high, and Jiang Shaoyu personally supervised it.

They practiced until 6 o’clock before he let the players go to dinner.

There was an hour of rest time after the meal. Hua Ran took out his phone and checked Weibo casually. Then he was attracted by the hot search on the home page.

The hot search topic was #National team coach’s unspoken rules with a player#.

Hua Ran: “??”

National team coach? Was it related to their Coach Jiang?

There were many ‘national teams’ in China, such as various ball games, gymnastics, swimming, skating, etc. It wasn’t clear which national team they were talking about just by looking at the title.

Hua Ran was curious and clicked in to take a look…

F*k! It was really Coach Jiang!

The first hot topic was a photo exposed by a Weibo account called ‘E-sports Gossip.’

In the first photo, Shi Xiaobin was sitting on a hospital bed with a bewildered expression. Jiang Shaoyu reached out his hand and placed his slender fingers on Shi Xiaobin’s head to gently stroke it, looking intimate and gentle.

It had to be said that in the eyes of outsiders, this looked like an ambiguous relationship that went beyond coach and player.

The second photo was of Shi Xiaobin carrying his suitcase downstairs and Jiang Shaoyu taking him into the car. It was late, and from the background, the location where the car was parked happened to be the parking lot of the RED Club.

The blogger added a comment after the photos, “The truth behind the Shi Xiaobin incident turned out to be like this. Coach Jiang took a fancy to Shi Xiaobin, who had become an omega, and dug him into the national team. By the way, he killed the RED Club. Do you understand now?”

The melon-eating masses and water army were really excited.

[So it is the story of the domineering coach falling in love with me?]

[I was wondering why Shi Xiaobin suddenly went to the national team. So he was directly taken away by Coach Jiang?]

[Coach Jiang is awesome. He actually snatched people from the club?]

[The person behind Shi Xiaobin turned out to be God Wing?]

[No wonder why Shi Xiaobin’s black material incident subsided so quickly. Fred’s live stream to find loopholes was also instructed by Coach Jiang, right? I finally sorted out the cause and effect!]

[Shi Xiaobin’s old club, RED, is completely cold. Is this the end after offending the coach of the national team?]

[God Wing really maintains Shi Xiaobin. Is this true love?]

[It is hard not to think too much after he brought a newly differentiated omega to the national team overnight.]

[The coach of the national team wants to use the unspoken rules with omega players. This is a style problem, right? Were the tryouts really fair?]

[I think the selection of the national team is very problematic!]

[None of the veteran medics were selected, but Shi Xiaobin, who changed to a medic, and Shu Chen, a cold bench player, were selected. One is the omega that Coach Jiang likes, and the other is an old teammate. Haha!]

[The national team should change its name to the Jiang family’s team. It is good to bring relatives!]

Hua Ran had question marks all over his face.

Did this water army just have rhythm and no brains?

Did they think that an omega was trying unspoken rules against another omega?

No, netizens didn’t know this secret yet. Everyone thought that Coach Jiang was an alpha. Therefore, it was natural to think more when he took Shi Xiaobin away overnight and reached out to touch Shi Xiaobin’s head.

Hua Ran forwarded the link to the group called ‘Gourd Babies Squad 2.0.’

Hua Hua: “The latest hot search has shown me amusement [covers mouth and laughs.jpg].”

Mo Hantian clicked in to take a look and was speechless. Why talk about Shi Xiaobin again? Couldn’t they be more creative and change the target of the black material?

Xia Li sent a row of laughing emojis. “This is the biggest joke of the year! Binbin, they are actually guessing if Coach Jiang marked you, hahahaha.”

Shi Xiaobin: “………”

Qin Xueyao said calmly, “Coach Jiang really guessed correctly. Someone is trying to discredit him. I guess that these people can’t find any other black material, and they don’t know that Coach Jiang is an omega. So they want to use Binbin to make a fuss, trying to borrow the ‘unspoken rules’ to suppress the prestige of Coach Jiang in China.

Hua Ran agreed. “It makes sense. The national team is about to play so they suddenly burst out the black materials of the coach. These people are too disgusting!”

Xia Li wondered, “Are some domestic clubs playing tricks? They have always hated Coach Jiang, especially TNG and RED, who were kicked out of the league for rectification. They all have a deep hatred with Coach Jiang.”

Mo Hantian said: @Shi Xiaobin, don’t mind it. Just take it as a joke.”

Shi Xiaobin sent a sweating emoji. “Yes. I don’t know. Those who are clean will clean up themselves.”

It was thanks to Coach Jiang exposing himself yesterday, so everyone was mentally prepared in advance. This meant the hot search incident had no impact on the players of the national team. Everyone treated it as a joke, and no one doubted Jiang Shaoyu.

Pei Feng saw the news and immediately called his agent in China. “Sister Hui, have you seen the hot search about my master? They should go to prison for spreading rumors and slander. Help me keep the evidence. Record and save all these Weibo accounts. We will formally prosecute them after returning to China.”

Qi Hui said, “I understand how to do it. I will help you contact a lawyer in advance and prepare the materials on my side. You can just concentrate on the competition.”

Pei Feng smiled and said, “Okay, it is hard work.”

After hanging up, Pei Feng logged into Weibo and posted a message. “The national team is training and preparing for the group stage match that will take place at 9 o’clock tomorrow evening, Everyone, please pay attention to the official World Series’ live stream room.”

He had an attitude of completely ignoring the scandal.

Many fans and passersby left messages on his Weibo. “Your master is being blackened. Fred, shouldn’t you express your opinion?”

“What do you think about Coach Jiang’s unspoken rules with Xiao Bin?”

Pei Feng replied, “Don’t believe in rumors, don’t spread rumors.”

The netizens: “……”

Looking at Fred’s statement, this matter was more likely really a rumor?

Speaking of which, negative news about Jiang Shaoyu had frequently appeared on the hot search since he became the coach of the national team. He made drastic reforms and touched the interests of many people, making countless enemies. No wonder why he was blackened every day.

Reasonable netizens quickly came to their senses and left messages in the topic area.

“This is someone deliberately trying to damage the mentality of the national team, right?”

“It didn’t burst out in the morning or later. There will be a match tomorrow, and black material appeared at this time. It is too much of a coincidence!”

“It is recommended that the national team confiscate the phones of the players so as to not let them see these messy things on Weibo.”

At 8 o’clock that evening, the players gathered in Jiang Shaoyu’s room again.

Pei Feng walked up to Jiang Shaoyu and said, “Master, don’t worry. I have asked the lawyer team to keep detailed evidence. None of the bloggers spreading rumors about you can escape.”

Lao Lin exclaimed angrily, “F*k! Are the TNG and RED Clubs playing tricks behind the scenes again?”

Liu Shaozhou calmly analyzed it. “Not necessarily. RED was suspended by the league in the first half of the year for rectification. Fans also made a fuss when TNG’s Lu Xingyun and Zhang Yue were exposed after the tryouts in June. It has been half a year. It doesn’t make sense for them to turn over old accounts at this time.”

Lao Lin scratched his head. “That’s right. If they explode the black materials of the national team at this time and it affects the results of the national team, it is completely turning against the league. They can’t even think of participating in the league in the future.”

Ye Qingming rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Who hates Brother Yu so much? They can actually make up black material like the unspoken rules with Xiao Bin. It is really outrageous.”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “It depends on who benefits the most from it.”

Everyone looked at each other and concluded, “…The German team?”

They would play against the German team tomorrow night. Such a wave of a disgusting hot search before the match would affect the mentality of the players. This meant the Chinese team could easily lose the match. On the surface, the one who benefited the most was indeed the German team.

Jiang Shaoyu shook his head. “It isn’t the German team. They don’t take Chinese seriously, and the match schedule just came out two days ago. It is impossible for them to find photos from so long ago in two days. They also contacted domestic news bloggers and a water army to set the rhythm.”

Pei Feng said with a calm face, “It is the Korean team.”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before realizing. Yes, only the Korean team knew so much about Jiang Shaoyu!

At the Asian Championship, Jiang Shaoyu made the so-called ‘Asian overlord, South Korea’, lose face. Coach Han was scolded and resigned. Cha Injun took over as the coach of the national team. Perhaps he had set his eyes on Jiang Shaoyu as early as then. He must’ve asked someone to check Jiang Shaoyu’s information carefully, and he had a clear picture of the situation of the Chinese team.

Only they could guide negative public opinion in such a short period of time and affect the Chinese team.

Germany was the strongest team in Group F. Under the influence of negative public opinion, the Chinese players could easily lose the match. Once they lost, domestic netizens would scold them. For newcomers like Mo Hantian and Qin Xueyao, it was easy for their mentality to collapse. Then like last year, they wouldn’t be able to make it out of the group stage.

The viciousness of their hearts really sent a chill down the spine.

Lao Lin cursed. “F*k! Is there an ocean in the heads of these fools? They don’t play the game well and do their best to study these crooked ways!”

Pei Feng smiled. “The process of Coach Cha’s promotion in South Korea wasn’t very glorious. He is proficient in rhythm, buying a water army, and public opinion warfare. It is a pity that this big move is biased. He didn’t expect Master to be an omega.”

Ye Qingming rubbed his temples. “Fortunately, Brother Yu had the foresight to expose this so we are mentally prepared. Say, if they have a backhand… is there something more ruthless?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned thoughtfully. If it was just negative public opinion, players just needed to not check their phones, and they could perfectly avoid this ‘well-intentioned hot search.’ It wouldn’t interfere with everyone in reality.

By the way, Sister Zhou bumped into the Korean team member when bringing in Doctor Zhou yesterday. Would they make a fuss about this?

Jiang Shaoyu thought about it and asked, “What do you think has the greatest impact on the national team, apart from negative news such as unspoken rules?”

Everyone looked at each other and couldn’t think of anything more serious. Match-fixing? How was it possible to do match-fixing in the World Series? So what else?

Just as everyone was thinking in doubt, Jiang Shaoyu suddenly said, “Being suspended for violating the regulations. In addition to match-fixing, the way of violating the regulations is to take illegal drugs.”

Everyone, “!!!!”

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the inhibitors on the table. “You know what my medicines are for but the South Korean team doesn’t know. Once they grasp this and complain about the Chinese team doping, the organizing committee will immediately investigate the national team. Not only will it affect our reputation, but it will also affect everyone’s mentality when playing the game.”

Everyone felt the hairs on their backs stand up when they heard this!

It was disgusting. It didn’t matter if they spread rumors before a match as long as the players didn’t look at it. However, once the Chinese team was investigated by the league, it would be really difficult for the players to play calmly in the next match!

No matter whether it was playing with anger or with grievances, it might affect their judgment at a critical moment!

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “I am guessing the means with the greatest malice that the Korean team will use. If they really do this, everyone should be mentally prepared to cooperate with the league’s investigation. Don’t let this type of thing affect your mood.”

Lao Lin took a deep breath. “Don’t worry! The more they do this, the harder I will beat them!”

Hua Ran said with shock, “Fortunately, the coach gave an early warning. Otherwise, I would be completely stunned if I was really investigated!”

“That’s right, it is terrible!”

“It is really disgusting to engage in destroying the opponent’s mentality before the match!”

Jiang Shaoyu told them, “Okay, go back and rest. Don’t think too much. There is one night for you to digest these negative news. I hope everyone can adjust their mentality after waking up tomorrow.”

At noon the next day, several people from the organizing committee of the Gun King World Series suddenly approached Team Leader Yu Mingxiang and asked her to gather all the coaches and players of the Chinese national team for an inspection.

The league executive said seriously, “We have received a complaint that the Chinese national team used prohibited drugs during the competition. Now we need to take samples and check the players. We ask for your cooperation.”

The players of the national team: “……”

F*k! Sure enough!

God Jiang was simply god-level at predictions!

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the league executives and said in fluent English, “Okay. The Chinese team will cooperate with the inspection and hope to get the results as soon as possible. We will participate in tonight’s match as usual. If the results are found to be in violation, we will accept the league’s punishment according to the regulations.”

The league executives exchanged looks. This coach was too calm, right? There was no explanation and no argument. He just accepted the inspection?

They thought there would be a wave of arguments. As a result, the players of the Chinese national team cooperated one by one. They lined up to draw blood in an orderly manner.

Some people even smiled and told the medical staff, “Thank you for your hard work.”

The executives of the league: “???”

Why was the Chinese team so calm?

It was as if they had expected it?


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