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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 147


The Chinese team took the lead in getting match point with a score of 3:2. It wasn’t only the Korean players and coaches who couldn’t believe it, but also the players from other countries watching the game live, as well as netizens watching the live stream in South Korea.

The weak chicken Chinese team that made a round trip every time they went abroad? How could they beat South Korea?

Were they dreaming?

The game was about to start and Coach Han’s mind was a mess. The next game was the match point game and it was the home game of China. What mode and map would Jiang Shaoyu choose? He couldn’t guess!

He hadn’t realized it until now but in today’s finals—He never once guessed Jiang Shaoyu’s train of thought!

On the contrary, Jiang Shaoyu instead predicted his operation. Thinking about it carefully, Jiang Shaoyu had thrown him bait from the first ban, inducing him step by step into the serial trap set by Jiang Shaoyu.

He really underestimated this God Wing before. But now that he felt Jiang Shaoyu’s power… it was too late!

Coach Han gritted his teeth and said, “Next is the Chinese team’s match point. We must not lose! The opposing side will likely choose Life and Death Explosion. I will ban the three maps that are to their advantage according to the original plan and force him to choose Bewitching Town. We have focused on training on this map. Use the two scouts to disrupt their rhythm and kill them as quickly as possible. Don’t fight a war of attrition with them, understood?”

The players looked serious. “Understood.”

Compared with the nervousness of the South Korean team, the Chinese team was very relaxed. In any case, now the pressure had shifted to South Korea and they could let go. It didn’t matter if they lost and it would be an unexpected surprise if they won!

The game soon started.

It was the sixth game, China’s match point game.

Jiang Shaoyu submitted the mode: Endlessly Bloody Battle!

What about Life and Death Explosion?

Coach Han felt a chill rushing from the soles of his feet to his brain. Wasn’t China very good at Life and Death Explosion? Why didn’t they choose it in the key game? South Korea’s Bewitching Town, which had been the focus of training against China, had no chance to play in today’s game.

Coach Han started the BP.

There were only a few maps in Endless Bloody Battle mode. Dark Swamp, Crystal Cave and City of Mist were the three maps that the Korean team was good at and they had been used in the previous game. For the remaining maps, Deep in the Jungle, Fountain Square and Winding Corridor were all suitable for a bloody gun battle and South Korea’s dual scouts had no effect on such maps. Stonehenge and Hope Port were obstacle maps and they were convenient for scouts.

In addition, there were the five star maps, Princess Cruise and Pirate Base but both lineups weren’t good at playing on these two maps.

Coach Han pondered on it for a moment. He quickly banned the three maps that weren’t favorable to them: Deep in the Jungle, Fountain Square and Winding Corridor. He left behind the maps that were conducive to a scout’s sneak attacks as well as the high difficulty five star maps.

The choice was returned to Jiang Shaoyu.

The Chinese team submitted the map: Hope Port!

Coach Han was slightly relieved in his heart. Hope Port might have many sniper spots but the existence of a large number of container obstacles in the port meant a scout could also do sneak attacks.

Coach Han said in a low voice, “The two scouts, split up and try to stay as far away as possible to avoid being discovered by the opposite Snow. Sneak up on the sniper and remember to guard the corpses. Don’t let the two medics save them again.”

The two scouts replied, “Received.”

There were only 10 seconds left before the game started.

The indicator light in the soundproof room of the Chinese team suddenly turned on.

The Chinese team requested a substitution.

They replaced Shi Xiaobin-Time with Gui Siyang-Xiaogui.

Coach Han: “!!!”

It was too late for him to rearrange it.

Jiang Shaoyu’s operation was like changing the set of papers in the last 10 seconds of the exam.

Gui Siyang logged into his account and the game began.

Both teams selected their equipment.

The Chinese team used the double sniper lineup again. The audience soon found that Xiao Gui brought two sniper rifles and smoke bombs, Fred had a sniper rifle, a pistol and smoke bombs and Hua Ran bought a submachine gun, grenades and smoke bombs…

All members of the Chinese team had smoke bombs!

By this time, the coach had left the soundproof room and the players had to make their own decisions. Jeong Jiwoo took a deep breath and said, “The enemy is using the dual sniper lineup. Kill the snipers first, guard the corpses and don’t let the medics rescue them. Then find a way to kill the others!

He clenched his fists and encouraged them. “Come on, everyone. Win this game and we can enter the tiebreaker with a score of 3:3. The final game will be a random map and mode. Our foundation is stronger than theirs and our personal strength is higher than theirs. If we enter the final game, we have a great chance of winning!”

The players understood the captain’s meaning.

If they won this game and entered the tiebreaker, they had a high chance of winning.

If they lost this game, they would really lose and there was no chance of making a comeback!

Jeong Jiwoo cried out, “Let’s all work and go all out!”

The others nodded one after another. “Understood!”

In this small game, the players of the Korean team were probably boosted by their captain and played very quickly. Due to the sudden substitution, there was a small mistake in the cooperation between Xiao Gui and Pei Feng and they were killed first by the Chinese team.

The Chinese team lost the first game with a heads ratio of 5:3.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Jiang Shaoyu interrupted the enthusiastic rhythm of the Korean team in time.

He entered the soundproof room and said calmly, “The South Korean team’s strategy is to kill the snipers and defend the corpses from the medic. In the next game, collectively hide from them. Take advantage of the smoke bombs in your hands to quickly run and consume their health.”

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Gui Siyang. “Xiao Gui, you come as bait. Deliberately sell them a gap and lure them so that Pei Feng can kill them. If the other side goes to cover Pei Feng, support him from a distance and keep an eye on Pei Feng’s back. The two snipers will form a cross cover, understood?”

Gui Siyang nodded. “Received!”

The game continued.

In the second small game, the South Korean team noticed that something was wrong as soon as they started. The smoke spread not far away, covering their vision. They had to search for their opponent in the other direction. However, they had just taken a few steps when another cloud of smoke appeared…

In the blink of an eye, smoke rose on all sides of the map.

They seemed to be back to the City of Mist just now. There was thick fog everywhere!

The five people of the Korean team searched for a long time and still couldn’t find the figures of the Chinese team. Meanwhile, Xueyao could hear their footsteps clearly.

Xueyao said clearly in the team voice channel, “Southeast corner, 4 o’clock.”

Gui Siyang gave a ‘received’ signal and quickly walked over.

The Korean team’s scout, Ahn Taehyeong heard the footsteps and immediately chased after it. He walked to a corner and waited for an opportunity behind the box. The moment the smoke cleared, he suddenly jumped out from the box. He wanted to sneak up and kill Gui Siyang.

But the moment he jumped up, a bullet accurately hit his forehead from across a distance.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Able’ with a headshot!]

Ahn Taehyeong resisted the urge to curse and said, “Fred is in the 10 o’clock direction. Xiao Gui is here.”

Jeong Jiwoo hurriedly instructed his teammates to kill Pei Feng. Before he knew it, Jeong Jiwoo had arrived behind Pei Feng. He had just raised his gun when another bullet broke through the air from the side.


[‘CHN-Xiaogui’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Sage’ with a headshot!]

Jeong Jiwoo almost dropped the keyboard. “F*k! Where did he come from?”

Gui Siyang had already quickly shifted to the 6 o’clock direction. He had been hiding behind the box and secretly stuck the muzzle out of a gap in the container while watching Pei Feng’s back.

Gui Siyang had fired his gun the moment the player of the Korean team circled behind Pei Feng!

At that moment, his heart was trembling slightly.

However, his hand was very steady!

God Wing said that the two snipers should support each other. Just now, his master saved him. Now it was his turn to save his master!

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang’s cross positioning and mutual cover took the lead in killing South Korea’s dual scouts.

The Korean team’s team battle completely collapsed. Hua Ran and Shu Chen teamed up to kill the charger and assaulter of the enemy side. The last person was surrounded and killed by the Chinese team.

The score was a 1:1 draw.

Coach Han was very anxious. He wanted to call a timeout but he had no more chances!

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang were very skillful in their positioning. One was to the east and one was to the west. They stood within each other’s range and stared at their teammate.

As long as the South Korean scout went around to assassinate, they would be killed by the other sniper!

They had to find the blind spot of the two of them if they wanted to break through the firepower cover of the dual snipers!

In other words, break through from the middle of the two of them!

Snipers had a long range. After opening the scope, movement in the distance could be seen very clearly. However, it was because they could see far away that their close target observation was limited. Snipers could see targets at great distances but couldn’t see the enemy right in front of their noses!

He hoped that Jeong Jiwoo could discover this secret and respond rationally.

Coach Han prayed silently in his heart.

Perhaps his prayers had an effect. Jeong Jiwoo, who was in charge of commanding, really discovered this problem and said decisively, “They are using the dual snipers cross cover. Scouts can’t break through. Charger and assaulter, go there directly and sweep Fred to death!”

In the third small game, the Korean team’s charger and assaulter moved toward Pei Feng at the fastest speed, one to the left and the other to the right. After Pei Feng heard the messy footsteps, he immediately switched to a pistol and prepared for melee combat. Unfortunately, he was outnumbered one against two. Before he could shoot, he was swept to death by the fierce firepower from the opposite side.

`Gui Siyang also didn’t have time to cover his master because the two scouts of the South Korean team went to cover him together. The simultaneous gunshots from the left and right made him unable to respond.

The South Korean players were divided into two groups and attacked at the same time. Once Pei Feng and Gui Siyang died, they guarded the corpse to prevent Shu Chen from saving them. Shu Chen and Hua Ran killed a scout but the numerical advantage meant the Korean team quickly won the game.

The score was 2:1 and South Korea took the lead.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Jiang Shaoyu had a lot of timeouts in his hands and he naturally used them to interrupt the rhythm of the Korean team.

He had to say that South Korea’s strength was indeed very high. They were very good at this type of multi-obstacle map.

There must be people wondering why Jiang Shaoyu chose this map and Endless Bloody Battle mode… In fact, it was very simple. Bewitching Town was the only one that can be selected in Life and Death Explosion mode and there was a high probability that the Korean team had practiced it. If he chose it then they might not necessarily win. In Extreme Duel mode, there was no way to call a timeout halfway and he couldn’t adjust it if there was an accident.

Jiang Shaoyu had to choose Endless Bloody Battle and make use of the timeout tactic.

Jiang Shaoyu came to the soundproof room and said in a low voice, “Xiao Pei, do you remember the double sniper mirror play that you did with me in ACE back then?”

Pei Feng’s heart moved and his eyes couldn’t help heating up slightly. “Of course, I remember.”

For the double sniper mirror play, two snipers moved to the left and right. They acted at the same time like looking in a mirror, doing a thorough search and sweeping the map. The movement path and rhythm of the two of them had to be consistent, just like two curves moving at the same time.

They didn’t need to protect each other. They just needed one person to take care of half of their field of view—then fight fiercely!

Jiang Shaoyu used this method of play when playing the man-machine mode with Pei Feng. In the beginning, Pei Feng couldn’t keep up with his master and always fell behind. He was scolded by Jiang Shaoyu several times. Later, he practiced with his master every day and gradually became familiar with his master’s rhythm and playing style. The tacit understanding of the master and apprentice improved and Pei Feng’s level also improved rapidly.

At that time, his master had patiently and personally taught Pei Feng the fighting style of snipers.

Now the people on the field had become Pei Feng and his apprentice.

Could they recreate the mirror sniper battle between Wing and Fred?

Jiang Shaoyu gently patted Xiao Gui’s shoulder and said, “Xiao Gui, don’t be pressured and play at your own pace. Right now, you can’t keep up with your master’s fast pace. On the other hand, Pei Feng can slow down his pace to match you.”

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “Remember in the future Asian Championship, you will lead the Chinese national youth team as the captain. In the next game, you will lead the rhythm.”

“Don’t be afraid. Your master and I are behind you.”

Gui Siyang nodded vigorously with tears in his eyes. “I know! A thorough search and I will only be responsible for half the area. My stress is also reduced by half!”

As a sniper was moving forward, the camera had to be rotated 180 degrees to observe the surroundings so as to not be attacked. However, for the double snipers mirror play, each one was responsible for half the area. They only needed to rotate the lens 180 degrees and it was easier than solo combat.

The tacit understanding between the two snipers was very crucial.

Jiang Shaoyu let Gui Siyang lead this game. In addition to trusting him, Jiang Shaoyu also wanted to exercise the mentality of his little apprentice. After all, Xiao Gui would be the captain of the youth team in the future. He must grow up slowly!

The timeout duration was ending.

On the South Korean side, Coach Han was encouraging the players to actively prepare and win the game 3:1 while the iron was hot.

However, the moment there were three seconds left in the timeout, Jiang Shaoyu pressed the timeout button again.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Coach Han: “!!!”

What did this special continuous timeout mean?

The netizens in the domestic live stream room laughed.

[Is it okay to press a timeout continuously? Is the timeout so capricious?]

[God Wing’s approach is so infuriating. Hahaha, I like it!]

[The expression of the coach of the Korean team is wonderful. A five minute timeout and another five minute timeout. The Korean team will be anxious after the timeout.]

[It is such a long time. Is he planning any strange tactics?]

[F*k! God Wing himself sat in Fred’s seat. What is he going to do?]

In the soundproof room, Jiang Shaoyu sat on Pei Feng’s seat and let Pei Feng stand up.

Jiang Shaoyu told him, “You are too tired. Stand up and rub your arms. Rest for a few minutes and think about how to cooperate with your apprentice.”

Pei Feng nodded. He came to Xiao Gui’s side and discussed it with Xiao Gui in a low voice.

His master was really careful and saw that he was tired.

They played so many games with South Korea today and it had always been under the command of Pei Feng. Not only did he have to concentrate on fighting wits and courage with the Korean team but he also had to maintain an extremely fast hand speed, reaction speed and shooting accuracy. He was mentally very tense.

He had always shown a calm and composed appearance but…

He was also human and would get tired as well!

A high-intensity competition was like walking on a tightrope on the edge of a cliff. Pei Feng’s psychological pressure was actually great. It was just that he knew the players were watching him. He could only pretend to be relaxed as the captain and hide everything in his heart.

Jiang Shaoyu called a timeout continuously because he could see that Pei Feng was tired.

Just now when the two South Korean players surrounded Pei Feng to the left and right, Pei Feng actually shot a few tenths of a second slower. This very small detail was captured by Jiang Shaoyu. He knew his apprentice. Under normal circumstances when Pei Feng switched to a pistol, it was enough to kill the enemy player.

However, at that time, Pei Feng couldn’t shoot as quickly as possible. He was tired and his mind didn’t spin.

His apprentice had been commanding very hard and needed rest.

Calling continuous timeouts was to let Pei Feng adjust to the best state.

The South Korean team had just agreed on a coping strategy but Jiang Shaoyu called a timeout again. They became more and more restless. Why call a timeout for up to 10 minutes in a row?!

Finally, the timeout ended.

Pei Feng sat back in his seat and had a smile on his face. Calmness and confidence had returned to his eyes.

The fourth small game.

The two snipers of China cooperated in a mirror play!

The two of them were like shadows of each other. They sneaked at the same time, crouched at the same time, jumped at the same time… They even shot at the same time!

Bang, bang!

There were two clear gunshots in a row, followed by two consecutive skull logos flashing on the screen.

[‘CHN-Xiaogui’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Lofty’ with a headshot!]

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Real’ with a headshot!]

Pei Feng and Gui Siyang instantly shot the South Korean team’s charger and assaulter.

Pei Feng said decisively, “Brother Chen, Hua Hua, fill up the positions and hold on. Xueyao, go and find the enemy scouts!”

The three of them replied, “Got it!”

The other teammates took a defensive position. Pei Feng and Xiao Gui continued to press forward. Xueyao quickly found a scout and Pei Feng went to kill him. The Korean team was helpless and the Chinese team won this small game.

The score was 2:2. It was the tiebreaker!

The South Korean team couldn’t call a timeout any longer. Coach Jiang wondered if Jiang Shaoyu would call a timeout and borrow some time for himself?

Jiang Shaoyu didn’t call a timeout.

There was no need for him to interrupt Pei Feng and Gui Siyang’s smooth cooperation.

Pei Feng understood his apprentice and adapted to the rhythm of Xiao Gui as quickly as possible. The two of them once again used the mirror sniper method and each guarded half of the map. They did a thorough search and shot all enemies that appeared in their field of view!

Clear gunfire and skulls constantly popped up on the screen…

The Korean team was destroyed and the Chinese team won!

The Chinese team won the sixth match point game with a small score of 3:2!

The score on the big screen was finally 4:2.

The on-site commentators were completely stunned and the barrage area of the domestic live stream room was already crazy.

[F*k, did we win?]

[We actually won against South Korea? Am I dreaming? Hurry up and wake me up!]

[We won four maps! We really won. We are the champion of the Asian Championship!]

[I’m going downstairs to run laps and set off firecrackers!]

[No need to sleep tonight. I’m going to live stream washing my hair while doing a handstand!]

[Wing is awesome, so awesome! He played so handsomely. He actually let them catch up when down by two points. I can’t believe it!]

Jiang Shaoyu stood up from the coach’s seat.

The score of 4:2 exceeded his expectations. The players performed well, especially Xiao Pei. He commanded six consecutive games and never dropped the ball once.

This apprentice really made him feel at ease and proud.

—Hope Port.

In choosing this map, in addition to letting Pei Feng and Gui Siyang cooperate with the double sniper system, Jiang Shaoyu also wanted to tell everyone something:

As long as you don’t give up hope, anything is possible!


  1. Davine says:

    JSY is my new fav character. He’s attentive, caring, badass and super intelligent. What more can be asked?

  2. Souwmi says:

    Oh my God!! As a reader I expected them to win ofc, but witnessing their growth from the start and the way they use their tactics and cooperation to outsmart a world class team is simply fantastic. Maybe the author is an esports enthusiast? If not, her imagination and creativity is quite rich!!

    Kudos to the translator for such smooth translation! It’s easy to follow and visualize and also rich in describing the games!

  3. Little suzzie says:

    Pei Wang GOAT

  4. Little suzzie says:

    Pei Wang the GOAT

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