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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 157

Strange Visitor

On the evening of October 23rd, Jiang Shaoyu organized the national team to play a practice match. The opponent was Singapore and the two sides freely chose the map and mode. They imitated the rules of the finals and played a few seven games.

The Chinese team had changed several sets of lineups in a row, with losses and wins. Jiang Shaoyu also took out the three new maps that were launched not long ago to try tactical coordination.

After playing seven games and going through the replay analysis, it didn’t end until the early hours of the morning. Jiang Shaoyu said, “Okay, let’s stop here today. Go back and rest. We will continue tomorrow.”

He was about to turn around and leave the training room when Pei Feng suddenly called out in a loud voice, “Master, wait a minute.”

Jiang Shaoyu stopped and looked back at Xiao Pei. “Is something wrong?”

Seeing that the clock was pointing at midnight, Pei Feng took the initiative to stand up and say with a smile, “Happy birthday!”

Everyone shouted in unison, “Happy birthday, Coach Jiang!”

Jiang Shaoyu was stunned. Then he remembered that today was his birthday.

October 24th. Yes, he was a Scorpio and was exactly 24 years old after his birthday. Seeing the excited look of the group of people in the training room, Jiang Shaoyu couldn’t help raising the corners of his lips and saying, “Thank you for remembering.”

He paused before adding, “Training will continue on the 24th. I won’t give you a holiday just because it is my birthday.”

The contestants: “……”

They knew that Coach Jiang wouldn’t pay attention to his birthday!

Pei Feng walked in front of him and said in a low voice, “It isn’t a problem to continue training, but can we have dinner together at night? We have already ordered the cake and booked the restaurant.”

Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t good at refusing Pei Feng in front of so many people. He thought about it and nodded. “Okay. Then have dinner together in the evening. I will treat you.”

There was a cheer from the training room.

At this time, Pei Feng posted on Weibo at midnight on October 24th. “@Coach Jiang Shaoyu, happy birthday, Master. I wish Master good health and success~~ [Love you.jpg!]

After posting on Weibo, the comments area immediately exploded.

[F*k, today is Coach Jiang’s birthday?]

[Fred is really caring. He sent the blessings exactly at midnight!]

[1024? Isn’t this the room number of Fred’s live stream room? Did I discover a secret?]

[It isn’t a secret. ACE’s old fans have long known that Xiao Pei took his master’s birthday as the room number of his live stream room.

[After all, Fred is his master’s number one fan [dog head.jpg.]

The other players of the national team also forwarded Pei Feng’s Weibo to send blessings to Coach Jiang. The large number of forwards and messages directly put the topic #national team celebrating Coach Jiang’s birthday# on the hot search.

Netizens left messages under the hot search.

[All members of the national team sent blessings. Coach Jiang is really popular!]

[Our Coach Jiang’s face is really good!]

[Coach Jiang must be gentle in private, right? It seems that everyone likes him.]

[God Wing seems to have become the national team’s group pet!]

The players who forwarded the Weibo, “……”

Netizens apparently misunderstood.

Coach Jiang had nothing to do with a ‘group pet.’

This was a big devil who made them write self-criticisms every day! He was even scarier than the head teacher!

Once Jiang Shaoyu returned to the dormitory, he was about to take a shower and go to bed when a message suddenly popped up on his mobile phone, “Happy birthday. It seems that you are quite popular in the national team. The team members sent you blessings on Weibo one after another.”

Jiang Shaoyu asked, “What Weibo?”

Recently, he had been busy sorting out the information of players from various countries and he had no time to read Weibo gossip.

The other person sent a link. “The hot search.”

Jiang Shaoyu clicked into the hot search to take a look. Sure enough, all the members of the national team had forwarded the Weibo post and sent him blessings. A large number of netizens also poured into the topic area, leaving messages wishing him a happy birthday.

Jiang Shaoyu had a headache and rubbed his temples.

In fact, he didn’t care about his birthday and hadn’t celebrated it for the past few years. If Xiao Pei hadn’t mentioned it, he would’ve long forgotten what his birthday was, especially when he had been too busy recently. As a result, now his birthday was well-known and he was as popular as a star.

Jiang Shaoyu had no choice but to post a Weibo alone, saying, “Thank you for your blessings.”

This was really the liveliest birthday since he was a child.

The other person sent another message. “Father already knows about your return to China to become a coach. I told him that you led the team to win the Asian Championship and are about to play the World Series. He didn’t say much.”

Jiang Shaoyu fell silent. The other person said, “Tomorrow, I will go to the capital on a business trip. I will come to see you by the way. Let’s spare half an hour to meet up.”

The next afternoon, Jiang Shaoyu organized everyone to do daily training. Yu Mingxiang suddenly knocked on the door and came in. She whispered a few words in Jiang Shaoyu’s ear. Jiang Shaoyu nodded and said, “Everyone, train first. I have to go out for something.”

Watching Jiang Shaoyu turn around to go out, the two members exchanged looks. Pei Feng was also very puzzled. He looked out the window and saw an adult man standing downstairs. The man was wearing a suit and sunglasses that covered half his face. He looked tall and strong like an alpha.

Jiang Shaoyu went downstairs and walked up to him.

The man stretched out his arms and gently took Jiang Shaoyu into his arms. However, Jiang Shaoyu quickly pushed the other person away. It wasn’t known what the two of them said but Jiang Shaoyu turned and walked toward the dormitory building. The man turned and followed him.

Hua Ran, who was sitting in the corner, saw this scene and gossiped in a low voice, “Did you see it? Who is that person downstairs? He seems to be very familiar with Coach Jiang.”

Xia Li whispered, “I saw. He hugged Coach Jiang so he should be an old friend. Isn’t today Coach Jiang’s birthday? Maybe he came to see Coach Jiang specifically.”

Hua Ran wondered, “Is it a boyfriend?”

The discussion between the two of them happened to be heard by Pei Feng.

Pei Feng felt an inexplicable anger in his heart and frowned. “Train well. What are you guessing?”

The two of them immediately lowered their heads and opened the training software to carefully go through the map.

Pei Feng was upset. He usually passed the shooting training easily. Now that he was distracted, he missed the target several times in a row. In addition, he shot out a large number of bullets that missed.

Thinking of the picture of the man holding his master in his arms just now, Pei Feng was very upset. He couldn’t wait to teleport over and separate them immediately.

That man was half a head taller than Jiang Shaoyu. His face couldn’t be seen clearly due to the sunglasses but he had a good figure. In the suit, he seemed like a mature alpha man with a successful career.

In the past few years since his master retired, Pei Feng only knew he had gone abroad. But what he had experienced abroad and if there was someone he liked… Pei Feng was indeed unclear about this.

Where did this man come from?

Was it really as Hua Ran said? This was his master’s birthday and the man came to see him on his birthday?

The more Pei Feng thought about it, the more bitter he became.

Perhaps it was an alpha’s possessiveness that was at work. He didn’t want his master to be close to other alphas. His master was his. He had already marked his master twice. He wouldn’t let his master go to others.

During the afternoon training, Pei Feng was absent-minded. He fought others but his anger wasn’t ventilated. The more he fought, the angrier he became.

After finally reaching the end of training at 5 o’clock, Pei Feng stood up and said, “Xiao Gui, you first take everyone to Room 1 of the restaurant opposite to decorate it. I’ll go get the cake and ask Coach Jiang to come with me later.”

Gui Siyang nodded obediently. “I got it, Master.”

Xiao Gui was familiar with the restaurant and immediately took everyone to decorate it for the birthday party. Pei Feng returned to the dormitory. The birthday cake had been placed in his dormitory. He wanted to take the cake and call his master. As a result, it was actually a strange man who opened the door when he went to room 404 and rang the doorbell.

The moment the door opened, the two alphas looked at each other.

The man had taken off his sunglasses. His facial features were very handsome and his aura was strong. He stood in the doorway and frowned as he looked Pei Feng up and down. Pei Feng was very uncomfortable with him. Sure enough, the mutual dislike between alphas was natural, especially when they competed for territory.

This alpha actually stood in Jiang Shaoyu’s room and looked at Pei Feng like he was a master.

Pei Feng’s unhappiness in his heart reached its peak but he still tried to restrain himself. He asked with as bright a smile as possible, “Is my master here?”

The alpha glanced at him and shouted into the room, “Ah Yu, someone is looking for you.”

Jiang Shaoyu came to the door. Pei Feng keenly noticed that his master had just changed his clothes. The two of them were in the room… had that thing happened?

The more Pei Feng thought about it, the more uncomfortable he became. He deliberately ignored the irritability in his heart and said with a smile, “Master, I had everyone go to the restaurant first. Are things done on your side? Can we go now?”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Okay.”

He looked at the alpha standing by the door and asked casually, “You’re still not leaving?”

“I’m going now.” The man glanced at Pei Feng. “This is your apprentice Fred?”


The man didn’t say anything else and walked beside Jiang Shaoyu in front. Pei Feng walked behind them carrying the cake and a strange sense of crisis grew in his heart. This made Pei Feng feel a bit nervous for a while.

In the past, he always thought that his master’s emotional history was blank. As the coach of the national team, he only cared about training and tactics every day and had no time to think about anything else. Pei Feng thought to himself that he had marked his master twice before. As long as he continued to stay by his master’s side, his master would accept him sooner or later.

He wasn’t in a hurry to confess because most of the players on the national team thought that Coach Jiang was an alpha. Only his feelings for his master were special and only he knew the secret that his master had marked him.

Now it seemed he thought of everything too simply.

In the past few years since his master left the e-sports circle, it wasn’t known where he had gone and what he had done. Could this alpha who suddenly came to the door on his master’s birthday be his strong competitor? This alpha gazed at Jiang Shaoyu with very gentle eyes. He looked concerned about Jiang Shaoyu…

The strong sense of crisis made Pei Feng’s heart more and more uneasy.

After the three came downstairs, the man got into a black car. The appearance of the two cars was very low-key but they were actually expensive. It could be seen that this man was quite rich, had good taste and had a relatively calm personality. He should be around 30 years old.

Did his master like this type of mature and steady alpha?

Or would he like someone like Pei Feng, young and energetic?

Pei Feng was unsure in his heart. He watched the man get into the car, roll down the window and say, “Don’t lose my birthday gift. After all, I carefully selected it.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Thank you.”

“I’m leaving. Take care of yourself. If you need help with anything, just look for me and I’ll settle it for you.” He glanced at Pei Feng coldly again, rolled down the window and started the car.

It wasn’t until the car was gone that Pei Feng said sourly, “Master, he came to see you specially and brought you a birthday gift. This person is very attentive to you.”

Jiang Shaoyu said casually, “Yes. He went to the capital on a business trip, so he came to see me.”

Pei Feng suppressed the sourness in his heart and asked in a pretend curious manner. “Is he your friend? I haven’t seen him before. Did you meet him abroad?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked back at Pei Feng. His apprentice’s eyes… why did it feel a bit aggrieved?

He looked like a dog abandoned by his owner?

Jiang Shaoyu frowned and explained, “He is my older brother.”

Pei Feng: “……!!!”

F*k, he was eating the jealousy of the wrong person?

Jiang Shaoyu looked at his apprentice suspiciously. “You seem to have some hostility toward him?”

Pei Feng hurriedly denied it. “No, absolutely not!”

Seeing that his apprentice’s face instantly turned from cloudy to sunny, Jiang Shaoyu’s heart was even more puzzled. What was the situation of Xiao Pei today? Just now, he was on guard and hostile, but now he had a relieved smile.

Jiang Shaoyu saw Xiao Pei’s aggrieved look and was a bit soft-hearted for some reason. He explained in a low voice, “Didn’t I tell you before? My parents aren’t in China and I only have one brother in Xing City. He is married and has children. I’m not familiar with his spouse. I didn’t want to bother them so I spent the Spring Festival with you.”

Pei Feng remembered this incident. When he first took his master to celebrate the new year, his master did say that there was only one relative, his brother, in China. Someone called his master during the Spring Festival and it was his older brother.

On his birthday, his older brother came to the capital on a business trip and brought a gift to see Jiang Shaoyu on the way. This was normal.

It seemed that he misunderstood!

F*k, just now, he ate jealousy for a long time and the sour bubbles in his heart burst out. Then it turned out that the other party was his master’s brother? No wonder why his master allowed him to enter the dormitory. His older brother probably wanted to see Jiang Shaoyu’s living environment.

Pei Feng smiled and touched his nose. “It turned out to be your older brother. He doesn’t look like you at all.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, he is more like my father.”

Pei Feng blurted out, “Great. I thought he was…”


Pei Feng coughed lightly and said weakly, “I thought he was your… boyfriend?”

Jiang Shaoyu frowned. “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Pei Feng laughed. “Hehe, that’s good.”

Jiang Shaoyu: “???”

Was his apprentice’s brain broken today? Why was he so strange?


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