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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 150

Second Training Camp

The next day, Pei Feng accompanied his master to several banks. He opened three cards and deposited the money separately. He also checked the information overnight, selected various financial products and helped his master arrange everything.

All Jiang Shaoyu had to do was sign at the counter. Having such an apprentice was really worry-free.

They completed the formalities and drove back to the base. On the way back, Pei Feng smiled and asked, “Master, do you want to rest for a few more days? I looked at the schedule. The first round of the A-grade League is finished on August 20th. There are still more than ten days left.”

Jiang Shaoyu took out his phone and glanced at it. The first round of the A-grade League would end on August 20th. There was a ten day break and they would start playing the second round in September. It would completely finish in mid-October.

In the past, the national team was officially formed after the A-grade League finished and there was only one month of training in November. They had to rush to play in the World Series and the team didn’t cooperate well.

This year, he formed the national team early and took the newcomers to the Asian Championship to gain some experience. In any case, the others didn’t have time to train at the moment and Xueyao, Hua Ran and the others were under too much pressure after going abroad to compete. They should take a break.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “Yes, let’s rest for ten days and give everyone a holiday.”

Pei Feng was about to ask if he wanted to go out for a stroll when he heard Jiang Shaoyu say, “I will use this time to watch the videos of the matches in other countries.”

Pei Feng: “……”

He called this ‘rest’? Didn’t he still have to use his brains every day?

Looking at Jiang Shaoyu’s serious face, Pei Feng knew that as long as this person decided to do something, no one could persuade him. He had to follow his master and say, “Okay, I’ll watch with you. I have gone through the videos of last year’s matches with Old Cui before but I haven’t had time to pay attention to this year’s.”

Jiang Shaoyu nodded. “Yes, every year, the league has new tactics and new players. We have to get to know the opponents of the World Series in advance.”

Pei Feng said, “Let Xiao Gui watch it together. He will be the captain of the national youth team in the future. If he leads the team in next year’s Asian Championship, he must learn how to command.”

Once the two of them returned to the base, Jiang Shaoyu called a meeting and announced a ten day vacation.

It had been a tense time and now it was time to relax. Apart from Pei Feng and Xiao Gui, who continued to stay at the base, the others could move freely. Some players went home. Once the World Series started, they wouldn’t have time to meet their families.

Shu Chen had no parents. He just returned to Xing City to see the director of the orphanage during the Spring Festival. Therefore, he decided to stay at the base during this holiday and watch the game videos with Jiang Shaoyu.

Anna found a large number of video recordings from South Korea, Europe and North America. Everyone sat in a large meeting room to review the videos together. Qin Bo was in charge of statistics of players from various countries while Jiang Shaoyu and Pei Feng analyzed the tactics together.

It wasn’t known before looking at it but the league rhythm of these e-sports powerhouses was much faster than that of China!

The one-wave style of play was very popular in Europe. Their chargers and assaulters were very strong and their melee firepower was very fierce. North America was strongest in terms of snipers and they were good at long-range attrition. South Korea was strongest in terms of scouts and their other positions also weren’t weak. Each country had their own system and style.

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The Korean team in the Asian Championship isn’t complete and their main players didn’t come. If we had met the two scout brothers called Kim Minji and Kim Minho, it would’ve been difficult for us to take advantage of them.”

Pei Feng said, “Many of our main forces didn’t go either, such as Brother Ye, Lao Lin, Brother Zhou and Captain Liu. I think Brother Ye is no worse than their scouts.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him and agreed, “Yes. We have the strength to fight against the South Korean team in the World Series. However, the real captain of the South Korean team, Kim Minho has a very strong view of the overall situation and his commanding ability is world-class. We can’t be careless.”

Pei Feng nodded. “I know. I bumped into him when playing the Korean rankings and he is really powerful. Not only can he quickly scout and report locations like Xueyao, but he can also sneak attack and kill people like Brother Ye. He is a very well-rounded player.”

He wasn’t the world’s number one scout for nothing. This player had rich experience in the competition and a first-class command ability. He would become a fierce rival of the Chinese team in the World Series.

Jiang Shaoyu followed closely and said, “Venue, the captain of the American national team, is also very strong. In the last group stage between China and the US, he was the one who broke our Xiao Mo’s mentality.”

Pei Feng smiled. “Xiao Mo’s mentality is indeed a bit fragile but he has improved a lot. If we meet Venus again in this year’s World Series… If not, let me go with Captain Liu.”

Jiang Shaoyu raised an eyebrow. “You should get up whenever you fall. If we meet the US team then let him play. I will see if he still cries.”

At the same time, Mo Hantian sneezed twice in a row in the CIP Club. He took out his phone and looked at the photo of himself and Coach Jiang on the desktop. Then he silently opened the training software on the computer and practiced seriously.

He set this group photo as his desktop photo. Every time he turned on his phone, Jiang Shaoyu would stare at him with cold eyes and scare him so much that he didn’t dare to relax at all. During this period of time, he spent an hour every day entering the nightmare training software of the national team. He had already cleared the two levels of positioning and shooting.

In the next period of time, the national team didn’t have any training tasks. It wasn’t easier than usual, especially for Jiang Shaoyu. In order to analyze the tactics of each match and find ways to counteract them, he wasted more brain cells than during the usual training.

Pei Feng felt a bit distressed when seeing his master like this but he also knew that his master didn’t dare to rest. There were too many things waiting for him to deal with as the head coach.

Winning the Asian Championship was a good start for China but it was also pressure.

In the past, domestic audiences had no hope for the national team at all. No matter how poor their performance in the World, if they had a thick skin and performed poorly collectively, then they would be scolded for two days and it would pass.

Now, more and more people started to support the national team and paid attention to the head coach, Jiang Shaoyu. Everyone had more expectations for the national team.

The even sadder thing was being stuck in the mud all the time, flying up only to fall back heavily. Therefore, this national team had to win a trophy at the World Series in order to meet the ‘expectations’ of the domestic audience. Otherwise, they would be scolded even harder.

After the Asian Championship, the domestic e-sports media praised Coach Jiang wildly using phrases like ‘the hope of Chinese e-sports’, ‘God Wing who changed history and created miracles’ and the ‘biggest hero of the national team.’ The pressure would increase.

All Pei Feng could do was try his best to help him share the burden, review every foreign match with him and learn as much as possible about his future opponents.

The ten days passed quickly. Jiang Shaoyu quickly went through the videos of the competitions in several important competition areas and Qin Bo also gathered the information of players from various countries. The next step was to gather all the members of the Chinese team for a second round of training to fine-tune more tactics and lineups.

Fast forward to August 20th and the first round of the domestic A-grade League ended.

The YY team led by Ye Qingming, the HW team led by Zhou Yiran, the JZ team led by Old Lin and the BM team led by Liu Shaozhou successfully reached the second round and became the final four of the season. Xiao Mo and Xia Li’s teams were eliminated without accident.

During the ten day holiday from August 20th to September 1st, Jiang Shaoyu once again summoned all members of the national team to the base for training.

The group of people carried luggage from all over the country to the long-lost national team’s base.

They might’ve been tortured by Jiang Shaoyu’s hell-style training during the last training camp but during the period when they left the national team, they had missed the days of training at the base.

They were accustomed to being abused by God Wing.

There was suddenly no one scolding them and they felt like something was missing in their hearts.

On the evening of the 21st, all members of the national team arrived. Mo Hantian excitedly ran to the trophy showroom of the national team, touched the championship trophy of the Asian Championship and posted a photo of himself with the championship trophy on Weibo: The national team has started training again. The championship trophy of the Asian Championship is so beautiful [happy.jpg.].

Soon, the black fans scolded him. “Is it any of your business to win the Asian Championship? Did you play?”

“If it is changed to you, you would probably be beaten to the point of tears.”

“I think that Xiao Gui is much more powerful than Mo Hantian. Why is Xiao Gui not on the official list of the national team?”

“What is the point of taking a photo with someone else’s trophy?”

Mo Hantian saw these commands and his glass heart almost collapsed again. He hurriedly deleted the Weibo post secretly. Shi Xiaobin saw that his eyes were red and comforted him. “You have a lot of black fans. Don’t pay attention to them. Coach Jiang must’ve recognized your strength when he chose you to enter the national team.”

Mo Hantian let out a low hum. In fact, there wasn’t much difference between his strength and Xiao Gui’s strength. His score in the original selection was only a bit higher than that of Xiao Gui. Now Xiao Gui had become Fred’s apprentice and many people were indignant for Xiao Gui. Why could Mo Hantian enter the national team? It was better to let Xiao Gui do it.

There had been more and more remarks like this recently, especially after Xiao Gui’s excellent performance in the Asian Championship, which was a stark contrast to Mo Hantian in the World Series where he left the stage crying.

The existence of Xiao Gui was undoubtedly a huge pressure for Mo Hantian.

However, it was also motivation.

He had to prove to everyone that he wasn’t bad either!

At 8 o’clock, Jiang Shaoyu called all the members of the national team to the training room. His eyes swept over everyone and he said clearly, “Welcome everyone to the national team’s base again. I haven’t seen you for a while. I don’t know if you have abandoned training? Let’s take the exam.”

Everyone: “……”

Taking the exam as soon as we come. It is worthy of you!

Jiang Shaoyu sat in front of the computer and logged into the system with administrator privileges. A familiar training interface appeared in front of everyone’s eyes and they entered their account passwords to log in.

Last time, level eight was the passing level for all of them and this time, it was level nine.

For the positioning test, all the players passed.

In the shooting exam, Qin Xueyao failed but she only missed one target this time. It was much better than last time.

There were two people who didn’t pass level nine for the map exam and it was Xia Li and Hua Ran.

The reaction exam was the most difficult training and six people failed. Not only did they have to avoid the shooting of the intelligent AI but they also needed to quickly counter-kill the opponent. This was equivalent to a comprehensive strength test.

After completing the ninth level, Jiang Shaoyu said, “For those who have passed the tenth level, you can choose the exam yourself.”

Pei Feng chose all four subjects and he actually passed the tenth level in all four.

Everyone exclaimed in their hearts, “Awesome! It is worthy of being the apprentice of God Wing. He really gives his master face.’

The others also chose their own subjects to pass the tenth level.

For example, Mo Hantian’s shooting and positioning training had reached the highest level, Liu Shaozhou passed the tenth level in three items except the map and veteran players like Lao Lin and Zhou Zhou also passed the tenth level in 2-3 items…

Everyone was good at different things but all players had at least one training that they passed in. Even Qin Xueyao, who was very weak in shooting, trained hard and passed the map training.

After the exam, everyone looked at their results nervously.

Were they going to be scolded again?

Jiang Shaoyu glanced at the report card and said, “It’s okay. It proves that you haven’t wasted your training.”

Just as everyone was about to sigh with relief, they heard Jiang Shaoyu say, “This time, I summoned everyone to the national team base. It isn’t to let you do the daily training every day. Daily training is just the foundation. Be conscious and take time to complete it privately every day. Since it is team training, it is necessary to do more important lineup allocation and tactical drills.”

Practice the lineup directly?

Thinking about it, this was the time to practice the lineup in groups!

Pei Feng, Hua Hua, Shu Chen, Shi Xiaobin, Qin Xueyao and Xiao Gui had practiced together for nearly a month in order to play the Asian Championships. Their cooperation was relatively tacit.

However, the rest of the national team hadn’t integrated into the team.

The biggest role of the coach was to match and grind the team, so that each player could play to their greatest strength and form a tacit cooperation with their teammates.

Daily training was just a piece of cake. The cooperation of the team was the most difficult and crucial part.

Jiang Shaoyu started to call names. “The first lineup is Lao Lin, Xiao Zhou, Xiao Li, Hua Ran and Xueyao. It is a pure melee combat plus scout lineup. Qin Xueyao is responsible for reporting the locations and Lao Lin is the chief.”

Lao Lin was stunned for a moment. “I will command?”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at him. “Yes. As I said, there is no main force and substitute in this national team. Everyone is the main force. For different lineups, I will arrange different commands. We can’t let Xiao Pei command every game. Xiao Pei’s style will soon be thoroughly studied by the opponent.”

Everyone: “……”

It was so awesome. Changing commanders?

How could foreign teams guess the Chinese team’s lineup tactics? It could be changed at any time.

Jiang Shaoyu immediately continued, “The second set is Ye Qingming, Pei Feng, Qin Xueyao, Shi Xiaobin and Shu Chen. Pei Feng will become a scout and it will be a medical assassination stream lineup with three scouts and two medics. This is specialized against the Korean scout system. Ye Qingming will be in charge of the command.”

Ye Qingming smiled. “Okay, my command is more stream-of-consciousness. Everyone should get used to it first.”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “The third set is Liu Shaozhou, Mo Hantian and Pei Feng as snipers and Xiao Zhou and Lao Lin as the two front rows. It is a two front rows, three back rows kiting system. This is used to deal with the United State’s sniper lineup. The defensive battle will be commanded by Liu Shaozhou and the offensive battle is commanded by Pei Feng.”

Liu Shaozhou smiled slightly. “Received.”

“The fourth lineup is a pure rookie lineup and is used to play the less important group games. The main purpose is to train the mentality. It will consist of Hua Ran, Xia Li, Mo Hantian, Shi Xiaobin and Qin Xueyao and Xiao Mo will command.”

Mo Hantian’s expression changed slightly. He said excitedly and nervously, “R-Received.”

The more everyone listened, the more frightened they became. The changes in the lineup were too rich, right?

Liu Shaozhou’s defensive battle, Pei Feng’s offensive battle, Lao Lin’s fierce combat, Ye Zi’s assassination flow and Xiao Mo’s pure newcomer training lineup?

Everyone could play their part in the national team.

Each system was a new tactical lineup and different command styles.

They had never seen a national team so varied.

Coach Jiang’s arrangement was really eye-opening for everyone!


  1. Souwmi says:

    Wow the world teams are going to see a national team where all the 11 players are the main players and no one can be called a substitute. Such rich tactical lineups is difficult to crack as the Coach can always come out with new tactical teams to counterattack the opponents at critical moments. Also this will allow the tactic understanding of the group to improve drastically compared to other teams following conventional lineups. In the next match the team which doesn’t underestimate the Chinese team just based on Asian championship has a chance of winning actually. And yes it’s time see Pei Feng as a terrifying opponents who is a master commander and also a free person who can match any lineup.
    Counter attacking the Sk’s double scout with a triple scout and double medic lineup from Chinese team is awesome! This is really eye opening! Can’t wait to see how it all plays off

  2. littlemonarch says:

    The other countries will be playing against 5 main force group. How will they even crack this.

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