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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 148

The First Championship

At the scene of the competition, the two Japanese commentators finally reacted. “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the 6th Asian Championship!”

“This is really an unexpected result. The Chinese team won four maps in a row in today’s match and even won Crystal Cave and City of Mist, which were South Korea’s home games!”

“They actually beat the Asian overlord, South Korea. It is incredible!”

The two domestic commentators trembled with excitement. “The Chinese team really won the championship!”

“This is our first time participating in the Asian Championship. It is also the first time that the Chinese team has won a trophy in a world competition! I believe that this is a memorable day for everyone who follows e-sports! We have finally broken the curse of zero trophies!”

“Yes, the national team players led by Coach Jiang gained four points when behind by two. They unexpectedly defeated the once invincible enemy—the South Korean team! They have created a miracle. They are really amazing!”

“Coach Jiang’s tactical strategy is indeed amazing! When the ban was released in the beginning, I also wondered if he gave up the championship and wanted to play a practice match with the Korean team. It wasn’t until the end that I found out—he wasn’t giving up on the championship! It was a series of tricks that led the coach of the South Korean team into his trap!”

“Today’s map BP will become a classic case in the history of the competition! This Asian Championship is also the battle for fame of our new coach of the national team, God Wing—Jiang Shaoyu!”

The two commentators frantically praised Jiang Shaoyu. However, their words were in line with the facts and there was nothing wrong with the praise.

Anyone who had watched the match knew that the most important factor in the Chinese team winning was that Jiang Shaoyu’s tactical layout was too good. He predicted the opponent’s strategy and countered. The psychological warfare in the later stage broke the mentality of the Korean team and allowed China to unexpectedly win this final!

In the live stream room, Jiang Shaoyu’s fans were so excited that their eyes filled with tears. As expected of their favorite God Wing, who left the e-sports circle for five years. He was still the king when he returned!

The barrage area was filled with 666.

[From today onwards, I will be God Wing’s brainless fan.]

[The coach of our national team is the most handsome!]

[If there is a coach PK link, China can still win the championship~]

[Coach Jiang YYDS!] (TL: YYDS= eternal god)

In the soundproof room at the game site, several members of the South Korean team stared blankly, unable to believe the result at all. Coach Han’s face in the coach’s seat under the stage was ashen. He could already imagine how the country would scold him! Maybe he wouldn’t be able to keep his position as coach of the national team!

In the Chinese soundproof room, Hua Ran jumped up excitedly, walked to Shu Chen in a few steps and hugged him. “Brother Chen, we won. Hahaha!”

Shu Chen: “……”

For the charger and medic, one was on the far left and the other on the far right. Their positions were the furthest apart. Did this guy have to run so far to embrace someone with social fear? Why not hug Pei Feng next to him?

Shu Chen’s ears turned red. However, he saw Hua Ran so excited and didn’t have the heart to push the other person away.

Xiao Gui next to him was so excited that he almost cried. Qin Xueyao also had red eyes. Instead, Pei Feng was the one who stood up calmly and smiled. “Well done everyone, we are the champions!”

Hua Ran roared, “We are the champions. We are so awesome!”

Everyone: “……”

Pei Feng looked at the stage. Jiang Shaoyu also happened to be looking at him at this time. The master and apprentice looked at each other across the stage. The corners of Jiang Shaoyu’s mouth curved slightly and he gave a thumbs up to Pei Feng.

Pei Feng was so happy that he wished he could rush to the stage and hug his master tightly.

The other person had been his teacher for many years and this was the first time Jiang Shaoyu had given him a thumbs up!

Jiang Shaoyu signaled with his eyes to go to the South Korean soundproof room to shake hands.

Pei Feng withdrew his gaze and said to his teammates, “By the way, etiquette shouldn’t be forgotten. Go and shake hands with them.”

Pei Feng took everyone to shake hands in the soundproof room of the Korean team. The five people of the South Korean team were full of reluctance. They were used to shaking hands with the opposite side. This was the first time they became the losers of the ‘handshake!’

They always felt like the Chinese team came to hit them in the face!

After shaking hands, Pei Feng led the team members to the center of the stage. Jiang Shaoyu and Shi Xiaobin also took to the stage to hold an on-site award ceremony.

The on-site host said, “Congratulations to the Chinese team for winning the championship of the Asian Championship!”

The golden trophy was placed in the middle of the stage. Pei Feng thoughtfully pulled his master to the side and held the trophy. The other team members also put their hands on the trophy and everyone raised the trophy high at the same time!

Seeing this scene, many viewers in the domestic live stream room burst into tears. They were the champion! It was the first time they won the Asian Championship!

The host asked, “Do you have anything to say about winning the Asian Championship?”

She handed the microphone to Captain Pei Feng.

Pei Feng took it and said with a smile, “This is the first time I’m participating in the Asian Championship, I am very happy to win the championship. However, the person who has the most credit to us winning the prize today is the head coach of our national team.”

He looked at his master and said in a low voice, “You are the one who united us and used sophisticated tactical cooperation to defeat one opponent after another! Today’s champion belongs to the Chinese team and belongs to you!”

Jiang Shaoyu: “……”

The stage lights were bright and harsh. Pei Feng smiled and looked at his master. The young man’s eyes were deep and gentle and his voice was low and good. Jiang Shaoyu was watched by him like this and his heart jumped.

The host’s voice pulled his thoughts back. “Coach Jiang, you released the ban two games in a row in today’s match. Were the tactical arrangements for the Korean team thought out in advance?”

Jiang Shaoyu said calmly, “Yes, I don’t joke about the finals.”

The coach of the South Korean team: “……”

Why did he subjectively judge that Jiang Shaoyu was training the members? Where did Jiang Shaoyu fight casually? This was obviously digging a hole for him to jump into!

The host was stunned and continued to ask, “This is your first time as the coach of the Chinese national team and the Chinese national team is also participating in the Asian Championship for the first time. Before the start of the competition, did you think that you could win the championship in the end?”

Jiang Shaoyu answered calmly, “Of course. We came here aiming for the championship.”

The coaches from other countries: “……”

D*k! So why did they have no eyes and think that the Chinese team was here to make up the numbers? As a result, they were slapped in the face one by one.

Four consecutive group stage games 2:0, the semi-finals with a score of 2:1 and the grand final with the score of 4:2!

This year’s Asian Championship became an exhibition match for the Chinese team!

They originally thought that the Chinese team was here to accompany them.

As a result, the Chinese team made all of them the Chinese team’s companions!

We came here for the championship, okay? You guys are blind!

The on-site host looked embarrassed. She found that this Coach Jiang spoke neatly and simply, but his words were annoying. She had to smile dryly and hand the microphone to the other players. “You guys won the championship for the first time. Do you have anything to say?”

Hua Ran took the microphone and said excitedly, “The Chinese team is awesome, Coach Jiang is awesome, everyone is awesome!”

The audience: “……”

Did this hot-blooded teenager come to the stage to shout slogans?

He handed the microphone to Qin Xueyao next to him. Xueyao’s eyes were red and her voice was a bit choked up. “I am very happy to participate in an international competition. This is my first time going abroad. I am really grateful to Coach Jiang for giving me this opportunity!”

She was just a captain of the secondary league, a little transparent player who played a support scout, had a poor record and was unknown. It was Jiang Shaoyu who discovered her, let her join the national team and let her find her confidence!

Qin Xueyao didn’t know how to express her gratitude. She looked at Jiang Shaoyu and met Jiang Shaoyu’s encouraging gaze. Qin Xueyao smiled with embarrassment and handed the microphone to Shu Chen.

Shu Chen was terrified and stammered, “I-I am very happy to w-win the championship…” Then he quickly handed the microphone to Shi Xiaobin.

Shi Xiaobin scratched his head and said seriously, “I used to be a charger and I switched to a medic at Coach Jiang’s suggestion. I found that I am indeed better at playing a medic. In the future, I will continue to work hard to live up to the coach’s trust!”

Shi Xiaobin looked at Coach Jiang with the eyes of a little fan.

Once it was Gui Siyang’s turn, he picked up the microphone and smiled shyly, “I am a youth trainee and for my first match, I directly played in the Asian Championship… I feel like I am dreaming. I want to give special thanks to Coach Jiang for giving me this opportunity!”

In the domestic live stream room, the audience couldn’t help being confused when listening to their speeches during the interview.

[How did the acceptance speech become a fan meeting scene?]

[All of them are confessing to Coach Jiang!]

[Do they like Coach Jiang so much?]

[Is Coach Jiang serious on the surface and gentle in private? The players became his little fans one by one?]

[I think Coach Jiang must be very good to them, so they are convinced by Coach Jiang.]

[God Wing should usually take care of them and encourage them often.]

[If he often praises everyone for playing well then everyone will become more and more confident.

At this time, Mo Hantian, Ye Qingming and the others saw the barrage in the live stream room and were collectively speechless.

Often praise everyone for playing well?

Particularly gentle? Encourages everyone?

Ahem, did they have a misconception about this national team coach?

He never praised them for playing well.

Instead, he scolded everyone for being rotten and often asked them to write self-criticisms.

This coach wasn’t gentle. He was the fiercest coach in the world!

After the interview, Jiang Shaoyu’s Weibo fans rose. It rose by hundreds of thousands in the blink of an eye. Under the Weibo #We are the champions# hot search topic, a comment rose to the front page.

The netizens were puzzled. “The coach of this national team is so popular? What about the fans of the players? Why are they chasing the coach?”

Another netizen replied, “I am a fan of Fred but Fred himself is Coach Jiang’s little fan. What can we do? We can only follow him and like Coach Jiang, otherwise, he will blacken me [dog head.jpg.].”

“I am a fan of Binbin. Coach Jiang saved our Binbin and I also like Coach Jiang!”

“I just like his tactical arrangement. It is so cool when playing against the Korean team.”

“Isn’t it okay to like his appearance? Such a handsome coach goes abroad and is the face of the Chinese team!”

Countless netizens came out and wrote down the reasons why they liked Jiang Shaoyu.

The national team had changed several head coaches but Jiang Shaoyu’s popularity had indeed made history. His newly registered Weibo called ‘Coach Jiang Shaoyu’ had exceeded 10 million fans. In addition to the old ACE fans, there were also many fans of the national team players who followed him, as well as new fans who were attracted by his personal charm after watching the Asian Championship.

This time, in the backstage area of the competition, Qi Heng hugged Old Chang excitedly, “Champion, we really took back the championship as I dreamed!”

Old Chang wiped his eyes. “Yes… The World Series has been held for five years and we have never won a prize. The Asian Championship is a good sign!”

This Asian Championship was Jiang Shaoyu’s debut battle. It was the first time he led the national team to compete but he passed the hurdle and won the championship!

From now on, the Gun King E-sports Circle would have another head coach who was good at formations and psychological tactics. The Chinese team would no longer be looked down upon!

Qi Heng picked up his phone excitedly and called someone in China.

The call was quickly connected.

Qi Heng laughed. “Chairman Zhang, did you watch the finals? Isn’t it time to prepare the bonus for our Ah Yu?”

On the other end of the phone, Chairman Zhang laughed. “Of course! When he first signed the contract, he said he was too embarrassed to ask for a salary with no results and said to give a bonus after winning a prize. The league will never treat him badly! The championship bonus of the Asian Championship is 10 million, right? What do you think about giving the coach a personal bonus of 10 million? How is it?”

Qi Heng said happily, “This is not too bad! You know the importance of Coach Jiang. The Asian Championship is just the beginning and there will be the World Series later!”

Chairman Zhang said, “That’s right, that’s right. I didn’t dare to think about winning a prize in the World Series before, but now I dare to think about it. Haha! Tell Coach Jiang for me that he worked hard. Once he returns to China, we will personally go to the airport to greet and hold a celebration party for everyone!”

From being questioned at the beginning to being recognized now, it still relied on one word: achievements.

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t want a salary at the beginning because he wanted to make drastic reforms. If he failed to achieve results, everything he did would be a joke and he would only be ridiculed if he received a high salary.

Now that the championship of the Asian Championship was in hand, all those in the country who doubted him would shut up.

The future national team could be decided by him.

The Asian Championship was just an appetizer. His goal had always been to win the World Series.

This time, the newcomers of the national team collided with the substitute of the South Korean team and narrowly defeated the opponent. The World Series would have stronger enemies such as the United States and Europe. Once the time came, the complete national team would also have more rich lineups and tactics.

He would do whatever it took to face the strong opponents of the World Series.


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    I am a BTS army and thus came to know about esports when they invited a famous player in SK to their Run bts episode. I have never known about that sector before. But this is my first book I have read about it and I have to say the author has written it quite close to reality. Just like in the book, where US, South Korea and European teams are famous …in reality too it’s almost the same. I rarely encounter a chinese novel where the situation is close to reality…maybe I should read more haha. But the author is awesome ! South Korea, USA and Germany are powerful teams of the world now along with few Asian teams.

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