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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 163

Preemptive Strike

In Jiang Shaoyu’s room, there were three tactical consultants, two assistant coaches, the data engineer Qin Bo and the assistant Anna. Everyone nervously met to discuss the maps and tactics against the German team.

The front row players of the German team were very fierce. Their use of submachine guns and assault rifles had reached the point of perfection. The name of the main charger was Kaiser and he was called ‘Victorious Emperor’ by fans. He was the strongest and most popular charger of the European division. The two substitutes, Hoffmann and Berlanger, were very strong.

The assaulters, Frank and Miller, were also very famous players in the European division. The snipers, medics, and scouts were world-class players. Of course, these three positions in Germany were usually used as support positions.

Jiang Shaoyu took out a printed list of maps and simply drew a few crosses on them. “For Germany, these maps must not be released. It depends on how much importance they attach to the Chinese national team. If they think that the Chinese team is easy to bully and only plays a regular lineup, we can counter in our home games.”

Old Chang looked at the maps he selected and touched his chin. “I don’t know who will go first and second in this match. If the German team goes first, the first game will be their home game. Should we still send Xiao Mo to play?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, no matter whether it is the home or away game, we will let Mo Hantian command in the first game. If these newcomers are going to have their mentality collapse, then let it collapse early. They can still find a way to adjust it back. If it collapses later, then they can’t be saved at all.”

The group didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Jiang Shaoyu’s words were also true. If they were going to collapse, then collapse earlier. Don’t do it in the knockout room where there was no room for recovery after collapsing.

The experienced Coach Xu said with a smile, “The first game should be to test the waters, so I think the newcomers can play. In the second game, have a safe lineup. We can’t lose two games in a row. This will affect morale too much.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, I have a set of anti-pressure lineups in my mind. I will decide who to send depending on the situation.”

It was already noon when the tactical group finished the meeting, and Jiang Shaoyu went to eat with everyone.

Yu Mingxiang had communicated with the hotel. The chefs of the Chinese team would go to the back kitchen of the hotel to prepare three meals a day for everyone. Yesterday, they had gone to the supermarket to purchase the supplies to ensure the safety of the food sources.

Some condiments were difficult to buy abroad, and the chef team brought it themselves. They wanted to make the taste of the food consistent with the food domestically. This way, the players were used to eating it.

Jiang Shaoyu was about to return to his room after eating when Yu Mingxiang walked up to him. She told him in a soft voice, “Ah Yu, I happened to meet the assistant coach of the Korean team when I went to pick up Doctor Zhou in the hotel this morning. He didn’t speak, but he looked at us strangely. I always feel a bit uneasy.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “Was Doctor Zhou holding the inhibitors in his hand at that time?”

Yu Mingxiang nodded. “Yes, he was holding a plastic medicine box and it can be seen that there were injections inside.”

Jiang Shaoyu told her, “I know. Thank you, Sister Yu, for paying attention.”

Yu Mingxiang said in a worried manner, “I’m afraid that something will happen. During an international competition, some national teams have dirty means. Many people don’t know that you are omega. If it is used by someone with other intentions…”

“I understand your concerns,” Jiang Shaoyu said coldly. “I’m not worried about being splashed with dirty water. After all, I’m just a coach, and I don’t need to play in person. But the players of the national team… I will tell them in advance so they are prepared.”

After lunch, Jiang Shaoyu summoned the players of the national team to his room for a meeting.

After the adjustment last night, everyone had adapted to the jet lag and didn’t wake up until noon today. The chef team also prepared delicious meat dishes such as braised chicken drumsticks and sweet and sour pork ribs for them. Then the team ran to Jiang Shaoyu’s room to report in.

The room door was open. Pei Feng knocked on the door and heard Jiang Shaoyu say, “Come in.”

The moment they entered through the door, everyone was stunned by the scene in front of them.

They saw a row of transparent injections on the table. Coach Jiang was picking up a syringe and injecting it into his arm, expression calm like he was drinking water.

The players of the national team: “……”

What was this situation? Everyone was collectively stunned.

Mo Hantian, Hua Ran, and the others stood in place like statues.

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at them, put down the syringe with a calm expression, and asked, “Is everyone here?”

Everyone present, except Pei Feng and Shi Xiaobin, didn’t know that he was an omega. They couldn’t guess what he was doing at all.

Ye Qingming took the initiative to care for him. “Brother Yu is injecting yourself? Are you sick?”

Zhou Yiran also said, “If you aren’t feeling well, take a good rest today. Tell us what map to use, and let Old Cui and Old Chang organize training for us.”

Mo Hantian looked at Jiang Shaoyu with worry, hesitant to speak.

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “This is an omega inhibitor.”

Everyone, “???”

Pei Feng looked at Jiang Shaoyu with complicated eyes.

It was worthy of his master. He had to reveal his own secrets by himself rather than waiting to be exposed and smeared. This could be considered… a preemptive strike first, giving everyone a preventive shot so they were prepared?

Jiang Shaoyu chuckled at the dull gazes of this group of people. He wondered in a low voice, “Are you surprised that your coach is an omega?”

Oh my god!

It wasn’t just surprise, it was horror!

The group of people finally came to their senses and stared at him in disbelief, as if seeing a transformed BOSS.

Jiang Shaoyu had long expected that they would react this way.

After all, based on his usual personality and style, he was more like an alpha no matter how one looked at it. In the end, Coach Jiang was actually an omega? Would he go through the estrus period? Was it possible to be marked? He could get pregnant and have a baby?

F*k! This thunderbolt numbed everyone’s brains.

Lao Lin, Yezi, and Zhou Yiran looked at each other with very complicated expressions. They couldn’t imagine the scene of Jiang Shaoyu being marked!

Ye Qingming looked back at Pei Feng and found that among so many people whose jaws dropped from shock, only Xiao Pei was very calm. He couldn’t help leaning toward Pei Feng’s ear and asking curiously, “Did you already know?”

Pei Feng looked innocent. “No, I just found out.”

Yezi narrowed his eyes slightly. “Is that so?”

Pei Feng smiled and asked, “What else? Do you think he would tell me the secret alone?”

Ye Qingming frowned, always feeling that something was wrong.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at everyone calmly. “Whether I am an alpha or omega doesn’t affect the lineup or tactical arrangement of the match. Letting you know in advance is to prepare you.”

He paused and looked at his old ACE teammates. “Aren’t you curious about why I retired? This is the reason. After playing the finals, I suddenly differentiated into an omega and had a pheromone disorder. I needed a long period of treatment and couldn’t continue playing. My family also opposed me staying in the e-sports circle, so I retired and went abroad to see a doctor. The doctor team helped me develop a specific inhibitor, and I finally stabilized in the past few years.”

His ACE teammates couldn’t help feeling distressed when they heard his frank explanation.

Jiang Shaoyu was only 18 years old at that time. The rare pheromone disease must’ve been torture for him. Even so, he didn’t ask for the help of his teammates and endured everything alone in silence.

He probably didn’t explain because he felt embarrassed, right?

After all, the strong and calm Jiang Shaoyu had become an omega and was troubled by pheromones and estrus. It was quite embarrassing to say it. He was so proud and definitely didn’t want to show his vulnerable side in front of his teammates.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the complicated expressions of several people and sighed. “There was a small accident in the hospital back then. I lost my phone, plus I thought I wouldn’t touch e-sports again. This is why I didn’t contact you… About this matter, I didn’t handle it maturely enough.”

He felt guilty toward the members of ACE. He left in a hurry and handed ACE over to his young apprentice, Pei Feng. In the end, it was disbanded. As the captain, he was mainly responsible.

However, the past couldn’t be changed.

Jiang Shaoyu openly and honestly stated the reason for his retirement. He also hoped that after the start of the World Series, everyone could play seriously and in a focused manner without any interference from outside public opinion.

Lao Lin’s eyes were sore when he heard this. He coughed and said, “How can I blame you for this? You aren’t old back then! You suddenly differentiated into an omega and was very confused, right?”

Zhou Yiran said softly, “Yes, you still came back to settle us. You let Xiao Pei take the place of sniper and talked to the club manager about your arrangements after your retirement… You did everything a captain was supposed to do.”

Shu Chen whispered, “Brother Yu, we have never blamed you.”

Ye Qingming smiled. “Yes, we are already very happy that you can come back.”

The other newcomers were a bit moved after hearing their conversation. ACE was a legendary team. It might’ve been disbanded a long time ago, but the friendship between them had long been like a family.

It was a type of blessing to have such a group of like-minded friends, right?

Mo Hantian couldn’t help his eyes turning red. As an old fan of ACE, he finally knew the reason why God Wing retired back then. Now seeing the reunion of all ACE members, what was wrong with an old fan wanting to shed tears?

Jiang Shaoyu glanced over the group. “You have no opinions about me being an omega, right?”

Everyone hurriedly shook their heads. “No!”

How dare they have an opinion? They would burn incense and worship him as Buddha if he didn’t make them write self-criticisms.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “That’s good. In the next few days, someone might make a fuss about me being an omega and discredit me, or pour dirty water on the national team to hurt everyone’s confidence. I will tell you this in advance so you don’t have to be affected by public opinion. Mindset is very important. I don’t want any negative impact on you because of me.”

Everyone finally understood why Coach Jiang suddenly told them this secret.

Gender discrimination had long disappeared in today’s society, but omegas were a special group after all. There would be an estrus period, and inhibitors needed to be injected to control pheromones.

After Shi Xiaobin differentiated into an omega, he was used and hyped up by the RED Club. When Shi Xiaobin left RED, the other party even fabricated chat records to maliciously smear and destroy Shi Xiaobin. If Pei Feng hadn’t exposed RED’s clumsy lies during the broadcast, Shi Xiaobin probably would’ve collapsed.

Naturally, the players of the national team would have no objection to Coach Jiang. No matter whether he was an alpha, beta or omega, it wouldn’t affect everyone’s recognition and admiration for him.

However, there was no guarantee that it wouldn’t be used by others.

If there was another wave of negative public opinion like Shi Xiaobin’s incident, it really would affect the mentality of the players.

Coach Jiang had the foresight to inoculate everyone in advance, and now they had a bottom line. If someone dared to slander Coach Jiang during the competition then they would unite and speak out unanimously!

After talking about his personal affairs, Jiang Shaoyu followed up by explaining the arrangements for the next match against the German team.

Mo Hantian heard his arrangement and asked nervously, “W-We will play in the first game?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at the newcomers. “Yes. Go back and get ready. The five of you will open the curtain. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose. I want to see the results of your training during this period. Xiao Mo will be in charge of commanding.”

Mo Hantian had to bite the bullet. “Okay.”

Everyone had mixed feelings after leaving Coach Jiang’s room.

In the group of the Gourd Babies Squad 2.0, Hua Ran couldn’t help typing, “Coach Jiang is actually an omega? The big boss is an omega, right? The type that we can’t beat in a group!”

Xia Li said, “The last Gourd Babies Squad once challenged him but was destroyed. It was terrible.”

Shi Xiaobin, who had known this secret for a long time, said weakly, “But I think Coach Jiang is very gentle.”

Everyone wondered, “Gentle?”

Shi Xiaobin remembered the scene where Jiang Shaoyu gently touched his head in the hospital and told him not to be afraid. Jiang Shaoyu was obviously very gentle at that time.

But… Coach Jiang was really strict with the players. It made sense that he was called ‘Devil Coach’ in private by everyone.

Qin Xueyao said calmly, “It doesn’t matter what he is. In my heart, he is still the respectable national team’s coach. Since he let us take the lead, we should perform well. There is no need to think too much.”

Hua Ran agreed. “Xueyao is right. We are now advanced versions of the gourd babies. Everyone, jiayou. Kill Germany!”

Hua Ran had always been simple-minded and never worried about how powerful the enemy was.

Xia Li was careless. She would get up and continue to rush after dying.

Qin Xueyao was very calm, and Shi Xiaobin was obedient. Mo Hantian was the one who thought the most among them.

Mo Hantian was a bit worried about playing in the first game, but he also knew that Coach Jiang was tempering the mentality of the newcomers by letting them play the first game.

During this time, they had played countless practice matches. Now it was finally the official competition…

They couldn’t drop the ball again.


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