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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 151

In-team Practice Match

Part of the lineup system arranged by Jiang Shaoyu came from the suggestions of the tactical consultants.

For example, the melee fighting led by Lao Lin was what Coach Gu of the JZ team was good at. The defensive system commanded by Liu Shaozhou was the favorite of BM’s Old Xu and the fast guerrilla warfare and small encounters were Coach Zhu’s specialty.

The ‘think tank’ of the national team couldn’t be idle either. Jiang Shaoyu used the few days of vacation to watch the game videos during the day and held meetings with several tactical advisers at night to discuss the prototype of the lineup.

Later in the World Series, different lineups would be selected according to different opponents.

Practice cooperation in advance and change the map when the time came.

This was much more convenient than cramming and training the lineup temporarily before the match.

That night, Jiang Shaoyu first let everyone play a team practice match.

Group B was the rookie team led by Xiao Mo. Mo Hantian was in charge of commanding, Qin Xueyao was the scout, Xia Li the assaulter, Hua Ran the charger and Shi Xiaobin the medic.

The common characteristics of these people were that they had just turned 18 years old. Their mentality wasn’t stable enough and they lacked competition experience. They were newcomers but also the future of the national team.

Group A was the combination of the assaulter Zhou Yiran, charger Lao Lin, scout Ye Qingming and medic Shu Chen. These four were all veterans of ACE. The sniper position was filled by Liu Shaozhou and he was responsible for commanding.

The competition map was the commonly used Yuehu Park and they played Extreme Duel mode with 50 heads.

Yuehu Park was the most complex map in the game with artificial lakes suitable for a scout’s lurking, the woods and square suitable for melee fighting and many hills and building roofs for snipers to defend.

The complex terrain was a test and the long exchange of gunfire in Extreme Duel mode also tested the mentality of players.

Pei Feng watched the battle from the side, observing everyone’s style and rhythm with his master.

In the first game, Group A quickly shifted. They surrounded Ye Qingming’s scout to fight a sneak attack battle. The newcomers of Group B were beaten to the point of doubting life and Mo Hantian was assassinated by Ye Qingming a full five times!

After 15 minutes of fierce battle, Group B lost the match by a heads ratio of 35:50.

15 heads were equivalent to three consecutive waves of team battles that were 5 for 0. This was ridiculous. Wasn’t it simply killing newcomers?

The ‘rookies’ of Group B all looked a bit embarrassed. They hung their heads and were ready to be scolded.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t scold them and said, “Continue to the next game. Change the map to Cross Street.”

They changed maps and the two sides faced off again.

Cross Street had four sniper points in the northeast, southeast, northwest and southwest. Occupying sniper points was especially important on this map. Liu Shaozhou and Mo Hantian went to grab the sniper point at the beginning. However, Mo Hantian was a second slower. Captain Liu seized the opportunity and shot him in the head.

[‘Shadow’ has used the AWM-Meteor’ to kill ‘Devil’ with a headshot!]

After being resurrected, Mo Hantian hurriedly moved to another sniper point. As a result, before he could set up a gun, he was killed by Ye Qingming stabbing him in the back.

[‘Leaf’ has used the Rose Blade to kill ‘Devil’ with one strike!]

Mo Hantian: “……”

It was going against him, right? Xiao Mo was killed twice in a row. Forget being the commander, his own rhythm was messed up.

The second practice match finally ended at 50:30 and the heads difference was even bigger.

The players of Group B were so ashamed that they couldn’t lift their heads.

Jiang Shaoyu said indifferently, “Continue. The map will be changed to Rainy Night.”

The five star difficulty map appeared and the two sides exchanged gunfire on a dark, rainy night. Several newcomers in Group B such as Qin Xueyao and Shi Xiaobin performed well. At the very least, they didn’t get lost on the dark map.

However, Mo Hantian, Hua Ran and Xiao Li were all a mess. Mo Hantian was assassinated by Ye Qingming as soon as he moved, Xia Li couldn’t fight against Zhou Zhou and Hua Hua was beaten to the ground by Lao Lin.

The heads ratio was once again an exaggerated 50:30 and they were completely abused by Group A again.

After three practice games, the time had reached 10 o’clock at night.

Jiang Shaoyu started to review it carefully.

Out of the players in Group A, Ye Zi, Lao Lin, Zhou Zhou and Shu Chen were all old teammates from ACE. Liu Shaozhou wasn’t a teammate but he had strong personal ability and could keep up with the rhythm of the team at the fastest speed.

Their strategy was simple. Liu Shaozhou and Ye Zi teamed up to stare at Xiao Mo and crush the sniper position. The front row was handed over to Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou for a quick suppression. Shu Chen didn’t even need to rescue anyone and directly played as an output.

Jiang Shaoyu saved some face for the little guys in Group B and didn’t let Pei Feng play.

If Pei Feng was allowed to replace Liu Shaozhou’s sniper position and form a tacit cooperation with Ye Zi and Lao Lin then it would be the real ACE 2.0 version. The newcomers in Group B wouldn’t be able to play even more!

There were two reasons for Group B to lose. First, the command was weak. Secondly, the cooperation was poor.

In several team battles, Mo Hantian made obvious mistakes in his command. It wasn’t that he chose the wrong resurrection point or the wrong strategy. It was that he reacted too slowly.

Often, the enemy side had already come around the back when he remembered to move positions.

Or the enemy side had already retreated when he thought of going up to fight a wave. Then it was meaningless.

Jiang Shaoyu stared at Mo Hantian and said coldly, “Mo Hantian, the commander must make a decision as quickly as possible in a critical moment. You hesitated. What were you thinking?”

Mo Hantian bit his lip. He didn’t know what he was thinking. His brain was still a bit confused right now. He thought the training would be the same as last time and first let them do some daily training. He hadn’t expected it to be a practice match. He had never cooperated with Xueyao and Hua Hua at all!

Jiang Shaoyu said, “You were confused after being killed a few times and didn’t know what to do, right?”

Mo Hantian’s eyes turned red. He lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak.

Jiang Shaoyu wasn’t polite at all. “This is just a practice match without the national team and there aren’t millions of viewers watching the live stream. What is there to worry about? Fight when it is time to fight and withdraw when it is time to withdraw. Everyone is waiting for your instructions but you waited there for a long time without daring to make a decision. If you are like this in a practice match, how can I rest assured about you commanding in the World Series?”

Mo Hantian: “……”

God Wing was right in scolding him! He really didn’t know what to do just now.

Xueyao, Xiao Bin, Hua Hua and Xia Li led by him were all newcomers. On the other side, Captain Liu, Captain Lin, Captain Zhou, Captain Ye and Shu Chen, the veteran medic of ACE, were all great gods!

He felt there was no hope of winning at the beginning and couldn’t let go when commanding. He also hadn’t seen the coach for a while and was worried he would be scolded by Coach Jiang just after meeting again…

He wasn’t confident enough or decisive enough.

If the commander was hesitant, what could the other team members do? All of them turned into headless flies and were a mess. They were easily killed by the gods of Group A.

Jiang Shaoyu’s eyes swept over the group. “The five people in Group B, go back and review the practice match by yourself. Write a self-criticism and analyze for me what you did wrong.”

Everyone: “……”

The familiar self-criticism was here again!

The newcomers in Group B silently lowered their heads at the mention of the second training self-criticism.

After returning that night, the people of Group B started to watch the videos and write a self-criticism. Fortunately, the paper and pens bought last time were placed in the drawers of the dormitory and could be taken out to be used directly.

Mo Hantian was a bit embarrassed. He privately pulled the people in Group B into a small group and sent a message to a few people. “I’m sorry, I am the one who caused everyone to suffer. I was a bit confused today and my brain didn’t work properly. The command was messy and I knew it as well. I had no eyes.”

Shi Xiaobin comforted him. “It isn’t your fault alone. We all didn’t fight well. I was killed several times by Brother Chen. Let alone saving people, I couldn’t even save my own life.”

Xia Li said, “There is no need to apologize. If we lose then we lose. Isn’t it right to lose to great gods?”

Hua Ran said, “By the way, didn’t we have the Gourd Babies team last time?”

Mo Hantian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It has long been disbanded.”

Hua Ran suggested, “Build a new one. I will apply to join!”

Xia Li said, “We are five newcomers. We can form the national team’s Gourd Babies Squad version 2.0. The eldest baby is still Brother Mo, Xiao Bin is the second baby and I am the third baby. How about Hua Hua and Xueyao be the fourth and fifth babies?”

Hua Ran agreed. “Yes! What does Xueyao think?”

Qin Xueyao sent a smiling expression. “I will listen to everyone. “I will listen to everyone.”

Mo Hantian thought about it carefully. Coach Jiang originally scolded them as, ‘gourd babies want to save their grandpa and send your lives one by one’ and it could be regarded as a wake-up call. The 2.0 version of the Gourd Babies squad could no longer continue to make the same mistakes.

In the last season, he established the ‘National Team’s Newcomer Group’. It was originally intended to be a combination of several newcomers of the same age to exchange experiences. Later, that group became a gossip chat group and the people in the group had their own thoughts after the World Series. Finally, Lu Xingyun, Tang Kai and Zhang Yue were eliminated and the group disbanded.

This time, the five newcomers were exactly 18 years old. Why not build another group?

Mo Hantian immediately changed the name of the group to ‘National Team’s Gourd Babies Squad’. The others also changed their nicknames from eldest baby to fifth baby neatly.

Hua Ran said, “Brother Feng is also a newcomer. Why not pull him in?”

Xia Li said bluntly, “Where is he like a newcomer? Didn’t you gain a deep understanding in the Asian Championship? His command is too stable. I feel that he is really talented.”

Qin Xueyao agreed. “Yes, Fred is much better than us. This group should be the five of us. Didn’t Coach Jiang say that he wanted us to form a rookie lineup to play the less important matches in the group stage?”

Shi Xiaobin said, “The five of us can practice in private.”

Mo Hantian said, “This time, we can’t send our heads one by one again. We are going to the World Series to kill foreign opponents and change Coach Jiang’s impression of us!”

Everyone posted nodding emojis in the group to show their approval.

Mo Hantian suddenly felt that this type of gourd babies team was normal. Everyone lost together and was scolded together. They wrote self-criticisms together, huddled together and pondered how to improve together.

It was good to have a group of friends to make progress together!

At this time, on the fourth floor, Pei Feng knocked on Jiang Shaoyu’s door under the pretext of sending canned food to Jiang Doudou.

Doudou was very familiar with Pei Feng and wagged his tail enthusiastically after seeing him. Pei Feng put down the box of canned food and said casually while touching the dog’s head, “Master, do you really plan to let Xiao Mo take the newcomers to train in the World Series? I feel that the winning percentage of this rookie team will be very low, right?”

Jiang Shaoyu took out a form and handed it to Pei Feng.

Pei Feng looked down and saw that it was the schedule of this year’s World Series.

The schedule was similar every year. There were 32 teams from all over the world divided into eight groups. Each group of four teams played a round-robin for points and each group had two qualifying places.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The Chinese team failed to qualify in the group stage last year. This year, we must seize the opportunity to train in the group stage to stabilize the mentality of all the players. From the round of 16 onwards, it is a knockout round. It will be from 16 to 8, 8 to 4, 4 to 2 and then to the finals. Every match is a vicious battle.”

He explained to Pei Feng, “Xiao Mo’s glass heart is easily broken. Xueyao might be calm but she isn’t confident enough. Xia Li can go on a rampage and be careless. It hasn’t been long since Shi Xiaobin switched to a medic and he lacks experience. Hua Ran is even more unrestrained and only cares about himself, ignoring his teammates.”

“I put them together to let them constantly review themselves, identify their shortcomings and make up for it and improve as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if we lose a few matches. If we lose more then it will hone the mentality of not being afraid of losing. Only then is it possible to win the World Series.”

Pei Feng said clearly, “Understood. Master, you are catching the ‘problem players’ together for training.” Pei Feng thought of his experience of being abused back at ACE and couldn’t help chuckling. “It is like when I was beaten by you every day to the point of wanting to uninstall the game. But as long as they stick to it, their mentality will be very stable and they won’t be afraid of disadvantages.”

Many people didn’t understand why Pei Feng, a player who had never competed before, performed so well in the Asian Championship. Why could he stay calm no matter how difficult the situation?

It was very simple.

He was tortured by his master!

He was continuously shot in the head by Jiang Shaoyu in the past and he had to die dozens or hundreds of times every day. Every night when he returned to the dormitory, he would struggle between ‘Should I give up?’ and ‘I will continue to persevere.’

He ultimately chose to persevere.

People who had come all the way through adversity would naturally no longer be afraid of disadvantages.

On the contrary, the players who were held up and coaxed every day would easily collapse when encountering difficulties. Pei Feng and Mo Hantian were two extremes. The former was very stable no matter what and was the national team member Jiang Shaoyu was most assured about. The latter was like a plant growing in a greenhouse. He was talented but he couldn’t withstand the wind and rain.

Therefore, Jiang Shaoyu would gather these ‘problem players’ together and throw them into a storm to abuse them. Abuse them several times a day and they would develop a strong psychological quality.

The national team couldn’t have weaknesses. Each of them must become an indestructible warrior.


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