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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 155

On Tuesday morning, Jiang Shaoyu told everyone about the arrangement for the training match. “We will play a training match with the Singapore team at 8 o’clock tonight. This is our first training match with a foreign team. I hope everyone can give it their all.”

Pei Feng had known the news a long time ago. His expression was very calm when he saw the master’s announcement. On the other hand, Mo Hantian, Hua Ran and the newcomers had different expressions. Some were so nervous that their faces turned pale while others rubbed their hands together excitedly.

Ye Qingming came out and asked, “I will raise my hand and ask. Are the four of us also going to participate?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, all the members will participate. Practice matches will be played from 8 to 10 in the evening. I will change the lineup depending on the situation.”

Everyone typed one after another, “Received!”

Mo Hantian took a deep breath and secretly said in the group of the Gourd Babies Squad 2.0. “We are playing a practice match with the Singapore team. Will Coach Jiang have us play?”

Shi Xiaobin analyzed it. “It is possible. Won’t he let us practice our cooperation?”

Hua Ran asked, “What do you think our chances of winning are if we play Singapore?”

Qin Xueyao said calmly, “I don’t think the odds are great. Singapore should send more national team players in this training match and they will be stronger than the Singapore team in the Asian Championship.”

Xia Li added, “In addition, the current cooperation between us isn’t good enough.”

Everyone was silent for a while.

Mo Hantian encouraged them. “It is okay. In any case, we are used to losing. Everyone should try their best to fight. At worst, we will lose and have to write a self-criticism.”

Shi Xiaobin said, “I can’t sleep well now if I don’t write a self-criticism every day.”

Hua Ran: “+1. Once the self-criticism has become a daily task, it is uncomfortable not to write it!”

Xiao Li: “Are you all like this? I thought it was just me.”

Qin Xueyao: “……”

So their ‘Gourd Babies Squad 2.0’ was actually a group of masochists? During this period of time, they had been losing the practice matches and developed the habit of writing a self-criticism. They wouldn’t sleep well if they didn’t write it.

At 8 o’clock on Tuesday night, all the members of the Chinese national team arrived on time. The players of Singapore had been waiting for a long time. Jiang Shaoyu opened a custom training room in the international server and sent the room number and password to Coach Zhang.

The players on both sides logged into the competition room. The player IDs of the Chinese team were very uniform, from CHN001 to CHN005. It was completely impossible to see who was behind the ID. The players of Singapore also had garbled numbers.

At this time, in the training room of the national team, Mo Hantian, Shi Xiaobin, Hua Ran, Xia Li and Qin Xueyao sat in front of the computer and put on headphones. All of them had serious expressions. Coach Jiang really had them play!

Mo Hantian was CHN001, Shi Xiaobin was 002 and Xia Li, Hua Ran and Qin Xueyao logged into accounts 003-005 respectively. These accounts were the unified accounts that Jiang Shaoyu just sent to the group. They had purchased various firearms, skin and character appearances on the account. It should be specially prepared by Coach Jiang for the upcoming training matches on the international server.

After everyone from Singapore logged into the room, Jiang Shaoyu turned on the voice channel of the room and said calmly, “Hello, Coach Zhang. The training match can be recorded on the screen for review and analysis. However, the video can’t be revealed to outsiders. I want both of us to follow this rule. What do you think?”

Coach Zhang hurriedly said, “Of course, of course. We all understand this rule.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Okay. In the first game, you can choose the map and mode.”

Coach Zhang wasn’t polite and chose Endless Bloody Battle mode for the first game. The map was Deep in the Jungle.

The map had trees the size of thick arms as obstacles. It was difficult to cover the body. The style of play was simple and rough, suitable for melee fighting. Obviously, Coach Zhang knew that he couldn’t play against Jiang Shaoyu in tactics. Therefore, he used this simple and rude frontal style of play.

The game started.

The five people of the Singapore team rushed to the front in the first small game. Mo Hantian had everyone quickly disperse and move. Hua Ran went to the front row to interfere while Xia Li was responsible for the output. Shi Xiaobin hid to rescue people while Mo Hantian looked for an opportunity to snipe from a distance.

In this type of forest where there was no way to hide at all, it was too difficult for snipers to fight. Qin Xueyao’s role was also greatly reduced. Soon, they were swept away by the Singapore members and lost the first game.

Mo Hantian gritted his teeth and ordered, “Do it again! Hua Ran, go to interfere. We will collectively go clockwise to the rear!”

In the second game, Hua Ran threw smoke bombs to interfere with the opponent while the others tried to go around the back. Unfortunately, Hua Ran and Xia Li made a mistake in their cooperation and the Chinese team failed to go around smoothly. They were intercepted by the Singapore team halfway and lost another game.

In the third game, Mo Hantian decided to play a guerrilla battle in a group of five people. However, the effect wasn’t good. The team battle was 5 for 4 and the difference was one hand. The assaulter of the Singapore team survived to the end and won the game.

Looking at the 3:0 small game score on the screen, Coach Zhang of Singapore was a bit confused. “What is the situation? Today’s Chinese national team isn’t on the same level as they were in the Asian Championship.” He thought for a moment and soon realized, “Coach Jiang is treating us like a grindstone to train newcomers, right?”

Still, he didn’t say that ‘both sides must send the main force’ when arranging the practice match. So it was Jiang Shaoyu’s freedom to decide who he specifically sent.

Moreover, if they didn’t train newcomers in a practice match then did they have to wait for the official competition to train newcomers?

Coach Jiang’s approach was understandable but Coach Zhang was still a bit depressed in his heart. He took out the strongest lineup. As a result, a bunch of newcomers came up to fight against them. Wasn’t this looking down on them?

The second game started quickly.

Once it was the turn of the Chinese team to be the home team, Jiang Shaoyu still chose Endless Bloody Battle mode. The map was replaced by Ghost Castle. Coach Zhang thought this game would still be won very easily. As a result, the performance of the Chinese team exceeded his imagination.

The moment the game started, the sniper CHN001 quickly went around to the side and killed their charger with a headshot! Immediately afterward, the scout CHN005 went around the back row and killed the sniper of the Singapore team.

Not long after the start, two people from the Singapore team died. They soon collapsed in the first wave of team battle.

Coach Zhang muttered, “…It seems that there is something wrong?”

In the second game, the five players of the Singapore team fought more cautiously but China’s scout was elusive and killed their sniper. Meanwhile, the Chinese team’s charger and assaulter teamed up to suppress and sweep their front row to death in one wave.

Singapore lost again.

Coach Zhang was full of doubts. “Something is wrong… could it be a substitution?”

By the time he realized that the Chinese team might’ve made a substitution, the game was over quickly.

The score was 3:0 and this map was the victory of the Chinese team.

The five players of the Singapore team were collectively confused. “What is the situation?”

“I couldn’t even react. Is this the end?”

“The first game was easy to win but didn’t we lose the second game too easily?”

“Why do I feel like their level is suddenly going up and down? It is just like riding a roller coaster.”

Coach Zhang frowned. “They must’ve changed people. The style of this scout isn’t the same as the one before and it is the same with the sniper.”

The captain of the Singapore team asked, “Is it only the scout and sniper who was substituted? What about the others?”

Coach Zhang said with a headache, “I can’t tell how many people have been changed!”

The accounts of the Chinese team playing the game was still CHN001 to CHN005 but it wasn’t clear who the player behind the account was. Coach Zhang couldn’t be sure how many people Jiang Shaoyu changed. He asked in a joking tone, “Coach Jiang, did you do a substitution after the game?”

Jiang Shaoyu asked back, “Are substitutions not allowed in a practice match?”:

“…Of course, it is!”

In official matches, substitutions could be made after every game, let alone a practice match.

There was no rule about who the two sides could send to the field.

Coach Zhang could only suppress the curiosity in his heart and he said, “Should we draw lots again for the third game?”

“Let’s do it randomly.”

Coach Zhang agreed to let it be random and everything was left to the system to decide.

The system quickly randomly generated the map and mode: It was Extreme Duel and the map was the Starlight Apartments.

This was a classic maze map. After the two sides entered the game, the confused players of the Singapore team found that it was difficult for them to find people on the map! The Chinese team started playing hide-and-seek again!

The third game lasted 25 minutes.

In the end, the Chinese team won the game with a heads advantage of 50:38.

Coach Zhang said, “Awesome. Shall we make an appointment for next time?”

He thought Jiang Shaoyu would refuse. He didn’t expect the other person to say very easily, “Okay, 7 p.m. on August 30th. Do you think this time is suitable? If it is suitable, we can play BO5 and play a few more rounds.”

Coach Zhang: “……”

Was he so easy to talk to? Why did he feel like Coach Jiang had planned it a long time ago?

However, he was the one who proposed the ‘next appointment’ first. Coach Zhang could only say, “No problem!”

After the match, Jiang Shaoyu sent the video to the national team’s group and concluded, “Xiao Mo, the cooperation of the five of you is still very chaotic and you need to practice more. In the second game, Xiao Pei commanded well. Continue to work hard.”

“In the third game, Xueyao commanded for the first time and it was much better than I thought. The scout in the maze map is very important. Xueyao and Xiao Bin can exchange more ideas with Coach Chang when you are free and practice all types of maze maps.”

In fact, in this training match, Jiang Shaoyu had changed three sets of lineups in a row.

In the first game, the Gourd Babies Squad 2.0 was led by Mo Hantian. The newcomers didn’t cooperate tacitly enough and were suppressed and beaten by the main team of Singapore. They undoubtedly lost.

However, what made Jiang Shaoyu happy was that even though he lost, Xiao Mo tried his best to command. He tried several different tactics to cooperate together rather than standing stupidly and being beaten.

Finding breakthroughs and trying to work with his teammates was a big improvement. Xiao Mo actually had a good view of the overall situation and command level. Jiang Shaoyu was cultivating him as the successor to the next generation of snipers but he still needed to be tempered more.

The second lineup was the ACE 2.0 team led by Pei Feng, which was the ‘stable lineup’ with the most confidence in Jiang Shaoyu’s heart. Sure enough, the moment these five people came out, they directly crushed and won against Singapore. The pace was ridiculously fast.

The players of Singapore were very confused at that time. Obviously, the first game was won very easily. Why did they lose the second game before they could react? The ups and downs were simply testing people’s hearts!

The third lineup was the high-and-seek battle of attrition lineup and was suitable for a maze map. Shi XIaobin was the medic, Qin Xueyao was the scout and there were Zhou Zhou, Yezi and Pei Feng as the three outputs. The common point of these three people was that they had extremely strong individual combat ability!

No matter whether it was the elegant strafing of Zhou Yiran’s AK assault rifle, Ye Qingming’s shadowy assassination attack or Pei Feng’s long-distance precise shot, the three of them wandered the maze and it was almost possible for them to ‘see one, kill one.’ In the case where there were multiple enemies, Shi Xiaobin could rescue them as quickly as possible.

This system was equivalent to five people fighting alone. Qin Xueyao was responsible for the ‘reporting locations command.’ She only needed to tell her teammates where she found the opponent and there was no need to give more instructions. Pei Feng, Ye Qingming and Zhou Yiran themselves knew what to do.

It was also a new attempt for Jiang Shaoyu to let the support command, allowing the other teammates to play freely.

They didn’t look like a team because they fought separately. But after the five people scattered in the maze map, the opponent would have a headache. They couldn’t find anyone and couldn’t kill anyone. After a long time, the number of heads would quickly increase.

He changed three lineups in a practice match and the players of Singapore were very confused. After the match, they felt like they were sleepwalking. The players of China were also confused. The frequent lineup changes would make people unable to keep up with the rhythm.

Jiang Shaoyu sent a voice message in the group. “Next, there are many national teams that have made appointments for us for practice matches. Changing several sets of lineups in a practice match will make you feel confused. This is normal. If you adapt to this fast pace in your usual training, you won’t panic in the official match. Do you understand?”

Everyone typed one after another, “We understand!”

If they became used to this fast pace, even if five players were suddenly replaced in a formal match, the players on the field could adapt immediately without the need to adjust slowly. This was Coach Jiang’s ‘fast pace.’

On Friday night, the second sparring team was ready.

The players from Malaysia once again experienced the substitution operation of Jiang Shaoyu.

In the first Endless Bloody Battle mode, they played a quick guerrilla battle with the Chinese team. They played a full five rounds and won a map with a score of 3:2 with difficulty. As a result, the Extreme Duel mode of the second game started a slow-paced war of attrition that dragged on for more than 20 minutes before it ended. In the third game, the Chinese team suddenly stopped dragging things out and did a frontal confrontation. Before they could react to what was going on, they were instantly destroyed by the Chinese team.

The Malaysia players: “???”

Were these people schizophrenic?

One moment, they were playing a cowardly hide-and-seek mode. Then the next moment, they suddenly rushed at their opponent?

The Malaysian coach was full of question marks. “How did their style change?”

The players wondered, “Who am I, where am I, and why is it so hard to play a practice match?”

It didn’t take long for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia… All the ‘sparring countries’ in Asia experienced the changes in the Chinese national team. It was simply more exciting than riding a roller coaster.

The first and second games didn’t seem to be the same team.

One moment, they were in the clouds. The next moment, they fell to the bottom. It was playing with their heartbeat!

The coaches of various countries were terrified and they all sent out a soul-torturing question, “Coach Jiang, how many routines do you have?”


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