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Gold Medal Coach: Chapter 146


The finals had a BO7 format and the first four games were tied at 2:2. This was equivalent to starting from scratch. It was good news for China but a bolt from the blue for South Korea.

At first, they thought that they could easily win against China with a score of 4:0. Their coaches and players never thought that they would fall into such a stalemate with China. In particular, it was undoubtedly a huge blow to the players after losing their home game in the third game of ‘Crystal Cave.’

There would be a 10 minute break after the end of four games. This would allow the players to go to the bathroom backstage.

In the backstage lounge, Coach Han looked at the players with a serious face and said, “We have won five consecutive Asian Championships and we must not lose the championship this time! Next, consider it as starting over for BO3. The fifth game is our home game. Choose a surprise map, win at the fastest speed and grab the match point first!”

In the lounge next door, Jiang Shaoyu looked at everyone and said calmly, “Now the problem has shifted to the Korean team. We can lose but they can’t afford to lose. Their psychological pressure is much greater than ours.”

Pei Feng nodded and asked, “What mode does Master think they will choose?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “In Extreme Duel mode, 50 heads will determine victory. The game time is very long and the lineup of double scouts doesn’t have a great advantage in the Extreme Duel mode. The explosion mode is what we are good at and he probably won’t choose that. Therefore, it is highly likely to still be Endless Bloody Battle.”

Old Chang heard this and couldn’t help scratching his head. “If it is Endless Bloody Battle mode, they don’t have many maps to use, right? Both Dark Swamp and Crystal Cave have been used.”

Jiang Shaoyu thought for a moment before saying, “In addition to the assassination maps, some maps with complex terrain in Endless Bloody Battle mode can make the dual scouts effective. In addition, don’t forget that Endless Bloody Battle mode also has a difficult five star map.”

He swept his gaze toward the members of the Chinese team. “Do you think the Korean team wouldn’t have practiced a five star map?”

Maps with a five star difficulty appeared less often in world competitions. There were few appearances but this didn’t mean that everyone wouldn’t practice them. In the last finals between South Korea and the United States, some five star maps were used to grab points in key games.

These maps were often the ‘secret treasures’ of each country and were reserved for fighting key enemies.

Just now, Jiang Shaoyu took out the five star map Civic Center to grab points in order to ensure that the score was equalized. In the next game that was the crucial home game for South Korea, wouldn’t they come up with a difficult map? They couldn’t afford to lose!

Old Chang patted his head when he heard this and said, “It makes sense! If we take out a five star map then they might take it out as well! Among the several five star maps in Endless Bloody Battle mode… which one does Coach Jiang think he will choose?”

Jiang Shaoyu said, “City of Mist.”

Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard this.

City of Mist? This entire map was covered by mist and visibility didn’t exceed five meters. Close combat and assassin scouts would have a lot of room to play on such a map. On the contrary, snipers found it very difficult to fight. It was because they couldn’t see very far away. Then their long-range output advantage would be greatly reduced.

Pei Feng asked in a low voice, “Does Master want to ban this map?”

Jiang Shaoyu replied, “No, you have usually practiced on City of Mist and have this map in your daily training. The map path should be remembered, right?”

Everyone nodded in unison. “We remember!”

This period of devil training hadn’t been in vain. Not only did they have to be familiar with the position of five star maps but they even had to draw the map themselves. There were several paths on the map and everyone memorized how it was distributed.

Jiang Shaoyu looked at Shi Xiaobin and said, “Xiao Bin, get ready to go up and drag them to death with the hide-and-seek style.”

Shi Xiaobin nodded excitedly. “Okay!”

In fact, Shi Xiaobin’s strongest talent lay in his mastery of maps. This was also the key to Jiang Shaoyu transferring him to become a medic.

The seemingly cowardly omega player seemed to be able to automatically model the paths of the map in his mind. He could dodge the area where the two sides were fighting like a mouse, drilling around the corners of the map. It was difficult for the opponents to find him.

It was difficult to find Shi Xiaobin when he was hiding in a slightly more complicated map like Yuehu Park…

Then what about City of Mist where mist was everywhere and vision was limited?

This would be Shi Xiaobin’s best map!

Similarly, Qin Xueyao was the auxiliary scout type. Her output ability might be very weak but her control of the map was very strong. On such a map, she could dodge everywhere and try to detect the location of the enemies.

Shi Xiaobin hid to save people and Qin Xueyao hid to scout. Once the Korean team couldn’t deal with these two people…

They would fall into a passive situation instead!

The break ended and the fifth game officially began.

South Korea’s home selection mode was: Endless Bloody Battle.

It was Jiang Shaoyu’s turn for the BP. The domestic commentators speculated, “Will God Wing release the ban again this time?”

“He has released the ban twice in a row in South Korea’s home games. This time…”

He didn’t release the ban.

Jiang Shaoyu simply banned the five star maps Pirate Base and Princess Cruise, as well as the four star map Stonehenge. The Korean team had used Dark Swamp and Crystal Cave previously so there weren’t many maps left.

For example, there was Deep in the Jungle and Fountain Square with very few obstacles that weren’t suitable for scouts to lurk…

There was also City of Mist where mist was everywhere and the difficulty was very high!

What to choose?

Wasn’t it only possible to choose City of Mist?

The corners of Coach Han’s mouth stiffened slightly. The map he wanted to choose wasn’t banned by the other side but inexplicably, Coach Han always felt that he had changed from active to passive. It was as if the other side was expecting him to choose this map.

It was too late to change his mind.

Coach Han took a deep breath and quickly selected the map: City of Mist.

The domestic commentators looked at each other in dismay. “It is the five star difficulty map, City of Mist!”

“It is also a map that the Korean team is very good at. I remember that they used this map when fighting the United States in the World Series last year. At that time, the main scouts of the South Korean team, Kim Minji and Kim Minho cooperated and killed the snipers of the American team as quickly as possible!”

“South Korea actually took out a five star map. It seems that Coach Han is determined to win this game!”

Once the map was selected, a red light suddenly turned on in the Chinese team.

The Chinese team requested a substitution.

The domestic audience members boiled over when the news popped up.

[F*k, is Xiaobin going on?]

[There are only six people who went to the Asian Championships. The substitution can only be Binbin.]

[Xiao Gui is going down. Sure enough, a sniper has a limited role in this map so he is replaced by Binbin.]

[I’m looking forward to how Binbin will fight. Is he still playing charger?]

In the previous group stage match, Shi Xiaobin brought a submachine gun and bandage. He added health to himself while fighting. This time, the Chinese national team didn’t have enough firepower. Would he continue to bring a submachine gun? The audience was looking forward to it.

At almost the same time, the Korean team also turned on the red light.

The South Korean team requested a substitution!

Their sniper was replaced with the medic KOR-Carry.

The lineups of the two sides were confirmed. The players logged into their accounts and quickly selected their weapons. The barrage area of the live stream room was densely filled and the domestic audience couldn’t help being nervous.

The commentators analyzed it. “The Korean team consists of a charger, assaulter, two scouts and a medic. It is four melees and one treatment. Their lineup is very advantageous on this foggy map with a visibility of only five meters. There is a charger, scout, sniper and two medics on China’s side. A sniper has little effect on a foggy map but the endurance of two medics is stronger.”

“On this map, Fred can’t open the scope to snipe from a distance but his overall vision and command ability are very strong. We still have a certain chance of winning!”

The contestants on both sides quickly changed their weapons.

Everyone was surprised to find that Pei Feng only brought the MSG sniper rifle and the remaining two weapons were a handgun and grenades. Hua Ran brought two submachine guns and grenades while Shi Xiaobin had a pure healing belt.

The barrage area was a bit confused.

[Xiao Bin is wearing a bulletproof helmet + bulletproof light plate + first aid kit?]

[Hahaha, it is a good medic! He is almost writing the words ‘don’t kill me’ on his forehead.]

[Since he joined the national team, it seems he has mainly been playing a healer?]

[But there is no need to bring two bulletproof equipment for a medic, right? How afraid of death is he?]

[Protect our omega medic!]

Shi Xiaobin used to be a cowardly assaulter who hid in the world competitions and didn’t dare to go out. Now Shi Xiaobin was still very cowardly but he changed to a medic and hid to save his life. This was in order to bring hope to his team for a chance of a comeback.

The coaches of both sides left the soundproof room and the game soon began.

The five members of the Korean team moved very quickly. They could still respond to each other on this foggy map. They kept a certain distance from each other and quickly scouted.

City of Mist was difficult to see the opponent so they could only rely on their hearing.

Listening to sounds was the basic skill of professional players. The ability of the Korean team’s scouts to listen and defend their positions was undoubtedly world-class. Jeong Jiwoo and Ahn Taehyeong went to the left and right and quickly looked for the people of the Chinese team.

Soon, Ah Taehyeong heard footsteps. He chased around the corner and saw a figure with ‘CHN-Snow’ written on top of her head and dangling in front of him like the wind. He immediately said, “The enemy scout is in the southeast.”

Jeong Jiwoo said, “Search to the northwest. Avoid their scout’s vision and hurry to kill the medics!”

Before Coach Han left, he told them that the other side had two medics. It was best to kill the medics first and don’t delay things.

The South Korean team continued to search for the location of the medics. They crossed to the left and right and thoroughly searched the map… but after searching for a long time, they still couldn’t find the location of the enemy medics!

Just as Jeong Jiwoo frowned, a message suddenly popped up on the screen.

[‘CHN-Fred’ has used the MSG-Aurora to kill ‘KOR-Carry’ with a headshot!]

The medic of the Korean team was actually the first to be killed!

The domestic commentators said excitedly, “Fred might have no vision but Xueyao detected the location of the enemy medic. Xueyao is equivalent to Fred’s eyes!”

“Yes, we took the lead in solving Korea’s medic and it is 5 to 4!”

The two scouts of the Korean team quickly determined the locations of Xueyao and Pei Feng. They turned back to kill the two of them. On the other side, the charger and assaulter fought with Hua Ran and quickly killed Hua Ran.

There were two medics left in the Chinese team.

At this moment, Shu Chen suddenly came to Hua Ran’s side with a bulletproof light plate at an extremely fast speed. He quickly raised Hua Ran using the time when the light plate wasn’t shot. Hua Ran decisively bombarded the enemies with a grenade to intercept the pursuit of the Korean team. Shu Chen shot back and killed the South Korean charger in seconds!

The two of them cooperated very tacitly and saved people. Bombing people and killing people was almost seamless.

Hua Ran followed closely and went around from the side, firing the submachine gun in his hand. He killed the Korean team’s assaulter who had lost health from the grenade.

On the other side, Shi Xiaobin held the bulletproof light plate and quickly moved through the rain of bullets. South Korea’s scouts teamed up to shoot him and shattered his light plate. However, the light plate shattered and he still had a bulletproof helmet. Jeong Jiwoo shot him in the head but Shi Xiaobin didn’t fall down. There was just a crack in his head.

Shi Xiaobin’s ‘defense to the end’ equipment method allowed him to save his life. He flexibly moved like a little mouse and resurrected Pei Feng and Qin Xueyao as quickly as possible.

Pei Feng turned around and switched to a pistol. He fired two consecutive shots simply and neatly to solve the enemy scouts.

All members of the Chinese team survived but the South Korean team was annihilated.

In the 1st round, the Chinese team won!

The audience excited filled the barrage area of the live stream room.

[Binbin 6666!]

[F*k, South Korea’s dual scouts actually didn’t kill him? His defensive equipment is too good!]

[It is another bulletproof light plate and bulletproof helmet. His fear of death is written on his face. Hahaha~]

[Binbin said: Don’t kill me, wait until I save someone QAQ.]

[I used to feel that he was really weak when he played charger. Isn’t he really good after changing to a medic?]

[A little coward who is afraid of death is too cute~]

Coach Han’s expression was extremely ugly at this time and he decisively pressed the timeout button.

This was already the last timeout but without a timeout now, it would be difficult if the Korean team lost the City of Mist map!

He walked quickly to the soundproof room and said, “They are very familiar with this map. I just noticed it in the audience. Time has been hiding in a corner like a mouse and you can’t find him at all. Don’t look for the medics in the next game. Kill the others and stay in place. Wait for them to be thoroughly dead before handling the medics!”

The near-death state only lasted a certain period of time. If the medic couldn’t save them within this time then the player would die completely and couldn’t be saved. Since the medics of the Chinese team were good at hiding, it was a rational decision to kill them and guard the corpse. In the end, take care of the medics.

In the second round, the Korean team adjusted its strategy. The dual scouts first went to assassinate the outputs. Hua Ran, Pei Feng and Xueyao died one after another. Finally, there were only the medics left and they soon collapsed.

Jeong Jiwoo said excitedly, “The coach is right. Kill the others and guard their corpses. Then wait for the medics to save them. It is easier to win than finding the medics!”

His teammate Ahn Taehyeong said, “That’s right! Keep up the good work and win against them!”

The score returned to 1:1.

-The Chinese team requested a timeout.

Coach Jiang finally called a timeout!

The domestic audience was extremely excited.

[His timeout button actually wasn’t broken?]

[God Wing finally called a timeout. Cough, I thought he forgot!]

[This is the first time he has called a timeout, right? But the South Korean team seems to have run out of timeouts…]

[The rhythm of the coach of the Korean team has been brought apart by God Wing!]

Jiang Shaoyu called for a timeout and Coach Han could also go to the soundproof room to arrange things. This was equivalent to ‘borrowing the other person’s timeout time to adjust the strategy.’ However, actively calling a timeout and a passive timeout were very different things.

Actively calling a timeout would disrupt the opponent’s rhythm. Sometimes, the opponent was playing very smoothly and calling a timeout would interrupt their rhythm. They would have to start over and might not be able to adjust.

This was the importance of the coach’s timeouts during the match.

Coach Han was too careless. He thought he could easily win against China 4:0 and used timeouts a lot early on. Now when it came to a tight situation, the initiative was completely in Jiang Shaoyu’s hands.

Jiang Shaoyu said in a low voice, “In the next game, collectively play hide and seek and consume them. Consume their patience and seize the opportunity to fight back. Now we aren’t in a hurry at all. They are the ones who are in a hurry. Take advantage of their anxious psychology and force out their gaps and mistakes. Understood?”

Pei Feng chuckled. “Yes, Master!”

As expected of his master. Psychological warfare was used.

The current South Korean team was very anxious. They didn’t dare lose the Asian Championship. They had to win this one. Meanwhile, the Chinese team… they weren’t in a hurry and could consume the enemies slowly.

The third round began.

The Korean team was shocked to find out…

Why was there no one on the map?

However, the audience with a god’s perspective couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

A collective hide-and-seek was okay!

The five people of the Chinese team were more abnormal than the other. One hid in a pipe to eavesdrop silently and another hid in a house to secretly observe.

In any case, they wouldn’t take the initiative to attack. They would hide so that the opponent couldn’t find them.

Hide-and-seek, could they play?

The league stipulated that players who didn’t move for two minutes would be judged as playing a negative game. The Chinese team perfectly used this time to quietly move. Therefore, six minutes passed and the five players of the Korean team were about to collapse psychologically!

Were they playing a game with the air?

It was an intense and exciting shooting game. Was it possible to play hide-and-seek?

Their psychological state would affect the performance of the players. It didn’t take long for South Korea to make mistakes in their coordination. Qin Xueyao listened to their voices and said in a low voice, “In the southeast corner, there is a scout.”

Pei Feng said, “Prepare to fight back!”

The players from the Chinese national team suddenly rushed out from various strange places and caught the Korean team off guard.

The reaction of the South Korean captain Jeong Jiwoo was very fast. He was good when it came to encounters but no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t fight 1V2. Qin Xueyao and Pei Feng cooperated to kill Jeong Jiwoo.,

On the other side, Hua Ran and Shu Chen cooperated to kill South Korea’s charger and assaulter.

The medic of the Korean team wanted to go rescue them but… if they could guard the corpses, couldn’t the Chinese team do the same?

The medic simply couldn’t pass. In the end, the Chinese team only sacrificed Hua Ran alone. It was 1 for 5 and they won this team battle.

The score was 2:1 and the Chinese team took game point.

Coach Han’s face was ashen.

He couldn’t call a timeout! He made a complete mistake in his strategy today. He bet on the early stage today and wanted to win the match quickly with a score of 4:0. Who would’ve thought that the Chinese team would strike a blow and hold South Korea back?

In the fourth round, the Chinese team continued to play hide-and-seek, consuming the enemy’s patience. Xueyao looked for people, Pei Feng commanded and dispatched people, Xiao Bin and Shu Chen hid and rescued people…

The mentality of the South Korean team was completely broken.

China started to defeat them one by one, clearing all the players of the South Korean team.

The score was 3:1 and the Chinese team won!

The Chinese team won the City of Mist map!

The domestic audience couldn’t believe it. Some people were so excited that they had tears in their eyes.

[No way. Did we actually get match point?]

[Did we really win? We actually won! Ahhhh!]

[That’s right. Crystal Cave, Civic Center and City of Mist. We took these three maps and it is match point time!]

[Coach Jiang, you are my god!]

[This strategy is awesome! Showing weakness in the early stage and letting South Korea underestimate the enemy. Then start fighting back from the third game. Is this ‘if you want to take something, you must give it first’?]

[Simply put, if you want to take this dog’s head then I should give you some sweetness first?]

[The Korean team is careless! God Wing has too many routines!]

The barrage area in the live stream room was densely filled. The two commentators also said excitedly, “The next game is China’s home game and our match point! Do we have any hope of winning the championship?”

“Be bold! We really have a chance of winning!”

“Coach Jiang’s formation today is too surprising!”

“The Chinese team should’ve also focused on practicing the City of Mist map. The collective hide-and-seek gameplay meant the South Korean team couldn’t use their power at all. It is like a sharp knife piercing into cotton. It is amazing!”

“Shi Xiaobin was substituted in the key fifth game. This played a really good effect!”

“Coach Jiang should be a talent scout for Xiao Bin, right? The assaulter who used to only hide in the past would be scolded. After becoming a medic, he became the strongest support that the opponent can’t deal with!”

“Yes! Xiao Bin saved two teammates in a row to win the first small game. This was very crucial! After the Korean team fell into a disadvantage, the mentality of the players collapsed. When playing a game, strength is important but mentality is equally important!”

In the backstage area of the venue, Qi Heng hugged Old Chang excitedly. “It is match point! It feels like a dream.”

They trailed 0:2 and lost two maps in a row…

They actually won back three games in a row, completely disrupting the rhythm of the Korean team.

Coach Han, who was full of confidence, seemed to have been brought into the pit by Coach Jiang?


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    Wow amazing!! Congratulations to anchor Wing and the players who cooperated smoothly. I actually thought korea’s mentality would be good but having a smooth sailing career may have high psychological pressure when they are at a disadvantange? I look forward to our championship win!!

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